: Why do you play League?
Cause I'm bored and I want to have some kind of talent... Sadly I don't have any talents for anything. Except flirting.. But I don't like that talent.
: getting too many emotes
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/172108605061857281/417009828225875978/506168771c3cac50a1f09096c6f41593.png It's not that high
: How to 1v9 Hard Carry?What champions can carry a whole team?
No champions can 1vs5. But every fighter class can on someway hard carry the game. Master Yi of ex can easily splitpush and win the game through farming only. Doe... Master Yi players usually does the opposite and goes in 1vs5 thinking they can pentakill all alone.. 1vs9 is a way any champions players can play, it's though taking the best outcome out of a situation. When a Ivern 1vs9 he's solo dragon taking 2 turrets and getting a kill on it while he's team is fighting over baron. 1vs9 situations are very rare to ever happen doe, since teams usually listen to pings and callouts. But sometimes you just gotta take it in your own hands and just do what's best in the right situation. Another ex is a tryndamere I once had in my team. He went 0/8/0 in lane, a became competely useless. But instead of playing passive, he went as agressive as possible, dragging enemy players to his lane for free kill (who's worth 0 gold) or he can just split for inib. Our team got both elder and baron from his sacrife. That's a way of going 1vs9. But remember no matter what champion you are *Cough* Except Yasuo *cough* you can't 1vs5. (The reason why Im disclosing Yasuo is cause he's a champion who's only useful for suicide to get kills, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't).
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: Need to find the right champions for each role (except supp and adc)
pretty much Ivern jungle, Twisted fate mid, Shen top and you got support for your team for days
Lyngsen (EUW)
: Volibear got a Buff that made him completly %%%%%%ed broken
Volibear didn't become broken from 1 patch. If you just played against him for the first time, (cause he is such underrated) he is insanely strong in 1vs2. He is pretty much The just like Illaoi. Only 1 hard cc. But compared to Illaoi, he's counters a significant. Making him not achieve anything the first 10 min of the game, and he's pretty much a AP Zed with GA. He is probobly the 2nd most fair champion next to Nocturne. 2nd, That he can just got full out "fighter" (not assassin, cause assassins doesn't front-kill you) as Ashe, is cause you're Ashe, in a bad placement, away from your teammates.. But still You should be just needing to ult him, kite backwards for 2 sec and kill him rather easy. Volibear is a Fighter who can only kill by dueling someone who being a frontline peeler for his carry. If he's going to try to assassinate people the likely chance of him living after the kill is 20%
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: You do if you have friends over or if you have a camera and a messaging app
but whta if I dont? what if I rely only on the league of legend client? and have all my friends there only?
TTalonn (EUW)
: And do you remember how was the meta when that meme came out? For a short history, right after that came GA which gave AD and rebirth to ADC, then they buffed tank items, nerfed lethality items, now the stopwatch came out and then ... zoe who had just too much survivability with her W plus unsealed spellbook. Just like, they introduce so much things to stop assassins from one shotting people. Zed is the only one almost untouched since he does percentage hp magic damage and he just need one duskblade to kill people and even if he doesnt kill he still has escape. Talon has to rely on not having a wall near enough to him and also make sure he didnt jump yet on that wall. In other words you cannot take enemies by suprise without dying if you dont kill them.
1st They never buffed tank items. 2nd ad Assassin was said as Game breaking by Pro players. 3rd ADC's never lost their spot in the META, the reason Lethality got nerfed, is cause every champion Assassins, Fighters and adc used it. Heq even Sion used Lethality build to climb. Stopwatch has nothing to do with that Assassins were weak, since they used the item just as much or even more than all other laners. Due to diving and snowballing. Assassins has always meant to one-shot people. Riot has no reason to change this, they said. But they want to change so Assassins can't just go 1vs5 and kill everyone. They want assassins to gain a little defense as possible, so they become a glass cannon. Meaning 1-shot kill or themselves dies. Talon, has his E, his Ultimate and his Q. All of these offer some kind of surpise. Q from bush and someone dies, Ult 2000 units away and someone dies. If you know how talon was before the rework of him, you know that he could 1-shot the adc and his lane opponent lvl 3 without taking damage, right? Talon was the god of first bloods, cause he could litttery do anything without put in any way of danger. His way of assassintion was just way to safe, that's why they changed it. When you are an assassin, hide in the shadows and await your foe. NOT RUN STRAIGHT AT THEM AND KILL THEM WHILE THEY SEE YOU COMING. Game Breaking I tell you.
: Ahhh... so there's the reason. You're talking about Top. I'm talking about Mid. ^^ So less trades for more DMG = worse Aery and more Rangeissues = better Phase. But, yeah I agree - against Melees Aery is the choice to go.
I'm talking about both.
Agidyne (EUW)
: I guess we have different theories on what works on Swain or doesn't. I've tried multiple runes on the new Swain. Glacial Augment was alright. It dealt less damage in general but made landing his E really really easy actually. Phase Rush was mehhh. The movement speed is nice but you often don't need it. Comet is weird. I would sometimes proc it while harassing with Q, and since Q doesn't slow, they would easily dodge it. It felt like it had the Urgot problem in which you sometimes proc it with your legs while farming and since your legs don't CC it becomes easily dodgeable, making it feel like a wasted Comet. Now, Comet becomes just a better Aery if you build Rylais, but Rylais has never been an item I've rushed on Swain. Spellbook is Spellbook. There's not much to say about it. It doesn't really affect your gamestyle or anything. Electrocute was surprisingly good. Swain can actually cheese people with it at level 3. It has a high cooldown so I wouldn't recommend, but it's actually hilarious if you know how to land your combo properly. Aery tho. Aery feels amazing in the early game. You can proc it every auto attack, every Q, multiple times during your ultimate. Just a really solid rune overall. I also tried Aftershock, and the rune was actually really really good in early game trades, allowing you take virtually no damage even against hard hitters like Riven. But I feel like the Rune is problematic in general.
Most top laners often got a slow, taht's why Phase rush is the prematic use of it. Also Electucute dmg is 5x of an Aeire Trigger. It's worth the cooldown.
: Than... Wait the half/quarter second until it hits before pulling them? You have plenty of time to pull them. Meteor is fine - Phase is fine - Aery is quite bad. Why I take Meteor over phase is because the moment you're able to proc phase you usually don't need it anymore. The killpressure it offers in lane is roughly the same as Meteors. Aery was great on old Swain since you could litterally proc it 24/7. New Swain doesn't play this way.
Just saying since you like the comet here. Are you doing this exact thing in teamfights too? Hitting your e, waiting until your comet hits than drag? It's pretty stupid idea since if you lays it on the mid laner with cleanse or adc with QSS, you pretty much wasted your ability to kill a key target... You E is just as a Grab, like Threash. But as thresh you ain't grabing your target and then letting go free without using E just cause you wanted a comet proc, do you? It's the exact same thing.
: Comet is really bad... a large part of his kit is comboing E with passive which is how you start fights... but it will drag them away fro: the comet which makes it pretty bad, your better off with literally anything else.
I know right...
Giojun (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Hero Simon,realm=EUW,application-id=Mpd1UjGe,discussion-id=XEN5Ev8A,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-02-23T14:04:02.229+0000) > > why not? :O > What else do you see the skin tab used for? I see it used for collecting skins. To show friends what kind of skins you own instead of having to go into the shop and click "Show Owned".
You can't show your friends, your skins doe... lol
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: > [{quoted}](name=The Hero Simon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=ruMAsb8M,comment-id=0006,timestamp=2018-02-23T11:03:56.294+0000) > > If you think about it. Everyone who uses that item is called "King/queen of the jungle" > Nida uses the item and is the queen of invades. Lee sin is the god of jungle cause of that item. > Ivern is the king of the jungle cause of that item. Nunu is a monster of the jungle cause of that item. > > Those are also the only once who uses the item that they have some kind of title to their names. > It was a great idea to remove it. The point is that no champ but one (yes occasionally two, but {{champion:24}} is still better than {{champion:64}} because he still got ONE dash, and got to mind if use it to go in or out, while {{champion:64}} got all intents and purposes two) could use that ward as an additional free {{summoner:4}} in addition to the advantage of vision...and many {{champion:64}} players kinda DEMAND some kind of compensation for the loss of this additional {{summoner:4}}. As far as i'm concerned, i will very kindly tell them a very nice "f@@k it" and let them live with "only" as much free {{summoner:4}}es as their {{item:3340}} and possibly {{item:2055}} allow them. But i guess that we can all understand that none likes to lost some slices of the cake when so far the standard has been to eat it all...
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Giojun (EUW)
: No.
why not? :O What else do you see the skin tab used for?
1n5tanc3 (EUW)
: That's OK - I am trash - I've only play 12 normals... {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Honestly. That's a good player in my opinion. Those who only play for fun instead of taking the ranking system and grade system serious. The best players usually are the once who are the worst.
Mada (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Torpedosheep,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=3aLJN78u,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-02-23T11:56:29.762+0000) > > Sorry to hear that, it's a pretty shitty situation to be held hostage like that. > Your best shot at getting this player caught is to [submit a request](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) to the Player Support and explain what happened. This will result in him getting a message that he should use the in game report feature so he'll get a little more angry about it. At least that happened last time I did that...
Ye this happen to me too. I never liked the support system. The forum is way better since here you can get help from everyone around. I think we should add some off the support staff here to help.
: That's what they usually do in Gold.
Can you leave me alone? You have been a little to much on my posts lately... Show some recpect.
Antenora (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Hero Simon,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=kzVF5sEZ,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2018-02-22T22:01:54.496+0000) > > He just got nerfed lol Of course he did. 56.14% win rate and 10% pick rate in Platinum + When Sona has that win rate she gets hotfixed immediately.
You know.. Winrates is only static from the last month. It isn't instant 1 day redemption.
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graabbuu (EUW)
: xd kassadin lots of mana? u can preassure him early so much??
Kassadin got a huge Item buff this patch, He is one of the god-assassins without doubt this patch.
TTalonn (EUW)
: Why does riot hate assassins? especially full AD ones.
Talon is specially, since last time they buffed him diamond+ players for ex redmercy had 100% winrate with him. Talon has a reason to introduce the 25% of all first blood meme.
: Lee sin...?
If you think about it. Everyone who uses that item is called "King/queen of the jungle" Nida uses the item and is the queen of invades. Lee sin is the god of jungle cause of that item. Ivern is the king of the jungle cause of that item. Nunu is a monster of the jungle cause of that item. Those are also the only once who uses the item that they have some kind of title to their names. It was a great idea to remove it.
1n5tanc3 (EUW)
: What end of game rating is normal for a good player
There's no good players in LoL. No matter what elo you are, you will be always called trash. In bronze-silver every above elo call you trash. Gold-Plat you are decent, but people above diamond will still call you trash. Being diamond and master and challengers will can you trash. And last but no least if you get Master-challenger and get beaten by a silver player youa re called boosted and trash. There's no such thing as "good" player. Pro coaches tell these things to anyone who want to be good "If you wanna be good, don't lose"
: i need someone to duo with.. getting fed up with this bs i'm getting
Sounds like you give up games before they are lost. Sorry, but you won't be able to win even if you duo.
: ww nerf??????
He just got nerfed lol
Kralsson (EUW)
: What do you mean? How can Fiddlesticks and Aurelion Sol be your only option mid? There are plenty of champions that are simple for example Annie, Fizz.
The thing is those champions are so not fun to play cause their burst, 0 unique creativity. Sol and Fiddle got a way of surpise material making them extremely fun to play. No ther champions got that stuff.
Coopa123 (EUW)
: Kayn has less than 50% winrate. Perma banned in challenger? Sorry but that is just absolutely and demonstrably no true
Has less than 50% winrate in Platinum and less. He is one of the god-tier jungler in Diamond+ Don't use champion.gg to look at winrates. Edit: He is now uber popular doe to the massive lee sin nerf too.
: His lane dmg is still there, just not on minions, which is quite sad knowing how hard it is to farm minions without his E
Loest AD + ad scaling in LoL. yup yup
iSneez (EUNE)
: What you guys talking about, even the bonus damage its removed you can still farm with E and push lane. Also I think E was better to harass the enemy then to farm with it. I am happy about the ultimate Cd reduction because was kinda silly before, so long Cd even late game.
Fiddle's Waveclear is horrible now, you you tired it. You will know
oEnoMous (EUW)
: Middlestick.. where did he go
Ye I am in same boat, Fiddlestick was my only option if I got forced to go mid, now that is gone ;_; Guess I will make doe to Aurlian sol
Hard to read this post, but I agree. She's deals way to little damage when behind. A behind zoe is the same as any none existing players
: When to pick Zac and when to pick Sejuani
If you are against agressive champions, for ex Riven, Shaco and Yasuo. Zac is really great since he ain't much in need of blue and red buff and can gank quite rapidly without problems. I say he's a more safer version of Lee sin. Sejauni is more of a mid game-late game tank. She can farm quite fast and has no problem ganking with ult. Better pick her when you have assassins or pick comps within your team. She's also a rather safe first pick.
HardnerPL (EUNE)
: 25 game chat restrict and 14 day ban 1 game later
Might been you first got reported for Toxic bahvior, and got that punishment, then got a report for using script/Racism which added another punishment ontop of it. Happen to 1 of my friends who used cheats back when he wasn't perma banned.
Coopa123 (EUW)
: In your last 10 games there were 2 Kayns Both Kayns were on the enemy team. In one game the enemy Kayn didn't even do half as much damage as the enemy support In the other game the enemy Kayn got shit on and finished the game 3-10 What exactly are you crying about?
He is asking for help towards that champion. He didn't ask for offensive insults. Also Those kayn's you meet were probobly pretty bad, Kayn is one of the best jungler in the META right now, so much he's perma banned in Challenger.
: SERIOUSLY, WTF do you do against Kayn?!?!?!?
Darkin form: dodge his W and kill him. In teamfights he is useless if he doesn't hit his W. Shadow assassin: Kill him as quickly as possible, he can 2 shot your adc.
Endellion (EUW)
: So, I had this Yasuo in my last game...
Wow.. I wish I could find such a Yasuo o.o All I get in my ranked is 5 min rage quits.
Hydnoras (EUW)
: The item itself is not too strong because previously, everyone had grievous wounds because it was a part of their core build thanks to morellonomicon. Now it's an item like mortal reminder that you only get to counter healing effects. That's how it should be. Btw, grievous wounds reduces healing by 40%, not 50%. Besides, the adc or a tank would have gotten the grievous wounds anyway against a champion like aatrox so this really changes nothing when it comes to viability of those champions.
But this just means that if he's against an ap caster like Heimer or Vlad they have easier pressure in lane. Specially Fizz will rek them.
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: {{champion:107}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:107}} {{champion:107}} ban this %%%%er and show Riot why he got reworked in the first place. Catering to Rengar mains smh.
His old state was better for solo assassinations. His rework state just gave him to much power in teamfights for an assassin.
Smerk (EUW)
: Well, for me his core is {{item:3157}} {{item:3027}} {{item:3151}} Gives him both more sustain and damage. Add {{item:3116}} if your enemies are too fast for you.
Getting rod is honestly pretty useless doe, since you have to wait 5-10 min before you get any real power with it. It delays your powerspike by quite a while. Also Liantaries is useless on swian aftert the patch.
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: Since i'm adc - i don't enjoy assassins
You don't enjoy Tanks neither. {{champion:31}}
: as a tank player i love it when i see the enemy pick assassins {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Do you doe? I am a tank main as well.. But whenever I see Yi or Zed. All I can think of is "Oh here comes another game where my team will fed the assassin and snowball the game so hard my CC doesn't matter" If I play ornn against the semi-assissin Yasuo it's even worse doe since my ult is completely useless
Fusionn (EUNE)
: No one loves Sivir
Sivir? Rekkles.. The number 1 best adc in EU mains that champion lol. He loves her.
Pyrosen (EUW)
: Who do you think is broken?
I had my eye on {{champion:157}} for this subject for over 2 years. His Windwall has no counter, if he even plays with a team full with knockups against a team who only use projectiles as Damage, he is pretty much immortal. I have friends who play adc who struggle only cause of that ability when playing against Yasuo. Don't get me wrong here doe, Yasuo ain't OP, he's completely trash in my opinion. But someone who can block MF ult, Ornn ult and Ashe ult at the same time without any downsides and having it on only 20 sec cd is truly broken.
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