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: Hardest Champion???
Kayn, 2 champions in one. (People still hasn't found out the best way of playing him yet, everyone is running around doing their own build) Azir. You can't do do anything on him unless you know how to utilize his soldiers Anivia You seriously need to know how her Auto's work.
ChiTenshi (EUW)
: Get more stable wifi?
I am from sweden dude. We can't just get what ever we want within network. If I have to get a better network I have to move to Stockholm or a bigger city where the internet is working much better.
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Leonheart (EUNE)
: - unfriend him/her - ??? - profit
And lose a friend
Voidner (EUNE)
: What is the most balanced champion in league of legends?
Nunu in my opinion. He can make another jungler useless, as he is useless. Making a 4vs4 fair fight :3
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: Waste of money.
Then don't even bother about the event It's a waste of time
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: Kayn Bans
I still don't get why his getting banned. 1 response saying it's cause his winrate on 49% 1 response says he is banned cause his good against tanks, when it's assassin/Fighter Meta? 1 response says It's cause of his ability to run through walls and the last response says it's cause the playerbase doesn't have anything to ban, so they ban Kayn just cause they know at least 1 player want to pick him. I don't get LoL anymore.
AlenAngi (EUW)
: im low elo, true, but tell me, as adc, what should i do when he runs to me at 200 km/h? he was outside my auto-attack range he popped Q, i turn and just run away, he reaches me and land his Q, then he just used E and simply killed me, cause i couldnt get out of the spin, he was 1/7/0, now tell thats not broken
If you were alone and tried to engage him without any help. You deserve to die. Garen is like a Kha*zix can kill you any moment, but as soon there's an ally next to you, He can't do anything. Anything with CC except Silence and Slows will work against him. Hell if his too weak and built semi-tanky he shouldn't do any damage to you. Look at his build. Think for a while "can He kill me" without looking at his score. I duskblade + Hydra Garen can kill anyone with just A q + Flash > ult. No matter his score, But His rather useless in other situations. He's really strong Early and Late game as long he has momentum. If he can't snowball there's nothing he can do against people who outdamage him. He just have to go tank and target the tanks.
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AlenAngi (EUW)
: dude i dunno what division u play, but garen is the most %%%%%% OP champ ever made, and u dont need a brain to play it, i play in silver and i've seen a 1/7 garen killing my adc with simply Q+E, and another 0/8 garen doing a quadra kill. sure early game sucks against teemo, but at some point u can simply charge him and one-shot him unless u step on 10 mushrooms
Garen is shet plat+ Every Juggernut is 2x better than him. But He crushes Low Elo since they are legit just suiciding to him all the time.
: Top lane champ help
Garen is already a very neat pick against Teemo, But you have to be safe to Level 6 and Max E first, unless you have problems with Enemy junglers babysitting you too, cause Then I say put 3 points into w and the max E. But if you really don't want to play Garen against Teemo, I would you to Take Kayn and Max Q, Go assassin Splitpush all day and keep killing him, Illaoi as just sustaining through Teemo damage and can kill him with some succesful trades, Never All in teemo as Illaoi. If you want a Mage you should take any Mage but sustain Mages Like Vlad and Fiddle. And if you wanna go tank. Any tank also work since you are always going for the late game and just sitting their just going for minions anyway. I don't want to say you should pick shen Since he is the only tank that relies heavly on Auto attacks to kill minions. (Shen is my main and I ahte going up against teemos in ranked) Also As shen you Ain't going to be on your lane a lot, but if Teemo goes ad You kinda have to defend it unless you wanna give up first turret to him.
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UchihaBlood (EUNE)
: As a Soraka player what item do you believe is better to start with?
Yew start with Bananas But {{item:3301}} is better cause you gain health sustain and more Mana from it.
S7 Jungle (EUW)
: I havent had this issue and I've already completed all the free to play missions. People not being able to read is their issue. you whining about it on the forums isnt going to change people... lets be honest. Remember to have fun playing URF while we can :p
Im saying that riot shouldn't have bringed them up in the first place. It was a mistake
Rismosch (EUW)
: Thing is, CS and wins are split, meaning if you already won and don't have the CS, you wont care about the win and only about the CS. This is exactly why Missions, Achievements and everything of that kind is bullshit when it comes to League, because League is a cometitive game and such missions lead to playstyles that wont win you the game. This is why Riot said in the past they will never implement something like that, but for whatever reason thy did. And now you see why they shouldn't had done this: Missions forcing a certain playstyle will lower the quality of individual matches.
I know, I didn't like the idea from the start. But the idea was much much worse than I though since our community is very very toxic
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: Garen? LOL Clearly someone hasent witnissed Evelynn or Lulu or Irelia.
Evelynn is acctually really weak compared to Garen And Even Jarvan. my friend kept 1 shotting everyone with J4.. We started to agree his more OP than garen.
: Does Gangplank need early game buffs ?
He is still S tier in Challenger So I would say no.
flom (EUNE)
: ARURF is not that random
I have played around 15 games. Morgana is everyone of them XD Edit: I get tilted.
flom (EUNE)
: "dont finish i need 100 farm" Firstly, you shouldn't even care about missions when you're in game in the first place. If you are a normal player you will always get 100 cs AT LEAST at min 15. Mission's objectives are things that you earn each game, let it be assists or kills. Someone that trolls from not letting them "complete a mission has the same chance at trolling because you stole their blue.
But that's pretty much every LoL existing then.. Cause who ain't starting to troll after you stole their blue. They will legit never gank your lane and leave pretty much all on your team to die. That's what everyone in League do
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: Nautilus Passive doesn't proc on Diana
: I did start dying mostly, but saying that i'm at fault because i didn't roam enough is kinda mind bending, but yea i guess i could see where you are coming from i'll try to to hold back on that mistake ^^
ye. Just cause your teammates sucks doesn't mean you can get them stronger. Unless they are all on 10+ deaths you still have a chance to win. Just don't tilt.
: Can't seem to get a brake
I can see the direct problem here. You focused to much on your own lane. all enemies has 1-2 deaths while your laner has 5. That's your fault
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}} Kayn is bad until you evolve. Dont try fighting without rhast. Just poke him a few times with W to get evolve points. Also, mord doesnt have a gapcloser, you can farm safely as kayn against mord, you will eventually outscale.
I already was evolved... .............. who ain't evolved 10 min into the game as Kayn..
: > So I just played Kayn against a Mordekazer And that right there is your problem. Morde is extremely immobile but packs a punch when he reaches you. Assassins, especially Kayn, have to engage on him rendering his weakness moot. He's the kind of champ you want to poke down/burst from a distance, which Kayn simply can't do. Also, RuinedKing 1V9, > Also, mord doesnt have a gapcloser, you can farm safely as kayn against mord, you will eventually outscale. Kayn really doesn't. Morde is kind of like Nasus and Veigar in the sense that he is a ticking timebomb. The longer you leave dealing with him, the harder it will be to put him down. Especially as Kayn.
Go to the Hate Kayn page if you are only looking to harass me...
Shiwah (EUW)
: Cassio's primary damage comes from spamming E, which is point and click. I'd say that scripters are simply people unwilling to learn how to aim with a mouse.
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laSkaR (EUNE)
: GP barrels need nerf
Me as aatrox destroys ignores his barrels. and destroys him instead and out. XD
Agnostos92 (EUNE)
: Why i cant upvote your post? There are no upvote/downvote arrows..
Cause this is in the "new player advices" board
: But I mean, cho damage against tanks early on is high cos of his E. It wouldn't make sense for nasus to think that you would be dealing 0 damage
Yea, but then again, that's only against health, Nasus is a someone who priorise armor and mr
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: He is unhealthy due to his ultimate and extreme mobility. But I odnt think yasuo is or ever wwas op
Extreme mobility? wut.. Then you should call Hecarim unhealthy since he got way more mobility than Kayn. Lol.
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: Opinion on pentakill?
My favorite band make a new album? You expect me to say it's a 5/6? It's an 7/6
: Scripters
I wish there was a way to report friends on your friendlist for scripting. Otherwise try to add them to your friendlist, spectate their next game and record something very obvious they done then send it to the link the bud sent below
: he already had his broken times back in the day ,its time for him to leave the summoners rift once and for all
I don't agree on that, He might need some nerfs but a deleteton ís for Yasou or Teemo
: Nasus situation
Ye I agree. Nasus is hella OP in Plat+ XD I have mutiple friends who climbed to Diamond 1+ with nasus top. The only way to ruin a nasus life is by making sure he get hella out picked in Draft. But Barely anyone does that in solo que XD
Treycos (EUW)
: Why are you the one feeling offended ? And yes, everything here is "legal" > And Even so.. Is Colored names legal? Damn, club racism is a thing now ? Joke aside, how do they even do that ?
first of all, Yes I do offended by that name. I am very offended seeing racist names since I am very extremely against racism. Nothing is legal unless it says it isn't. And leave Jokes to the Jokes and meme board...
Lleajy (EUW)
: winrates mean less after a rework, it's not just a mere patch. The champs changed, a lot of people feed with him. Give it more time. And there's no reason to compare two different champ winrate anyway.
It's the same champion
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