Errigal (EUW)
: RP price adjustment in Europe
RIOT's ingame currency is now higher than most countries in the world, you done fucked up RIOT
Donaru (EUNE)
: It would all be much easier if people mastered all lanes, instead of blindly maining one or two roles. You can do that in ranked teams, not in ranked solo ques. But hey, gimme MIDMIDMID
I do main every lane beside adc i have been trying for a long time to get my head around adc, but it just doesn't ring with me also im silver so yea i haven't masted all lanes, and i don't think anybody below dia have truly masted all lanes but anyway yea good advice to practice all lanes :)
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: Journal entry 103 Kicked a lee sin's ass today.
yea that the problem lee sin takes skill, so when he is free routine, there are a noob lee sin in every game trying to be faker!
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: this actually works but at the same time it also infuriates them to flame more but it is soooo fun to watch them get so mad at a simple "ok thank you"
This was not the way i meant it you're not supposed to be thinking like "yea yea whatever you toxic shit i don't care what you say" When the person calls you something or flame you, just completely ignore what they say, don't reply, wait for a moment where you can praise the flamer for his teamwork, kill or skills. Or maybe he saved you in a certain or helped you, make it very clear that you appreciate their help and effort, a little by little you will win the person over, until they will feel like they're apart of the team. This isn't some super advanced psychological warfare i'm talking about, is just plain and simpel Friendliness
: Okay i will bite i will try. But i have high doubts this will go well. Oh and that last sentence. "It won't hurt" it will,, it will hurt.
I'm genuinely looking foward for your reply as to how it went! I hope you will share your experince :)
: My art
Makes me moist
AureIius (EUNE)
: Popstar Ahri fanart
This is really nice, it's rare to see water painting with such detail to it, I especially like the lips looks like a lip-bite, and i totally dig that. I hope we will see more of your art in the future this really is a gem :)
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Julij2 (EUW)
: Play mid and pick champions that can snowball really hard when given a kill or two. Zed and fizz are two examples. Once you're ahead you can freely roam mid/bot/enemy jungle. Otherwise for top jax, trynda, riven, yi will do insanely well if they get ahead. Trynda is probably the easiest since it's so easy to cheese that level 1 kill with full rage bar and ignite. After that he's becames unstoppable since it's really hard to deal with him if enemy team doesn't ward or try to shutdown him while ahead. For jungle I'd say pick junglers that have great early ganks like lee, nida etc. Also evelynn is great since noone really buys pinks and it's basically a free kill on adc everytime he goes and pushes bot lane lol. My personal pick would be tf. It's basically free kills on bot and top once you get level 6.
Thank you for taking your time to read my thread and give also a detailed description of different class for different lanes :)
: Pick something that is good in the early and the late game. Such useful, much wow, I know. Play tanks and/or bruisers.
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xCillion (EUW)
: Greetings. Afk/leavers do not need to be reported. The LeaverBuster System flags/catches/punishes them without need for reports. So in that case, reporting is really not needed :)
most times when people foundation afk they do so they dont get the "afk" or "leave" red symbol, all you have to do is afk for 10m, go kill 1 cs and afk for another 10m Also leaving a game is something that most happens around the end of the game, where a person thinks they cant win and therefore device to leave the last 5-10m of the game, that doesn't count as a leave as far as i know. So in short, there are many people who cheat the system, and therefore avoid any consequence unless reported
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: So yeah, another night, another game with TONS OF BOTS.
What pissed me off the most is not that botting and this stuff happens, is that RIOT REFUSES to do anything about it
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