: ill ask my dad he works at microsoft but i cant promise anything
Thank You!! Please tell me when you get a response! Even if i don`t get in, i will know that you tried :)
: sory
It`s okay man.... I just really wanted to join FaZe :,(
: no
When FaZe dosen`t wanna accept you FeelsBadMan
: 1v1 me on rust, no hardscopes
K give me your GT i have been quickscoping for 3 years
AzuraMaks (EUW)
: Azura Recruiting BRONZE PLAYERS :c
If you are bronze, and you want a good team to help you climb to diamond. Look no further. This MLG Quickscoping Clan will teach you how to get Diamond easy. I climbed out of bronze and into Gold in only 2 days. I will get To diamond within this week :D So join Today!!! and become Diamond ^^ -Faker- 2016
: sry im alrdy in FaZe
AzuraMaks (EUW)
: http://imgur.com/JtQcS1r perfect example of one of our main members, the one that carries our every game
I wish i could be as good as him :(
AzuraMaks (EUW)
: you are in. do you want to attend the next lan event Keepo. come fly to afghanistan i'll see you in the town square.
I`ll be there in 2 days :) With the doritos
limak089 (EUW)
: yoyo i see you looking for players and i think im up for it, im like bronze 2 but obviously deserve masters il add you and i have skype if needed
AzuraMaks (EUW)
: Azura Recruiting BRONZE PLAYERS :c
Can i join??? I was gold last season but i feel like bronze. Please add me ig -The Real Alex or skype -alexah3011 I would also be looking for casual play :) Btw i am 15 And i am from Norway, so my english is not perfect, but i think you can understand. If anyone else would like to add me please do ^^ -ps That 0/18 member looks really pro -Edit- I can also use teamspeak -Edit- I can provide doritos

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