: Soo if i picked Tryndamere Support with less than 50% wr and still not be banned bccs it's only suboptimal.
Clearly that's being a trol and clearly you either understand and are arguig for the sake of it. Or are being deliberately obtuse. Quick maths. Pretend you are in your last promo game for diamond. Now, imagine your support player goes to lock in trynd. If it makes you go, omg please dont do that. Its trol. There are some flex picks, mage supports, busier jungles, but yes, in ranked, there is a fine line of optimal, standard, off meta, and trol. Use your brain to work out what is and isn't exceptable But from your previous comment I gather you don't play ranked otherwise you would understand that in an important game, if some idiot decideds to go garden adc because he is auto filled and a garden main, he deserves to be reported.
: I kinda expected someone to get stuck on that without actually grasping the meaning of what I said. Picking sub-optimal and picking something that isn't viable aren't the same thing.
Agreed. As an explication for Kubsar. Picking your main, E. G darious top, should give you a 53% chance to win, vs say, picking darious adc which gives you say a 47% chance to win. Still not bankable but certainly less useful. However picking Alistar jungle (no smite) means your team basically don't have jungle. And are very likely to lose. Rememebr, we play a game where removing 20 damage off of 1 ability can see there win rates fall by 10%. So, yes, there are ways to play optimally "darious top", sub optimally "Darious adc" and troll "Alistar jungle".
JustClone (EUNE)
: > how about ban the trols and stop telling everyone else we are to blame. Then I would be telling a lie. You are to blame for giving them what they want, thus motivating them and encouraging others to use similar methods. >Please, We agree trols are the issue, so focus on them. In my eyes, people who feed them attention and allow them to continue with their harass are the problem. So I like to focus on them. >I don't care about toxicity so long as you have a team of 5 people trying to win. Well I do. I hate all sort of verbal abuse. It seems we wont agree on this. No matter what. >However, if people like you justify their actions I do not justify their actions, if you have read my comment, it is written word by word that, I do encourage you to report their actions to riot support after the game. What I do not justify are the actions of people like you, who bend before those trolls, and make the situation much worse than it is. Show some spine, and stand against them, just as I do. Instead of asking riot to magically solve a problem, that you create with your own actions. All that is required from you is to play through the game, and report them after. Nothing else. You should not carry this name, with your attitude... You put only shame on it.
It is apparent you are a fool. Simply put, you are against the foundation of evolution in society. Problem. We have no shelter Solution. Build shelter. Your solution. Stop moaning about the cold and deal with it. Problem. There is someone pushing me in the face. Solution. Run away & have them arrested. Your solution. Don't react to them, just let them do it. What you suggest is moronic. The success of any evolving product, platform, society or species is simply this. If there is a problem. Fix the problem. The majority are not responsible to adjust our behaviour to alow the problem to continue, like you are suggesting. To use a mean to depict your stand point. There are four children and only 4 chairs, what's the solution. Tony stark - build 2 chairs. Thanos - kill two kids. Anakin Skywalker - kill all the kids. In this analogy, trols are Anikin, you are thanos, and we are Ironman. So yeah, if you want to focus on the people trying to fix the issue rather than the people commuting the issue get ready to have a tough life filled with arguments with the very people trying to help you. P. S "Magically solve a problem" with a system they can inpliment in hours, it not asking for a lot. I'm asking for them to care. Asking for a ballenced version of akali would be "magical". This is basic pavlovian conditioning & computer programing.
: Something of this sort happened to me recently, I even submitted a support ticket that got completely ignored, not even a bot response. Basically, in a ranked lobby I got mid, and this other guy got support, he didn't want to play support so he said I am mid and locked in a mid lane champion, at which I asked him if he is serious? to which he answered yes. I took screenshots, dodged and submitted a support ticket, never got an answer. So tl;dr someone can basically steal your role and force you into a role you do not want to play and you can't do anything about it. {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} EDIT: I did get an answer, the person said that this behavior is not ok and that they'll look into it. But still, what are the chances anything will actually happen?
That's why the system is broken. I had a suggestion that I sent to a rioter that got completely ignored. Simpley. I suggested that reports and punishment was clear and transparent. So, with the addition of pre game reports. Every reported player gets a pop up telling them they were reported for "what ever they've done" and it tells the offending player how many people reported them that game and also how many times they have been reported for that specific behaviour. So at a point where its close to a punishment threshold it tells the player "dear summoner your recent conduct doing" Whatever it is you did has caught your teammates attention and due to that behaviour being exhibited in multiple games, you will be issued a " insert appropriate punishment" this will not be an issue if you play to win and are not toxic in champ select or chat" The punishments should be on a scale and increase based on reports. All come with chat bans for 10 games and escelste like so. 1 hour ban, 24 hours, 72 hours, 1 week, 1 month, permaban. This way the offending player knows they arnt getting away with it. And that punishment is in place. Also, the reporting player should get an instant feedback report whenever a punishment has been issued to that player. As It does, bit more often. Finally the report system should rank certain conduct as serious and this increases the punishment accordingly aka kill yourself = 72 hours, 1 month, perma. Wouldn't it be nice to know where you stand on your reports and when you have been toxic in chat, know when to reign it in. How easy to implement d how affective I don't know, but I suspect very easily and tfour times as affective than the current system.
JustClone (EUNE)
: To be honest, if someone wants to ruin your game, he can do this quietly, without writing a single line... Also In most cases, those people are just trying to force someone to leave. If you are stupid enough to give them this, you are motivating them to behave like that in the future. Also you give example to others around you, when they see that this strategy works, to start applying it themselves. And we do not need neither more motivated trolls, nor higher count of trolls in champion select. If you show some spirit, I guarantee that you will notice that such people will often swap their "cleance/ghost" to normal summoner spells right before the game is about to start, and will actually play for the win, or dodge the game themself, once they see their trick had no effect. I have to admit, that in some cases people do what they say they will do, and in such cases I encourage you to remain calm during the game, and report via ticket after the game. But in most of the cases it turns out that those people are more like attentionwhores, and nothing else.
I resent the implication of stupidity on my part for leaving a game I have been forced out of by trols. The fact is, the troll do trol, they lock in garbage and deliberately lose the game. it does happen, it did to me and evidently its happens to others. Don't encourage trolls by doing what they want? Here is a novel idea, how about ban the trols and stop telling everyone else we are to blame. Also, the summoner spells are not the issue, as much as the champs locked in. People have 50% win rates on their mains when everyone is trying, pretty sure having 2 troll picks is going to impact your odds ghost cleanse or not. Please, We agree trols are the issue, so focus on them. I don't care about toxicity so long as you have a team of 5 people trying to win. This isn't toxicity. Its people trolling and getting away with it being as the system is exploitable and idiots defend their actions. 100% a United fromlnt against this action would have it fixed in a week. If riot knew it was going to cost them players and money it's fixed. However, if people like you justify their actions then guess what, Riot will focus on getting your money for skins rather than fixing the game because you except this pathetic behaviour and contribute to making it possible in the first place.
: dodge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> [{quoted}](name=Supercharge,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=2FNNhBVB,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-09T14:18:08.844+0000) > > dodge!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is not the victims responsibility to solve this issue. Don't you understand that!?! If There been a criminal who has murdered a bunch of people, the police lock him up they don't leave him to it and tell you to stay away from him. I realise these metaphors are somewhat overkill but it's the only way some people understand the issue is with the perpetrator not the victim.
Tarolock (EUNE)
: >And there's no way to report the idiots as riot don't think intent to ruin a game is punishable without the game actually taking place. because there is no crime you dont commit... since you can play any champ in any role with any summoner spell there isnt anything wrong with going doublesupport with cleanse and ghost >Again, there needs to be someone who cares about players who is working on a way to mitigate the troll exploits available to people who don't give a damn about climbing. so your idea is that you should get a free dodge and punish them when they did nothing wrong? and that would magically cure the toxicity? why dont you just play the game (since you lose lp anyway) and report them after the game when you have evidence against them? >I have a photo of the duo but I won't post it because apparently that makes me the bad guy. nope you are not a bad guy for posting a photo, you are just invading their privacy, which is protected by law >Imagine living in a world where there was no punishment for attempted murder because the crime didn't actually take place, due to the victim Running away. And any witness who reports it gets shunned by the community for shaming the would be killer. there is a huge difference here that you missed by a mile, in your example you talk about murdering someone, which is always illegal no matter the situation, so even talking about doing it is illegal and punishable, but ingame its different, there is nothing against going disco nunu if you want to win with it, because you can play anything anywhere, its only against the rules if you are deliberately trying to lose the game for your team, and thats the difference, thats why there is no punishment for talking about going disco nunu, because thats NOT against the rule
> [{quoted}](name=Tarolock,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=2FNNhBVB,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-07-09T07:11:06.296+0000) > > because there is no crime you dont commit... since you can play any champ in any role with any summoner spell there isnt anything wrong. Can someone explain why there are always people like this defending obvious trols? Is it likely they don't understand or trol themself's? There is clearly something wrong with "I'm going to trol" picks sona jungle. Ghost and cleanse. His duo types "im going to trol" picks jana adc Ghost and cleanse. what part of your brain compels you to defend their right to ruin the game. You say there is no crime? Blackmail. They are holding your LP hostage. They are not trying to win. So yes, it's reportable. Novak got banned for temo support and roaming mid. (still trying to win, still trolling). Askyheart received a pema ban for playing roaming singed with smite (he had most mastery point in world with singed and a 54% win rate) If you are in a home and someone covers it with gassline and lights a match don't tell me that not a crime until they ignite the gas. Seriously people like you defending these idiots are why these idiots exist. So have some rational thought and aknowledge A This wasn't an atemt at off meta picks, it was blackmail . B you argument of (not a crime until you lose the game) is something an 11 year old would say if caught attempting to steal sweets from a shop."yeah but you caught me before I stole, so technically I didn't do anything wrong" C. This affects everyone, and what harm would a pre match report button do, in order for riot to analyse if wrong doing accord.
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: Will Riot ever be able to release something new without creating a clustertruck to everything else?
I have officially played TFT for longs than I have played resident evil 2 remake. A £40.00 AAA game. Sure I enjoyed resi more, but How can you complain when there is so much in the world that sucks that isn't free. I have to buy ever mortal kombat character for £5.00 even after paying full price? That's something worthy of complaining about. Not a free spin off game to a free game.
: Some clear insight into Riot's issues, and who's to blame for these issues.
"Most decisions are made at the table where the brandy is served" Truely, words to live by whenever a product or service let's you down.
: Will Riot ever be able to release something new without creating a clustertruck to everything else?
You ungrateful sod. A company takes great pride in their work, releases a brand new mode for free, just to enhance the player bases experience. And you react by moaning due to teathing issues? I hope you are young and this is something you grow out of. But I'd bet Ten pounds right now you blame your team when you go 0/8/0 in solo queue.


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