jacktjong (EUW)
: Intentional Feeding means griefing or giving up, emphasis on _griefing_. By taking someone else's role you are in fact griefing the game, so you can report them for that even if they do ok. Be sure to make a note at the bottom though saying "he took my lane when I didn't agree", so it's easier to punish for an automated system
The the question is, how does the automated system work? If you could specify this misbehaviour, it would just make the reporting more efficient, and a lot easier to intrepret from the "punishers" point of view. Since there will be alot of different kind of reports in the "griefing category" In my opinion ruining the game by taking another role is almost as bas as just instentionally feeding. And those kind of players should prolly be banned instantly.
Shukr4n (EUW)
: i find some flaws in your post, but i find some rights, too. it s Riot's fault for giving bad ruleset about bad behaviour. the only thing u can do is to ask teammtes for swaps, or fill or dodge. is it equal? %%%% no. is it right? no. is the only thing u can do? sadly yes.
Exactly, Now imagine if every player knows, that they sometimes will have to play every role, and this way they will prepare for it. It actually is enjoyable to play every role, unless you are not prepared at all.
RallerenP (EUW)
: What if I told you that you can already get punished for not going the role you are assigned? But I do want to be able to swap roles, that would be cool.
Really? I reported the guy who did this, but i didnt see an option to report for "not playing the given role" etc. How can you do this?
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