Snorlaire (EUW)
: :///// but that doesnt help the case ://///
Well. I might have been wrong on this scripting, I think they might have bug abused. Cause my last game it happened the same thing. And my icon showed on the map for the enemy team. I honestly doubt someone uses the exactly same system twice. I think it might just be a Pyke bug at this point, and people abuses it somehow. Idk how it works but I think that's whats going on. It's seriously annoying how to keep finding me when im in a completely sweeped area.
: you should save those replays and send them to the support team along with the names of the premade
I learned last time I did that, that they already download this game by themselves to check it out as long as you put it in the "cheating" options. I don't need the support to get 4 premade scripters banned. Boosters on the other hand should be reported to the support.
Snorlaire (EUW)
: I'd like to see the replays :D Could you upload them somewhere?
i sadly can't my computer can't handle large amount of data being downloaded sorry
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DarkG0d (EUNE)
: The Question is why you should not try hard to win? you should always try hard on what you do. what is wrong with trying hard ? give me a solid answer if you are able
I play the gamemode for event. And why try so hard to win when the whole gamemode is based of RNG? It's like going super tryhard to win a game of Dice... They were also super toxic in all chat, so there we really no reason for them to be this extreme about a "fun gamemode" It almost were like they were in clash finals and were up against a team who just happen to have some luck on their side. Edit: I also checked their match history right now, they all went into a ranked game to troll just the game after. And they did is all as solo players. That's how tilted they were.
íGengar (EUW)
: But when sudden death happens even if you did ace them the spawn timers are like 10 seconds?
Ye, but they kept coming 1 by 1. Instead of waiting for the other teammates, and I was the only one who was big in my team (only had 4/8 score but still) and were able to kill 2 of the enemy players that came. We finished within 20 seconds too after it spawned.
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: Why? I've seen him in a few games and he was pretty much useless. They is soo much damage in this mode that his shield is useless :/ Or am I missing something?
Look what board I posted this into lol.
: Logins are opened once again with changes. We're keeping a close eye and ranked remains disabled while we monitor.
What exactly is going on? and this better not be a copy-pasted message
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: clients down, chill here till its up!
PoE and discord is also down. :) Hows life? Edit: I have to choose a religion for homework, which religion do you think I should study? I thinking spritism.
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Dr3aded (EUW)
: You probably haven't read my whole post, as you missed most of my key points. She is not op, I have not a single complaint in my whole post about her strengths, she has around a 43% winrate, yet she has an over 60% banrate in all divisions. Nerfing her is not the solution I offered, I explicitly stated that further nerfs to her numbers will not solve her ridiculously high ban rate, unless she gradually gets nerfed to the point of not being worth picking, which will simply push her into the same category that Azir, Kalista and likes are currently in. The tl;dr of my post is that true stealth will always be impossible to balance around, but there are easy ways to make Akali a well-rounded champion that is fun to play and not utterly annoying to play against, which is what everybody wants - Akali players want a champ they can consistently have access to and those against her want to have an enjoyable laning phase.
Akali's winrate is 43% last patch, not current. And she has 30% winrate against **most** matchups, last patch. This patch she got hit hard and probobly got her winrate lowered nut a large amount. Also according the stats she has only 5% banrate. Edit: Since I didn't read your enitre comment before sending this. I will say that the impossible stealth is possible to balance around. Riot said it themselves.
Yraco (EUW)
: This post was about fixing her ban rate. The current reason I, and probably a lot of others, will ban Akali in a weak state is because you literally can't do anything against her W. Akali might not be strong but it's incredibly annoying that you can get true sight on her or stand under turret and you still can't hit her after she presses shroud.
Well can you do anything against Teemo as a Vayne? Can you do anything towards a Pantheon as a Gankplank? CAN YOU DO ANYTHING AGAINST A TANK AS AN ASSASSIN? No Then, stop complaining and learn how to deal with her when she is at her weakest. Akali is seriously in a boat where if she get any more nerfs and ability problems, she will trip from the boat and drown. The reason why she having 9% banrate at all elos are cause there's people, who one-tricks, Melee assassins/fighters in mid and get massively countered by her. And she just been out for about 2 months, like c'mon it's seriously just about time you learn her. When I play mid I usually pick Malzhar, Zilean and Poppy. All Akali players cry every time I face them. Edit: So do all Talon players.
Deconstruct (EUNE)
: Refunds
I just bought a pass and had no problems? What's the bug about?
Dr3aded (EUW)
: How to actually fix Akali's ban rate
She has 30% winrate currently. And making her stealth completely useless is not gonna make her better than she currently is. Currently Akali is about the same good as putting full support lulu top with a tank jungler. Just cause it's an annoying ability, it doesn't make matters better.
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: They are bad junglers if they need to tank for them. (me as a tank support I awalsy tank for jungle no matter what jungle, but if they can't without it they are bad.) Kindred have nice ways to kite to not need somebody to tank, and graves, graves is easier than everyone else range or no range since he push the minions back with autotask.
I know, I love Kindred jungler. I feel those who play Kindred jungle are the best players in LoL. Never meet a bad kindred before except for when she came out. As for Graves, Graves always stun the monster so not even me as tank will take any damage.
: I pretty much agree with most of what you say, especially the Sivir case. I personally feel like the thematic doesn't suit her very much, it feels like when the deathsworn skin line was released with Viktor and Zed beautifully fitting the aesthetic while Katarina looked like she was just added to the skin line at the last moment. I also think that there are better options for a blood moon skin, if it was meant to be made for marksmen then I would suggest Kindred (how don't they already have a blood moon skin tbh) or Quinn. If it could be any role then I would say Karthus could fit the blood moon thematic really well. Just some thoughts.
Ye, since mages has turned up as OP in the bot lane Meta, I would love to see a Blood Moon karthus, I can defiantly see how good it would be.
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: Not from one game no but **if** the Janna player has a habit of "defending" himself by flaming the flamers back (there will be many of them because the pick is mostly viewed as trolling) he will get flagged at a more frequent rate and thus having a greater chance to get punished by a chat ban. All I'm saying here is that if you have a habit of flaming the flamers back (this is really common in league) as in my example and have gotten away with that kind of behaviour then playing something considered as "trolling" your chances to get punished go up in the long run because people that don't care about the chat flaming but do think the Janna player trolled might click the report button as well. The punishment system in this game is all about being consistent with negative behaviour **AND** getting reported in games the said behaviour happens, which is what my point is about. Nothing happens when nobody reports you, that is why some people do not get punished even if they constantly flame a little (calling people noobs, useless, inters, "ff15", "open mid" etc.) Triggering automatic ban with keywords, exessively toxic behaviour or inting is the other way punishments happen of course. So if this was the 10th game in a row that did not go really well where the Janna player did flame and had himself reported he would probably be punished. Now at the same time a Kha'Zix player lost the same amount the Janna player did, flamed the same little, insignificant amount but did not get reported in as many games because he tried his best just like the Janna did, remains unpunished as he was not considered a troller and was not reported as many times even when the behaviour was there to grant that sweet chat ban. Think I should write a guide about avoiding punishments while continuing being toxic! Next chapter might be about gaining positive honor progress while flaming sarcastically... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Can confirm that "defending" oneself is not punishable. I do it all the time and I know a lot of people do it. As long as one only explain and say "I played Janna jungle cause I wanted to and I don't care what you say" instead of "You are so wrong, go kill yourself toxic loser" there will be nothing that happens. There's 2 type of flames, those who assault and those who defend, only the assulters get banned. Otherwise I wouldn't be here today.
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ieruY (EUNE)
: I actually got honored on my 2nd Janna game :) but yea I do mute people who talk to me in a negative way and play to the best of my ability
: Yeah I do but one getting banned does not exclude the other from getting punished as well. :P
But in this case, the Janna would not get punished.
While yes she is an adc. But she has probobly the lowest winrate in bot currently. She's really bad. Pretty much Yasuo will crush her in 2 entities.
: All is fine if he doesn't take part in flaming at all or very rarely but what I meant was that if he tries to "defend" himself like people often tend to do and afterwards wonder why they themselves got chat restricted when they only wrote something like this: {{champion:119}} : Janna jungle you fkn troll noob useless {{champion:40}} : no you are useless... not my fault you inted, mute and 9x Knowing this community he will be reported and flagged every time and if it happens too frequently... boom chat restricted. Normally people might not bother to report for something as "little" as flaming the flamer back and thus not checked, but combined with people thinking you trolled chances for getting reported go higher and so you will get checked for chat behaviour more often. So considering that you have less room for that little flaming back dispute, or whatever you wanna call it because of the above as well as because of the system's inability to understand context. Often flame a little and get reported every other or third time you lose = inconsistent frequency of negatively flagged games = low probability of getting punished Often flame a little and get reported almost every time you lose = higher frequency of negatively flagged games = elevated probability of getting punished Do you think that made any sense? {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
Yes I did make sense out of it. But I think you already know who would be banned out of the Janna and the Draven. If people want to be toxic and get banned for thinking something ain't working, then it's on them. It's never anyone else fault but yourselves, afterall.
253IQ (EUW)
: How to make someone feels bad
And that's why i avoid playing with strangers :)
Asher2406 (EUW)
: Duskblade has more lethality compared to other items (18 -> 21) and pykes skills scale with lethelity since the last time he was changed (but who am I to tell you this, you're pyke otp, not me). Also it is strong item because of its passives - you already pointed out the 'blackout' one; the other, nightstalker, gives you info about vision even if blackout is on cd (its up when enemies don't see you and when you're on a ward it goes on cd). Also, you should be able to auto at least once in between your combo. As for black cleaver, you shred your targets armor increasing not only yours, but your teammates damage to them as well.
Black cleaver is good early, yes, but for Late you are more of an assassin that a fighter. Therefor you won't be using the black cleaver passive at all to increase your teammates damage. As for duskblade having 3 more Leathilty doesn't give him any bigger scaling in the stun. It does give him 1 more % in movement speed on his W, but that's not exactly worth it over Edge of night who gives him basically 90% grey health recovery and more overall damage.
: Firstly it’s the best source of lethality in the game... a Pyke who scales directly off lethality it’s gonna be invaluable. And lethality builds tend to really need it. > Shadow Kayn will kill anyone with just W+Q and Kayn all he needs to do is E>Q>R to kill someone Kayn can easily proc the passive twice thanks to his ult resetting it, that makes kayn only of the best duskblade users in the game... its core on him because it’s given him all of the stats that he needs plus two passive procs, you might not think he needs it but as an assasin it’s better to over kill than risk underkilling plus lets him kill multiple champions in a fight or kill tankier opponents. > I as someone who been playing Pyke the last 2 months a hell of a lot has used maybe only 10 autos on champions in a 20 min game of LoL. That’s... really bad you realise that right. If your only using autos 10 times in an average match then your being way too passive. Seriously what are you doing with your time during fights. I tend to weave autos in between every spell and even then I end up autoing after my rotation... it’s really easy to land a duskblade proc plus he needs it to realistically solo kill. > Even more so There's people who build black cleaver on him. Like what the heck? Sure black cleaver is a great anti tank tool, but are you really going to use a full combo on a tank? No you ain't and you also get 40+ cdr from Black cleaver builds, it's not worth it. Your a support... once you’ve used your combo you need to be useful somehow. By buying a black cleaver you can help kill tanks by shredding their armour... also remember you can just auto to stack it. It’s situational but a good buy when fighters or tanks are targets your adc needs to kill ASAP... plus armour shred vs squishies will always help (it’s not unheard of for assasins to buy a black cleaver, that’s why it got changed to have a kindlegem, to prevent assasins from abusing it... Pyke bypasses that). > There's some Pyke in game that I have been ask why they built it, and it's cause "it deals more damage than the other lethality items?". No honestly that is completely wrong. Due to his passive who remakes health into AD, the item that gives him most damage is Edge of Night, Cause it gives him 250 health + 55 AD, which means in total it gives him 72 AD, compared to the only 55 AD he gain from Duskblade. Firstly you’ve not accomidated for the duskblade procs, that’s a lot of damage especially for a champion already rewarded for going in and out of view. Secondly you’ve forgotten that lethality = damage for a physical damage dealer so that increases duskblade’s damage further. Thirdly you’ve also forgotten the fact that Pyke has lethality scaling on his W, E and R... by having the extra lethality not only are you getting through more armour you are also increasing your ult damage and your utility more than any other item avalible. So duskblade is necessary on Pyke at the moment... you get everything you need, the most from a single item, and a good passive all for a cheap price... it’s the perfect first item power spike for any lethality champion. ___ And don’t build triforce on a support nor an assasin... you aren’t in combat long enough to make it worth it, it’s expensive so delays assasins a lot and is out of the price range for Pyke, gives no lethality so defeats the whole point, and you get less overall stats that you want from it
According what you say about me playing Pyke way to passive. I have about 70% winrate on Pyke both ranked and normals. I wouldn't say I am doing anything bad on him. And being too passive is something I do not do. I am a very agressive player and those games I lose often are when I have an ezreal who just really just want stand back and poke. I usually also win 1vs2 in bot very often WITHOUT using autos. maybe 1-2 autos for procing electrocute but if I am in panic. PYKE DO NOT NEED DUSKBLADE to kill someone. Those who think reling on duskblade are the one who are way to safe. And from my stats watching those who build Duskblade as 1st-2nd item have only 45% winrate in all roles. While I have above 70% in all roles with Edge of night and Yommus. If you want to complain about that I am playing badly, Then show me how someone is really meant to play Pyke.
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: > I didn't say Ivern has highest winrare currently. . > And he _**is**_ a a god in the jungle with the highest winrate. You did. Guess we need to learn what past tense is then. > and no good clearing jungle neither You need to stop, and rethink what you know about league of legends. Also, please don't compare ivern jungle clear to janna. I'm not some silver/gold guy who has no idea what jungling is. I've spent my last 5 years in the jungle. Looking at your OP.GG, no offence, but you're not fit to educate me about clear speeds, or kill pressures of different viable/non viable jungler picks. Let's drop this argument, we'll probably never agree on anything.
do you know the diffreant between **Being** **currently** and **is**? No? k.
YetAnohter1 (EUNE)
: Which allies should I bind Zeke to?
Someone who has constant damage and usually is in the frontlines are always the best. {{champion:122}} is a great one for example.
: Guess you're wrong, lol.
I didn't say Ivern has highest winrare currently. But he has historically highest winrate out of all junglers.
253IQ (EUW)
: You tried janna jungle . Didn't work ? Don't do it again! -_- that will be intentional feed
You tried ivern jungle? Didn't work? DON'T DO IT AGAIN! Thats intentionally feeding.
: No but mind that you will get reported every game you lose so each game will be checked by the system for negative chat behaviour so you have to be smart about it and not flame at all. :P
Even if he flame a little, he won't be taken for being banned. Everyone has bad games.
: Watch these : []( [](
Riot already told us that, such behavior that this guy did wasn't alright, but after the overwhelming feedback they gained, they told us that they weren't gonna ban anyone who did this, as long as they were trying to win. Have you forgotten the champion who has the highest winrate currently? Feed Int Sion who goes around 0/30 each game but only pushing turrets. Some sions even do this while Supporting.
: Jungling is more than not dying to camps early, and going to lanes for a kill that's already set up. You need an efficient either early game damage / CC-bot or late-game teamfight jungler. Literally ANY meta (or in fact playable) jungler will do everything better than you. I won't lie, I tried a bunch of stupid picks, and I came to the same conclusion every single time. Some champs don't have the necessary kits to jungle. Let's go into it a bit deeper : You start bot, let's say on blue. You get a hard leash, you're 80% HP or so. You can either wait for the scuttler 10-15 seconds or do the frog. If you do the frog, since he's ranged, you'll be at around 40-60% HP, depending on the refillable stacks / smite used (it's also slow as f@#k). So it's 2:10 or so, you're lvl2 with half of the blue buff expired, you go for scuttler. The enemy cleared his red + blue + scuttler, he's almost lvl3 - double buff, 80%+ hp (if he's a viable jungle pick), he can look for a gank. You have 8-12 CS, it's 2:20-25, you've taken 2camps + scuttler, your lvl2 gank potential with blue buff is 0. **** Move on to another scenario : You take blue with the leash + go to scuttler lvl2, as a second camp. You wait around 10 seconds, time in which the enemy takes his blue already. You start scuttler at the same time. He will have 12 cs + double buff + lvl 2 85-90%. He can take a frog, and look for a gank, since he's healthy. After you did scuttler, you're most probably full HP, lvl 2 30%, blue buff 40% left, you have to either clear botside or head for redbuff. If you go red, your blue buff will completely expire, and you'll still be lvl 2 80%, while the enemy jungler already pulled off a gank, while lvl 3 double buff, recalled, bought boots and a longsword or something. You have gold (MAYBE) for boots, you can't even dream of doing raptors or golems, and at this point you get stuck. You'll be lvl 4 when the enemy hits lvl 6, if he knows what he's doing, you'll lose 10 out of 10 games, because of the lack of early game jungling. If somebody isn't overextended with 10HP, you have no kill pressure. Now, knowing all this, if you still take janna, I do consider it griefing. Prolly not bannable, (it's pretty hard to get banned), but you offer NOTHING to the team, in the first 5 mins. You get outjungled by around 20-30 champs. God forbid you get invaded by an early game powerhouse like lee/udyr/shaco, cuz you'll go 0/20 with 30CS that match. TL/DR : I'd reconsider that pick :)
It doesn't matter. Ivern jungle has no kill pressure, and no good clearing jungle neither. And he is a a god in the jungle with the highest winrate. Remember that Soraka jungle also has 49% winrate in the jungle in plat+. Why shouldn't Janna? You are over thinking things here dude. Don't just look at the negatives, there's plenty positives with janna jungle!
: if janna jungle isn't a trollpick, i don't know what it is
Yraco (EUW)
: If you're going to play it then I'd suggest you communicate with your team in champ select so they understand your strategy and what you are going for in picking Janna jungle. Another thing is that if you want knockups, there are so many better champions to jungle with that can trigger a yasuo ult. {{champion:164}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:120}} {{champion:59}} {{champion:141}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:516}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:113}} {{champion:14}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:254}} {{champion:62}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:154}}
But are those champions fun for this guy to play? You have to understand no one likes every champions in the game, some only like 1-2 and some likes more. If this guy thinks Janna jungle is right for him, you should encourage him to play it and not tell him to do something else.
ieruY (EUNE)
: Janna OTP Jungle
As long as you enjoy playing it and you ain't intentionally trying to lose. Janna jungle is 100% viable. Ignore all the people below who say "there a better junglers for this type, you're just trolling". It's not trolling if you aim to win and enjoy doing what you are doing. Ignore these flamers in these comments and just do what you want. But I do recommend to use /mute all every game. Cause you will get flamed and reported, but nothing will happen to you as long as you stay calm.
CJXander (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Hero Simon,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=GYOAX8wN,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-11-30T20:53:39.607+0000) > > So if you mean a Rioter for your first time and he tells you to introduce yourself. You ain't honest about your introduction? That's what I can unrespectful behavior. I really cannot understand what you're trying to say! But if it is what i'm thinking of, then League is a GAME, not a platform for social media and chatting. It is not mandatory to introduce myself, and especially not at your command :).
I didn't post this in the ingame boards did I? ...
Rioter Comments
Kurotsu (EUW)
: I read the post, but the title says "Question about my behavior". Maybe I missed it, but what is the question? Maybe you wanted opinions on your behavior, in which case I just agree with what Febos said. + It's only a problem so long as you make it a problem. Just keep being yourself without bothering others and there's no problem.
The question is if people are not allowed to be the way they want to be on the internet. Am I not allowed to be a sadistic player on the internet? Am my cousin not allowed to be a Nazi fanboy on the internet? We should, but people have rules to like "respect each other" in all clans and saying you're a sadistic behavior seems to be highly disrespectful within the clan I am in, even though it shouldn't really be that way. I should I be the way I am, should I not? It's not like it's illegal to be diffreant in real life. (except in Asian countries, nothing is legal in Asian countries.)
: You pay too much attention to people that you will never meet and that you will never know. It's just a game enjoy it and ignore kids who tells you such things.
The thing is, these are people that Im going to meet. My best friends knows them in real life, and for me stay close to my bff/rival I needed to get into they clan. I was allowed to get in doe, cause I got kicked out for that reason alone. After they found out I got kicked out cause of stupid reason I was allowed in again, but I wasn't allowed to talk about my sadistic side. Which is completely fine.
CJXander (EUNE)
: "if i wanted your opinion i'd beat it out of you" - Vi With all of these being said, i don't really want to hear your honest opinion unless i'm asking for it.
So if you mean a Rioter for your first time and he tells you to introduce yourself. You ain't honest about your introduction? That's what I can unrespectful behavior.
Febos (EUW)
: Being sincere and being a decent human being are two different things. Also, don't mix up sadism with whatever you said there. You may want to call yourself a "provocateur" or a "spiteful individual". I usually call myself a sadist too, but that's incorrect. I don't actually feel pleasure from making other people feel bad and I doubt you do either. I do like to provoke to get a reaction, but that's about it. *** Now, onto the Nazi thing. Your friend being a Nazi in private doesn't make him less of a scum individual, to me. I could still respect him, but I would never agree with his point of view. For example, I have a friend who is racist, literally. I didn't stop speaking to him just because he is, but I don't agree with his view point either. Here's a good video about this topic: *** From what I understand, you're complaining about people kicking you from their group because you voice your, controversial, opinion. Why shouldn't they? If they don't want to have you around, they have the right to kick you. Not everyone is like me. You can't expect everyone to "put up" with people they don't agree with.
1st A sadist is someone who laughs at other people failing/dying or wants about all of people in the world to die. 2nd I never said I were voicing my opinion in the group I was kicked out from. If you read my post I said that I simply said "I'm sadistic" as a introduction and got kicked out cause of it. Pretty much what I said in the group was "Hello guys mine name is x, I am currently x years old and live in x country. I'm a bit of a sadistic players but please ignore that cause I ain't open about it" and got kicked out. I never said anything else. So please read my post again if you think i missed anything.
Rioter Comments
: Hey Ozzie, So, I just went to the store to get a Milky Way Chocolate, was super excited to eat it and just as I opened the wrapper someone bumped into me. My Chocolate fell into the mud, that person didn't even say sorry and I have no more money on me to buy another Chocolate, have to go home and then get back to the store. Sooooo yea, it's going terrible! {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} Hope you're having a better day mate. Peace!
Hello The Mad Clown. Sorry for your bad day, but I hope this will make you feel a little better. I saw a mother and her daughter, the other day in our market place. The mom has just bought her daughter a big ice cream and they were walking down to the next shop. Of course it wasn't going as well as they hoped as a running woman rushed through me and right into the daughter and made the ice-cream fall down the the floor with all the topping and everything. The Woman who ran through noticed, but just looked down at the daughter with an angry look and raged "LOOK AT WHERE YOU WALK", when it clear the womans fault for hitting the small daughter. I was just standing their next to her with a 'O' look and then after she started walking away after raging at the poor kid. I wanted to punch that woman so hard, but sadly if I did I would get arrested, if anyone were gonna punch her legally it would be the daughter's mother. Later on after I while more walking around, I saw the daughter again with another ice-cream even bigger than the last one. It made me so happy everything was okay with them. If I had the money I would have done the same thing but I am currently poor so I can't be a nice person sadly :/
: How's your day?
Hello Ozzie, great to meet you. I'm 7 hours late to your conversation but right now I'm making some Kassler pie (Some sort of pork meat) and it's gonna be delicious. If you want I can give you the recipe :)
Lester the (EUNE)
: It actually has both of those bugs, for me that just doesn't occur that often so I forgot about it. You can still use the ultimate though.
Maybe it has something to do with servers? Since you are EUNE which as much less popularity than EUW
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