Endellion (EUW)
: > A champion I want to see deleted (Blitzcrank) Fixed that for you {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: You just said he shouldn’t get a rework then said he should. But remember that a lot of the time riot will attempt to preserve aspects of the old kit so long as it’s healthy and iconic... for example ww mostly kept his entire kit, poppy kept her E, sion kept his W... blitz won’t be blitz without his Q but a rework doesn’t mean he will lose it
I don't think his hook will stay as it is. Probobly will be lesses range and more interesting design
: if blitz gets reworked im gonna come for ya
Hey I mean I would like him to have his playstyle the same, but I mean his whole design needs a change and his abilities need some kind of kit. At the moment all Blitz abilities is just a bunch of things smashed together. For ex, Mass Mage scaling together with a Juggernaut abilities base.
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: His smartass sarcastic comments like "i thought you need to kill adc and ap first because they deal damage but apparently we want to take down the big guys first, you never stop learning something new" started this. Im not mad at him at all. And bringing up his elo is a valid argument, hes one of those players who expect adc to walk through enemy team ignoring everyone just to kill enemy adc.
That quote is nothing wrong about, it's stating his opinion on the matter. He didn't harass anyone for their elo or tried to make a pointless arguement of it. All he did was to state his opinion, nothing less.
: To be fair, in jungle mundo looses really few hp. But you're right on every other points :^)
I will change that, thanks.
: See maybe in bronze its different but in higher elos you will focus mundo as an adc. If you ignore him he will kill you.
He has the right to speech even if he's low elo dude... And he has the right to voice his opinion. Don't be so angry at him... Also bringing his elo up is making you look like a complete doughe for the rest of the forum.
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: low elo players don't have balls.
I completely agree xD Whenever I play normals with my bronze friends I always expect the enemy to go onto me and take risks. But instead they just give up on free kills and dies by going to an other place or something like that. I swear I been caught of guard so many times cause Bronze-silver players doesn't know what taking risks means XD But at the same time... Dealing with a jungler or support who only knows how to play safe when you are in a win-win lane feels stupid... Edit: I did deal with a Warwick jungle who only ganked when he got level 6 and only ulted when the kill was 100% his, we won the game through support roaming that did the ganking. Too safe play is a gaurented loss except when behind.
: Ranged champions and Iceborn Gauntlet
I do agree. Ezreal is an adc, not a tank.
: I miss old shen , shen need buffs.. :(
I mained him before his rework and I main him still, I don't see much that has changed. He is just as strong as he always been. The only thing that I feel he has changed to much in, is that he's more of a fighter now than an actual tank. I always wanted Riot to remove Titanic Hydra, it is the best item on Shen, but it never feels right using. I would rather go Sunfire and dead man's
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Riptorned (EUW)
: Clash tier system busted?
It's cause you're using a smurf account. I'm pretty sure you already made an account and use same phonenumber as your main account. Meaning your in right elo.
Smerk (EUW)
: There are some exclusive rewards that you can only get in clash, so yes, you do kinda miss out. But only if you care about those things, they mostly include cosmetic things like icons and banners
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King Lego (EUNE)
: I remember that meta. I barely used Rylai's and Abyssal, since stop watch was a rune, you have to be an idiot to not use it if you're vs someone you don't like seeing against you. Though it's only available at like 8 minutes i believe, it's balance enough, and only a 1 time use unless you build it into a Zhonya or Stoneplate or Guardian Angel. Anyway, oh these disgusting cancers? Pure defense build but already deal high damage? Don't get me wrong, i HATE this unbalanced non-sense. Nobody should be able to build defensive but deal a ton of damage. I remember something about tank Heimer, i don't fully remember it, but he was pretty much the same as the "tank meta," and "tanks dealing damage more than supposed to be." Though to be honest, i RARELY see Kassadin, Ryze (nerf nerf nerf, remember? He's totally out of the question now), Cassio (meh to me personally), Anivia and Heimer, in matches, even in ranked. Even my friends from higher elo (high Diamond) say that they don't see them. Though by the way, Kassadin doesn't even need half of all this, Rod of Ages and Lich bane are one of his essential items.
I have 2 challenger players as friends who spam these champions I just told you. Also ryze is getting nerf after nerf only to the MSI scene. His basic damage and solo que mechanics are still within his ki and won't change his winrate at all. The biggest problem he has in solo que and why he has low winrate is cause he has 500 range (worst of all mages) and doesn't get his damage until late into the game. Which makes me a very bad champion. And if they buff any of this he will probobly reach over 60% winrate like he done in the past. Currently he is waiting for a 10th rework or something. Kassadin is also currently one of the best assassins in the game. You can say he is hidden powerful, cause of his high skill. Rumble, Kai'sa and Irelia players agree to this logic, I asked them a few posts ago. Doe Kassadin ain't played very much in EU/NA cause of our solo que mentality. Him and Twisted Fate is unstoppable in Korea/China, if you watch some Korean player streams you can see them like 24/7.
King Lego (EUNE)
: Mages vs Assassin...IS THIS EVEN FAIR?
I see your point. But you know... When the Rylai's/abyssal/stopwatch META existed in mid both junglers are assassins struggled a little too hard. And remember if we give mages defense items. Who do you think will use them? Karthus? Nada, he will keep building full AP.. Viktor? Nada, he will build Banshee straight into full AP, he don't need more than 1 defense item. What it will give is Kassadin, Ryze, Lissandra, Casso, Anivia and Heimer way too good. Remember these champions already got huge amount of damage already and builds pure defense. {{item:3027}} {{item:3003}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3102}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} If these items ain't tanky enough for you. Idk where you are coming from.
Antenora (EUW)
: {{item:3814}} - People still buy this garbage item?
Most Marksmen do, see it often on Jhin and MF
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: You mean the one with the 48% winrate in ranked? I guess you were just unlucky with hitting your Q
No... not that one Edit: Im actually not even allowed to tell you who it is... Its against the rules
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: Will smite work on Vel koz?
Just play with unsealed spellbook. It's way better option.
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: Pyke "support"
No, Yasuo should be kept as perma banned. New champions usually sucks for the first 2 weeks.
What elos are you in your group and what language do you speak? I'm gold 3, only plays tanks. Not sure if that suits you
: Proof that Yasuo uses magic!!!
Im so happy, I'm not the only one misspelling "Disappear"
Zyzyx (EUW)
: You seem to confuse your personal wishlist & opinion with reality. * Going AFK at ANY point of the game is not allowed, no matter what you think about it. You saying it is okay doesn't make it true. * Intentionally feeding IS possible in ARAM. Sure, Karthus is often an exception where willingly dying is not a super bad thing, but for all other champs it's of course perfectly possible that someone feeds intentionally on them * It does matter how you play. Exactly like on other game modes, you are supposed to play to win. If you intentionally play in a way that sabotages your team, of course you can be reported for that. > If you are any of these people who give reports for the the things above, you are most likely gonna get banned in the future That's not how it works. You get banned for actually breaking the rules. The ACTUAL rules, not the ones you just made up. And the actual rules don't allow you to go afk, they don't allow you to feed intentionally, they don't allow you intentionally ruin the game by building something that definitely does NOT work and is not intended to win the game. > Don't report people who are- trying to have fun/innocent If you are having fun on the cost of others, you absolutely deserve to be reported. Stop thinking only about yourself and your own fun.
That logic of yours are very flawed. That logic of yours are exactly the reason why I made this post. You report people for 0 gain, you are pretty much telling me that you reported some guy last game cause he didn't try hard enough to win. Unless you change your mind, there's no point in me responding to your stupidity.
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Hnd69 (EUNE)
Today, I had some games where the loss been prevented. But the last 3 days I only gained a maximum of 30 ping drop. Your network is most likely the problems or you are just lying about the whole 3 days in row problem.
: Remaining skins
I would like them to delete some hextech skins for the gemstone slot and add new once to get. But these skins should still be obtainable through chests and reroll. Doe skins that are meant to be bought with gemstones should be allowed to be gained through reroll.
: Sharing one of the things i write
Need a shoulder? I also write poems, but only these depressing once when I'm really sad. If you wanna add me, we can play a game ;o
: Proof of what, the fact that the nerfs did nothing... go watch some MSI games https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/TRLH3/1002510414?gameHash=0810ce3cdc6c1929&tab=builds&participant=3 https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/TRLH3/1002510455?gameHash=6b8f646841fd6193&tab=builds https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/TRLH3/1002520375?gameHash=60dc33647b0981b2&tab=builds&participant=6 https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/TRLH3/1002520395?gameHash=0eaff8ccd6701982&tab=builds&participant=6 https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/TRLH3/1002520454?gameHash=7a3d91ed4d522c35&tab=builds&participant=6 https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/TRLH3/1002520462?gameHash=093200d440ed6bb2&tab=builds https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/TRLH3/1002520492?gameHash=ab73da04153b9c5f&tab=builds&participant=6 https://matchhistory.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/TRLH3/1002520500?gameHash=bfdd7228498b3017&tab=builds That’s all the group stage games with sion, all E max... if you want I’m happy to go through all the play in games and pick out all of the sion games as well if you need further proof. This is what riot was trying to stop with those nerfs to his Q... by maxing his Q worse to be kept at level 1 riot was trying to prevent high level players from going E every single game to just spam it, wave clearing, poking, and preventing the enemy from doing anything as sion never has to open himself up... it makes him auto win lanes, as if he doesn’t poke them out they can’t stop him from farming meaning he out scales. Riot was never targeting low elo with these nerfs... sion is rarely played low elo and when he is he’s done badly, these where high elo and pro play targeted nerfs. His E being maxed makes sion too safe, removes too much interaction... that’s why riot is nerfing the play style, they want it to be an actual choice based on match up, not an obvious choice every game. More proof? http://euw.op.gg/champion/sion/statistics/top Sion E max has about a 60% play rate... Q max is 5% ___ I’m a sion main who has been playing sion since S3 so I do know of what I speak of. I know exactly why pro players are maxing E, I know that riot really don’t like it being maxed every game, and I understand why these nerfs are happening... so nothing I’ve said has been made up, while a lot of what you said is wrong (again, who the hell has ever picked fiddle into sion, besides support where sion should never really be and fiddle is rarely picked as well sion will never be against fiddle).
Sion wasn't reworked until season 4... Also please don't look at OP.GG there's little proof overall at that. As for MSI, players who picked Sion did not focus on poking even a little. All they used their E for was waveclear and armor reduction for a jungle gank. If you watched top lane during those MSI games, the players who played against Sion didn't get hit by his E a single time, at least not until they got enough tanky that they didn't care anymore. As for Riot never targeting low elo when they balance champions is very wrong statement. They clearly state every patch and every tweet that they are not nerfing champions by looking at high elo/MSI. They look at overall rating when nerfing/buffing. As for saying you're a Sion main, I hardly believe you. I did look into your profile but a mere 90k Mastery points on Sion is showing that you might just have no idea what you are talking about. I got 150k on Nocturne and I have little to known information on his abilities, since he is just fun to play but how to make him effective is another story people with 500k only knows about. Everything else I can see your points. Sorry for the trouble, even if this is just a normal conversation between looking at wiki facts and players using their mind to think of ways to lie.
: What's your fav skin and why?
Tyrant Swain Swain is my favorite skin ingame. Splash art goes to Classic Swain for the amount of mightiness.
: His E isn’t easy to dodge, especially when it’s so frequent and sion gives nothing up for maxing it for damage... it makes him a bad kind of laner who can just spam E and farm while also establishing lane dominance without any real interaction... > had a huge impact on Diamond+ gameplay since it's super easy for those players to play around his E. His E is quite useless against players who knows their position. Except it didn’t... he is played in high elo because of his E max, nobody there maxes Q... hence why he is getting the nerfs he is, he is too dominant in high elo with an E max because it kills the interaction in the lane something which got shen reworked, thus sion needed to be brought down as well. > While the Q deals some damage and a slow if not charged as much, which is why it got nerfed. And Riot clearly stated that patch that they wanted people to max his E and Q for diffreant situations. Q for farming, E for lane dominance... at the moment you max E for everything and Q for ??? Even as someone who maxes Q on sion I’m in the vast minority... it’s meant to be a choice based on match up... not something done 95% of the time. > But in high elo he became barely played while in low elo people kept maxing E and didn't bother cause people don't know counterplay in those elos. Except in pro play where he is still one of the most picked top laners who still max E every single game... and yes MSI is played on the patch where the change to his Q is on, thus we can see how this has made absolutely no difference to sion and how he is used/how popular he is in the meta... thus riot nerf again harder so that E max actually takes a hit while Q max doesn’t. > Fiddlesticks for ex runs over Sion like a rock falling into the water. Sion can't do anything with the fear being as long CD as Sion's Q while halfed. His W can proc shield without lifting his finger and his movement speed can juke around Sion's E equal to a pancake. > The only thing that makes Fiddlesticks not wrecking Sion is cause his high AD base and HP is large enough to not being in need of using abilities. That's the only upside Sion has in this matchup. You say that like it’s a match up you’d ever expect to see. Fiddle never goes top lane, jungle has a very limited interactions like this, mid neither really is seen much, support sion honestly should never have existed and is only there because his E is too strong. These changes are based at top and mid sion... one that will realistically never see fiddle ever... even if it was a lane fiddle is picked in fiddle never gets picked having an extremly low play rate. You can’t use one match up as evidence for something much larger. Also a lot of what you said is plain wrong Sion Q cd isn’t the same length as fiddle fear, especially if you interrupt it as his Q goes on a 2 second cooldown when this happens... even if fiddle uses both Q and E sion has a window to use Q un interrupted. A good sion would abuse fiddle so heavily in this match up... every time fiddle tries to use his W at all sion can just Q on him forcing fiddle to reposition or take a lot of damage, as the W is so mana hungry fiddle will run out of mana rendering him useless. Even if he doesn’t run out of mana from just using W a Q max sion would just out last him... a full combo even if interrupted or answered by sion costs less mana than what fiddle can respond with, and does outright more damage... sion can simply rinse and repeat even if he doesn’t get much damage off he will run out of mana much later than fiddle ever will forcing an easy lane Sion also never needs to win lane... he is a hyper tank thanks to his health gain... all sion needs to do is farm and he will outscale fiddle... once he hits 6 you just run down another for easy kills that fiddle won’t be able to answer... and once he is tanky enough he can just ignore fiddle and split push pretty easily. That’s why support sion is so bad and is only a product of his E being the state that it’s in... he is forced into winning his lane as he can’t just default to a farm lane like he would top which means any champion he doesn’t beat early he beats late... Fiddle would be a piece of cake for a proper sion to deal with... only reason he could be considered a counter is that support sion handicaps himself... in a proper solo lane fiddle dies... if anything just cause fiddle is really struggling at the moment,
Sorry, but I can't take you serious after read all that. it really sounds like 80% is made up. Can you give me some proof of it? Maybe will change my mind.
: Playing as Champions in real life.
I'm going to pick Sion. Reasons: Undead being, can probobly live between 400-500 years. Has a W that scales on how many I kill, in secret I am a little psycho killer after all. (Shhhh) He can travel great distances with his ultimate and has a lot of CC. If I happen to die I will also bring my opponent with me. Downside is that I am a really big champion. Going to use the Mecha skin to give fear into puny humans while also being stealthy if I transform into a train.
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ShanksFX (EUW)
: I like how sion players keep calling these changes a nerf, when it was an overall buff to him. Yes his pushing and poking got nerfed early, but thats not what he should be excel at in the first place. He is a tank. A scaling, cc machine. So they slightly cut down his laning power but at the same time rly amped up his mid to late game. The e buffs are huge when it comes to teamfighting. Changes on point, 5/7 for the balancing team here.
He doesn't use his E lategame... Edit: Or do you see any minions next to your hurricane twitch and Ziggs mid? Cause I can't
: That’s not why they nerfed the Q... that’s the worst way to achieve that, lowering it early but have it the same late. Riot want to move him away from maxing E and onto maxing the Q as it’s healthier... the Q nerfs made it that using the Q for wave clear was much worse unless you maxed it to limit the strengths of the E max.... when that didn’t work they reduce the damage a lot but make it combining with the Q even better. And maxing Q is strong on sion, gives him just as good wave clear as before and can still very easily bully people... it’s just got more counterplay and is less toxic than the E which is why riot are trying to enforce it.
There's nothing unhealthy with his kit doe... His kit is perfect for balancing and everything has counterplay. His E damage only comes in the form of small range or the range of knocked minion/monster is very predictable and easy to dodge. He can get CC'd during his Q and it's very slow to charge up so it's easy to dodge. His W can get removed by just using 1-2 damage spells on him also long charge time as well on that. His ultimate leaves a scream, can only go forward and the stun duration depends on how long he been charging for. All of these things has super clear counterplay, but still people struggle against him, is it cause he is cause of a unhealthy kit? Or is it cause players don't deal with him as well as they should. The Q nerf that came awhile didn't impact low elo games at all but had a huge impact on Diamond+ gameplay since it's super easy for those players to play around his E. His E is quite useless against players who knows their position. While the Q deals some damage and a slow if not charged as much, which is why it got nerfed. And Riot clearly stated that patch that they wanted people to max his E and Q for diffreant situations. But in high elo he became barely played while in low elo people kept maxing E and didn't bother cause people don't know counterplay in those elos. Now when his E got nerfed again it won't change that he is useless in higher elo but it will also make him super weak in lower elos now when people are forced to max his Q if they wanna deal damage. Which is completely wrong from what Riot's intention with this Q nerf was. Clear counterplay + nerfed abilities = too fair champion. While no counterplay + buffed stats = unfair champion. Fiddlesticks for ex runs over Sion like a rock falling into the water. Sion can't do anything with the fear being as long CD as Sion's Q while halfed. His W can proc shield without lifting his finger and his movement speed can juke around Sion's E equal to a pancake. The only thing that makes Fiddlesticks not wrecking Sion is cause his high AD base and HP is large enough to not being in need of using abilities. That's the only upside Sion has in this matchup.
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: today i had a game where i was jungle and our mid laner, yasuo btw, was feeding his ass of on their jungler, since start even despite the fact that i told him few times that he is about to be ganked he was just unable to fall back... first he flamed our support, cause i guess.. somebody has to be blamed, then me and at the end of the game he said ''better jungler wins'' that kinda triggered me since i was unable to compete for anything, i even managed to kill their jungler but it wasnt enough, not even close to enough to compete against his feeding, nobody besides him was flaming anyone althought he was indeed the one who made us lose the game so, in post game lobby i've told him ''yasuo dont forget who created this monster xin, it was you buddy'' thats all i said to him about that game he told me to go kill myself, yes, i love lol community so, a conclusion league community is full of morons, assholes and kids in puberty which want to fight over anything it works kinda like ''dog on the other side of the fence'', he knows that he cant get into any trouble so he can do it as long as he is on the other side everything you can do is to ignore their bullshit and report them posting on boards wont help you much, try to ignore it, mute or whatever it takes for you it took me years to be able to do that, even sometimes i get triggered like that and i do reply to them.... but you have to remain calm if you want to enjoy the game because those morons are not worth of it, trust me, they are not worth of it btw i know that retired duck wont get banned cause thats how the system works, there is still a hope that one day, one day he is about to face his end, thats what cheers you up i've bring up the yasuo story just to make a conclusion, sadly it is indeed true but i hope you get my point
The way you brings this up I have a feeling you were arguing with this Yasuo for quite a while. Just mute people who argues with you and don't talk back. That's the wisest thing to do. If that Yasuo fed their Xin, find a way to deal with it. Don't put your hate onto Yasuo if he died 6 times by enemy xin. it's mostly likely cause you didn't bother saving him. If the enemy jungler gains kills it's always the opposing junglers that is at fault. Yasuo players doesn't know anything but aggression, so he's an easy target for the enemy junglers always. That's the jungler must always be ready to counter gank. If a jungler gank do that, then there's something wrong.
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: Further spoilers Rofl, FNC beat TL xD
Yup, and the best thing was that most casters said TL would dominate the scene of the lower regions and that EU was gonna get last. Oh so wrong they were >:3
: Does anyone feel ranked is biased?
Easy explaintion. You ain't gaining elo cause you have problems being the main player. Simply no matter what role one has, you can always be the main player. (If you watched esport you should know this) I am currently a top main and my main goal is to push my lane, drag jungle attention from other lanes and then Roam while the enemy jungle want to gank me or when my laner is pushed in and need to focus getting the CS. This is my win condition. Doe things never goes as planned and therefor I need to improve. I am using the most basic win condition. Wave management and roaming. If you got these 2 things down on paper you should reach least Plat 3 in no time. But from that point forward, mechanics and knowledge is a must have. If you can't keep up with some of the best players in the world, then there's no way you can reach any higher.
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Arammus (EUW)
: "just a bad game"
Someone is either extremely unlucky or got placed in wrong elo.
: Wish we could ban ignite
I started playing Barrier in top and had huge success towards people with ignite. I see just a need of change, if you can't keep up with the META it's cause you are starting to get to old for the game :P
Solash (EUW)
: My 4 favorite splash arts
I don't really have any splash arts that I enjoy. Currently most splash arts are just lore based design, Disney-looking and even derpy looking. There's no skin design that has "mightiness" and a dark feeling around it. Swain Classic is the closest one, but I still feel it could have been much much more. Renekton or Jarvan should be the champions who should have such splash arts, but their splash arts compared to their actual gameplay is way off. But honestly, even if my feeling towards splash arts is a huge dislike, I still enjoy the creation of the champions the quotes, animations and the abilities. The dances could be less stereotype... But that's for another matter
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