: 35% Winrate jungle
I can only say matchups, since I ain't a full one-trick of those champions. Evelynn is extremely strong atm, so she is easy to pick whenever your first pick, the only counters she has is simple control wards. Pick Rengar and Twitch whenever you know your matchup. And whenever you get picked with an ecnhanter support you won't feel useless with twitch when behind or a Roaming support such as Bard or Pyke who can gank lanes while you farm up jungle.
: > [{quoted}](name=PaG VentusKing,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=NbPpg76g,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-26T16:52:33.372+0000) > > Maybe because Qiyana releases in 2 days is the reason because you dont see her everytime a new champ, is released, People try the champ out, even on the first day of the release
But the champion hasn't been released yet...
RepοrtHer (EUNE)
: Black Cleaver Suggested rework
NO NO NO NO NO. Bad idea! This is first off all basically just another upgraded version of Last Whisper. This would destroy brusiers who want to go tanky + AD While buffing the hell out of adcs like Lucian and MF.
RogueDek (EUW)
: Hotfix Mordekaiser + Illaoi interaction
Just a quick thing. Whenever one is dragged into the mord ult, the idea was for that person to survive for as long as possible, until they could get out and destroy the mordkaiser when he is in his weak state. The idea was to be an "overlord" in his realm. Not a puny peasant that gets destroyed by anything that is strong. For that idea to hold up, nothing is allowed to follow the person that he ults, and that person has to be put in a weaker state. Also Illaoi hasn't had any direct counters since her release, now when that is fixed. they can finally start boost her stats up so she can become more a situation pick than a "one-trick" pick.
: Mordekaiser adjustment (that makes sense)
Any changes that goes on his Ultimate, I'm against. There's so many ways to deals with Mord's Ult and it's not unfair for shit. If there's any changes to Mord it goes on all his other abilities.
F1r3B3ll (EUW)
: its snowing as %%%% here in sweden
It's 30°C in southern sweden doe..
: 10 year aniversary idea ?
Usually what companies do when it's 20 anversery is making a fun shirt for sale and reduce the cost of some of their best products. Which is basically just a way for them to get more money. I doubt riot will do anything diffreant. At worst, they might only make a skin no one except one-tricks likes that cost 1350 and send out and icon from some mission. At best they will give us all 200 RP for free, which I am totally hoping for. Being given 200 RP is without basically useless amount to be gained, but it encourage players to buy more RP for the skin they want.
: Plat 1 here The Smurfs are a different topic because they know their champs and thus they pick them to climb , Still they shouldn't "test" a new reworked or new champ on rank and rely on their teammates IMO , everyone should lift their weight as much as they can so the team can win and climb . for what the Draft mode exist then ?
No one gives a crap about draft. In draft tghere's WAAAY to many trolls. If you play Draft you will likely not learn how to play, same goes for blind and aram. Best thing to do is to is play ranked when training a champion. When Pyke came out, I one-tricked him in ranked, people flamed at me, sure. But I increased my rank with an entire devision. From Silver 3 > Gold 2 in 2 months thanks to Pyke. People shouldn't hesitate to play what they want. (Unless you play clash) I meet tons of people like you, who flame their teammates cause of low Mastery. But it's not the low mastery that is the problem, it's that someone is flaming them.
duccy (EUW)
: Victorious Skin Season 9
Not a single assassin... So I would Say Pyke!
: When do you usually play your main Chamption ?
Now I don't know if you are in low elo or something, cause people are just stupid overall down there. But In my elo (gold 3 - plat 4) There's tons of smurfs basically 60% of my games are made out of smurf accounts, so everyone go around with 0 mastery points on their champions and many players pick up newly reworked or made champions to test them out and those players play Ranked only. Yes there exists players who play Ranked only and try their champion no matter if they know its a loss or not. Ranked is the best way to learn their champion cause everyone strive to win no matter what stupid pick a diffreant player has.
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JeNaiKe17 (EUW)
: How to counter the new Mordekaiser
Honestly. better way to counter Mord is to get as close to him as possible. His animations are super long and really easy to side step. If you are are really close to him all he can do it auto and use his passive to kill someone. Keeping your range will just screw you over unless you are actually trying to run away and avoid all his abilities by dancing. Ofc QSS is good and all but he still gain your stats for the duration of the ultimate, for tanky characters it's just better to avoid him in his ult than to QSS it. Last but not least, he is super weak lvl 1-8, even if he gets his ult at lvl 6 he can't out duel anyone until he reaches lvl 8 or has max rank in Q.
: RIOT rebellion | Fix your toxic community
Ain't you being toxic towards Riot by making this discussion? {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
01Zero23 (EUW)
: Nerf that BROKEN af Morde
His ult is not a problem... It's his passive that is the problem. (which they are gonna nerf next patch) Btw tje reason why his ult ain't a problem is that you can QSS his ult, cancel the animation of the ult, predict his ult, and survive his ult even if he is super fed. Everyone goes like "I can't do shit to mord when he ults me, he's stats are too high it's an unfair 1vs1". It's not meant to be a 1vs1, it's meant to be an overlord vs a peasant.. "Then how the hell do I deal with it?! There's no way to kill him in his ultimate!" His an Juggernaut, an immobile fight with a ult that only last for 7 seconds. If you don't have QSS then run away or use stop watch or side step his abilities rather than focus on attacking, if he don't kill you when you come out of the ult, either he gets grouped upon by your team or you can make a fast escape. since he failed to kill you.
: wasn't hyli the first good pyke support player in pro play? i think he was. statistically speaking his support role is 1-3% weaker
It's probobly cause more bad pyke players play support while one-tricks go between the 2 roles
: Except how he does it is not healthy. He trades then heals everything back up again by standing around in FoW... if this was a champion who had to work for their regen or their regen had actual counterplay it’d work fine... but the way that pyke works isn’t healthy for a farming role as it’s too difficutl to meaningfully trade or harass him. Damage wise yeah it’s weaker than other assasins, but he’s much safer, has a hell of a lot less downsides, and especially in pro play you use him with a strong jungler to utilise the pick potential and gold sharing to snowball both of you.
You must remember that Pyke also buys Doran's shield first item. Which means he gain high amount of regen when traded while also having his passive converting the doran's shield health into the same AD as a doran's blade.
: They designed Pyke as SUPPORT! You know what support is? He is not meant to clear camps, or lanes. He meant to help the ADC on botlane. Either assisting in killing the enemy, or protecting the ADC. Clearing up the whole wave, or camps are not part of the role.
According to an interview that a Rioter gave when Pyke was released Pyke was designed to be an assassin with Support as 2nd role. The whole interview was how Utility based Assassin he was and how he worked in mid lane was about that he was a "weaker Zed with more sustain". They intended him to be picked between mid and Support. Doe. He became more of a top laner than a mid which is why I think riot it nerfing his lane after reading some of this discussion.
: well his off support roles are stronger but nerfing his wave assistance isn't really going to do well for his support role
"his off support roles are stronger" Arguable. According to one of my favorite streamers FNC Hylisang Pyke is a better "Carry" support than a "carry" solo laner.
: It’s preferable to the first set of changes where they completely messed his passive up... it ain’t ideal but I can understand why they are doing it (pyke’s passive is fine bot lane when he ain’t the one farming, not particularly healthy in a solo lane).
Riot actually already said "Pyke is a weaker version of Zed in mid" which is basically correct. The only thing that Pyke had going for himself as a mid laner was that he could stay alive longer than other assassins. So in my opinion he was in pretty healthy and balanced state compared to other assassins who only relies on their own skill with their champion to stay alive.
: Well, remember that Pyke is meant to be a support, so apart from maybe collecting stacks for {{item:3302}} he is best not touching the wave, right? His E could potentially steal gold from his ADC and push the wave. On top of this, as a main-role support, he shouldn't really _be_ as effective in other lanes - he isn't just an assassin that gives out gold to his teammates. I think Riot are trying to kerb the thought that Pyke is a carry pick that you can choose if you get stuck with the support role. He was put in to add a bit of diversity and give a new perspective to aggressive supports but he certainly isn't meant to be Zed/Talon 2.0. His Q, as I recall, still can damage minions, just will prioritize champions to prevent unluck attempts inside the minion wave. That's fair enough really, as Pyle seems more of an champion killer than a lane pusher.
Just saying. Riot's goal for last season according to their "daily update video" they wanted every champion to have a secondary place somewhere, but right now they are forcing champions to stick with 1 role. They haven't said anything that they will make champions only having one role, so they are kinda breaking their promise that they said to their fans if they want Pyke only to be a support. Edit: Read this, They wanted him mid as a secondary role on purpose. But ain't they biting themselves in the butt now? https://www.riftherald.com/interviews/2018/5/14/17352460/pyke-design-interview-lol
: yes we want pyke at 5% win rate because reasons wait wtf am i readin in the pbe he is actually getting the guttening and i thought sylas was getting the shit kicked out of i don't think riot wants G2 to keep winning
Well it's not only G2. Pyke One-tricks hover Support>Top since they can play Pyke Top as well, but now that idea was gutted.
: I think these nerfs will be too much, the obvious goal is to nerf his solo lanes without impacting his support role but I think it's gonna end up doing that too much and force him into the support role only Less diversity means less fun imo
In my opinion this will nerf him as a support too. Cause his E was the only way to push the way with and when you have an support who can't push the support role it causes him to be super weak towards mages and enchanters which he is meant to be strong against.
: Not only that, but also quite a change to his Q: > Bone Skewer (Q) Stab targeting paradigm changed from [Aoe (30% reduced damage on non-champions)] to [Single Target (nearest unit, preferring nearest champion)] [Removed] Stab 15% bonus damage Cooldown lowered from 14/12.5/11/9.5/8 Which means he cannot be as easily played outside of Support anymore.
I was kinda thinking that Q might help him become viable jungle, but since the removal of damage on his E I doubt it would work all that great.
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: How in the world is this working if you are a Master? I really hate this game, I can't do this anymore {{sticker:sg-janna}}
In higher elos. The more creative you are the higher chance is it to win. Do you remember when Funneling was introduced for the first time? 90% winrate on that creative way of playing.
: how to get unban
Play on a New account? I heard from a mod if a toxic player remake their account they will get banned before they reach 30. So reach level 30 without getting banned then we can talk.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Hero Simon,realm=EUW,application-id=ETj6EdvQ,discussion-id=GIcEdKLB,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-19T21:31:45.650+0000) > > How is it Riot's fault cause you are constantly leaving lobbies? i didn't, i just waited 20 minutes and then waited more 3 minutes to find a game...when i found something happened and the client disconnected....100% not my fault
That the client disconnected is based on your connection. 100% your fault.
: Fix ur fkign game riot games
How is it Riot's fault cause you are constantly leaving lobbies?
: I don't understand other roles, but as Support I play Nunu Support a lot. (I heard someone got banned from playing this, which I made a forum post about) I play it very often when I have a passive lane and my adc doesn't need me to be with him for him to be safe. Nunu support is also specially great for zoning and many other things. I usually get reported every game, even if I got a good KDA or been playing amazing and saved multiple people.
I played with Soraka Jungle player who was Master 1+ in ranked. We didn't win the game, but he was one of the top players in our team who wasn't doing badly.
: Probably the only viable poke support atm is Yuumi while also being a very good enchanter and that only because you can't target her inlane and her poke is like almost 100% safe to hit. Why play poke supports when you just can play nautilus or Pyke and oneshot the enemy botlane tho
Have you forgot about the OP comp Sona + Taric? Poke lane that never dies.
: as support main i can say that tank supports r just bad if the game doesn't get past 30 min. in lane if u have a tank support against a good waveclear adc+supp with good range, u will be none stop harrased and at low hp. together with your adc. even a gank won't do anything cause u 2 will be to low hp to support it resulting in gold/creep loss and becomming totally useless for your team. if i see a pyke supp on enemy team i know the lane will be won if my adc isn't totally braindead.
Yet, most champions that I hook as Pyke support are supports.
: Why is everyone trying such off meta in rank games ?
I don't understand other roles, but as Support I play Nunu Support a lot. (I heard someone got banned from playing this, which I made a forum post about) I play it very often when I have a passive lane and my adc doesn't need me to be with him for him to be safe. Nunu support is also specially great for zoning and many other things. I usually get reported every game, even if I got a good KDA or been playing amazing and saved multiple people.
: Morde is extemely strong now. And people who talk nonsense like "he's ok" are either delusional, or play morde themselves and don't want the nerf. In about half the games Morde gets fed and needs 3 people on him to be killed. Two dies, the 3rd kills him.
I had to play against Mord in more that 2/3 of my ranked games and whenever he is in enemy team, he sucks. Whenever he is in my team he sucks. The only time I have seen mord Get into a broken state has been my friend playing him in TT and reach 3+ items. But it's probobly cause those players I play against knows how to play against him, rather than low elo players who think "OH HE DID A 1VS1 TOWARDS ME, I BETTER WIN THE 1VS1 TO LIVE" rather than running away or buying QSS. Oh btw, I played First time Olaf top in ranked before against a Mastery 7 Mordekazer who played 50+ games since he came out. I beat that guy in a pulp even if I missed half of my axes. No, Mord isn't OP.
: Mordekaiser
I haven't seen a single Mordekaser win lane and he is only strong if he gets ahead in the jungle. In teamfights his strong, but seeing how bad his laning phase is, I say it's fine.
Memuru (EUW)
: Please take this following advice: stop caring about ranked. It's a trap, and when you start to care more about your rank than the game it causes depression, because you're no longer actually having fun, and you cut off from more and more stuff you enjoy in life. You will never even be satisfied with your rank, maybe for a little when you reach a goal and I'll agree reaching that goal feels great for a bit, but not worth if it compromises your happiness. And then within days you'll just want the next goal. Also no one will ever care or respect what rank you are, unless you're super high elo and you could put it in your CV. Play normals, enjoy the game and play with friends. Play ranked with friends only, never fall into the trap of grinding alone. I can see that it's really not right for you, you're just like me :)
But i like to polish my skills. My goal is Plat 3 then I will quit playíng ranked and only play LoL when I have nothing else to do. As for my real life... I think I could see myself do suicide somewhere in the future. My goal of real life is saving someone from a car accident by getting the crash headon instead, would love it to be by a truck. back to topic.. I don't have any friends and those who were my friends are all gone cause of my horrible personalty. My 2 main games are Diablo 3 and LoL. Hobbies I have... talking to girls online? Ye, I'ma creep. Anyway ranked is currently the best way of enjoying myself, specially by playing Nunu support. He is insanely fun and I doubt there's anyone do a better job of zoning or controlling a teamfight than him. He's also a direct counter to Hook champions, since he live for over a year or kills your adc if he gets hooked. Best thing with Ranked is that there's only max 2 players. Playing normals by myself usually makes me end up against a 4 man premade against a 5 man premade. And those 4 man premade in my team flame the solo guy 24/7.
Memuru (EUW)
: There is so much to learn for you from this NB3 vs Nubrac situation, so here's my take on it all. If you're picking something off-meta, first question to ask yourself - 'are most people going to hate this, or be triggered by the sight of this?' or Nunu this will more likely be the case than for most champs despite his viability at support. This is due to the historic association of DIsco Nunu with griefers. If you think the answer is yes, then you're going to need your teammate's permission imo. F. The reason is that if they really don't want you to do it, but you do it anyway, then in a way that is griefing. Not on purpose, but imo it's still a form of griefing. This is where Nubrac went badly wrong. I sympathise with him, because he has no ill intent at all. He just wants to do this thing, and enjoys playing this so much. He's proud to have invented something cool, and it's so mean how NB3 acted, My biggest issue with NB3 is how cruel he can be, I really used to like him :/ He also deserves a penalty and he knows it, but Riot have become afraid to penalise toxicity because they think we love it or smthn, and we'll lash out in protection of our favorite asshole streamers. Which ofc would happen. Just look at how the community reacted against NB3, rallying together with their pitchforks and torches demanding NB3 be permabanned. RIot is terrified of having this behaviour pointed at them. So where does Nubrac's griefing begin? Well, he sat in midlane, abandoned bot and purposefully refused to communicate. So, why is this super problematic? Well when you're playing something weird, you have to consider the comfort and happiness of your teammates, and Nubrac refused to do this. His reasoning was that he cba to deal with people every game and it's not his responsibility to appease his teammates as long as he's trying to win. This is not unreasonable logic by any means. It only becomes griefing as soon as two other players in the game started pleading with him to alter his actions, and he completely ignores them. Nubrac's crime was refusing to communicate to the extent of griefing. Nubrac furiously defied this, saying that it cannot be griefing because he simply was not intending to grief. However most people learn in their lives that sometimes you can mean no ill will and still hurt someone. You cannot then tell that person that they are not hurt, on the basis that it wasn't your intention. It is still your fault and you are indebted to apologise anyway. Be better than this and you should be fine. Bad idea to do a double offmeta pick - Nubrac not only playing Teemo in support but also doing heavy roaming support that changed the conventional exp balance in the team, to the distress of his teammates, especially the midlaner. No midlane main, especially in higher elo, is going to tolerate someone stealing their solo exp, without even asking permission. It was so disrespectful. Meanwhile the adc had picked a champ that did not survive well in the 1v2 - NB3 made the good point that the adc would have picked something better at 1v2 had he known what was coming. He also made a bad start because he started the game mid saying nothing, so everyone automatically assumed he was running it down from min 1, they did not know the strat. No one had any idea that he was trying to win until he stated,I think - I guess by that point the tilt was already set in. NB3 was the last player to leave, I believe. You have to consider how this appeared. Finally, Nubrac did act poorly about this. He responded to NB3 with a lot of toxicity, and when discussing NB3 on his stream, his debate technique was atrocious. Constantly dodging any fair and good points made against him and repeating the same arguments over and over. He certainly sounded like a man with waning confidence in his own beliefs, which makes sense because he was heavily proven wrong in many regards. While NB3 firmly admitted regret towards flaunting his fame at Nubrac, Nubrac himself refused to show any remorse or signs of admitting mistake, and at the end of it all he looked like a fool. I sincerely hope that once his ban has come to an end, Nubrac has some perspective and learns from the points made against him, so that he can play his niche pick in peace. I genuinely like to see offmeta picks, and I love playing Teemo support myself, he is one of my favourite champs and I always thought Teemo support, while not great, was always underrated. Sorry this became a literal essay, my ideas just started flowing.
I get it all. But I am also a very quiet player. I usually don't talk to my teammates at all, and even if I try to explain things to them Usually I get massively flamed for used saying 1 sentence. Usually I do this after getting harassed in champion select. "Why pick Nunu support?? Troll!" My usual response: "I have 60% winrate on Nunu support in 30 games, I do fine just let me solo dragon at lvl 5". And then the massive flame happens and I have to mute half my team. There's no way to communicate when your off-meta.
: The mordkaiser rework's ult is honestly just insulting
Basically what you are saying "the rework is bs cause his abilities are unbalanced". Yes That's about every champion that exist in LoL that released for their first time. overall His rework was a huge success. He is intended to be **The overlord** and his entire model and all his abilities are showcasing him as "the strongest being", his ultimate is not meant to be a Litterary 1vs1 ult, since it will always put the ulted person on a huge disadvantages by stealing some of it's stats stats. Therefor you should rather run for 7 seconds away from him cause you can't beat "the strongest being" in a 1vs1 with your stats stolen. And if you want the ultimate to be a "fair fight" where's this Puny overlord gonna do huh? Basically ruining his power. The thing he is completely counterable by just playing Olaf or buying QSS and his animation for ult is really long, so spellshield and easy to fix shields from allies can get on you before you get into it. But overall the whole point of Mord's ult is for the opponent to "survive", don't fight Mord in his Ult, run away. Thats the entire counterplay of his ult. If you can't do that and all you can do is whine how OP it is, maybe it's start to ban him or Play Tryndamere.
Cypherous (EUW)
: > So I just heard of This Nightblue thing from a Reddit post, where Riot seemly ban "off-meta" picks, and this post used Nunu support as a Prime example of why "off-meta" picks should be banned. You should read the whole thing, he was banned for being toxic and playing support teemo mid when his midlaner didn't want him there and left his ADC to 1v2 bot, off meta picks aren't actually against the rules
I made an Edit, it will clear the misunderstandings.
: I don't think it was about the pick, but about the fact, he was playing mid lane and not bot lane. Because if you notice, the map at champion select specifies where you should be laning after the game starts. So, this guy, even though the indicator was telling him to play bot, he was going mid instead. I have not asked Riot about this, to be honest, I hope someone with the authority to do so, confirms it. It's just what I hear people say about this.
I made an edit, it will clear any misunderstandings.
: Riot did not ban Nubrac for playing teemo support, neither did they ban him for playing it midlanne instead of botlanne On a reddit post RiotWookieeCookie claimed that he was banned because he "targetted high profile streamers to garner a negative reaction and attention from these streamer's audience" Which I personally think is bs since he played that strat in basically 80% of his games He also further affirmed that they will **not** ban for playing off meta https://old.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/c0m449/nightblue3_gets_his_teammate_banned_for_playing/er61hxj/
I didn't talk about that reddit post. I talked a compeltely diffreant one..
Rioter Comments
Rioter Comments
: proview buy failed
Try to pay using normal Credit card service then, or switch card that you're using for your paypal. It's common you're using a credit card specif to your "country only". Which is a thing you should fix, Honestly personally I wouldn't do this cause there's people who can track your card if you gain global access with it. Do it with a 2nd Card that you transfer extra money to if you can.
MissJJess (EUW)
: Where is the joke comment? It was about LoL nothing to do with youtube. **Got a quadra kill as Naut on ARAM I was so proud of myself I uploaded it to youtube** I will highlight how its unreal for me seems your struggling.. I have been playing since Jan Naut dont do a heap of damage at least when I play him i dnt know what to buy etc.
But that's fine. I never said anything bad about your quad kill... I only said only have 2 views on a youtube clip is no miracle. It feels like you are intending to make me look like the bad guy here even through Clearly I ain't.
MissJJess (EUW)
: Why make a thread like this is your just going to put people down? My reply was pretty obvious which was unreal, and 0 views are from me thanks
I'm not putting you down... But I don't see the point in a joke comment. Also I was asking about an unreal moment in LoL, not on your Youtube channel.
: Origen ? Vitality last year ?
I would be all for Origin, but Vitality hasn't anything going for them except good coach. I think they need roster change before they can climb. But Schalka has an extremely nice team and Splyce as well. i feel if they are just able to reach the top spot, they will make a huge contest with the other 4 power houses.
Rioter Comments
MissJJess (EUW)
: Got a quadra kill as Naut on ARAM I was so proud of myself I uploaded it to youtube... currently sitting at like 2 views :P
Is the unreal moment that you got a quadra or that you got 2 views on youtube (Both are you that rewatched the clip btw)
: XD They have to make it to worlds first. Then if on some lucky circumstance they do, they have to get out of groups. An impossible challenge
Even if they do finish first at world.. I doubt Bjerg would ever pick a Support as his champion. Leblanc or Akali os that case.
Cooler39140 (EUNE)
: He reconnected when the enemy team destroyed our inhib and were marching towards the nexus.
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