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Xaillon (EUW)
I have a mid and top laner, both D2 in soloQ. I will add you.
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: EUW Legends - 1V1 Tournament!
What is the win condition? I'd be down if it is 100 cs, 1st tower or fb. These 1v1's till nexus destruction are boring as hell.
Bunkleyyyy (EUNE)
: How are these punishments fair ?
As someone who already has honor 5 and never got penalized. If it is not useful for your game, don't say anything. It seems like you are using your chat as a vent for your emotions. I have read through it quickly and haven't seen a single message that was useful. As to the ban, you seem rather offensive. I didn't read what the ban was or if you received any penalties prior to this ban. Looking at how much you cry in chat it wouldn't surprise me if you have previous penalties. But after all, the ban isn't really interesting tbh. It is your behavior, if they int, accept it, go next. If people feed, try to carry, if you can't, go next. If people flame or talk too much without useful content (like you did here) , mute them. The game gets so much more fun, you win more games and you won't receive any penalties. I don't see any pro about flaming your team or even arguing about why they did something. Personally I would have muted you at: game 1 -> "ah already, lovely game", as of this point you just know people will start crying and the message after that, you did. game 2 -> "nice champ, 2 deaths jg still not comming" , same reasoning here. And btw, this to all junglers, never gank losing lanes. If you get counter ganked, he also destroyed your match-up. Try to exploit winning lanes.
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: I'm interested am a jungler!
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: Rp tournaments going away?
I noticed this too. Maybe riot dropped sponsorship towards those communities. If they did I hope it is because they will release clash soon. I also saw one of the battlefy communities hosting a cup today, but I think they fund their own prizes now.
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: EUW FLEX - be Dia+ in solo q
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: i would go for good synergy over meta. But im not dia.
With synergy I assume you mean a good team composition. But a solid comp and meta don't exclude each other, they could actually complement each other.
: I'd say it depends on your other lanes? If they are well gankable/ have good engage a roamer is great, or you go for hard push to create pressure. It shouldn't matter what "meta" is, even less so when you have 4 premades.
I would disagree hard that meta doesn't matter. Champions can be downright awful.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Azir, LB, Lissandra, Nautilus, Ryze, TF, Zoe.
TF never found his way to competitive since teamplay counters him right? It works good in soloQ because no one respects the global R. Also, Naut is interesting, how does he fit into comp scene?
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: LP gains in diamond... demotivating
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: There's way less people in Diamond elo over in general. Diamond only has around 5k-10k people in it. Which is like 0.2% of the community.
According to I am rank 32650 (2.2417% of top), with D4, 30 LP. And there are A LOT on 0 lp. EDIT 1: On you can see how many people there are in Diamond+, 4.58% is diamond, 66588 people. fun fact, there are over 30k people between me (30lp) and 0 lp. EDIT 2: A note on the original topic: I too, get +15 , -19 while 56% win rate. Even on a 4 winstreak, still +15
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: Wait, they still didn't change that after adding another elo in the higher divisions?
There are about 20/30k people in D4 I believe, adding a tier of 200 players will most likely not fix that issue.
Alëks (EUW)
: Recently got diamond, now I'm getting 14 LP.
We really need to cry about this topic more I guess, this is an issue for multiple seasons now, as long as I can remember. The problem used to be in D5, now it is in D4. It really is too hard to get out of D4. If Riot then thinks it is too easy to get high elo, then find another way to redistribute your system so it is harder to get D4 in the first place.
Chrysies (EUW)
: It's been a well known problem since the last patch, but Riot have as usual stonewalled the topic everywhere.
It's is a known issue for years and years. Used to be in dia5, now in dia4.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tarolock,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=62hTz4ZZ,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-04-19T09:02:12.736+0000) > > and what do you suggest how you should deal with a 15k hp chogath without %hp damage? gather 6 superminion on top of baron and all 5 player just to kill him? while the rest of his team can do what they want? you have armor pen items and armor shred items edit: and true dmg
That is to counter resistances, not HP.
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: LP gain/loss bug. (With images)
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: Nerf Nasus Rito
Nasus just obliterates low elo. They have little to no clue how to deny nasus, they oftenly just shove him in the tower. If you just play fighters nasus can't do much. (e.g. panth/kled/garen/urgot/jax/riven/hecarim/darius).
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ZapperCat (EUW)
: Dutch / Belgium Team - LFP
: 3v3 LF smurf for climb
I play bot/mage on 3v3. I have played briefly with some challengers a few seasons back as sub. Always like it, but never found a consistent team. I mostly play aniv/velk/brand etc.
: BE System
It is EXTREMELY easy to farm champions compared to what it used to be. You get 5 free champions, expensive ones as well. If you just unlock what you get as shard, you only pay 60% of the price. Yeah, if you want to unlock specific champions, like smurfs want to do, that may be harder. But new accounts are focused on new player experience, not smurfs. I even argue that riot should make a move against smurfs. Or discourage it in some way. My rule of thumb for smurfing is; that I will only smurf if riot restricts me from having fun with my friends
: Watch out for ranked games in early seasons
It is a very good opportunity to play with and against these 'good' players to improve yourself. Maybe gets you lower in short term, but higher in the long term.
Retro 42 (EUW)
: I'm just sucking at League no matter what i try
I wouldn't bother feeling bad for yourself for a lack of skill. Until ranked unlocks you are pretty much player a tutorial and low level games generally have a lot of smurfs in them. Kind of makes your experience slightly worse, but if you unlock ranked on level 30 and start playing ranked. You get matched with people with equal skill. Also don't be sad if you get placed low, I always laughed at a friend of me when he got placed in bronze IV couple years back, he was pretty hard stuck as well for hundreds of games in his first season. Now he consistently reaches Diamond 4+(old ranking system). And I am holding my %%%% in dia5/high plat. peace out{{summoner:4}}
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: plat2 adc looking for community/team
Laat maar horen als je iets heb gevonden!
Galliards (EUW)
: rankeds 3v3
Do you have experience playing hypercarry? And what were your previous ranks in 3's ?
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Korenaka (EUW)
: Dutch Team - Pillow Warrior
Jammer dat je geen Mid/adc zoekt, succes met zoeken!
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