Potchikir (EUW)
: Yasuo is shit rightnow he needs buffs This is coming from a miss/jhin spammer so immobile adcs and i hate yasuo
Yasuo, ain't shit but neither is he good. He is either a Killing Machine or a Homeless Hobbit with a flute
iStrawbz (EUNE)
: Yeah, we need a buff to yasuo. Guys let's be honest, yasuo is a "bad"champ right? He need a buff couse he is not banned enough.. #goodjobriot
The reason his bad is cause of his Kit doe. His only way of killing someone is by making to extremely angry cause he dashes to much. After laning phase on the other hand he is either a Pentakill Machine or Suicidal Feeder. There's no between. Yasuo's Windwall is also already the most Broken ability in the game. He is in highly need of a small rework, cause his kit is either too OP, too Frustrating, too hard to use. Not even the top Yasuo player knows how to purrfectly use Yasuo, Almost like Azir, but I think Azir players can master their champion without having 6-20 deaths at the end of the game.
D3ykon (EUNE)
: Why is Xerath so played atm?
Poke champions with Arcane Meteor is rather OP atm. But the Main reason why Xearth is played atm is cause Mage got all their armor removed after the Runes rework. So Assassins could insta kill them earlier lvls now than before. Mages Only pretty much got more damage to their abilities instead of tankiness. so poke champions has much better harass and can stand at a safe distance without getting 1 shot by a Talon. Xearth is also a great champions to Counter roaming champions since he can out trade them and then just use ult from a safe distance if they are roaming bot.
Selena (EUW)
: A Christmas Suprise!
I won't be joining the contest, but I can gladly play some games with you if you want, Also I will gladly help you with the contest if you need any help around it ^_^
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: Just a question
No, you are human
: > [{quoted}](name=The Hero Simon,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=HEa4our4,comment-id=00040000000000000001,timestamp=2017-12-09T13:51:17.957+0000) > > I think My monitor is currently better than 1440p, and even if I wouldn't have it, I could easily buy one. > I did tell you price doesn't matter so is it 4K ?
think so. im not good at this stuff
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: Dont know why this is down voted, its true
Cause I didn't like his use of "Jesus" as an insult.
: > [{quoted}](name=Fajerk,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=HEa4our4,comment-id=000400000000,timestamp=2017-12-07T18:06:38.081+0000) > > And personally I do not think that anything below GTX1070 is a good option if you got the money that you are willing to spend, just because of it's 1440p performance and overall performance in large range of games. did you know that 1060 and Rx580 are both capable of 1440p ? and do you even know if he even has a 1440p monitor ? if Nvidia is stating something like "1080ti The only Card that can hit 4K60FPS" the 1080 can hit it as well if you sacrifice some textures because it does not have as high capacity of GDDR but it can still hit it no doubt
I think My monitor is currently better than 1440p, and even if I wouldn't have it, I could easily buy one. I did tell you price doesn't matter
: Fair enough, you should still approach this from a slightly different angle, **especially** if you want to become more knowledgeable about this stuff. Looking for "the best" card out there isn't going to benefit you. If a 700€ card let's you max out everything you need, spending twice as much will give you nearly no improvements. Even if you don't care about the money (which you should, anyone you can do cool stuff with a few hundred bucks), overbuilding your computer is not the "professional" approach, and making senseless purchases is never a great idea ^^
Well Money ain't an issue at all here. Also the store Im going to has 100% refund if costumer ain't happy. So If something do go wrong, I can just replace it with an other thing.
Smerk (EUW)
: You can dodge his q and his AA range is quite small, try to not fight him mindlessly, especially with such weak early game champion as Kayn
Im not arguing with you being wrong about Graves. But Just saying Kayn has one of the best lvl 1-5 through the entire game, next to Olaf. Kayn has way better early game dmg than Graves has.
: Bad Teammates
I cannot downvote this post, so I will tell stright up, this is a bad idea.
: Does riot actually care about eloboosting?
They very much care about people who elo boost, I had a friend who borrowed his Bronze account out to his brother. His brother made many setting changes and played on a other IP adress. After my friend came back to the account he was banned for 14 days, his rank striped and got mailed for being elo boosted. This happened within 3 days time. Elo boosting does not taken kindly by riot.
: > [{quoted}](name=Mark Sama,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=HEa4our4,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-12-07T17:29:45.065+0000) > > I think that for streaming you'd need a good CPU too, anyway as already known lol doesn't require a powerful GPU, so really any GTX 10 series should do it, as for streaming you may want a good CPU with a good amount of cores. no you do not need top end gear to stream and out of all games league which is really not that demanding if you just wana play games best combo is R3 1200 and a 1060 6gb or a Rx580 8Gb if you want to stream and game R5 1600 and 1060 6gb or a Rx580 8gb now for league only R3 1200 and any GPU that is above HD4850 standard will run fine at low 7000 series will run fine at high(these are AMD cards) Here are some Nvidia counterparts anything that is or is above 700 series will work fine
Will these also achieve best performance for streaming on twitch? Without having any hard background fps drop?
Mark Sama (EUW)
: I think that for streaming you'd need a good CPU too, anyway as already known lol doesn't require a powerful GPU, so really any GTX 10 series ~~should ~~will do it, as for streaming you may want a good CPU with a good amount of cores.
There's the new 6 cores CPU, is it workable with any Graphic card/Mother card?
: Well, if that's the case, you can literally just get the most expensive one on the market and you're all set. The very best performance will have one of the biggest pricetags.
That ain't really helping me..' Edit: Cause I don't if the most expensive in my closest store in the best, or not. I don't really know too much about computers, but I want to learn how to build, sicne it's my dream job to achieve the ability to make costum pcs
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: if he wrote k y s he didnt had to get 3warnings
well. that depends. That a lot ain't gonna give him anything more than a warning. But with spam of those words will get him paid for a lifetime
Ulizakunje (EUNE)
: But you got still ping, maybe ranked ban for month for beggining, or something like that would be okay.
No, if you deserve a chat ban you deffantly deserve a permenant ranked ban. There's no way around that.
Ulizakunje (EUNE)
: Permanent ban for flaming?
Hm. I do like the idea of a permanent chat ban, but it should include a permanent ranked ban too in that case. Without chat ranked play becomes hell for your teammates who desperately tries to communicate with you.
Thygesen (EUW)
: Banned
4 reasons, you been got 3 warnings before this one and using any harsh language is pretty equal to feeding or afking.
: Wasn't touching Mao lately and against him it was mostly just stalemate, but... I was spending a lot of time playing Sion. You know... flinging minions at people. Being pain to kill... stunlocking... contemplating my lack of speed against roamers... How does he fit compared to Ornn and other tanks?
Sion has very similar weaknesses to Ornn and around same strengths. Like Ornn he needs a large amount of time to setup his damage, just like Sion. In my book doe, Sion should have a lot more damage then he got at the moment. Cause his ability to setup combo's just take up way to much time and has very low chance of hitting. For ex if you flash Sion's Ult he will have little impact on a trade/fight compared to pretty much every tank. Sion's E is the only ability you can hit 100% of the time in high elo, while Your passive, Q, W, and R takes a large amound of time before you are able to dis out the damage, and when you deal that damage, it barely even does 30% of someone's HP. Which Ornn can achieve in an W + Auto. Malphite can also for ex 1 shot someone with R>E>Auto if he is ahead, while Sion "Can" also do this it, it would impact him in 2 ways, He don't have an escape afterwards and shouldn't go for all-in anyway. But if we are just talking about the pre-6 I still would say Ornn wins overall since his W is practically so powerful it could count as an ultimate at lvl 1. While Sion's E can only deal a small amount of poke, which could easliy be sustained back. What I'm saying is that Sion does the same thing as Ornn, But much less effective. If Ornn dealt less Dmg then Sion, They would have huge differences but that's not how it stands right now. But I do like how similar Ornn and Sion is, Both are hybrids, Both are setup tanks, Both can tank for 2 days without falling, and both deals a "similar" state of damage (Not completed tested after this patch) and they build pretty much the same items. But if we talk high elo vs low elo, Sion wins low elo, while Ornn wins high elo.
Maluber (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Hero Simon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=FNF7LE5l,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2017-12-06T15:22:25.487+0000) > > Yes, But he doesn't take into account of the bramble's vest and Sunfire cape. > Sunfire cape buffs are huge on Ornn, While Maokai barely even touches that item. While Bramble vest is highly optional for Ornn, but Maokai has to build it cause of Building both rightous glory and randuin is stupid. So what are you actually crying about? It just seems to me that you are unhappy and nothing no-one says will change that.
Im not crying, I'm trying to make a conventional discussion. Which Sites like these are exactly for.
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Maluber (EUW)
: Phreak explaining Maokai https://youtu.be/0XFLYjnVINo?t=27m40s And here is about Ornn https://youtu.be/0XFLYjnVINo?t=37m7s I like Phreaks patch rundown as he explains the reasoning behind the changes and goes into the numbers.
Yes, But he doesn't take into account of the bramble's vest and Sunfire cape. Sunfire cape buffs are huge on Ornn, While Maokai barely even touches that item. While Bramble vest is highly optional for Ornn, but Maokai has to build it cause of Building both rightous glory and randuin is stupid.
meroboth (EUNE)
: you should see malphite he is unkilleble and has the burst of a assasin at full build
Honestly, I do agree That malphite is a lot better, But he is still overall weak since as soon someone flashes his ult. You're useless
: >he didn't have a lot of stat problems.. I vehemently disagree on this. He wasn't doing well when he came out. But the buffs went a bit overboard by now.
He didn't doe. He was a tank who had very complex gameplay and even if you Achieved Mastery 6 on him, you still were clearly not able to play him. Then they buffed his reaction time on Both Q and Ult which made players almost impossible to counter his movements. And everyone can argue he has "Clear weaknesses" But buffing his weaknesses is the one thing Riot shouldn't have done. What made him OP to me was that his Q dealt AD while his W dealt Magic, So if the enemy focused on building heavy Magic resist, you could just maxed Q and Murdered him in lane. Then They buffed his Q so his power became even stronger against people who build MR and then they buffed his E who increased Ornn's ability to deal even more Damage. And don't forget about the runes rework with the huge HP boost he got when he was already next to impossible to kill late game. Oh and they nerfed him now, but that nerf won't matter with Suncape buffed.
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DarkFudge (EUW)
: Illaoi
Battlecast: best Splashart. Adventurer: Most Suitable skin. Deep Space: If Legendary and got a lore background it will sell for millions. I want Deep Space Illaoi, just cause I think a backstory about the skin would be amazing, also it needs own Personily effects and amazing gameplay. I see a lot of hope into this skin. Pretty much Adventurer "Easy to make", "Battlecast hard to make an actual gameplay to work" "Deep Space, hella hard to space since it needs backstory"
: it is a basic dash mechanic with everybody. For that same reason Veigar E is special in that it has a knock-down effect taht Tristana or anyone else cannot dash through in any way.
It's not an mechanic, it's a bug that is being abused. Doe due to her being an old champion and all, riot won't fix this problem cause they already planned a rework for her. Tristana is afterall the most underrated Marksman when it comes to mechanical play, compared to Ezreal and Corki. But I think MF is decided to get the next ADC rework. So we might have to wait 2 years before the Tristana rework will happen. Edit: Rioters honestly hate this bug, since people abuse it all the time by just playing Tristana, and bug abusing is against their policy.
: Looking at the numbers, he can 1v1 morde at any lvl, if not behind (witch was the highest base stats champ before urgot rework).
The highest base stat numbers was Kayn before Urgot rework... idk what youa re on about. 2nd Goes to olaf and 3rd to Udyr.
l MrD l (EUW)
: the problem is you mentioendonce he enagges he doesnt need them but if an urfgot cannot get close he will struggle to do any damage and keep within range.... better to buy boots and not be kited around
Nah, He got a lot of stuck abilities. He is like a Mordekazer with Skarner ult.
l MrD l (EUW)
: i buy boots?... i dont see why you wouldnt ... lol
I mean the only thing that boots help on Urgot is that he can roam faster and might engage fights better, But I been thinking of this and I think I know why people build no boots now. It's cause Urgot don't need escape or better ways of stay on his target, as long he takes them down below 30% hp before his combo ends, which is where he can't be kited anymore since ult is not possible being missed.
: Urgot is ez to play, and strong. He is freelo, so probably people in gold/plat with him, are probably banana brains.
1st, not easy to play has a lot of mechanical play within him. 2nd, Not freelo since he still has below 50% winrate and he a lot of weaknesses to him. I mean he is super easily kited.
: Darius, camillie, mundo, anyhink that isn't ornn lulz..
And why the hell is Camile and Darius a tank? Last time I checked Camile were a fighter and Darius were a immobile dough.
: Malzahar is really good against tanks because his ultimate creates a zone around his target which deals % max health magic damage. additionally, he builds liandries and applies it very well to multiple targets in a fight. Finally, tanks are generally speaking ability reliant, and he has a long duration silence. It's also difficult to CC malzahar due to his void shell. I don't really think Twisted Fate is a good counter to tanks because he scales, but rather because TF can snowball a game really hard before the tanks get items (or their carries get items). Otherwise he's pretty short range and can be CCed pretty easily. Against a tank you really want to pick someone with high sustained damage, or someone who can build Liandries (usually these two go hand in hand): - Azir - Cassiopeia - Malzahar - Lucian can work, although he's not really a mage and is also short ranged so is vulnerable against point and click CC - Anivia - Brand - Corki (though he's countered hard by Adaptive Helm + ninja tabis) - Vel'Koz -
I said TF and Veigar cause laning against tanks is super easy for one to survive and get their late game, not to kill them. Also Malzhar isn't good against tanks, since He needs his ult if he wants to kill them. But if Malz uses his ult on a Nautlius in hope to kill him. It's seriously just stupid. Also HP% Magic damage ain't the same as hp%true dmg. A tank who builds MR against malz will run over him like a truck even if Malz uses every single ability he got. Malz Do not counter tanks, and Malz ult ain't used to kill tanks, it's used to lock down squichies
Rismosch (EUW)
: I play Ahri alot and want to pick Ekko in the future aswell. But when the enemy goes Tank Top, Tank Jungle and Tank Support, I deal little to no damage. In such scenarios I would like to have a pick that can deal with tanks. I don't mind having a tanky enemy. I might not be able to kill them 1v1, but I can roam midgame and oneshot squishies in late. As long as the enemy isn't full of tanks, I can deal with it, no matter if the tank is in my lane or not.
You can always just striaght out ignore the tanks. They are never a threat to you anyway lol
Rismosch (EUW)
: Tank Killer Midlane?
Now Im not sure if you are aiming against Going against Tank mid players. Such like me who plays Ornn mid a lot. But If you are against Tanks in mid, {{champion:4}} {{champion:45}} is usually the best counter to them, since they can scale to late. If you mean you have problems with Tanky champions that you can't kills as a mid lane, I suggest you to stop playing assassin/burst mage. Play Constant damage dealers or Poke mages/Adcs are usually a great idea. {{champion:268}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:236}} for ex. Not something like {{champion:238}} and {{champion:90}}.. They get ruined by tanks. I know a lot of people below says Malz is a great tank counter, But as soon as you lose all your abilties on Malz, you dead. That's why his a burst mage
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: "I understand that the heavy majority of our player base are teen boys," Nope. most of the playerbase is 18+. over twenty if im not mistaken.
Not true. Most people who are over the age of 20 are more focused on RPG and Shooter games. Younger ages are interested in Video games more. But I do agree there's more adults in Bronze than kids.
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: Urgot skins
Well He got crabgot, battlecast urgot and my favorite halloween skin Butcher urgot. Those skins are pretty freaking neat. But maybe in 5 months they might make one.
Gin Baku (EUW)
: Is Cho'Gath balanced?
Yes, it's more balanced than Yasou's windwall if that's what you asking. Reason it's balanced: Cho'gath needs to have gotten least 6 stacks on his ult, He needs to buy {{item:3193}} and he needs to activate it while having 3 enemies around him + If you know he got {{item:3193}} and 6 stacks on his ult. If you tries to fight him with your teammates while you're below 70% HP. You kinda suicide for your own fault. You have all the information, but you lose it all cause you don't adapt to the information you achieved.
Modifi (EUW)
: Why do I suck at yasuo ?
Cause Yasou gotten pretty heavy nerfs recently. Riot ain't neither willing to buff a champion who has a toxic unhealthy kit. Even the best Yasou player in the world have just a little over 51% winrate atm on him
MinJinSun (EUNE)
: Well it all depends what are you interested in I'll list you some champions that are quite easy and and useful for teamfights. 1. {{champion:45}} Veigar(Mid/Support): Burst mage, has a ton of damage, his E if casted correctly can be a game changer. 2. {{champion:1}} Annie(Mid/Support): has even quicker burst than veigar, with her passive stacked she can burst any champion that is not full tank, only think she lacks of is range. 3. {{champion:54}} Malphite(Top/Support): Tank that deals good amound of damage, with his global ult he can fit any team comp, hard to kill if build correctly. 4. {{champion:24}} Jax(Top/Jungle): Super strong, both tank and damage dealer, hard to kill especially 1v1. Almost unstoppable if fed. Even if you have bad game you could carry with him by just split pushing. 5. {{champion:106}} Volibear(Top/Jungle/Support): Tank that is impossible to kill in teamfights, has good mobility with Q, his passive regenerates his health when low hp, deals good amount of damage, hard to escape from. 6. {{champion:86}} Garen(Top): He is most beginner friendly of all champions in league, super tanky with a lot of damage and mobility aswell. If he's out of combat for couple of seconds his passive regenerates his health very quickly so he has a great sustain in lane. Not to mention his broken ulti that can insta kill any champion who has 30% health or less. These are the champions that I would recommend to any new player, try them out if you want and tell me your experience which you enjoyed the most. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
Switch the Malphite to a Top/Jungle/Support, but honestly. He is the best played within the jungle
: Some help on Champions ?
{{champion:2}} Was the one who turned me into a great tank/bruiser/support main. see if you have any success on him. I made a Olaf guide a while back if you wanna listen to it. Also I highly disagree with anyone who says you should learn {{champion:86}}, he is a very agressive and high skill champion now compared to what he was before. If you still wish to play him I reqummend you read a complete guide, cause he ain't an easy champion.
hardys77 (EUNE)
: It's stacked. Your team doesn't have to get 75 kills in 1 game.
Oh I know that, I mean in overall games.
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