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: That skin shoulda been given to Kindred, and in that skin splash Wolf would be in the spotlight Not f#cking lux lookin a##...
indeed, it looked like warwick, A.sol or nasus, and wolf from kindred. but no, riot's art team isn't creative enough to make skins for other champs than ahri, ashe and lux
: Well, ideally that's not a battlecast skin because a real battlcast skin would require Illaoi itself to be a robot or the like. This looks more like Guerilla Illaoi or Hextech Illaoi. How they could miss this point so clamorously? Maybe they though that a Illaoi with metal boobs...would have not sold enough :D. However i don't really care for this skin. I don't play Illaoi and i don't think i ever will...and i would have liked the spacesuit skin more anyway.
The deepspace concept was indeed the best of the three, the story idea alone was fcking awesome, but battlecast won cuz the made the other 2 look mediocre so there was not really a choice to make in my opinion, the majority was gonna pick battlecast cuz of that and i hate it
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Xave69 (EUW)
: Check if that account is even yours. Something is really messed up with the site. I keep getting logged into other people's accounts at seemingly random and cant log into my own. In fact a friend who has been also trying to buy the figures at random logged into my account. So just gonna try and refresh till the site comes back to normal. Hope i dont miss the figure as well. :( P.S. You can verify what account u are in by seeing the account information section of the site. so verify before making any purchases.
it i's the right acount, riot is doing idk what but it is really messed up, i really want the figure and it keeps doing that kind of stuff
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