: Nope , you are not the only one. I've been looking for answers everywhere but this shitty company of Riot doesn't even care. I really hope you all go bankrupt with 0 money in your pockets. You don't deserve getting paid for this. Only new skins , new modes etc but never a %%%%in fix when it comes to bug issues. You launched a new patch and you ruined the games of so many players. DO SOMETHING YOU USELESS TARDS
They're indeed shit, i made sure problem wasn't on my side, then submitted feedback/bug report/whatever else i can do like week or so ago, still nothing, bugs like that should be fixed asap but they're a bunch of incompetent %%%%%%s.Sadly, they won't go bankrupt as long as their game is that popular.
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Where's Maybe?
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Sefi (EUNE)
: Did they change the UI font?
Is it a trend to make text small?It indeed is hard on the eyes, ffs rito.


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