Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: What if its iron in game and iron in life?
Well then my dude, I'd still bet you're at the top of the leader boards in Iron, and I have no doubt you can reach higher!
Rioter Comments
: The community is at its peak
That's just league for 'hello'. If you placed the league community into the real world with the same digital attitudes, you'd get scenarios like this: Bob walks down the hall at work, his boss, Michael approaches from the far end. Bob notes that Michael is wearing his white shirt instead of his black shirt, and not only that, but Michael is in the West wing of the building, when today he should be in the East wing, attending a meeting. Bob decides to point this out; 'OH OH OH! Michael, you cancer kid! You should be wearing the black shirt, it makes you look more boss-like, plus your in MY wing! Go to your own! HEY EVERYBODY, LOOK AT MICHAEL, IN THE WRONG WING WITH THE WRONG SHIRT!' Michael of course responds with; 'Kill yourself, Bob' and carries on with his day. This same event occurs 7 more times that day.

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