: Normal Draft Removal - EUW Players do not ignore!
In my opinion, the should make blind pick only for players under lvl 30. Above lvl 30 the chaos in blind is not really an option for players. This would mean that if you want to play normal on your lvl 30 acc, you need to go for draft. All the queues (normal, flex, solo/duo) would have the same system then. This would cause everyone to play normal draft who wants to play normal and lower the queue times drastically for this mode.
House x33 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Duk the Hunter,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=nU7awkFN,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2016-10-17T09:49:27.416+0000) > > for noobs aka adc mains who were crying when they got oneshoted when standig in the frontline > > After they fcked up by adding unbalanced retarded changes such as a devourer rageblade, mage reworks, dynamicQ etc. > > Rito fanboyz are incredible. Because rengar,akali,leblanc can't simply jump into the back line if they wanted
Grouping, CC, shields, exhaust, summoner heal, Guardian Angel... no, assasins don't have any counterplay right now...
: This probably won't do anything, but check the controls if they are connected to the wanted buttons. :P
They are, the settings dont change as the issue occurs...
: "We're not going to bring back soloq." - **_Riot Games_** **BEST LIE EVER**
Well the first lie was that they are going to release pure soloq 2 weeks after dynamic :D
: RIOT finally admitted their mistake: separate solo/duoQ is coming back for s7
I will probably play both in the future, but I will definately prefer the SoloQ over the FlexQ because of the more competitive environment. By the way, SoloQ does NOT mean there is no teamwork that's just thinking in black and white. Actually, as a solo player it's even better for the teamwork if you know that everyone is solo instead of trying to keep up with the so called ultimate gameplan 3 (or 4) premades will put you in. For me as a solo player team experience will actually improve (to the level it was before dynamic).
Rioter Comments
: Hextech Crafting Missing
same for me after I logged in, it's like it has never been there :O
Domblade (EUW)
: I'm not one to criticise or give feedback to anyone, but feel free to tell me, I'm safer on understanding what people say to me rather than what I think of people, because i'm probably wrong lol. http://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-history/EUW1/205167288 Here ~
Not going into every detail but notice the following: In the last 10 games you play 8! different champions (even more if you look further back). Main 2-3 champions. Main a role. You will instantly get better. I don't play every champ you played recently but I can say that on Ezreal fervor of battle is way better than thunderlords and that triforce is only for the lanes you are going to win. I played a lot of midlane in earlier seasons and Syndra was one of my favorite. I'd recommend going for a full oneshot build, means not going rylais/abyssal but straight Morello -> Ludens -> Rabadons if you are ahead (otherwise you need zhonyas early maybe).
: I seems Riot likes the idea of the seed, so they could nerf the buff (as in, I have the buff in a shorter time period), they could also nerf the time it takes to get the buff. I think Riot can balance around it.
Imagine Ivern starting red side top jungle. He starts with red, because he can (no damage at all for him). Let's say his team has a Riven top (or whatever snowball monster you want) and just goes with him, takes the buff and walks back to her lane. This lane is basically over. No matter if you reduce the duration or do whatever, this Riven/ Renekton etc. has a free lane now. I really dont know what they are going to do about this, because the time to pick up the buff would have to be REALLY long to make this start not viable anymore.
: League of Legends - Timeline - Iver, the Green Grandfather ///// Omg Iverns kit is INSANE!!!!
Did i get this right? He "frees" a buff, gets the buff himself AND an ally can pick up the seed thing to get the same buff, too? This does not seem like a fair or healthy kit and should be nearly impossible to balance!
: So much hate on Yasuo... . . . . . . . This is my kind of thread!
Armakar (EUW)
: ***
Yasuo Riven and Vayne tilt me on MY team, not on the enemy team lol
: AMA Best Rengar EUW - Master Tier
Do you know Silphi and if yes, what do you think about his Rengo?
WambaX (EUW)
: Sign the petition Riot Games we want avoid smurfs in League of Legends ranked games
I don't get how e.g. a plat smurf gets to bronze. He should be placed in gold right after his 10 games and climb really really fast. If you meet plats in bronze/ silver, this implies that they were trolling/feeding/afk in a lot of games, therefore they should be banned for intentional feeding/trolling and not for smurfing imo.
: Please fix Project Ashe, her ultimate and her other abilities are impossible to see for colour blind
Just like some other skin-abilities, the PROJECT: Ashe ult is hard to notice even for "normal" people. It doesn't really feel like an ultimate ability, especially when other ults are very clear to see and even hear (Sion, Rek'Sai etc) it just does not feel fair. The size of her ult is a problem too, I once saw an arrow seeming to miss an ally but it stunned him instead because he was at the edge of the hitbox, which does not match the edge of the animation. I know that feeling when something is hard to notice in video games since i have deuteranomaly myself, but my group seems to get more recognition (and an own colorblind mode).
candoodle (EUW)
: here's what i dont understand sure some people might prefer dynamic queue because they can queue with friends, but couldn't those players care less about solo queue? its not like solo queue players want them to delete dynamic queue why deny something to one (seemingly large) group of players when it has little to no consequence for the rest of the player base. the only negative side affect for dynamic queue players i can think of from bring back solo queue is that 4 man premades will have to wait a little longer in queue. which seems like a no brain trade off when you think of how much of the player base is solo
They want us solo players to be their "fill-b*tches" (sorry for the harsh word) and queue up in the system that benefits them more than us, just as simple as that.
Eveninn (EUW)
: For one, I completely disagree with Riot's punishment System, but I generally don't voice it as I don't have any ideas or suggestions of how to do it better. Repeating generally happens, mainly for the reason that many questions are repeating themselfs too. And after all, Riot still is the biggest or often only source on such statistics, or especially if it's about things like how a certain System works.
That's alright, but this problem is different to the one with the punishment. We actually have an idea how it could work with a pure SoloQ, so we are not just pointing out problems, there are well known ways to solve them. We (and Riot) also could get a lot of data from all previous seasons, where we had an _almost_ SoloQ the whole time...
BlâckLotus (EUNE)
: [Daily Reminder] WE STILL WANT SOLO Q
I like how a lot of people here just hate us for wanting a SoloQ, while we (the solo players) are _necessary_ to make a system work that is designed for benefiting premates. **We** are the ones that fill up your group because you don't have a real ranked team and can't play with your friends in normals. _No, it has to be ranked! _ **We** are the ones trying to fit in your strategy you already told your premates while we are wildly guessing what is going on. **We** are the ones your premates can blame (if it's directly in the chat or in your voicechat), because we can't read your mind and you also don't dare to look at your premates' or even your own mistakes. And after all that, you go to the boards, see these people pointing out existing problems and insult them for not sharing your opinion on a ranked system that may benfit you, but not the whole community.
TTekkers (EUW)
: Can we determine how many people here actually want SoloQ back
DQ is actually fine, it's not that of a bad experience for most players. It's just not really a competitive mode (the only one right now is Ranked 5s), so the majority of the players don't have a ladder that actually shows how good you are in the game.
: No, nothing would have been better, in that particular _**situation.**_ Another person who missed the point. Also, as far as the mana regen goes, it was either mana regen or armor for seals, really. Neither have much value on Kayle in mid-late game, but the mana regen is better for early. Also, Ancient Coin and Faerie Charm are taken out of the build when I start getting full items, and no longer need them. Yes, there are better items at full build, but none better for starting lane, in my opinion.
"missed the point" or just had a different opinion? Just because your thing worked it's not the one and only way to go (in that situation). And have you ever thought about hp seals? Also, most runes don't have much value later, you get them to go through the early game to actually get to that late game. Something that would interest me too: What is your winrate with your strategy?
: Sigh. You still don't get it. You are talking about how my methods and starting items don't work because "basic rules" of lane harassing is to not lose farm. And, that's a pretty darned good rule of thumb, when you're playing paint by the numbers meta. However, you're ignoring MY point of all this. Everything is situational. If you can force your enemy laner to lose 90% of his last hit farm by sacrificing 30% of yours, it is worth it. Especially when Ancient Coin is cushioning that. Also, your CS numbers are still wrong. The numbers I gave are actual averages of how players last hit. Let me summarize and break this down for you so that you can actually comprehend what I am saying: Meta is not inherently bad. Meta is, for the most part, the easiest way to accomplish doing well. Unfortunately, meta is also basically based on huge generalizations that cannot account for specific situations or unique playstyles. Meta does not include every possible build. Meta is simply a popular way of doing things because someone started doing it, others started copying it, and it has the highest success rates among average players. And that's great for people who don't know how to make decisions based on situations, and only know how to follow instructions. In fact, there are a ton of things I do that are precisely meta. Where Meta becomes bad is when people follow what is considered meta, when it actually doesn't suit the needs of the situation or playstyle. Or when people immediately rage because someone is not following their manual. I know and understand everything you are telling me. I get it. Everything I listed can screw you over hard, if used inappropriately. As I stated at the beginning of the post, I was using Kayle as my example, and much of the things listed do not apply to most other champions. This is exactly why I placed the disclaimer. Because I knew people would take these things as if I thought they were universal truths. That's completely counter to my point, which you so blatantly missed. EVERYTHING is situational. Every single thing. And THAT is my beef with people who follow meta like it was chiseled on stone by a burning bush. They think that meta is a universal truth that must be followed at all times. They automatically assume that if someone is doing something counter to meta, it is inherently wrong. They don't think about things for themselves. It's damned annoying, and basically exactly what you are doing now.
so you if someone doesn't share your opinion he is basically a meta-sheep? Have you ever considered that other people have a brain too and think about those things themselves but just come to different conclusions?
: Ways I disregard Meta. Thoughts please. (With a bonus on how "feeding" can lead to wins)
I'm totally not against breaking the meta, but I don't think you are going to have success with this. Everytime you die, you lose advantage. If you are going to die more often in whatever situation, this will bring you closer to the loss. Almost everything you could have done during your death timer would be better for you and your team. This tactic may work against players that don't know how to end games, but if your fed opponent knows how to play you are going to lose even harder with that strategy. Your build is also kinda strange, since you give up so much power by just buying manareg and even taking it in the runes. I see that it may fit your playstyle, but there are Items that give you manareg AND good combat stats, so you can actually do more favorable trades. I would not recommend your playstyle to anyone in ranked :/
: What I hate most about League
That's what you have to expect if finding a game takes 5-15min and championselect itself takes quite long, too. Players have better things to do than staring at the same client the whole time so they don't read everything in chat...
: well, if you join queue as 5man premade, you will 100% get matched against other 5 man premades. Isn't that essentially ranked team? anyway, i prefer it the current way, because i don't need to be in a team to join someone as a 5 man premade. much easier this way.
No that isn't ranked team at all, because you play on your solo dynamic whatever mmr, but you want to be compared to other teams. You want to play as a team in a league where only teams compete. Having everyone in one league destroys competition. Also you dont wanna get to diamond for obvious reasons, so you don't even play to get to the top...
: Riots decision making over the past 10 months (10 months aprox). /// And general Rant.
you definitely put a lot of work in this, but the ones who are going to read it already share your opinion and Riot wil not change their plans at all. Good thing is, League of Legends is not the only game in the world. There are really competetitive games out there for people who want to test themselves instead of having to deal with dynamic queue. I will still play League for fun, but can't see a competitive aspect any more...
: The 'Play with friends' mentality of Riot - Discussion
The problem is and will probably always be the community: Riot kinda has to push this "play with friends mentality", because you simply can't enjoy solo matchmade games anymore. Having flamers in 50% of you games doesn't make the game last for generations. That's why you want everyone to play with as much permates as possible, because at least they don't flame each other (usually).
tru3nox (EUW)
: So if my teams has 0 tanks and our last pick is top/jungle/support better don't tell them to pick one... lel Edit: If you don't wanna ""sacrifice your steady climbing potential"" don't play support and choose between other two roles. If you play support because you like it and can't climb it's because you're bad.
if your team has 4 champions picked and a bad comp it's you that fucked up, not the support. Also, a tanky support can't be a frontline alone anyway, so why not pick something with disengage to at least be able to stop the enemy bruisers from just running over the 4 carries.
: Don't forget, you can just uninstall
Am I the only one actually having fun on 6.9 and thinking that this patch is actually improving the game by far compared to what we had before (tank meta yayy)?
: In order of demand (highest to lowest), does it go like this? Top Mid Jung Bot Supp I know that supp is lowest and Top is err...top, are the others in this list right?
if i get jungle in ranked i get asked a lot if i want to swap. Like 1 of 2 games this happens I think its rather Jungle Mid Top Bot Support
Did you actually delete the folder (pleaso no) or did you uninstall the game before trying to download again?
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: Draven only thread
{{champion:119}} ?
: {{champion:14}} For me it's best, I can stun TWICE within 10 seconds!
pablowa (EUW)
: Please consider this, when arguing about Hextech or Dnymic Queue
> You do not have the "Right" to get anything from Riot at all. - So please stop Demanding Stuff. You are right, but what happened was that Riot actually said they would release a SoloQ (or at least keep us udated), then they did nothing and now it's even delayed/cancelled. So all I demand is honest treatment, please Riot don't lie to the community, whatever your intentions are. And if something unexpected happens, keep the people updated or at least say sorry for giving people false hopes.
: i'd like to know whether riot is still seriously working on soloqueue (or if they ever did)
I don't think they are currently working on it, It's also possible they never did and never will. Which would mean that this company just doesn't care about the player base and lie to them to keep them calm.
: The honor system is extremely broken and doesn't indicate anything tbh.
It's not the system, it's the players not really using it for the purpose it was meant for. I only get honored if I do well in the game, it has nothing to do with how friendly I am.
: "sigh" [here](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/riot-official/6WuZKauE-new-champ-select-update).
You are aware that this red post is actually the reason for people to be afraid that SoloQ is not coming at all?
: It has already reached them, did you even read the last post they made? It's getting obnoxious and it's not helping anyone.
No I didn't. Where can I find it?
: These discussions are becoming disgusting as you're only creating them to farm upvotes and people fall for it....fuck's sake.
We want to be heard and we need to show that we are a decent amount of the player base that really wants to have a SoloQ mode!
: I also want real solo que. But saying Dynamic Que is ''ruining'' the game is just too much. I play the game same way I played for past few years and it feels fine. Only difference being premades who defend their feeding mates and flame me. But that doesn't affect anything.
yeah, it's not the dynamic queue ruining the game, it's rather the lack of ranked 5 and pure SoloQ that's the problem.
PureCancer (EUNE)
: solo Q canceled?
I think it's the way Riot Games wants to go. I consider leaving League of Legends, I have been playing mobas for a couple of years now and maybe it's time to move on. Just like in WoW, the developer stops caring what the player base really wants and thinks he knows better. I've spent a lot of money on this game, but it was a different company back then, that didn't lie to their community about something that important. If you betray your players you don't deserve them, and they will leave you.
: {{champion:92}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:92}}
{{champion:92}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:77}} I unfortunately had very bad experiences with mains of those 3 champs
Stingy (EUW)
: Funny thing about NA
dafuq did I just read?
BJee91 (EUW)
So... you are looking for advice? :)
: well how could this be solved then? add support bots?
How to solve it? Admit that dynamic queue is not the best solution and go back to old draft. But since players already are used to it, they woulnd't want to go back to a system where you would have to lay an unpopular role every once in a while. Also, Riot would not want to admit the mistake they made. So it will just stay the way it is till queue times will go up for every elo. See you on the Rift (after 20-30min maybe)
Dage (EUW)
: Does Naut have a hard counter (top)?
: Thank you Riot for letting me realise I'm an complete asshole
I'm glad that for some people at least the warning & restriction system works. It's so much more fun without negative people. And I think it destroys your own game experience even more if you rage. Just be positive, and if you don't have fun, don't play for a while :)
Zincsey (EUW)
: If you ever wanted to know how many people are in which division.
Is this for the EUW server and what is your source?
IAmWoralo (EUW)
: Master Yi Please
Here we go - the daily Master Yi hate thread :D
Joyi (EUW)
: 1) No one has a skill ceiling, there's a light bubble where if people decide to go out of their way to actually learn details surrounding the game , put effort into mastering their mechanics and shot calling/studying lcs decisions and why, then they can constantly improve and pop the bubble. I'm just too lazy to follow through with that myself as it actually requires effort and that isn't fun to me but you get some players which have gotten incredibly high elo this way (common in Korea, too). 2) I do understand this point, but why not just make a smurf like 99% of other people which means you get to fuck about and still do ok? 3) You can learn all of those things in, custom, bot, normal and ranked matches if you are willing to focus on improving your own gameplay. 4) Nice theory but generally it's the concept of a team game incorporating tension rather than tension being the subject as a whole. Why do you think you rarely see duoQs rage at each other? Because when they're in voice chat, they have the ability to ask for help and receive constant guidance from their team which means their play is exclusively down to their own ability at the end of the day, which creates a different pressure in ranked teams of not letting down your team and then your anger shifts from your team mates to yourself and the enemy team instead. In soloQ you are at constant disposition to your teams play, it's effectively 1v4v5 unless you have innate synergy. This on top of the subconscious fear of losing, when you get into a game you are risking your effort. You build up your LP, your wins, which means every loss is worth more to you. If you ever switch from playing this game for fun to purely competitively, you will most likely get more and more sad or angry at every loss.
I think maybe in very high elo you can reach your skillcap because of reaction times/ talent. But speaking in general your 1) is right imo, I think everyone can reach Diamond if he wants to. I just think trying super hard is bad for the game experience, so I rather have fun in silver/gold than stressing myself out in Diamond...
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