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: Yuumi is more than useless now???
yuumi is op when you build her right https://imgur.com/DF7lGY3
: boi you have no idea how many throws happen in solo q one game i had recently we we're down 4/15 with the enemy having 5 towers to our 2 plates but we still somehow managed to fight back yes we didn't win but the game went on untill 40 or so minutes which yeah we lost but at the end both teams had 2 inhibs down so yeah it came down to that one teamfight there are more miraculus comebacks out there you don't know when that yi of yours would try to 1v5 and give the enemy a 500 gold shutdown about the shutdown probably riots dumb servers being dumb not much you can do about it but bring attention to it XD
yeah i know people can throw but we were mostly fine me and my duo was pretty much set to start carrying anyway my yuumi build is deadly as paired with my duo its annoying to say the least
: umm your screenshot proves nothing (you might want to post your match history as well in timeframe however yes it did cancel the game however claiming that they stole your game when the game was not finished is bs since they could still have a comeback at some point
will do but we were pretty ahead no comeback was gunna happen https://imgur.com/a/9qZX0hJ there should be one game inbetween those other yuumi games as you can see teammates are different champs in each game etc i just wanna know what happened it feels like we wasted our time for nothing...
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: Neeko counter through settings
thats the thing it doesn't mimic the other peoples names at least it didn't when i played her
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