: When my honor unlock? ?
honor locked yasuo main, what a cliché
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hey Førest Wølf When this issue happens, restart your computer :)
I would really like to know what causes this bug. I've had it hundreds of times years ago and it was really frustrating. Now, I don't get it at all.
Poramies (EUW)
: Well that skin is like 8 years old by now, could use a new splash I agree. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
I disagree. In my opinion, old skins should have their old splash arts. The splash arts always capture the current state of things in a theme sense. Old skins are simple and look almost savage while new skins always look flashy and try hard to look edgy. For this particular splash art: i think it looks really cool. It's something else than seeing all those flashy, crisp splash arts. It adds a little charme to it.
: What is your technique to win a ranked game?
You may think you look at the map often, but you propably don't. I, for example, look at the minimap about every 2 or 3 seconds, when i don't see an enemy and about all 5 seconds, when i see all enemy champions on the map. It's solo queue, you get new teammates every game and you shouldn't trust your teammates at all in silver....as bad as it sounds, but if you trust your teammates, prepare to get backstabbed like that. The average skill level in silver is very low and they don't pay attention all the time. You should try to frame your teammates in the course of the game, so you can put (some) trust in them when it's important (mid/late game). This gets better the higher your rank is. It is still quite bad at gold, a bit better at plat and even better at diamond and higher. What is my technique to win a game? I just play... If someone really annoys me to the point that i get tilted, i take a break, very often for the rest of the day. In silver, games are not decided in the early game, just don't give up. The higher the rank, the faster games end, because more people know what to do to end games and so the game lenghts decrease. In silver, a game can easily take 45 mins, in gold already that usually doesn't happen and in plat, almost all games end in 30 mins or less. In silver, it doesn't matter, tho. Just play to the late game (30mins+) and try to do as well as you can. Also, in case you wonder... sometimes it seems like you are quite useless as support even tho you might carry. I've started ranking up again a few weeks ago and since i started, i won about 65% of my games. And you wouldn't believe me how often, i was told that i suck or to be thankful for being carried. That's just being a support and most people think stats = skill.
: I think there'd be a small minority of people who'd accidentally press that button then %%%%% at them for implementing it because they lost LP from it The dodging system is fine as it is because you have to do it very directly
I think it's a brilliant idea. Why? A lot of times, people are just pressured into dodging and very few of them are ever punished, because people rarely report champ selection harrassment. I think it would be best to tick a box for "dodge" and you also have to accept it. Then it dodges automatically at the very last moment (server side, not client side). Remove the dodge upon closing the client and a lot of problems of dodging are eliminated. Simply unticking the box, will set it to default and it doesn't dodge. 1. Players can still be pressured into dodgin, but the aggrevator can't know for sure if someone dodges and he also dodges. EVERYONE who dodged will receive an equal penalty. 2. There will no longer be cases of failed dodges. Someone tried to dodge, the client didn't respond fast enough and the game was started. That can be prevented with such an option.
: Question for somebody who's good at math!
For every death, you need 4 kills or assists. You played 60 games and if the numbers are not rounded, you have 15.4 KA each game with 4.4 D each game. It should be at 17.6 KA each game to be a KDA of 4.0 So, you need 4KA for every D in each game + 60* the difference of your initial KDA from 4. The difference of it is 0.49. So, you need 4KA for every D in each game + 60 x 0.49 x 4.4 = 129.36 To sum it all up, you need 4 Kills or Assists for each death in a game and on top of that, you need another 129.36 kills
Febos (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lairnaedon,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=Qtua2yWR,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-05-29T23:37:22.364+0000) > > I am usually very safe with viewing websites and downloading stuff from sources. I almost never have viruses or somesuch. You weren't safe enough. Viruses don't do this. Your account has been compromised, so I suggest you change your credentials ASAP: [Account Settings](https://account.riotgames.com/)
I would also advise you to do that on another device and not your normal computer for obvious reasons (keyloggers). Change both, email and password. Also, to be perfectly safe, create a new email account and redirect all emails from the old account to your new account. Edit: Also, set up your system completely anew. If you have a good internet connection, that doesn't even take 1 day until you got it like your old system
: Permanently Banned for these Chatlogs???
you dindo nuffn... alright "report lee flaming" "report morgana and lee flaming" "report irelia pls" also: "i think i might have just broken my hand" "i just %%%%ing tilted and punched my wall" pathetic.
ortusolis (EUW)
: Can we PLS do something about these people....
If it's ranked, report them for negative attitude and afk, maybe also write what he did. If it's unranked...sucks, but that's how it is. Anyone can do whatever they want unless they are intentionally feeding, flaming or not playing (afk, chilling in the base)
4dc0nly (EUW)
: When you hit a 51% - 50% average win rate and played around 200 games. I guess.
50% win rate in the current division that is. Eventually you will end up at 50% win rate over all...otherwise you would be a challenger. To be more precise, the more you play the more your win rate will lean towards 50% but will never reach it as long as you are not the same rank as you were in the beginning
: Apparently leaving just before the game ends will give you a lost game in your promos.
What are you doing with all the time you save when you can start a new game 3 seconds earlier?
Aello (EUW)
: Main support in desperate need of help
In low elo, there is no secret to get into better divisions. Just work on your basics. Basics as in 1) Estimation of damage output in a fight 2) Timing of your CCs, so you have maximum effect 3) Strategically placing abilities, so you can cut off paths from enemies 4) Map awareness, knowing when to safely ward and noticing enemies leaving lanes, etc 5) Warding, know what to ward, when to do it 6) What to buy in each situation, enemy team is only physical damage? Build armor 7) Predict and dodge skillshots, this is by far the hardest one I, for example, am not a very good player, but i got the basics down fairly well. I started playing lol again about 2 weeks ago and got from silver 4 to gold promo in 120 games playing only Sona, no other champion.
: Email Verification impossible due to old Email adress
Did you read what i wrote? I can't make a ticket.
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