Toxic Fegit (EUNE)
: My bad second ticked wasnt reviewed
Thanks. That means that your ticket has only been there less than a day, which is an incredibly short time knowing that this is one of the most played games out there and you contacted them on a sunday. Please keep in mind that it can take anywhere from 12 - 72 hours depending on the complexity of your ticket, especially in busy periods like when events are going on or during weekends this can take even longer. A ticket being reviewed means it was looked at, but needs additional investigation. Maybe it got forwarded to the right team and maybe they weren't in on sunday, it could be a number of reasons really. Bumping tickets also puts them all the way back at the back of the line, so don't do that. Every ticket will be responded to, so patience is key ;)
Toxic Fegit (EUNE)
: Riot support.....
Hey Toxic Fegit, Could you share the date and time on when you've submitted your ticket and if you every bumped/sent in new tickets?
: If i change my region before the end of the season, will i get that Regions border next season?
Hey GankedByYourMomm, No, you'll get the border of the rank your have when the season ends. Since you now are bronze, you'll have to make sure to climb to silver again on EUW if you want that shiny border ;)
: Pool Party 2017 ?
They're probably yet to come ;)
respectedd (EUNE)
: nasus main
Hey there, As far as I'm aware of permabans aren't lifted :( They're supposed to be a punishment for what you've done, a last resort. Before this one you probably had plenty of other less harsh restrictions probably, warning you about your behavior and giving you a chance to change. But if those didn't help this is the only thing that might. Losing your account sucks but at least it seems like it got you motivated to try to be a bit more friendly in the future. Create a new account and show you're a better person there and make sure that account doesn't suffer the same fate as the one you lost ;)
Mm7mad1 (EUW)
: **oh-oh**, I have an idea... **FIDGET SPINNER**{{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
I like that idea, why didn't someone think of that earlier ...
RageFuel (EUW)
: Why does this page look so F A N C Y ?
: BTW, will there be an ETA of the results once the entry time closes?
We won't state a specific date, but we always try to be as fast as possible ;) It's mainly the paperwork that takes most time EDIT: I was kinda in a rush when first responding to this but still wanted to give you a more elaborate answer. So we just closed the contest and starting from tomorrow we'll start scanning through all the submissions to filter out those that don't qualify to take part into the contest. Afterwards we'll put up the submissions that did qualify for review, this is what takes the most time since we want to give all the people doing the reviews enough time to do it properly. Next we'll do a final check, announce the winners internally, draft up the winners announcement (both by mail and here on the Boards) and get the prizes rolling. As you see, there is a lot of stuff to do. Especially with these kinds of contests where we actually have to watch a lot of video's, read through code and read descriptions the reviewing process can take some time. But we know how annoying it can be to wait in excitement, so we'll do our best to keep the waiting times to a minimal ;)
DannyT (EUNE)
: Some concept pictures about the Boards built in game client
I like it ^.^ Although even something as simple as a link to the Boards in the Client would be pretty cool already :P
: I was wondering... can we like post multiple useless things with 1 acc or just 1 thing per acc? > {{champion:10}} + {{item:1054}} = {{champion:80}}
Only one entry per account is allowed, this includes smurfs
: I was going to participate, but the moment it said "You can do this by either physically building or programming it". I just decided to not even take part. Not everyone can build nor programs, so basically, its not a contest everyone can participate in.. :/ >"you DO NOT have to be a technical genius to take part in this contest". Kinda "false" advertisement with that statement.
Well, contests are generally about skill, otherwise it would more be like a lottery. We've done contests for many skills already, for example our last one was about drawing and writing, and now it's the time for people who like to be creative and build/program stuff. The line in which we wrote that you don't have to be a technical genius still holds. For example, look at how pet rock was created, it's a rock you find somewhere and with a little bit of creativity, you transform into pet rock. So yes, you can partricipate without being a technical genious. Of course you do need **some** skill, but not as much as you imply.
Castièl (EUW)
: this sounds fun. are videos allowed? i wanna make a really cringy video.
Just video in itself is not enough, no. This contest is mainly about creating something you can use, so either physical or programmed (and cool/funny/useless concepts :P) . Making a video about what you created, after you did, is however allowed (even required).
: I made a website and then I realized I can't host it T_T Can I send you video of me running it on my computer and send you source code?
xD Yup, a video showing of all the features and the source code will do ;)
wingzerzzz (EUNE)
: Rito what have you done to my summ icon :I
Looks like somebody broke the new icons on the Boards o.O ######(it looks like a fantastic piece of art though)######
: Soo can i draw on paper my useless invention, take a pic and send it?
Sadly we don't accept drawings in this contest and you'll actually have to build/create/program something in order to participate. We do host a lot of other contests dedicated to art though, so keep your eyes open for them in the future ;) Of course, keep in mind that we don't expect super detailed top quality stuff, so definetly don't be afraid of trying to build something!
AcidusNL (EUW)
: Too bad I don't know how to code. I have an idea but I have no clue of how to make a program and all I know that includes programming is a bit of FreePascal ( a very very old programming language).
Keep in mind this contest includes but is not limited to programming, you can also physically build something (look at some of the examples we gave) ;)
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Think I'll start off with one suggestion I have had the displeasure of experiencing myself: Counter-Strike; leaving the PC with the game open, and someone went and opened the console and inserted: >bind "mouse1" "exit" Rather...useless, I'd say. .................................... Then I think I'll add a name for good measure: League of Legends - a game promising so much, even with several sites dedicated to it, but one cannot get further than the login screen. Sounds useless to me. :| --------- On a serious note: for something to be the most useless, i.e. having no use whatsoever apart from itself, it'd have to be...what is described as "art". The pet rock is actually not a very good one in this respect. It distracts the mind (away from the monitor :O) with the promise, or at least with the laid out intent, of physical interaction. The "useless machine" is also rather ingenious, in as much as how it offers entertainment for as long as one can be bothered to push the button over and over.
I would even argue that art has its use, like making people happy or intrigued. It's true that nothing is 100% useless, but that's why we put the examples in there, to give you an idea of what kind of useless we expect: creative and League related 'useless' things ;)
: I've got a couple of questions (: 1. Could a webpage that does not use the Riot API compete? 2. Can my invention be TOO useless? (as in, it's too useless to even be considered an invention submission) 3. If it's a website that I'm building, do I have to send an archive containing the source code or just the videos/images. Or maybe a link to the page? Or do I just send everything I have mentioned to that email?
1. Yup, as long as it's related to League of Legends in some way, you're good to go! 2. It has to be useless, but not like "Hey, I've send you this empty email cause that's useless", we also give points on creativity & quality so take that into account as well ;) 3. You **have to** send us the video/photo's and an introduction, you **can** send us your source code and a link to your website
Kimshye (EUW)
: Vintage CS Riven Skin Code LEGIT?
This is definitly a scam. We removed the link to prevent other users from getting harmed by it.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: These 2 words mean so much more in estonian, in english, their meaning is almost the same -.- --- Though i already got my answer, somewhat ^^ Ideas and thoughts seem to change too fast..
:P In general just ask yourself the follow question: "why would you use this thing?", if you can't answer that, or at least not with something actually useful, you're good to go ^^
: I'm not sure if it was more than a month ago, but I've gotten a 24 hour suspension on boards due to decompiling the LoL Messenger source code to help one guy. If it in fact was during the last month, does that count as negative behavior and exclude me from the contest?
Hey there, I've checked your Boards history and the suspension you talked about happend around 3 months prior to this contest, since only Boards suspensions up to 1 month prior to this contest count, you're good to go.
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Is there any difference between useless and pointless in this contest?
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Atleast this contest is a long one this time.. Useless program................. it's hard enough to make a useful program idea for others.. --- If the result is a program, do i still have to sumbit it as a video or a photo or can i send it? because to understand why the program is useless, a person who dosen't know what it does should test it, telling them what it does ruins all the fun of it. If your afraid that it could be too big for the email to handle, it can be uploaded to dropbox etc.. Adding program and it's code to the email should also exist in the sumbit or be atleast allowed as a extra.
> [{quoted}](name=SeekerK,realm=EUNE,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=sAhc50IX,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2017-06-04T16:00:06.118+0000) > If the result is a program, do i still have to sumbit it as a video or a photo or can i send it? because to understand why the program is useless, a person who dosen't know what it does should test it, telling them what it does ruins all the fun of it. > > If your afraid that it could be too big for the email to handle, it can be uploaded to dropbox etc.. > > Adding program and it's code to the email should also exist in the sumbit or be atleast allowed as a extra. When creating a program we still ask you to send us the required demonstration video/screenshots and the introduction to your project but we do allow you to send us a runable version of your program as well. We'll use a safe environment to test these is so malicious software shouldn't be an issue. In regards to the email, we do indeed recommend to use external websites for heavy files but since we use our own email server we don't have a storage limit. So you can choose what to do really, but using external sites is in my opinion easier and cleaner ^^
: I can't code and don't have access to materials and such, can i just write my idea in a comment? :(
Hey there, I'm glad you asked this questions cause this allows me to clear up some general confusement. Although this contest may sound like it would only apply to people with programming skills or who do something in regards to building stuff on a professional level, this is **far from** the case. Of course, if you have those skills I can only encourage you to use them, but in case you don't have them (or think you don't have them) there are many other possibilities. For example, you can try to use some old Lego sets you bought when you were a kid, or maybe some K'nex from the good old days. There is also a lot to be done with daily or natural stuff, look at one of the examples "Pet Rock" it was made with just a fancy rock, some straw, some cardboard to create the box and some paper to create the manual. All it then needed was some coloring with pencils or paint. What I'm trying to say here is that there are loads of concepts you can create without have any 'special' access to stuff or without any professional skill. The hardest part is actually coming up with the concept itself, try to think of one that **you** are able to create ;)
Rismosch (EUW)
: Sweet. Since I am currently learning programming, this could be a good practice for me. Expect java code when I am finished ;)
That's awesome! We look forward to see your submission! ^^
: A Volunteer's contest - The Useless Contest [CLOSED - voting in progress]
#Examples It’s not easy coming up with useless League of Legends related stuff, especially not when our brains have constantly been trained to do the exact opposite, but we would like to challenge you to try it! To help you on the way, we've listed some of the already existing useless creations as well as some of our own concepts down below. Although these are here to inspire you, they should not be coppied for this contest. We’re looking forward to see all the awesome and useless creations you’ve come up with, surprise us! Keep in mind submissions can be both PHYSICAL OBJECTS and PROGRAMS. **** **Non-league related examples:** This will give you a better idea of what we used as inspiration for this contest. Keep in mind the ones below are not League of Legends related and to join this contest your invention must be League of Legends related. * **[Pet rock](** - It’s just as simple as how useless it is. It’s a little fancy bow with inside, a rock, some straw and a little instruction manual. It’s your own personal pet rock, a rock you can pet! It even comes in a special edition with a USB cable attached to it which, as you guessed it, doesn’t serve any purpose whatsoever. * **[The useless box](** - This one is a little piece of machinery that has one function and one function only, turning itself off. Yup, that’s right, every time you turn it on, it turns itself back off, pretty useless right? But oh man, it’s a fun thing to do. **** **League related examples:** So now that you’ve got an idea of what inspired this contest, it’s time to create some new useless things, but this time League of Legends inspired! Since nothing of this kind exists yet, we came up with some of our own concepts. * **[Forgot my summoner name!](** - We already have way to recover your password or username, but now we have a new one, a way to recover your summoner name. It’s pretty easy, you go to the website, enter your summoner name and find … your summoner name. Well, this just sounded a lot more useless than originally lol. * **[Working Teemo statue](** - the most beloved champion in League of Legends finally got his own statue, with a working passive! That right, upon placing Teemo somewhere where you can see him, whenever you go away he’ll just become invisible. Of course, you can’t really check that as … well you’ve got to be away for that. But trust the manual, it says it works! It's a little bit like the light in a refrigerator. **** >#UPDATE - 6/06/2017 > >We're currently a few days into the contest but we've already received quite a few submissions. However, we've also noticed that many of them are either not complete or breaking rules. Make sure **ALL OF THE REQUIRED ELEMENTS** are there when sending in your email. Also, this contest is not just about concepts, it's also about **ACTUALLY CREATING** some kind of version of them, so don't forget that part. > >Sadly submissions who are not in line with our rules & guidelines won't be accepted into this contest, so make sure to read the post above carefully before submitting anything. . >#UPDATE - 24/07/2017 > >The contest applications now came to an end and the reviewing process can start. We've gather quite some applications so it might take some time to process them all, but don't worry, although it's difficult for us to put a timestamp on it we know how annoying it can be to wait for something in excitement so we'll do our best to get this done as soon as possible **but** properly. > >We'll notify the winners both by email and an announcement on the Boards. > >We'll keep you updated! . >#UPDATE - 02/08/2017 > >We've started the internal voting, we'll keep you posted!
Rioter Comments
: Can't Reply, But Can Create Discussions?
Hey there, Sometimes something goes wrong with the Boards automatically updating your account, but by posting something you manually force it to update your level so you should now be good to go. The reason why you couldn't comment but you could post a discussion is because creating a discussion in Help & Support and no level requirement while most of the other subboards do. Since you posted here, it therefor worked ^^
: Charging for nothing
Hey there, As Player Support already pointed out LeaverBuster is an automatic system that detects when you leave/AFK and warns or punishes you for it. It's a system that doesn't take into account the cause for your AFKing or leaving, and that's for some very specific reasons. Because, no matter why you're leaving, you left, resulting in your team having a major disadvantage and often having their game ruined. However, LeaverBuster is not ruthless. Emergencies can happen, and so can unexpected technical issues, that's why LeaverBuster will never punish you for just leaving one game. It's only when you're AFKing or leaving consistently that LeaverBuster will take action. So the particular game you're talking about here is not the only reason for your low priority queue. As Player Support already pointed out, if you're having consistent technical issues, it's your responsability to resolve them before starting a new game. They will gladly assist you with it. It's also recommended to just not start a game when you know you might have to leave.
: How rare is Bad santa veigar ?
I personally love bad santa veigar, I've had the skin for some years now. The skin is classified as a "legacy skin" which means it's usually not available in the shop, but can come back from time to time on special events. However, the 1560 RP skin price seems a bit odd, is it possible that you do not own the champion yet?
: Did you play one ranked queue only. Maybe the message was meant for the other ranked queue.
Yup, that's what I'm thinking as well. There is both Flex and duo/soloQ, decay is different for each of them.
kjono1 (EUW)
: Hello, I had this problem a while ago. It is caused when the forum's database doesn't properly sync with the game's database, so it has no idea you leveled up. You should submit a ticket to riot support: and they will fix it manually Welcome to the boards :) Kjono1
It should have already fixed itself by posting on the Boards :) This is cause posting forces an update on your level
: Awesome! Thanks so much for making this. Great idea c: Can't wait for more contests!
: Need help
Hey there, There are a couple of options for this, one of which is to download a recording program such as OBS which allows you to do this. Another one is to put your game to borderless and use the windows cutting tool or a program such as Gyazo to take a screenshot with them. EDIT: you can also press F12 to capture screenshots, those will be saved to C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\Screenshots
: i work in customer service but my god having to read people's "letters" all day would kill me riot does not pay you guys enough
> riot does not pay you guys enough Someone should tell this to Rito o.O Just kidding of course, the satisfaction of being able to help people and the learning experience is enough of a reward for us to keep doing what we're doing ^^
: the sistem is better than before i agree,but atm i can think about something, u remember at the old client when they made a thing that tells u when u pick a role u would wait 20% (for example) more time than average, for picking autofill it was 50% less time than average. The idea i think off atm is, when there is a role which is less picked atm why they dont give something bonus if they pick the role or simply give bonus for autofilling, it would be IP or bonus % for keys or anything else idk i can think of those atm. U would say that will make many ppl pick that role which get bonus, but i dont think so it will be that big deal, but will improve the que for sure. And the bonus might not be so big riot will decide it, i think thats a better way of making ppl play a less desired roles or just filling.
I'm personally not a big fan of the idea to give a bonus when filling a role. I think, sometime, we all got to do something we might not like as much, but just do it. It's also a great way to learn new role.
: Well everything u said is true, about autofilling - i was talking overall, thats a feature which made so many players to leave, riot have the statistics they know it, but they care for the high elo players, since they are not affected. There are a bunch of better ways to make healty que and que timers but riot choose the worst for half of the players and thats what im talking about, instead of encouraging players to play the less played roles they do the opposite ... tell me how that helps ? in any way .... cuz if u think of it u cant deny its the worst way of filling the roles.
Personally, I'm pretty satisfied with the way matchmaking works at the moment, especially when comparing it to the way it used to be. Matchmaking has gone through an enormous evolution starting from season one all the way till now, but making it perfect is a damm hard thing to do. Let's take the previous and traditional matchmaking system in which you just queued up and called for roles in the lobby, or went by pick order. By doing a wild guess I would say I only got my prefered role in around one out of three games, when being optimistic. What happened in almost every game was people double-picking, calling they would troll if they didn't get their role, dodge champion select and overall just flame. When then looking at today's matchmaking system, and this is coming from a mid/top main which are the most desired role, I can say I get my prefered role 7/10 times, my secondary 2/7 times and only 1 out of 10 times I get autofilled. Not only that, but I also rarely see anyone flame, mainly as a result of more people getting their role more often. Now, you could say "why not just leave autofill out?", and that's a valid question. I can tell you that Riot wouldn't have implemented this if they didn't have to, but reality is that the queue times would grow out of proportion (especially in high elo) if they didn't. Waiting a bit longer to get your role is a trade-off that many are prepared to make, and that's also what the new system is build on, but would people really want to trade matchmaking ranging from 5 to 30 minutes on average (even higher in high elo) to have that 100% chance to get their role instead of 90%? I don't think the majority would. You're free to disagree with how matchmaking works at the moment, and if you do, please provide feedback. Riot continuously listens to feedback and if enough people have the same feedback/complains, chances are high something will be done about it.
: Lets see if Riot can talk for the truth !
Hey Ex7ra Psycho, It is true that the new Client can be buggy from time to time, I've encountered quite a few bugs myself already as well. When you do, the best way to prevent them from happening in the future is submitting a detailed and structured bug report. Such a bug report should include a detailed description of the bug, hardware specs, how often it happens, screenshots, etc etc. By doing so Riot will be able to track the most consistent bugs down and work on their fixes. Now, I would like to adress some of your concerns. You did indeed get punished for a crash of your Client, and that's undeserved indeed. However, you're speaking of a 30 minutes suspension, this only happens if you left a couple of champion selects in a short period of time before this crash. Meaning this was not your first leave. You also mentioned getting autofilled into a role you can't play leads to punishments for trolling. This is not true. Feederbuster only punishes people who are intentionally ruining the game. Meaning that as long as you're trying, but just having a bad game, you're good to go. Generally you have to understand that the new client is ... well, very new. It's very hard to create a bug free piece of software, especially when it's something like a client for one of the most played games in the world. Bugs are annoying, I think even more for the programmers than for the players, but they're unavoidable. Report as many as you can, and time might fix them.
EIlone (EUW)
: Concerns regarding online tournament
Hey EIlone, That's a pretty structured & detailed post you have there, it's an enjoyment to read through. However, I fear we won't be able to assist you here on the Boards. What I suggest is to [submit a ticket]( to Player Support. They'll be able to take a closer look at the case and see if they can/should do anything about it. That being said, we have a "No naming & shaming" rule here on the Board. We didn't want to delete you post for it, as it's more of a complain towards the site/tournament that towards the individuals themselves, but we would like to ask you to either remove or censor out any links containing names from the post after you copied them over to your Support ticket. We know it can be a lot of work gathering all those links again ;) This only applies to the Boards though, feel free to let the names stay in the Support ticket.
Stevvan (EUNE)
: by the middle of april
Yes, but on which platform?
Stevvan (EUNE)
: I dont think i have his e mail info so i cant send him :( and ticket sistem doesnt work for me for some reason
Where did you receive this message from him?
Stevvan (EUNE)
: How to reach you Purple 535
Hey there, Did you receive this reply of Purple 535 via a ticket or E-mail? If it's a ticket, you can simply reply below, if it's an E-mail feel free to reply to that E-mail you received :)
: help me !
Hey IMAQTPIE3, As some other people already pointed out, the EUNE servers are currently down for maintenance. Yesterday there was a wide-spread server issue, causing a lot of stuff to get messed up. Because of that they're currently resetting the whole system. Riot tmx posted this message about it earlier: > [{quoted}](name=Riot tmx,realm=EUNE,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=5KF5xth0,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-05-15T09:02:49.627+0000) > > Players, > > Following today's incident with incorrect IP/RP information, Clubs and loss of players in-game preferences, we will be performing an emergency restart of the platform. Ranked are currently disabled and we will start the maintenance at 12.00 CEST (Polish time) / 13.00 EEST (Greek, Romanian time). The restart should not last longer than 1 hour. Sorry for the inconvenience. > > P.S. EUW is not affected by this problem.
Hawkzorz (EUW)
: Riot
Hey there, I'm assuming you're saying this in regards to Leaverbuster, so allow me to provide you with some context on why that is. Riot could easily detect the difference between someone actually pressing the "leave" button and someone disconnecting due to internet connection issues, however, this could easily be abused. What if someone simply plugs out the cable to avoid punishment? There would be no way to tell the difference between a real dc and a fake one. Then, there is also the moral aspect. No matter what the cause of your leave is, the impact on your team stays the same. But then again, Leaverbuster doesn't punish someone for just leaving 1 game, for example in an emergency situation. But once we're speaking of a consistent technical issue, it's your responsability to fix it before playing another game.
FrobNitz (EUNE)
: I can't login in client
Hey everyone, Following on yesterday's issue, Riot tmx just stated they'll be doing a full restart of the system at 12 CEST (time it is around Brussels, Amsterdam and Paris) or 13 EEST (time it is around Athens). Ranked queues and the store will stay down until then. This only affects EUNE. > [{quoted}](name=Riot tmx,realm=EUNE,application-id=slFBEUB8,discussion-id=5KF5xth0,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-05-15T09:02:49.627+0000) > > Players, > > Following today's incident with incorrect IP/RP information, Clubs and loss of players in-game preferences, we will be performing an emergency restart of the platform. Ranked are currently disabled and we will start the maintenance at 12.00 CEST (Polish time) / 13.00 EEST (Greek, Romanian time). The restart should not last longer than 1 hour. SOrry for the inconvenience. > > P.S. EUW is not affected by this problem. You can follow up on updates using the [service status](
: where is raanked
Hey there, The currently is a wide-spread server issue going on in regards to logging in. Due to this ranked queue has been disabled and loss prevented has been activated. Riot is actively working on a fix, you can follow up on the progress [here](
: ranked
Hey there, The currently is a wide-spread server issue going on in regards to logging in. Due to this ranked queue has been disabled and loss prevented has been activated. Riot is actively working on a fix, you can follow up on the progress [here](
: Weird. Then why do I get 404's a lot to topics that exist?
404 errors appear when the thread you want to go to was deleted, meaning only the owner and mods can still look at it. If you give me some examples I can tell you for sure if these were deleted threads or not, but you can be 99.9% sure they are. Deletions are not only done by mods, but can also be done by the owner.
: log in problem
Hey there, There currently seems to be an issue with logging into the Client. Riot is working on a fix. You can follow the latest progress [here](!
: Change to forums request
Hey there, We actually never move topics when they're posted in the wrong subboard, we always delete them accompanied by a message containing instructions to the right subboard and a (working) link to your old content so you can easily copy/paste. It's the owner's responsability to post it on the correct Board afterwards.
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