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: Not a position you want to end up in
: nope ... i wont ever again buy anything from this company as they dont care about their game they only jack up the prices and push out tons of moneymaking skins, events (buy event pass to get tokens that unlock next to nothiing unless you buy some other stuff as well, now they are making ACHIEVEMENT SYSTEM of sorts - THAT U PAY FOR ???????????????????????????????????? client ? gets more buggy with every patch ... matchmaking ? was always bad ... always will be (they will never admit its bad)
Okay. This post isn't to moan about whats wrong with riot it's to make suggestions on how to improve player experience. If you don't wish to purchase anything from them and you think the games bad that's fine. For those that do, this suggestion allows them to make better use of an existing system and obtain skins for less money.
: oh yes yet another thing to monetize ... actually surprised they didnt implement it yet
But wouldn't you rather buy some orange essence and use a skin shard to get a discount on that skin you really want to unlock as oppose to pay full price?
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: I mean... it’s not like these buffs are gonna do anything... it’s increasing the damage on the E when she hits people into walls, nobody cares about that damage and nobody will... So feel what you like about the vayne buffs, for or against these aren’t gonna do anything
Agreed. It's not this buff i'm worried about. It's that as a rule of thumb if riot puts out a buff it's because they want the champ to do better and there will be more buffs to follow. It just doesn't feel justified,where are the trist/varus/caitlyn/kogmaw buffs? ADC has the smallest champ pool (not including these BS mage botlanes) so it would be nice have some more diversity rather than be stuck with vayne/ezreal/sivir being op for an entire season.
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Boolhya (EUW)
: Wich champions are unfun to play against? tell me your list
The worst champs in the game are easily {{champion:17}} & {{champion:74}} where is the fun in designing champions who’s main purpose is simply to shut down a lane and force the opponent just to “survive”. Idgaf if the zed can one shot me. If he was that much stronger I shouldn’t of stepped up. But getting poked out under turret by a teemo is the least enjoyable experience. Yes he’s generally useless later, I can roam and we usually win the game. But what does winning count for if the game wasn’t fun...


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