: Getting discriminated and treated differently because I'm a girl?
Honestly, I've never been discriminated even though I prefer playing support, not because it's easy but because I like being in charge and support is pretty much the most "responsible" role. I often switch to adc and jungle too, and I have mastery 6 Vayne just to prove that I'm not a stereotypical support player, but again, never faced any discrimination. I did get "go back to the kitchen" once,to which I reply "biach I can beat yo ass playing on a toaster" or "that's what guys who never had a girl in the bedroom say" or something like that. On the other hand, I often get words of disbelief or praise. And as you can see, my name is quite girly, I mean seriously, this name would either be owned by a girl or a gay. With all that in mind, I must say you're either asking for it or taking it too seriously. You can always deny your gender, say you named it after your gf or sister, or not reply at all if the recognition bothers you. If it's just the response, simply ignore, mute, or politely refuse to engage in any gender-related conversation.
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: I feel like I need to explain. I love all kinds of supports, the ''real ones'' like Soraka, Janna, tanks or AP supp mages. But in low elo you wont have a good time with regular supports because if your team is trash you cant help them and you'll be more or less worthless. I've been there and I know how does that feel. Yes you can try your best, ward, be supportive in chat, be a leader in team but isnt that the thing you can do with mage supports too? Yes it is. When its lategame and you have a bad team and you play Janna, you can ult, but enemy will come right back at your team and kill them. You will feel like you did nothing, but probably you did your part nearly perfect in that teamfight. Yet you guys were destroyed. But with mage support, Lux for example, you can try to make a game-changing play, (or at least you have some hope that you can do it) you can take someone 1v1 in lategame (I killed many ADC farming or pushing in lategame 1v1 which lead to our team victory), or you can punish someones bad positioning before teamfight, and your team takes 5v1 kill. And then Nexus is your next stop. I love Leona or Thresh too, but there were many times when I engaged and it was good timing to engage, but my team (or some of my team) just didnt follow so I mostly ended up dying. With AP mages as supports you are much more likely to carry yourself every now or then (if you master couple of AP mages). Playing AP mage DOES NOT mean that you troll supp or something like that. All tips people have given you should apply when you play AP mage as support too. Warding, pings, map awareness, team leader, supportive in chat, ect. + you are mage and you can make game-changing plays in mid or lategame.
This is exactly what I'm talking about. I do think I'm pretty good on my mains Rakan and Leona, I stopped counting how many S+ I got on them, but if even one player is shit, then I could be plat and I still wouldn't be able to do much if an enemy is fed, they'd just melt me even if I were on full tank Leona. So, I guess I'll try focusing on mage supports a bit more. Thanks :)
: Learn 2 Champions that you really like that are not popular enough to be perma banned and improve until you know pretty much the inns and outs of them. Learn what to do in what Situation, which items to buy. For example: As a Nami Main, if i notice, that i need to spend an incredible amount of Mana in lane, just to keep the adc and myself alive/not loose trades i focus more on items that give me Mana regen and delay my Sightstone a bit and if i notice that nobody is really pushing any towers in and just chasing after fights, i may even buy a Zz'rot Portal, it all depends on the Situation. Another very important thing you need to do is to roam. lots. It may even be worth it to rush your {{item:3117}} first after getting the support item upgrade and just visit midlane/toplane every once in a while. Even if you are not helping to kill the enemy, just you being there every now and then makes them more cautious because they think you are there when they can not see you on their map, which makes them usually play much less aggressive and therefore your mid/toplaner should be dieing less. If you are worried about your adc dieing, then let me tell you that if they can not farm safely under their tower, they would be dieing anyways even if you were there.
This helps a lot, thanks. I do focus on 2-3 favorite supports because no matter who I'm against, I know what I can and can't do on my own champ, but I don't roam much. I'll try to do that and see how it works. :)
: Simple, full AP Sona. I just 1v2'd a Xayah Rakan lane after my adc DC'd. 1 Q= half an hp bar with {{item:3115}} {{item:3504}} {{sticker:sg-jinx}} I was on a 13 win streak
I'm not too confident about that because I've beaten full AP Sonas before. The thing with Sona is that she's very squishy so every time you do your Q, you risk being jumped on and dying in 3 hits. She did just get a small boost though so I'll definitely try it out. :)
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