: > [{quoted}](name=TheGhostlySheep,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=BzuvaPqd,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-06-16T01:22:06.190+0000) > > - Riven and Vayne STILL haven't been actually nerfed for the past several patches despite being really dominant in their respective roles. Are you even playing the same game as us? Vayne isn't close to dominant in any of her roles. The nerfs hit her hard, she's a middle of the pack ADC and a lower middle of the pack top laner right now. She's also seeing little to no competitive play.   If you want to know who the real dominant marksmen are then take a look at {{champion:222}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:15}}
Completely forgot about the rageblade nerfs. You're absolutely right.
: > Yuumi is currently beyond broken. well when she got released everyone complained she was weak, she got buffed, then it turned out she was fine... happens a lot with new champions people aren't willing to wait till they've settled before calling them too weak/strong > Mordekaiser is completely ridiculous. see above... we need to wait a bit more. plus hes already been nerfed > Akali rework was a complete failure. it was a complete success... the goals of the rework was to add more outplay potential on either side, make her less stat checky, and make her healthier... despite the balance issues all goals where reached making the rework successful, riot just need to tune her better > Tahm Kench is rampaging the top lane. tahm is a complicated issue, hes gotta be nerfed top without hurting his support identity which is already at deaths door and needs buffs... one wrong move here and tahm dies. so riot are right to take their time on this > pyke is played everywhere BUT support. hes played support as well tbh… but riot have changes coming on the pbe to kick him out of the solo lane (aka removing his ability to damage minions with his E and making his tap Q single target) > Bruisers are being better tanks than tank champions. pretty much... but it doesn't help that changes to tank items buffs bruisers as well, and everyone keeps blaming tanks for what bruisers are doing. but riot do need to fix this soon > Riven and Vayne STILL haven't been actually nerfed for the past several patches despite being really dominant in their respective roles. vayne took a pretty big indirect nerf when they nerfed guinsoos rageblade, just cause she hasn't been directly nerfed doesn't mean she hasn't been hit > Nobody even likes the new Champion (Qiyana) because of her character design. again I think that's the idea. its like what stan lee did with iron man, the entire point of that character was to create a hero that was unlikable and see if people would like him. same here, its a champion who is genially unlikable, people will still play her so its not that big of a deal but I think if we don't like her that means riot was successful ___ weird thing about your post, you've asked riot to slow down then asked riot to hurry up with other stuff. remember that champion releases is done by a different team to balance so they don't interfere with each other. plus the speed at the moment is prob just a fluke, multible champions finishing at once means that they get released one after the other, the result of this will be a period of time where theres less champions as teams all start their next one at the same time
Yuumi has been too strong for several patches now and they still haven't given her any serious nerfs. Besides that, the whole concept of the champion is just stupid, she just attaches to a hyper carry, who becomes virtually unkillable because Yuumi literally does everything, Peels with R, heals and shields, stupidly long range slows to hunt down stragglers. With Morde I can agree that it's wiser to wait and see before stepping in with any major changes, but there are some things that are fundamentally bad (in terms of design) with the champion. Mainly his R, there are very few champions that outright beat him in a 1v1 situation, this means that those who can't are forced to buy a qss even though they might be a support, or an AP champion that has absolutely no need for a mercurial scimitar. And during laning phase it makes him virtually ungankable since he can turn the 2v1 situation into 2 1v1s with the press of a button. Akali rework wasn't a success in the slightest. She has one of the lowest win rates across all elos but is still considered a pick or ban champion. Her kit is absolutely nightmarish and completely overloaded. Riot completely killed off tahm's support ability and he now shits on pretty much anything in the top lane, he gets way too much free damage from his passive, that's the main issue. If they want to weaken his solo laning ability the fix is not hard. Bringing him back to support is another matter entirely. Pyke, well we both agree that pyke as a solo laner is problematic. I completely forgot about the rageblade nerfs but yeah, vayne has finally been hit. But I still think riven needs to be tuned down a little. Obviously people will still play the new champion, people have already found ways to break her (almost permanent invisibility while in the vicinity of a bush, think akali shroud but as long as she has mana), but besides that, just because people play her doesn't mean they like her. So even if it was Riot's goal to create a dislikeable character that is still liked, then they wouldn't achieve it. Just look around on the boards there's countless threads talking about how shit her design is. As for your last point, by slow down, I meant that they should focus on balancing they game they currently have before they introduce new content. Literally wrote that at the end of the post.
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: Akali top is weak... too many tanks and fighters. Here’s a tip... rush adaptive helm... suddenly she’s lost the ability to touch you and you can beat her in every fight... Seriously every time I’ve faced akali top it’s been the easiest landing phase of my life.
adaptive helm is a terrible buy for most fighters. Especially early on, she might get her damage reduced but if your champion doesn't have built in sustain it doesn't matter because it's one of the most spammable abilities in the game and you take a Q or 2 to the face every time you go to get a minion. Eventually she gets you low enough to the point where she can all in you. She is MUCH stronger top lane than she is mid lane, never had issues with her mid but top she's a nightmare to deal with.
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Don't like ARURF. URF plsssss.
Saiko II (EUW)
: looking for advices as new youtuber
If you're looking to do youtube as a job it sucks. Youtube constantly plays favourites and not to get too into it but pretty much anything that is remotely considered offensive gets demonetized. If you're doing it as a hobby and want to get more followers just for shits n giggles then maybe try do colabs with other youtubers to get more attention.
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: How come Tahm is not disabled yet?
But when I complain about tahm being op my post get's downvoted ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
: He his like every tanks, they scale a lot in early/mid game, but once you got your adc got a BORK and ARPEN% they get sliced without dooing anything
I can agree with the second part of that but he's not just like every other tank. I've played fighters like darius against other tanks and in those match ups I feel like I have space to maneuver and if I get hit by one ability it's not a death sentence. Tahm Kench on the other hand, hit by Q means either you flash or you die. His damage is just stupidly high.
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: Actually they have done stuff... both blitz Q and morg Q have had their visuals resized to fit their hit box as did a lot of other champions. Your example is a poor one, what has happened here is the hiemer was practically on top of the turret, as hiemer is larger than his turret his hitbox is therefor the one in from even though visually they are on top of each other hence he got hit. Moral of the story is don’t stand on top of the turrets and expect them to still be able to body block
It's not the best example, granted. But it's the only on I was able to document. Yes I am NEARLY on top of my turret, but the fact is that visually I am still behind it and the hook is headed right for the turret, if you look at the 3rd image the hook is actually touching the turret, and I should not have been hooked, there are so many compilations on youtube of BS hit boxes it amazes me that this is still an issue.
Shamose (EUW)
: That's because the client or the site don't give full info. Use the Wikia for info instead, it's much more complete. > INNATE: While in brush or camouflaged, Rengar's basic attacks gain 600 bonus range and cause him to leap to enemies beyond his normal melee range. This bonus lasts for 0.25 seconds upon exiting brush or stealth. Leaping when on 0 Ferocity generates 1 Ferocity.
JustClone (EUNE)
: It is like dota's click delay time. I mean, if you are in a bush, you missclick near the enemy and you start moving towards him, instead of attacking him, you can fix this command, by IMMEDIATELY (max 0.25?) correcting your input, without having to return to bush and then click again, because it will take much much more than whole second... It is intended, son. It is not bug.
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Shamose (EUW)
: Because that's how his passive works. He keeps the jump buff 0.25 seconds when out of a bush.
"While in brush, Rengar leaps at his target with his basic attack." That's what his passive states tho, nowhere is it stated that he can jump from outside a bush.
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: To be honest I think it's because she's **_frustrating_** to play against and that's what is affecting the nerfs, that and her top lane performance outshines her mid lane. My comments come from facing her top, I imagine she's not that great mid. This mostly comes from that spammable Q with a 1.5s CD and a slow attached to it, it's also instant cast - it's just incredibly annoying to get smacked with that 3 times in a row every time you go in for a single CS. Honestly I think if they make the Q cooldown to something like 6/5 seconds and REMOVE the slow and then buff her damage on Q & E it'd make her less frustrating to play against since you could actually get CS against her and go in for short trades when she uses her Q. Another champion who has a spammable Q like this: _**Karthus**_, has no slow attached to it and it has a 0.5 second delay - ***ONTOP*** of that you can just charge towards him the moment he starts spamming and he has no mobility to get out. Akali on the other hand will make it back to her fountain in the blink of an eye the moment you take a step in her general direction. The reason Akali now goes top is because she can't deal with the ranged mid laners who harass her so she would rather just go top and bully melee laners with the Q - if they made her deal with the other assassins mid and got rid of the kiting on Q she would go away from top and they can focus on balancing assassin akali in the mid lane.
In that case, the problem is just that she's really poorly designed. In which case Riot should revert her or remove her until they come up with a better rework instead of aimlessly trying to balance her, so they can put work into champions that actually need balancing and have been problematic for several patches now.
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: > Is the matchmaker %%%%ed or am I just unlucky? Neither. You played a normal game. In normals, players are matched by their normal-MMR, not their Ranked-MMR. The rank you are seeing is the ranked-rank. The two ratings are separated because firstly, normals shouldn't influence ranked and secondly because peoples skill in those two modes is often vastly different since they don't try hard in normals while they do in ranked. But since the matchmaking obviously can't predict how much people are tryharding in each individual match, that leads to normals being more unbalanced. There isn't really a way around that.
I see, had no idea MMR was different for normals and ranked. Thanks for clarifying!
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: Level 1-30 my experience.
I started a new account a few months ago on EUNE to play with a friend and those 3 categories are so damn accurate.
Silent Note (EUNE)
: Why are people in ARURF so much more toxic than people in normals/ranked?
I think it's because the game mode is downright frustrating in most cases. A lot of the times you're stuck with a mediocre URF champ when some guy on enemy team got something like zed, kai'sa, riven, garen etc and there's literally nothing you can do. Makes people frustated.
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Killmore (EUNE)
: new URF
lol try playing against kai sa, that shit is disgusting. Blows up anything in a matter of milliseconds and has a shield as big as her entire %%%%ing health bar. I thought zed was broken in URF but kai sa is even worse.
Dostheboss (EUNE)
: Arurf not enjoyable?
It never has been, so many people say they want Draft URF back but Riot obviously never delivers. I don't understand why the can't %%%%ing do both at least?
: People only play this game because they are addicted
The game is only fun when you're relevant in the match and actually feel like you have an impact on the game. For me at least.
: More mastery levels?
If they add new mastery levels they really need to make it more difficult to get. As you mentioned it's so easy to get 6 and 7.
Galtron (EUW)
: WIll there be urf ? or arurf
ARURF is so dogshit. There's always on person who gets something OP like zed or garen and the rest are stuck with shit like illaoi, bard and just champs that can't even come close to competing. I really hope they bring back draft URF.
: Teammates who ban your champion in champ select are the worst.
It's funny cause it's usually the worst performing players who do all these toxic things. Happened to me in my last game, wanted to play zed and my Braum support decides to ban him. Now I understand that maybe he doesn't want to play vs Zed but I was first pick so that's not an excuse. He ended up completely useless, not doing anything the whole game and I had to carry it. I just don't understand the mentality :/
fRoyGe (EUNE)
: Top or mid ?
Top has some very strong pics right now, like Irelia, Aatrox and Sion. Mid can have a lot more impact tho, WHEN PLAYED RIGHT. You're in the middle of the map so you have easy access to both top and bot lane for ganks. I'd suggest mid cause it's easier to learn than top imo, also Akali is stupid strong and Irelia can also be played mid so you have some strong picks there too.
: Client is completely broken at this point
I'm a mac user and the client is an absolute nightmare to use. I have to start it anywhere from 2-5 times to get it to work right every time I want to play. Bugs include: - Trying to reconnect indefinitely even though my internet connection works fine - Client only partially loading (friends list not open, if I click on profile nothing loads etc etc.) - Play button being black - When clash was around it would take nearly an hour to set up a lobby - Sometimes when I try to open it the icon pops up but the client itself won't open and I have to close it through task manager and restart the pc Riot has completely lost my faith as a customer, I have decided not to purchase ANYTHING with money until they decide to fix their damn game, not only the bugs and completely not ready releases but also gameplay-wise (won't go into details since it's not the topic of the thread) and I think others should do the same.
: Kai'Sa should never have been allowed to exist.
Riot desperately trying to pump out new content without it ever being even close to ready for live servers. It seems to be quite the recurring event recently. Zoe was cancer on release, Camille with her awesome 1k+ true dmg AA, Clash game mode, Ardent meta, Kai'Sa, nexus blitz should be renamed to bugs and glitches, and now even odyssey isn't working right. The game needs a hard reset and huge changed across the board. Everything does way too much damage, you can get shields that are literally bigger than your health bar, unkillable tanks that can just walk through your entire team without dieing. And of course the prior mentioned game modes that just don't work. Great company Riot Games. {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
: Question: Do you still have fun playing League ?
Short answer: Ranked, no. Normals with friends yes. Ranked has made me want to quit recently cause I was trying to climb by playing Zed mid. Was consistently destroying my lane, started with 65%+ winrate on him, it's now at 53% cause I stopped playing him ( would go down further if I kept trying). I just couldn't carry from mid, no matter how fed I got cause there was always that one idiot that fed and solo threw the game. I switched to top lane spamming GP (when I had easy lanes) and Garen and started climbing at the speed of light, it made me stop playing ranked cause it didn't feel rewarding at all. Why bother playing a champion like Zed where I actually have to think when I can play brainless champions like Garen and get much better results? I might start playing ranked again once they introduce the new system. Until then I will continue playing normals with my 3+ premade teams where I can %%%% around with no consequences. (I don't mean trolling and inting).
: Yasuo is a very toxic champion, the same guy who made him made Zoe, another champ well known for being _really fun to play against_. However, while he is extremely annoying to play against (this is coming from someone who used to play him religiously) he has some pretty strong counter picks. Fiora can destroy him, a good Riven will turn his asshole inside out, Darius is pretty strong against him, even Nasus can annihilate him provided he doesn't feed in the first 10 mins, Jax is another strong counter pick. Basically what you need to do with Yasuo is just completely shut him down early game. That being said, he's AIDS turned into a LoL character and I'd be happy to see him removed.
I commented on this cause it showed up in the "recent" tab, just now seeing it's a year old post lol
Amazonas (EUNE)
: Who created Yasuo?
Yasuo is a very toxic champion, the same guy who made him made Zoe, another champ well known for being _really fun to play against_. However, while he is extremely annoying to play against (this is coming from someone who used to play him religiously) he has some pretty strong counter picks. Fiora can destroy him, a good Riven will turn his asshole inside out, Darius is pretty strong against him, even Nasus can annihilate him provided he doesn't feed in the first 10 mins, Jax is another strong counter pick. Basically what you need to do with Yasuo is just completely shut him down early game. That being said, he's AIDS turned into a LoL character and I'd be happy to see him removed.
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VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Against the Diana, she was 400-500 gold ahead when you bought the Hexdrinker, meanwhile she already had the Armguard at 4:37, thus allowing her to stack it as well.
That's one of the 3 examples
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: But the effect is the same... doesn’t matter how long it lasts fizz gets to tower dive, kill and get out without worry because he can drop tower aggro... same as akali all her shroud does is let her drop aggro in reality her tower dive prowess is no more if not lower than fizz’s (much lower burst)
Except fizz often needs his E to kill the enemy, so it won't always be available to drop tower aggro and jump out.
: She might be untargetable for a long time but she needs a long time to kill without being fed... she has to be constantly moving around and using her passive which would be impossible without the shroud. It lets her actually function as a champion and isn’t too hard to play around. She also has to leave the shroud in order for it to last longer, s she has to be outside of its range aka vunerable for the full duration.
She leaves it for 1 second at most, doesn't give champions who are AA reliant, or targeted ability reliant many options. Let her keep the shroud, as you said, she needs it. I just think it's very annoying to deal with as it is. Here's how I would change it, first off being un-targetable by towers is stupid, so remove that. Then I think there should be a small delay before her invisibility triggers every time she moves in and out of the shroud. Maybe 0.75 seconds or something. That would give people time to react to her new positions and maybe be able to retaliate. I was playing Darius and I simply could not auto attack her, her stealth kept resetting my AA animation. The windows of opportunity are simply too small. I have no problem with her having a shroud, just give us more options to play around it since stealth is an insanely powerful ability in LoL.
: Or you can just walk away and she has to leave her shroud to kill you. And frankly how much different is it than old akali... besides towers it basically works in the same way as before, and the tower diving is no different to Elise or fizz. Your making a fuss over something akali has always had, but now she actually requires skill and has counter play... plus her mobility is much lower
Yes it's something she's always had but that doesn't make it a good thing. I think the rework was overall good, just her shroud needs some changes, she's untargetable for too long is all.
Gabresol (EUW)
: oh no! She can now hide from turrets while not attacking me! This is so much worse than her dashing onto me, q me, dash after my flash under the t2, helas up the turrets shots she took from t1 AND t2 and uses her shroud to blink out of the turet range, while STILL having dashes ready.
Everyone's commenting as if I'm implying that old akali is better. Literally nowhere in this post is that even referenced. Overall, the rework was very solid, she's far less cancerous than she was. I just think her shroud needs some changes and she'd be perfect.
Ceberuz (EUW)
: I am actually greatful for this rework, now it no longer feels like a hard diving assassin with built-in Soraka sustain on every single AA or ability, and you have the ability to fight back in 1v1 instead of just being deleted on anything short of a tank.
I completely agree that she is much healthier to the game than she was before, I just think her shroud needs some tweaking.
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