Holten (EUW)
: Regarding Ekkos ult
Well Amumu can't use his q whilst snared and all he's doing is throwing out a bandage : ( Edit: Same with Nautilus q
RepοrtHer (EUNE)
: Yasuo Rework Again
lol what the hell is that w
: Its going to make the game more cooler, every skin should have its own powers. i think ..
It makes the game more unfair you mean lol Skins are cosmetic purely, why would they need powers
Why would you want that?
Rioter Comments
: > [{quoted}](name=GPet,realm=EUW,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=AU3zkJn8,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-07-28T17:19:51.053+0000) > > I think... yes. > > ...no ... maybe. .-. wow , it's you ^^ . hello ps : it's me s8y
bump my BOIS
: Permanently banned for trolling in three games? xD
what the %%%% are ice poseidon memes
: Are any people here from the old General Discussion ( GD ) ?
Bush Camper (EUNE)
: I know new urgot is cool. I like the concept. I just, do not like playing him. It's not a champion i enjoy playing, i am getting bored fast, and it's just not fun overall. I agree with what you said about old Urgot, though they could've kept what made him unique, because right now, all i have is mastery level 7 on a champion i don't like playing, and that i will most likely never play from now on.
Yeah its a shame. What would you have preferred that they kept?
Bush Camper (EUNE)
: So is Urgot the first champion to be removed from the game?
Well the main problem with the old Urgot was just that if he was strong enough to be picked, there was nothing you could really do against him outside of dodging his E, and if you did manage to dodge it he was pretty weak, quite a binary champion. If he hit you with his E he could just spam Q No way to get around his passive Very little you could do about his ultimate And yeah the old Urgot was pretty fun, but the new one is just as cool. I get that you'd be annoyed (I probably would if they reworked Anivia), but the new Urgot is REALLY cool so its for the best.
: Can we agree that the Aatrox rework was a fail and it shouls be reverted asap?
Farce (EUNE)
: L E T H A L I T Y E T H A L I T Y
Rioter Comments
: KDA is not all that is factored when determining a grade, CS, kill participation and many more are. That is why Grades are perfect towards determining one's performance.
It doesn't matter how many stats you use, it still won't really represent how well you play I could end up with 40 assists where i did nothing but land one auto attack as Soraka and the stats would look brilliant
: Grades should be a factor determining MMR gains/losses
Well grades don't necessarily reflect how well you've played, just how good your stats were
: 18death in d4 isnt enough to perma ban ? wtf?
ejpon (EUNE)
: If one lane is weaker (let's say support), me, as a jungler, gets such a great way to snowball my botlane and get easy win.
Not like people use lolnexus or w/e to do this anyway
: {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} # AUTO-FILL = CANCER
ejpon (EUNE)
: So should i be happy that i have easier game thanks to disadvantige of RNG factor?
Well it doesn't make it easier given that the chances are there'll be an equal number of autofilled people on each team. Besides its not as though people become sudden trash when auto filled... most of the time... However I do agree it would be nicer not to have auto fill, but the queue times would be ridiculous so the benefits far outweigh the "cost" imo
ejpon (EUNE)
: Autofill ruining game experience for everyone
But your opponents are just as likely to be autofilled?
: Make Syndra E scale with levels
Yeah I agree changing it to 1.1/1.2/1.3/1.4/1.5 or something would be pretty fair if she ever needed a nerf, but I don't think she's that OP atm, maybe give a small mana cost decrease or something to compensate?
: PSA: The mute button does not excuse toxicity
I agree it doesn't at all, but I don't understand why people complain that they get flamed "All game" when they can just hit mute as soon as it starts.
Rioter Comments
: I have encountered a truely infuriating behaviour. kinda a horror story
whyrawr (EUW)
: Lefthanded league
I don't think its done on purpose. Well spotted though!
: Scripters - Why they Level...
Well I'm sure they would if they caught them
Rioter Comments
: That sounds like a good idea, but I haven't used twitch before and I don't know how to find that kind of stream. Can you give me a link?
https://www.twitch.tv/directory/game/League%20of%20Legends Check out a few of the streams until you find one (if you're really struggling, try just searching for ADC)
Four Star (EUW)
: Bronze 5 here here looking to coach challenger teams
>implying zed support isn't the most contested pick in competitive play already
EtK2000 (EUNE)
: Riot, can I please have 10 chaos tokens?
: Maybe you should read honour definitions? Tilt-proof one is basically "didn't flame even if they got flamed". GG <3 is literally tilt-proof but without getting flamed part, just nice in general and that's it. Great shotcaller is random but whatever, one good call that wins the game is enough. Still not sure what you're complaining about, mad that you aren't the one who is carrying everyone and getting less honours? https://www.mitsui.com/au/en/group/__icsFiles/artimage/2016/01/22/dae_5/1216815_9223_picture.jpg?noredirect
Where was I complaining about anything hahahaha This is just, in my experience, how people are using the honour system, I really don't care about it tbh
: I witnessed something illegal. I reported it and now I am a witness as well as in possession
: Wrong. i honored our Ahri from last game. Got wrecked by her laner and out team flamed the hell out of her. She didn't say a word so i honored her and reported the rest.
Well maybe so, but from what i've seen the majority of people just do what the OP says
Dakon0 (EUW)
: If you think so. It could also be a very Positive Player, someone who wants to help others, or someone you had good conversations with. Its all your choice.
I never said I did this, it just seems to be how people are using it in my experience
Rioter Comments
: Videos of high CS marksmen
You could try just watching a twitch stream of a pro who mains ADC, you'll get advice on other areas of playing ADC too that way
: Game 1 HighNoon2016: no HighNoon2016: k HighNoon2016: %%%% HighNoon2016: u HighNoon2016: xd HighNoon2016: wtf HighNoon2016: its me HighNoon2016: fuc k u HighNoon2016: %%%%%% HighNoon2016: trist HighNoon2016: shithead HighNoon2016: gj HighNoon2016: LEMME FARM HighNoon2016: IDIOT HighNoon2016: reprot trist HighNoon2016: report trist HighNoon2016: for going top HighNoon2016: I was top HighNoon2016: KID HighNoon2016: TRIST HighNoon2016: U ARE HighNoon2016: AN ASSHOLEEE HighNoon2016: I WAS TOP HighNoon2016: WTF IS WRONG WITH U HighNoon2016: SHITHAEDD HighNoon2016: GANK HighNoon2016: MDI HighNoon2016: wtf? HighNoon2016: GANK HighNoon2016: MID HighNoon2016: U HighNoon2016: FKING HighNoon2016: %%%%%% HighNoon2016: repiorwe HighNoon2016: q HighNoon2016: report HighNoon2016: trist HighNoon2016: Plz HighNoon2016: jsut rep her HighNoon2016: rep trist HighNoon2016: Report her HighNoon2016: rep trist HighNoon2016: MAYBE BACK OFF HighNoon2016: AND NOT EAT THE E? HighNoon2016: No HighNoon2016: being a shithaedd HighNoon2016: no f HighNoon2016: wtf mY Q HighNoon2016: WTFFFF HighNoon2016: OMFGG HighNoon2016: IF MY Q JUST WENT OFF HighNoon2016: repor HighNoon2016: reprot HighNoon2016: him HighNoon2016: Just reort him HighNoon2016: Legit HighNoon2016: Useless top HighNoon2016: who stole my lane HighNoon2016: useless jg HighNoon2016: Who fed my lane HighNoon2016: the game cant get any better HighNoon2016: i hope HighNoon2016: aba yle varo HighNoon2016: ra ginmdat HighNoon2016: xd HighNoon2016: meggobristvis unda mimewra HighNoon2016: xo ar gadaobt HighNoon2016: ramdeni qartvelnii xart HighNoon2016: Xd HighNoon2016: me ro ara HighNoon2016: verc gavigebdit HighNoon2016: X HighNoon2016: XD HighNoon2016: fui trist HighNoon2016: Rogor mezizgebi HighNoon2016: wat HighNoon2016: gank me more HighNoon2016: even tho i recoonected HighNoon2016: and got to lane HighNoon2016: at 3 mins HighNoon2016: Lsot lane HighNoon2016: i still get ganekd HighNoon2016: xd HighNoon2016: vigaca gaifida HighNoon2016: oh coem on now HighNoon2016: ENOUGH HighNoon2016: dafuq HighNoon2016: ah HighNoon2016: I hate HighNoon2016: My country HighNoon2016: XD HighNoon2016: my people HighNoon2016: waht do i have to do with my ppl tho HighNoon2016: all trists fault HighNoon2016: >.. HighNoon2016: < HighNoon2016: dude HighNoon2016: coem on HighNoon2016: 1v3 HighNoon2016: U kidding me HighNoon2016: zedi HighNoon2016: c HighNoon2016: movida HighNoon2016: Mara orives moglavdit HighNoon2016: XD HighNoon2016: zedi zedze HighNoon2016: ginda? HighNoon2016: xd HighNoon2016: zedi zedze HighNoon2016: ginda/ HighNoon2016: Level 7 varo ro blataob HighNoon2016: %%%% u both HighNoon2016: XD HighNoon2016: i go top now HighNoon2016: and i hope u die HighNoon2016: with cancer HighNoon2016: <3 HighNoon2016: zeds top HighNoon2016: nvm HighNoon2016: au tristi verafers ver aklebs HighNoon2016: damage qvs 0 HighNoon2016: stop feeding zed HighNoon2016: jeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez HighNoon2016: ty HighNoon2016: mara tristi HighNoon2016: dafidavda HighNoon2016: wesit HighNoon2016: me ara HighNoon2016: BIWO HighNoon2016: RO MIVEDI HighNoon2016: LEVEL 4 IYO HighNoon2016: RA GINDA HighNoon2016: ZEDIS HighNoon2016: WINAAGMDEB? 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HighNoon2016: i set it all up HighNoon2016: for HighNoon2016: u HighNoon2016: u just did damage HighNoon2016: thats it HighNoon2016: ur so toxic HighNoon2016: kid HighNoon2016: i have more farm HighNoon2016: even tho HighNoon2016: i died 10 mroe times HighNoon2016: and had like HighNoon2016: 5 less misn HighNoon2016: of playing HighNoon2016: ur trash HighNoon2016: deal with it HighNoon2016: ashe had heal HighNoon2016: Nicu HighNoon2016: ur a turtle HighNoon2016: xd HighNoon2016: ult HighNoon2016: him HighNoon2016: when u see jhin ult HighNoon2016: insta ult him HighNoon2016: so he gets no damage off HighNoon2016: i know HighNoon2016: ye HighNoon2016: for future HighNoon2016: keep dat in mind HighNoon2016: Rito hate u HighNoon2016: ara mgnia HighNoon2016: xd HighNoon2016: full ad vart HighNoon2016: armors aawyobem HighNoon2016: ega HighNoon2016: boom HighNoon2016: lost like its nothin HighNoon2016: au kai ra HighNoon2016: exhaust HighNoon2016: Mqonda HighNoon2016: ra nubi var HighNoon2016: au ra cudad vitamahse eg xo ar gadaobt HighNoon2016: i get bt HighNoon2016: def HighNoon2016: Mogklavdit HighNoon2016: orives HighNoon2016: Prosta dzaan cudad vitamashe HighNoon2016: flash mqonda 5 wamshi HighNoon2016: paka orives HighNoon2016: waveli me HighNoon2016: samives HighNoon2016: andac HighNoon2016: ar wavedi HighNoon2016: i dont udnerstand HighNoon2016: why the 3 of u HighNoon2016: ad at blue HighNoon2016: liek HighNoon2016: no reason HighNoon2016: moica shen reebs chalichob HighNoon2016: XD HighNoon2016: 1v4 cudi azria HighNoon2016: magas getyvi HighNoon2016: do somethign HighNoon2016: so aids HighNoon2016: So fking aids HighNoon2016: says ashe HighNoon2016: lul HighNoon2016: Lol HighNoon2016: ra dagasmita HighNoon2016: dadefet HighNoon2016: %%%% u HighNoon2016: all Game 2 HighNoon2016: report lee plz HighNoon2016: rep lee HighNoon2016: IM MID KID HighNoon2016: U ARE SUPPROT HighNoon2016: GO BOT NOW HighNoon2016: AND U GET PERM BANNED HighNoon2016: whyt are u so sure HighNoon2016: i said mid first HighNoon2016: nope HighNoon2016: atleast i dont go mid HighNoon2016: when i dont say mid first HighNoon2016: ahri is mid HighNoon2016: piss off now HighNoon2016: 9x lee plz HighNoon2016: fui am lees dedamovtyan HighNoon2016: au ra ylea HighNoon2016: 9x lee plz HighNoon2016: ireport lee HighNoon2016: rep lee HighNoon2016: rep klee HighNoon2016: rep kee HighNoon2016: rep lee HighNoon2016: rep lee HighNoon2016: rep lee HighNoon2016: rep lee HighNoon2016: rep lee HighNoon2016: rep lee HighNoon2016: rep lee HighNoon2016: rep lee HighNoon2016: i died jsut bcs of him HighNoon2016: WTF> HighNoon2016: rep shyv too HighNoon2016: being trash HighNoon2016: Ur mom likes this d too HighNoon2016: dont need the money HighNoon2016: Im nto a broke kid like u HighNoon2016: I have a job that pays HighNoon2016: and thast not sucking cock HighNoon2016: Ur trash too HighNoon2016: Btw rep lee HighNoon2016: did i mention dat? 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HighNoon2016: just report him HighNoon2016: for flame HighNoon2016: and int HighNoon2016: what HighNoon2016: more is left HighNoon2016: he says its ur turn HighNoon2016: to get fed HighNoon2016: and his turn HighNoon2016: to be banned HighNoon2016: ashe HighNoon2016: daareporte es yle ra HighNoon2016: and i will cumm on ur motehr HighNoon2016: sure u arent HighNoon2016: sure HighNoon2016: and only what u said is enough to get u banned HighNoon2016: u are garbage HighNoon2016: wait HighNoon2016: karma HighNoon2016: Xd HighNoon2016: why did u shield urself man wtf HighNoon2016: well its ojk HighNoon2016: even tho u aer 0/10 HighNoon2016: u aer still tryind HighNoon2016: trying HighNoon2016: and u are not this %%%%%%ed fking lee sin HighNoon2016: and i was mid firs HighNoon2016: scrub HighNoon2016: wtf?> HighNoon2016: How does ur e kill me HighNoon2016: when im like 2000 units away HighNoon2016: u said shut up and speak HighNoon2016: wtf do u want me to do HighNoon2016: kiddo HighNoon2016: shyvana HighNoon2016: buy spirit visage HighNoon2016: so much ap HighNoon2016: bork and visage HighNoon2016: BACK HighNoon2016: SHYVANA! HighNoon2016: wtf are u doing HighNoon2016: WTF HighNoon2016: DFQF HighNoon2016: D HighNoon2016: CASDS HighNoon2016: WTF HighNoon2016: AHAHAH HighNoon2016: UR BAN HighNoon2016: LOL HighNoon2016:  HighNoon2016: he legit trolled? HighNoon2016: he itn HighNoon2016: flame HighNoon2016: be ttoxic HighNoon2016: what nore ? HighNoon2016: wtf do u mean no HighNoon2016: He inted HighNoon2016: and flamed so hard HighNoon2016: maybe sonmeone back HighNoon2016: thats no excuse HighNoon2016: WTF GUYS HighNoon2016: rep lee HighNoon2016: rep lee
Formatting please
: New player honor i do not understand ...
Well you honour whoever you thought was most helpful. And I don't understand your second paragraph at all; how would newer players not recognise a calm player, its pretty clear when 90% of the community is annoying/negative. Plus uh, "Forcing players to make a decision on things they don't understand"... what...
42069I (EUW)
: Just Sion...
The only good montage i've ever seen (of anything!), very fun to watch. Great stuff.
: The Black Cleaver on Ashe?
Well just try it and see what you think
Taari (EUW)
: No rewards for players being friendly BEFORE new honor system?
Well you still have the satisfaction of just being a nice guy, and I'm pretty sure they said you'll get something anyway
Adam Blaze (EUNE)
: Truth must be told.
You can't possibly say that he can't 1v1 champions, that's the one thing he's still fantastic at.
Jackom1 (EUW)
: Jungle Ryze?
You say zero to mobafire as though mobafire is brilliant lol
Gasburger (EUW)
: Why is every piece of criticism considered flaming?
I agree its not flaming/reportable, but saying stuff like "play better" or "how are you losing so hard" really don't help and are just kinda annoying. On the other hand, telling him to play passive is a good idea.
: i am level 7 katarina and i get S every 2-3 days. But what's stopping me from getting level 8 is blue essence. (i stopped playing katarina this month so no point in checking my match history)
Well that and the fact that level 8 doesn't exist
Eratos (EUW)
: Vayne overpowered
Necroniss (EUNE)
: I dont think that they even will see this, but..- <removed for privacy reasons>
Well no they won't see it here, you'll need to send them an email : P
: new language means every voice line needs to be remade in that language, so they'll need at least 136 bulgarian vocie actors/actresses for the different champs, skins and annoucers. it would cost quite a lot actually, and take a long time.
Well they could just translate the client, that wouldn't be too hard.
Necroniss (EUNE)
: It will be easy , but what will be happen when they add new event ? That's why i think that they will need a team , who will translate every updates, events and this team wants salary :D
Well give them an email anyway, if you're willing to do it for free I see no reason why they wouldn't let you help, and you'd be greatly helping a lot of people!
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