Endellion (EUW)
: {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} What? Do you think we should go to Gromp or Krugs instead?
Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! {{sticker:sg-ahri-1}}
: According to op.gg I am rank 32650 (2.2417% of top), with D4, 30 LP. And there are A LOT on 0 lp. EDIT 1: On op.gg you can see how many people there are in Diamond+, 4.58% is diamond, 66588 people. fun fact, there are over 30k people between me (30lp) and 0 lp. EDIT 2: A note on the original topic: I too, get +15 , -19 while 56% win rate. Even on a 4 winstreak, still +15
Oh sorry then. I think it's according to NA then I was looking at.
: Patch 9.8 still no nerfs to riven and vayne
: This breeds more toxicity. No thanks.
It does indeed, but that wasn't what the topic was about.
: Any cs help? (adc)
If you want to be good at CSing, I highly request your to play any diffreant champion. Playing Zilean in a practice game against a bot and try to aim at 200 cs at 20 min mark. It might seem like a time waster, but it's a good way to learn. Ezreal overall is a champion who players play, only to forget their autos or csing to begin with. They rely way to much on their skillshots and often forgets that poking the enemy champion only does to much. If you play Zilean that game, you will learn how to not attack the enemy champion. You're not allowed to kill him, only focusing on landing last hits. Max E on Zilean and run away or slow when the bot gets close.
: I agree with what you wrote, except the title: You don't control toxic people, because you can't. Any effort on that is wasted. I think the "secret to happiness" in League is basically to become a stoic: Focus on the things you can control, ignore all the rest and try not to care about it.
I do disagree on controlling toxic players. While you can't control your teammates if they are toxic. If your opponent has a toxic behavior, aggro him usually leads him to making more mistakes and an easier victory. I mean aggro him by Mastery spamming his corpse, laughing in his face or just killing him over and over.
: Middle op now?
Best this season? Uhm. In low elos it's Veigar, in Plat2+ It's Syndra. But neither of them are best this season. In low elo Annie has be dominating with best performance since Season 2. In higher elo Twisted Fate has been dominating since Season 1 and before seasons started Twisted fate was the overall best mage in LoL.
: There are about 20/30k people in D4 I believe, adding a tier of 200 players will most likely not fix that issue.
There's way less people in Diamond elo over in general. Diamond only has around 5k-10k people in it. Which is like 0.2% of the community.
Madnasher (EUW)
: So many variables. Can we take baron? Do we have the HP? how are the lanes? pushed to us or them? Is there a drake, who is up in 20 seconds (jungle, support, fed carry) where on the map did we win the fight, are my team mates insta backing to try and reset and spend the gold they just got from shutdowns.... I mean its easy to say 'go baron/drake/inhib' but with no knowledge its not easy to say whats best
I made some improvements to the context, hope it will help.
Mutation (EUW)
: Dont understand why you would push for inhib, since u are behind so much it will only get worse by the massive minions killing the smaller ones, u are killing ur own farming potential. IMO if possible, best would be to take baron for team gold then push the sidelanes with the baron buff for additional gold and closing the gold gap and potentially winning another teamfight with baron buff, basically snowballing with it
Well that depends on your opinion. While sure getting equal gold after a clean ace would be wonderful. You take baron and get side lanes for turret gold, brings you up around 1500 gold behind. Doe you could also just rush down mid take inib and use it to push your side lanes and get equal gold that way. There's also that you can split up your team and take side turrets and the group at elder. All of these ways will give you the same amount of gold, have little to no risks, it just depends on opinions.
Nutzilla (EUNE)
: how much hp and damage your team have? if you can take baron before the enemy team makes it to baron you should always take baron, even if it means that you don't take an open inhib. especially important if behind since it gives both gold and removes baron to take and snowball for the enemy team.
To answer your first question. In my opinion a Clean ace, is a fight where you are almost flawless in execution. For example an Orianna and Malphite goes in with ults and killed 3 of enemy carries instantly and then run after the stragglers, who are unable to fight back. Or Just a full wombo combo and destroys the entire team. Doe at 35 min mark, 20 seconds death timer doesn't work. So it will have to be an extended fight, but with the main team not burning barely any resources to kill enemy team. Also, as I said. Your team is 5000 gold behind (After the fight) If you want more numbers I can edit the post a little more I guess.
Endellion (EUW)
: Raptors. Always Raptors.
Vistha Kai (EUNE)
: You forgot another option #_"It depends"_ ~~Is the enemy Inhibitor open?~~ ~~Are you close?~~ Did you ace them under their tower? Are your minions near? Do you have somebody to tank the tower to take it down? Did you ace them near the Baron? Is the Baron alive? Did you ace them near the Dragon? Is the Dragon alive? Are enemy siege minions knocking on your base?
Just a heads up. I wrote everything you need to know. You don't need to ask questions that I already answered.
: having a bad game. I see people all the time, typically ADCs, having a bad match, and the support starts flaming them, saying theyre trolling in all chat, and demanding everyone report them. This accusation of trolling is far too common, ive only seen actually trolls once before.
As a support player, I can defiantly see this. Specially whenever I have an Ezreal adc and they get hooked by a thresh or Blitz and doesn't use E. Also when the rely completely on Skillshots and forgets autos do damage too. I am totally a person who would tilt from this. No so much for reporting them, since missing EVERY skillshot and forgetting to auto attack. Is totally just having a bad game. My friends never plays Ezreal when, I'm support cause they know if they mess up every skillshot, I will totally tilt to death. Mostly cause I'm going to get killed together with the Ezreal without a redemption kill due to no dmg. Just thinking of it right now, makes me furious. Knowing that an Ezreal in ranked will come at any time and continue to haunt me.
: What's the dumbest reason one can be reported for?
I have to add another one, that just happened in solo que. I always play Zilean support with Teleport. And I was just reported cause i had Teleport by our Gnar. I got also reported for feeding the enemy jungler. After Gnar got killed 5 times in row the first 10 mins of the game. He tilted so hard on me that he stopped trying to win the game. Even when I got S in lobby and least deaths in the game, he still wanted to report me for troll and feeding. I'm honestly very happy, I had calming music on, otherwise i would be just as tilted.
: Recently got diamond, now I'm getting 14 LP.
I find it weird how to keep this system after increasing the amount of divisions there are from 2 to 4. Like First there was only Diamond and Challenger. Now there Diamond, Master, Grand Master and Challenger. It must be impossible to reach challenger now. Is Diamond elo even counted as high elo anymore?
: We really need to cry about this topic more I guess, this is an issue for multiple seasons now, as long as I can remember. The problem used to be in D5, now it is in D4. It really is too hard to get out of D4. If Riot then thinks it is too easy to get high elo, then find another way to redistribute your system so it is harder to get D4 in the first place.
Wait, they still didn't change that after adding another elo in the higher divisions?
Dispret (EUNE)
: Streamers issue
This is honestly the reason I stopped watching imaqpie. Like 3 years ago, (20 years old) I was watching imaqpie, and a thing he would often do it trash talk in all chat. I picked up trash talking in all chat and used it extremely much, that at 1 point I decided to remove all chat completely and only use it when my premade friends see something funny in all chat or they want me to reply to a guy who asks me something. I'm still toxic in all chat even now and it's all thanks to that streamer. I honestly wished I never watched NA streamers in the first place. They are all so toxic.
: I was threatened to be reported because I picked Ashe {{champion:22}} as an ADC claiming she isn't a good ADC champion , the this is , the report calling came from someone who picked Swain {{champion:50}} as a support XD . {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
Hmmmmm. While I'm someone who plays Swain support myself.. I don't see why he would report you.. Ashe has great setup with Swain. Always guarantied Passive for swain. Edit: I even looked it up, right now. And Swain support has 60% winrate with an Ashe adc.
: All time rush mid. You can control the Baron and the drakes in the same time if the inhib from mid is down. If are 20 sec until the team get up that means that this happen at the min 22-26 so no chance to get the Baron (low HP after the ace and not enough bulild to tank him or kill him fast). You put there the "Elden" so I guess that the ace is not from a teamfight because some enemies died random before the teamfight start. The Elden is a good objective and to take it is not so hard, even after a teamfight. In this situations I let my team push the lane while I go back (only when I am the support) so when they do the Elden and the enemy team try to contest I go 1v5 to tank them and sacrifice. If I am the jungler I let my team push and I go to the Elden because even with 20% HP I can still solo the Elden (Udyr, Xin, Warwick, Yi, Jax).
I just want to add a thing, I never said that it had to be in at 22-26 min mark. Even if it was a clean ace, the fight could still been a long fight. Where there's maybe 2 players who spawn in 20 seconds.
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: I reported someone for saying ez after a close 40 mins game xD i was annoyed af
I used to do that too, back in season 3-4. I was so toxic back then XD
: I once got reported for existing
feelsbad Mate. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
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: Volibear a support tank
I used to one-trick Volibear support when I was bronze. He is every easy to learn and play in lower elos.
Nyle3 (EUW)
: Scripting is getting out of hand again.
Bots are already out of hand. Play a smurf and go in aram. 90% of the players there are bots.
Murdarici (EUNE)
: Deserved elo
Honestly. if you have 50% winrate you are actually climbing ranks. When you get 45% winrate you will be elo stuck.
: assassins make league of legends toxic
I just want to tell you the champions who were the reason LoL has been toxic. 2009 - 2012: {{champion:17}} 2011 - 2015: {{champion:92}} 2016 - 2019: {{champion:157}} **Extra** 2018 - 2019: Funnel champions. None of these were assassins.
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baronj (EUNE)
: Rank differece
Just go in on a smurf who's iron 4. There's only smurfs down there anyway.
: He comes close actually, in terms of hard cc 4 of his abilities have hard cc. He would probally be on the list together with the likes of {{champion:57}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:154}} {{champion:12}} etc... I'm not sure he would score a higher vision score than the others on the list tho.
Ornn has 4 knock ups and 2 slow... Inculding an CC improver. Maokai has 1 knock up, 2 immobilizes and 1 slow Zac has 1 knock up and 2 displacement. Nautilus has 1 immobilize, 1 hook, 1 slow and 1 knockup. Alistar has 2 knock ups and 1 stun. (I'm inculding the stun on his Q as part of the knockup) I think Ornn wins pretty hard compared to those.
: I'm not sure reverting the ult is a good idea. To be honnest this wasn't really the problem in his new kit. The only thing I known now that he's going to surpass {{champion:111}} as the cc king {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Uhm. Does {{champion:516}} count as a CC god then?
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Rioter Comments
: But they are keeping the q from what it looks like, so still no Zac top improvements. Atleast we can go back to bouncin around.
Yes, but at least now if you fail your ultimate, you won't have a complete fail with it. Current ult is like *if no one in center = useless* While old ult is *Fail ult and knock enemies wrong way? = still does damage.*
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: What is the most toxic Server you ever played on?
EUNE has way more toxic players than EUW has, that's all I know. But I would say China would be most toxic. I never played on China before. But from last world's bootcamp. Every chinese pro player got banned from toxic behavior on the korean server. So the reason why they ain't banned on the chinese server must be cause it's normal to flame over there.
: well funneling is countered by strong side lanes problem is the OG bot lane picked sona taric which ain't no strong lane and they ganked top early so no counter to the funnel that's the problem
G2, weren't the only team who used funneling this finals, just saying. It was in korea and china too.
: > make so only 1 player in the team can buy a support item. Really want to see this in low elo XD
Low elo has less trolls than higher elos does. Just saying
Lol. 7 likes and 7 dislikes. I think I know which ones are the dislikes. Those who ban akali 24/7 for no freaking reason XD She totally needs a buff, like every time I see her as my opponent she can't do anything. It might be cause I play Zilean and Pyke. But It's still too easy to kill her. I feel she needs better stats and missing-hp damage on her E. Then I would say she is fine. Also right now, if one gets his by her E ability, you can just kill her the moment she comes. And it's not like lee sin, who can fake q and then W out. Akali is just a 1 trip in and if she don't get enough damage off, the target either runs away or akali dies.
: Kha'Zix says hello.
{{champion:107}} Hello! {{champion:56}} Oh, Hi? You use get half hp back too after killing someone? {{champion:245}} Hi, of course, which assassin doesn't?
: Searching for girlfriend
: There is your real problem. Why does everything have to be tied to a(n extra) reward? From a psychological point of view that is the worst method of educating, by the way. Honouring an opponent is simply a recognizable sign of respect and it is clearly distinguishable if it is a true honour or just trolling. Additionally sometimes I don't feel anybody on my team deserves to be honoured but maybe one of the opponents. Again, according to your logic nothing good should exist in the world (or in LoL, compare pings) just because of a potential exploit - usually only executed by a slim minority.
It's not only his logic. It's my logic and Riot's logic as well. Just saying.
RalxDrek (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=The Hero Simon,realm=EUW,application-id=00edEA0o,discussion-id=68IT2esk,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2019-04-12T18:40:27.797+0000) > > Your 1st point doesn't make sense. You are basically saying a post such as mine, should be discussed around even if the discussion is out of the topic. Your topic is "Play what is fun even if you gonna lose" my topic I made for this post was "Play these champions if you want to learn how to play while also winning your games". Apparently, it did make sense. Thank you for making it more basic. And thank you for making your point. For me learning how to play is to beat my opponent or find a play and make it happen with your friends. That makes the game good. Learning in your case is to win so you want to teach others how to win. Different objectives so i can't complain. I guess you win here as I'm not actually playing league as often anymore hahah. I believe its become too linear. Plus, as the other person said: Newbies are busy entertaining themselves in normals, why would they want to check out a boring forum? And ranked players would look forward to pros' advice, not the newbie forums. Its up to you if you want to keep chatting with a stranger. For me, things like these were 'learning': -Remember S0aZ and his TP to escape a lane gank? Because recalls get cancelled by dmg. -Syndra grabbing Tibbers+Zilean's bomb to steal baron -SivHD and his jukes. Acting like a clone so the enemy dont target you(Shaco/Leblanc). Flashing to a bush instead of over a wall. -Blind snipes with ezreal or ulting to enemy base as they recall. -Xpeke backdoor -Blitz+Thresh's lantern that got patched ;c -When lee sin's insec was special -Yasuo and fizz's e+flash+q -Or also 'innovative' builds like boxer blitzcrank or full ap sion.
-Remember S0aZ and his TP to escape a lane gank? Because recalls get cancelled by dmg. -Syndra grabbing Tibbers+Zilean's bomb to steal baron -SivHD and his jukes. Acting like a clone so the enemy dont target you(Shaco/Leblanc). Flashing to a bush instead of over a wall. -Blind snipes with ezreal or ulting to enemy base as they recall. -Xpeke backdoor -Blitz+Thresh's lantern that got patched ;c -When lee sin's insec was special -Yasuo and fizz's e+flash+q -Or also 'innovative' builds like boxer blitzcrank or full ap sion. I don't think a single noob player know that kind of language.
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: How do I carry games in silver elo?
First of all, Just saying. I can go in on your match history on the client and replay your most recent games. You can't hide your actions for what I am saying. ___ Looking in your Kayn Game. First point I notice directly after you get your scuttle. Instead of going bot who is being pushed towards your turret, while also having a Thresh lane WHILE also having low Caitlyn down there, you decided to go mid and look for a "Towerdive?" on Cho'Gath. Also at the moment you gank mid, Yi also ganks top, you should see using map awareness that he didn't have blue and could have easily stolen his entire jungle. 2nd, the moment you went and ganked mid you rather went for the Cho'Gath who still had flash, rather than the flashless Yi that was right next to you when you ganked. Could have shutdown Yi right there inculding taken huge amount of his jungle, again. Also why were you even ganking mid? Like Ahri doesn't have much CC, neither do you and with the amount of CC and burst they have. Rhaast ain't gonna help you late at all. 3rd. The enemy Cho'gath starts walking down bot, while bot just backed. The only reason he would do that would be that went for dragon with Yi. Since your bot has pushed lane and Ahri had also done so, you could have easily sandwished them and killed them. Going further into the game, ignoring more of your fault and focus more around mid game than early. As Kayn, as soon you get transformation you should focus on getting your power into the face of the enemy team, Meaning securing objectives. I'm willing to ignore that you couldn't get dragon due to enemy vision being better than yours. (Should bought sweeper btw) But that you constantly keep going mid after the mid turret already fallen rather than taking turrets sidelanes, specially with darkin you can easily take top turret and towerdive Illaoi, while if you went shadow kayn, you could have taken bot turret while also getting 2 kills ontop of it. As soon as you get first top turret with Herald, you should have backed off, bought items or taken Yi's jungle. You could even had ambushed the 3 enemies players in bot and killed them. Getting a huge shutdown on Yi. At around 22 mins into the game, the entire enemy team decided to push top, while you decided to invade enemy top jungler. I'm not sure what your idea was here, but you didn't get any camps, lost 2 turrets and almost died. **So far what most of this game has been about is that your mapawareness and game knowledge has been Iron tier** The last fight before you lost, you also rather focused the Baron when your whole team was trying to back off. While there's a Cho'Gath with ult right next to you. Your whole team died, and at the moment you noticed your whole team died since you Baited your team to continue baron, the game was lost. ___ That's your Kayn game, tons of Rookie mistakes. I highly advice you to understand the champion you're playing before playing him. Kayn is a Difficult champion to play, you should play something like Amumu or Nunu if you want to get good at the mapawareness. While also reading in on your team's strengths and weaknesses before the game starts. Which lane should to prioritize? Which champion works best with you? Buying control wards and sweeper also helps tons. Remember a jungler's role is basically supporting your team. Support champions like Ivern, Nunu and Amumu are basically the Low elo gods.
: Its the same reason as honoring teammate - motivate players to act nicely
But you don't know if enemies act nicely. I meet opponents who has sided with a Toxic teammates and gets their realtionship as well as their honor. Making them basically apart of the opponent's team. This happen way more when honoring enemy players was a thing, and that's why a lot more people had Honorable opponent banner on their loading screens.
RW Heaven (EUW)
: Honorable Opponent
I would like it, but I don't see the point in it. Honorable enemies usually talk nice in all chat, while being flamers in the enemy team. You don't know if they flamed or not, and you don't know if they trolled or not. You just see it from your side which hides a lot of truths. I would say, if you want to honor someone. Just add them to your friendlist play a game with them and then honor them.
: As a Trynda player myself - no, he doesn't need a nerf. His early game relies on trades and zoning your opponent. If you play vs some semi ranged or highly mobile champ (which is like 80% of top picks right now..) you can just pray not to die and last hit under turret. His late is same as Yi - your hard CC him or you die, but unlike Yi Trynda actually has to **aim** his dash to stick to you, where Yi just clicks and appears "_Nothing personal, kid_" behind you
That he is weak early and can easily get shutdown with CC, has nothing to do with him being strong or not. He just receive PASSIVE 50% crit chance at max fury. This COULD make him as TOO STRONG splitpusher and make his weaknesses NONEXISTENT at late. Personally I think Riot overbuffed him, that's why he has 55% winrate in high elo while in low elo he's on 65% winrate. He is clearly too strong atm, specially after they buffed him TWICE.
They just buffed him, TWICE! No need to nerf him after they already buffed him, c'mon man.
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