PurpleOrk (EUW)
: You could see threads in the boards saying: "we need a silver for any role, it doesn't matter which, as long as you're not much higher than level 30 you have the win assured". But if people decide to play on their low level, low rank accounts, what CAN Riot do? They link the phone number to it and all. Maybe increase the difference between tier rewards to incentivize playing for the highest tier, but I doubt that's going to deter all those that enjoy ruining other people's evenings. And you're screwing the lower tiers by comparison. Banning people for winning while playing on what accounts they decided to do so seems so drastic, I don't ever see it happening, the way Riot does things.
Smurfing is already considered bannable for 14+ days. And Boosting is considered a perma ban.. so Ya know... They can do plenty of things to judge those players. The only reason why smurfs ain't banned when they play solo que is cause they rank up quicker than riot has the time to look into them. But Now it's just a total of a 6 games each clash events, finding and banning smurfs should be easy piesy. Edit: Spelling
Çhip (EUW)
: Can riot start banning tilted people.
You are tilted for making this post... Should riot ban you now? Sidenote. Riot can't make a system that ban tilted players. I bet no one can.
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Monks (EUNE)
: Why there is no 1vs1/2v2 Showdown like in preseason 4 anymore?
: Player behavior Riot seems to overlook that should be bannable.
you need to read in what Riot said in their official "smurf topic" they have on their website. It basically explains all their issues you have. The thing is doe, unless you got a ban for 14 days. Anything toxic you say will have a second chance. As soon you reached a 14 day ban doe or if you haven't reached level 20. Just saying "GG Ez" in chat can get you a perma ban. I have seen tons of lvl pre-20 accounts that said "HOW DID I GET BANNED FOR THIS?" while they said only something like "You suck" in chat, and somehow got a 14 days ban. Those people should consider themselves lucky. Before you reach a 14 days ban or after you reach level 20 you will be way more chat viable so you are allowed to say certain things. Like GG EZ and such. And being BM in chat against anyone is 100% allowed. I don't even think you can get banned from it. Like say "I dance on your corpse cause it's too weak". If the enemy player gets ramp't up cause of it, it's their fault for being untiltable and not muting all chat in the first place. But if anything, Riot's current system are way better than any's games system. For heck's sake. the new CoD game doesn't even ban toxic players or hackers. Consider yourself lucky we got Riot as the company we play in. Side note, please read into this stuff before posting a post about things who Riot already answered.
: Half of your post is about Discord. And another part is Somebody kicking players that didn't perform well? And then you end with "fix the god damn game Riot!"
Riot kicked our member from our clash team yes... Just like it happen to most people who played clash.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Could be a display bug. I wasn't displayed as a member of a team all of the sudden before the first round, but I got into champ select with everyone else.
We don't even have our team wins from yesterday in the history today...
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: I think I'm going to be hardstuck in gold/silver in season 10
My understanding is how damn many smurfs there are in Gold and how damn many boosted players there are as well. But Those who are truly Gold rank, are waaay high standing than those in silver. Reaching gold was an easy task for me, reaching Plat 4 while playing solo, was like playing through sweat and tears. My best tips is get a champion you are extremely good on and play in 100% of the time and if that champion gets banned switch over to a supporting character. This won't win you every game, but I say it will keep you on a 60% winstreak. Of course, you have to rely on your own skill the most. If you can't carry your team, then no one can and ALL teams can be carried. The effort is just are you better than your opponents? If not, you deserve to be stuck. Other than that, the problem I have seen the most with people who have no power to climb is that they have huge wave management problems and can't understand them. On top of that, people think "Meta picks" are much better than "Unmeta picks", Never get toxic on your team for playing an unmeta champion. I played Nunu support in the past and had around 90% winrate on it, then when I came into high gold everyone starting flaming me for playing a pick I was excellent on. The games that there were no flame in was 100% win, but I had 30% winrate on nunu when I hit gold 2 cause people would constantly rage quit for no freaking reason, other than "Nunu Wasn't a meta support". Type toxic about your team in chat = Your account banned. Never reach that level. Also the closer to plat you get, the most toxic the players get in chat
: Seems like even Riot employees are toxic
Father Tios (EUNE)
: Eh..? I don't see how new champions bring in more players. More like it makes the game harder to learn for newer players. Especially with the new ones having overloaded kits and being hard to play and play against. And making old players quit because of changing the game too much.
Then how do you see anything bring in new players? "Oh make a skin, this will totally make them play the game". "Oh look new runes, this way we will get new players". What do you think new players want? They want a champion they feel excited playing. For example, when Darius, Zed and Pyke came out, the players increased by 75%. Why you ask? You should know why if you done any kind of selling or even gone to school cause everyone gets teached why certain companies do things. On top of that, tons of OLD players return to the game to play this new champion and some even get stuck as a One-trick on him. A good example is without doubt Pyke. Pyke came out and the increase in Popularity was out of chart. He was so popular Riot released 3! Skins in 1 year. They also avoided to nerf him that entire time due to have many new players were playing him. While all old players would rage at LoL for doing what they intend to.
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Critty92 (EUNE)
: This game already has enough champions, Slow down.
New champions = bigger player base = more money = more workers.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Preseason is always intended to be a bit of a mess, because it gives Riot more data to tune things with. It's how it always works.
Including there's a lot of rioters that take vacation at this time of year.
: Diana
She legit just got a rework on PBE.. Where they made her ultimate into a basica abiltiy and her E into a Orianna ult.
CS Primo (EUNE)
: Tactical advice needed
Depends on which champion. But most of the time you first ward and wait out to the jungler leaves. Sometimes you might be 2 lvl higher than the jungler. At that point you should just straight kill him in a 1vs1 before your laner can respond. On the other hand, if you play a champion like Kayle, or Nasus. You just have to simply wait them out and stay below your turret. 1 Thing you need to understand doe. If you die more than 2 times on lane, by either getting ganked or dies by your laner. You need Jungle assistance otherwise not even your turret will protect you.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Have you tried running the scans in safemode?
Yes. Didn't find anything. And now they don't even work :c
: 1. Remove your PC from the Internet, plug the cable, disable WiFi. 2. Run your PC in Safe Mode. Do so by turning it off and on and while booting, enter Safe Mode (depending on how your OS does it). 3. Remove Temporary files using the Disk Cleanup tool. 4. Transfer a Virus Scan Program to your PC via USB or DVD etc. 5. Run the Virus Scan. 6. If the problem persists, bring your PC to an expert, a local PC store, something like that.
PC expert it is. Doe I have a large PC so it's hard to take it places. Is there no other way?
: ***
I tried! Malwarebytes refuse to be downloaded no matter how hard I try! And Avast is doing it's best already! For some reason I'm stuck at 69% scan on my avast program... this haven't happen before... Has the trojan infected my avast program as well o.o?
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moonborn (EUW)
: what elo does this happen? my friend plays with bronzies and these things rarely happen. im at around platinum atm and these things happen maybe once in 20 games. all you can do is report them, and hopefully riot will take care of those people. but it is unfortunately unavoidable, a lot of people are stupid enough and irresponsible to do such things
Gold 2+ My MMR is pretty high so maybe around plat 4-2
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: League of Legends accounts are now Riot Accounts
Your account has always been Riot's. You are just renting it until you get perma banned.
: Kill this mage meta already
No champion is bad atm... But none are good neither. That all I will say.
: My luckiest tft game so far
Good job. Doe having a lot spazulas ain't really lucky. After playing TFT for over 1000+ hours I can say for sure, getting a Tier 4-5 unit to 3Star is the luckiest you can possible be. It happens once every 500 games. This happens daily for me, sometimes even twice a day.
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Klut (EUW)
: TFT xp
The only reason I can see getting XP in TFT would be a good thing would be for the Hextech system, but if they had to do that. They will have to impliment restrictions for people who want to play ranked, which would cause an issue and probobly even a super negative train of criters.
Bonesaw (EUW)
: Look how Riot treats their players. Not everyone gets punished and loses Honor levels like you do!
Sure. It's a bug and if you are put down to honor 2 cause of it, what you think riot should do about it? They ain't allowed to change anything within your account according to their rights. Unless they feel themselves to get sued for millions of dollars for breaking their contract with you as a user. All they can do is make it so the bug won't appear again. When you are a costumer to a big company, the company do their absolute best to make you trust them, they cannot lie in the face of a costumer cause without trust, they wouldn't be here in the first place. Trust them dude, They always have a reason for things and some things just happen due to the RNG goddess. Praise her instead.
SRT Nopliz (EUNE)
: Support items nerf
I think they should add it up to 1500. Mages earned way more gold than tank supports did which is why I like that a cap exist. But the cap is way to low atm and you reach it way to quickly.
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MikeSuFu (EUW)
: Gold IV - Top Laner (Ranked)
Nooo, search for a mid! Mid laners are very good for helping top. Junglers should focus on helping bot. If your bot lost the lane, is basically game over.
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Cheini (EUNE)
: Jg item farming penalty... if you are a laner!
{{item:3153}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3031}} Are these items not good enough? You basically shred through tanks in 3-4 hits.
Morrhen (EUW)
: First of all, thank you. Second of all... in a way, it can help. If people read this and DON'T do what I wrote they should do. :D
But it doesn't help them get unbanned... Not writing it won't get them unbanned...
: > [{quoted}](name=The Hero Simon,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=8PwAyraB,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-11-19T23:36:04.946+0000) > > Also me who plays Nunu support with Smite and roams so much that my adc is left in 1vs2. Should I get banned for that? No I shouldn't. yes your do. your not playing like a support and for that u can get banned. just look at the case of the singed support its exactly the same.
He got unbanned and got apologised by the entire Riot devs. Just so you know. They said "We had new supports who was unsure of their job". Basically they made a mistake by taking someone like you and putting them in the ban position. Singed support was just one out of the 1000 people who got banned for no valid reason.
: The least wanted role atm is adc. Every time I queue adc I have 0 wait in queue. After the nerfs I don't think many people would want to play jungle. So this leaves mid/support/top. Support/mid/jungle were the best roles to carry in the recent meta, but top is a soloq favourite. Or maybe you're just unlucky.
Jungle and ADC are the least wanted roles. (at least in ranked) due to you are almost always getting flamed by your team. Support and top used to be the least played cause of how boring the lanes were, but now it's bot and jungle for how stressful it is.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: Support is highly demanded now?
Support is high demand???? How am I who has my support in primary keeps getting my 2nd role and end up getting a Senna support in my team, or a play who wanted Senna but she was banned so he ended up playing Yasuo support.
: And if all this doesn't work. You just threaten them you will play Teemo Support in the midlane in every ranked game and telling Nightblue3 about it.
Doe it's not bad to play Teemo mid... Play Bruam full AP mid.
Morrhen (EUW)
: How to ALWAYS get unbanned
I honestly thought you were serious before I reached "Insults and bankruptcy". Doe it's a good joke post.. I think this doesn't help one bit, and those who got banned won't read it.
: There’s a difference. Kayn gets to choose his form, so it’s extra hard to balance them as both have to be equal and also balanced... with this it’s much more simple it’s randomised so it doesn’t matter as much if one is stronger than the others because you use all of them. It’s like gnar, he doesn’t get to choose when he transforms which makes him easier to balance than other form changers... it’s actually the entire reason he exists. Same here by taking away the choice of when he transforms and into what it allows for balance to be easier... you can’t abuse something if you’ve got no control over it.
But then there's Karma. Who has also smiliar kit as him Who they had to nerf her shield, and Q for over 10 patches before she got stable.
: EUW litterally cant play support
Funny, cause I think EUW can't play mid without feeding. NA sucks on every role, and Korea just sucks overall.
henk8484 (EUW)
: That new melee support item really screws me over.
I was playing Alistar yesterday and had to single handily clear the minion wave mid when our inib was open. Must say It took me 2 minute to clear 1 wave.
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Morphus (EUW)
: Instantly 14 day ban for these 3 games, its a joke really.
Getting reported when you are below lvl 20, usually means instant perma ban. Consider yourself lucky.
Hansiman (EUW)
: Norway: Olaf, Olaf, Olaf, Olaf, Ornn.
: Serbia:Olaf Morde Vladimir Heidm Nasus
: > Rakan, Xayah, Tahm Kench, Fiddlesticks and Karthus Okay, I give up. What's the connection of those to Sweden?
Rakan and Xayah is basically our entire region "Free and adult activity" is the life of the road within Sweden. Tahm Kench represent our love for fish (I didn't pick Fizz due to Im unsure which fish she are aimed at, and nami is japanese fish) Fiddlesticks are cause more than 80% of our country are farm lands and Karthus is for our amazing singers which are all over the world together with Rock and Roll which our country is basically known for.
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Ø Endo Ø (EUNE)
: How to have fun when playing alone?
play ranked thats how I have fun
: > [{quoted}](name=The Hero Simon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=LymaATwk,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-11-23T21:41:55.426+0000) > > Windwall it. Because everyone is frikin yasuo and has the best skill in the game on his W amirite
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