: it's in the voice part of the options at the very bottom
That only lets me turn it off. It's fine, changing the client's locale worked.
: For me it was Quickshot and Sjokz.
How do I swap? I really don't like the Quickshot and Sjokz pack. :(
xMisuto (EUW)
: it actually is like aSol's Q, it keeps flying as long as its not 800 units away from you .... You can flash to extend it for example so does R, the only diffrence is the range indicator doesnt move tha's true. But you can extend it by using R after, i use this so i don't waste any mana if i see its going to miss by someone blocking it for example See Alizarin's video on it, it shows it perfectly
... please read what I wrote before replying. I said that the tooltip says you shouldn't be able to ever extend the range. I never said that it doesn't happen, or even what Riot intends to happen: only that Riot's tooltip says that Q2 redirects the star toward a location, and says nothing about it behaving like Aurelion Sol. The fact that I then went on to say I couldn't reproduce your bug (I said that it always gets extended) evidently means I was aware that the range was being extended/behaving like Aurelion Sol.
xMisuto (EUW)
: Zoe Q bug
Well, so far as I understood the tooltip - the bug is that it ever has extended range. It's not suppose to be like Aurelion's Q and keep traveling until it exceeds your maximum range - although I guess it's more likely the tooltip is just awful. The tooltip says you redirect the star to a new target location - so moving after pressing Q2 should have no affect. However, after having tested it - I cannot reproduce your bug. Regardless of whether the target is asleep, Q2 will keep travelling until it exceeds my range. Evidently you encountered the bug, but I don't think it has anything to do with whether the target is sleeping.
Hofhearted (EUNE)
: There's millions of people waiting. Even if there were 100 000 they'd probably sell out pretty quickly. Especially when it's a limited edition for collectors.
Then why not do what they did with Emperor Azir's limited edition? Allow pre-orders to gauge interest and make enough to fill the order, plus an additional margin for release sales. After their Gnar figurine sold out virtually instantly, they really should know better than to trust their own predictions for collectors items.
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