: She's boring to play and frustrating to play against. She definitely needs a rework because she really doesn't bring much to the game. She's also very much 'feast or famine' - if she's ahead, your squishies can't do really do anything because she's gonna delete them before they can react, but if she's behind, she's almost useless because she needs to be able to kill her target if she all-ins. I think this all stems from the fact that she's too simple to play.
What would be your idea to get her out of this misery?
: Having checked your match history, might I suggest warding a bit more to avoid surprise Annie attacks? I notice in one 49 min game you placed a grand total of 18 wards. Annie relies on surprise. That might help you.
I guess (and hope) that was a flex game. In these i only troll and dont try really hard. But y thats true.
Purejoyce (EUNE)
: So when you cc lock and burst someone as ultramobile resourceless, free-shield aoe spamming riven it's ok, fun and interactive, but annie bursting/stunning you is bad. K.
lul. Thats because u can play around riven, and knockbacks, stuns, silences, snares do really screw riven up. playin aroud annie as adc or other small-medium ranged carry is like: dont get anniewhere near her, and simply afk until she wasted her ult or she finally dies by ur team.
: I never erally had problem with annie..just wait for her to burn her stun when shes farming or wahtever and then go yolo, go in a straight line and just when you are in range ( thats when most annies press their whole jizz load ) , Flash to the right or left, 9/10 times you'll dodge W + Tibbers and get a kill. Enjoy.
i dont have a problem with laning vs annie.at least not in a ranked game. if im blind matchuped vs her it could be bad. y and that is one of the only jukes u can make vs annie. u can also try to dash or blink at the last sec out of her range. but i think a "good" annie (i mean a good player that plays annie) will wait in a 1v1 to hit w or q and then "jizz all over u".
: Does skills even exist in this game anymore? Riot creates overloaded new items and Champions, back then u didnt have so much CC in the game, or either so much no counter oneshot potential All we can do is crying on forums so Riot nerf those champion in 20 Patches (see Rengar after rework, totally unbalanced and broken and got the first nerf after 50 Patches)
there still is skill and mechanics. but they have less impact on the game. the better teamcomposition ( and with more tier1 champs) will most likeley win the game, even if there is one division difference between the teams. also u cant really"solocarry" anymore, but hope that ur team doesnt fck up. just look at the two new champions. Rakan is overloaded as hell and xayah has an evading ability as adc....
Biuvoc (EUW)
: sure np..but fiora doesnt counter darius..if fiora wins darius is trash..A ye maybe you talk about marin ...seriously you put a korean vs an european or na player.. We can do 1v1 np.
Nice. Well lets see im not a toplaner. Ive send u a request
Biuvoc (EUW)
: {{champion:114}} cant kill darius ..and if you rush armor neither {{champion:92}} can.Why..i played evry champ toplane against darius and even if that darius is a low silver ..3 autoatacks me in early im dead.Dunno how i dont care its just stupid.Is tanky and can do tons of dmg with passive.And is easy as fu ck.If they pick {{champion:81}} {{champion:236}} etc you just take different summoners like{{summoner:6}} {{summoner:4}} and they dead..All you need to do is just autoatack and stay frontline believe me this champ is %%%%%%ed. You can watch some of my games even rushing armor that guy 3 shots me.. with no problems.Its just stupid..
excuse me, but fiora is the counter that was picked for example in the lcs to darius. u can even counter his ult. how isnt she supposed to fight him?????? and for riven its the same. u dont wanna play vs a good rriven with stormraiders surge as darius. its pain. But thats true, with {{summoner:4}} {{summoner:6}} he can get them but only if they arent peeled. Darius can only walk (and flash once). atleast thats my opinion on this. if u want to, we can do a 1v1 with darius vs riven or darius vs fiora. would be fun{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Biuvoc (EUW)
: Why is {{champion:1}} less fun???Have you ever played against a {{champion:105}} ???{{champion:122}} ???this 2 trash champs are really stupids as fu ck.Annie may be somehow powered and annoyng to deal with...But there are soo many other champs that make this game less fun.
ill give u that point on fizz. he REALLY is annoying to deal with and he punishes mistakes hard. also his ult nearly garantees him a kill on lane once he hit it. But i cant understand how so many people struggle with darius. Just pick {{champion:92}} {{champion:114}} and u will shrek him on lane. he is so vulnerable to kiting. any {{champion:236}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:81}} can destroy him in teamfights. ofc he can pentakill ur whole team if he gets into rollin after murdering ur first teammate with his ult.
Drunk Jhin (EUNE)
: One thing I dont like about annie is that you cant exhaust her burst while Syndra and Viktor for example can get exhausted bc they dont have insta cc So one thing you can do against annie is run barrier/heal bc it might help you survive through bear slaps or ignite Edit:But im not saying it will 100% work
ye barrier really helps u if u have to lane against her. but wont really save u later on.
Biuvoc (EUW)
: If {{champion:1}} is broken what about {{champion:8}} {{champion:120}} ???Annie shes easy and she is powerfull but no one plays her..I see her in my games like 1 time in 50 games.However {{champion:8}} i see him more often and this guy can kill evryone and his laning phase is criminal. There are more op broken champs than annie.Shes strong but not op.Beside that shes never played i dont see her at all this days.
this wasnt intendet to be a "qq annie is so OP i lost a game vs her she OS us all"-Thread. I tried to point out that that 1 Annie in the 50 games makes the one game much less fun.
: I putted them together because they are incredible low skill and can do redicilous amount of damage under certain circumstances although those circumstances might be different then those of annie.
ye but it seems like "dont get near her" is not really smth u can actively play around like illaois Ult for example. If i fight her in it and complain about gettin 100-0 then im just a big dumbo, but Annie does not have any of these "playarounds" . There is just:. u got hit by tibbers{{summoner:14}} or u dont. i want her to be a champion like zed, lee, yasuo. Strong as hell but u can outplay and counter her AND fun to play against (at least for me).
Rich (EUW)
: This guy hits the nail on the head. Tibbers actually doesn't do that much damage on the cast, it's just AOE. That shit he was saying about oneshotting 2k+HP with 150 MR is bull.
so, just for u, then as it seems u didnt get it yet. go in a custom game, pick annie, pick mp runes and go for this build: rabadons, ludens, sorcs, liandrys, voidstaff. Then (provided that u have any) take a friend and let him play anything and buy mr unless he has 120-150MR and 2k-2,6k hp. Enjoy ur "oneshots"(onecombs).{{item:2045}}
: I can explain you later on how to counter Annie properly, but i just woke up with only 5 hours of sleep so im kinda a bit too tired right now, just reply if you want it later on
I know how to play on lane vs annie and i know how to abuse her as jungler, but i hate the influence she has on the game since midgame and how she forces u to play like fleeing pray especially when ur squishy
Rich (EUW)
: Resident Annie main checking in. Just pick Xerath or Syndra and all of your problems go away, her max range spell is 625 not 1025. She's relatively short ranged for a mage. Yeah, her burst is a bit gross, but once that's done she hasn't got much left in the tank and if you position right, you force her to blow it on someone non-optimal and then she has nothing but Q-W, which sting but aren't obnoxious. Her whole playstyle lies around nuking your squishies, take that away and she doesn't bring much. >She can even os targets with 150 mr, 2k+ hp, with literally no effort. Can you tell me how? I think you're just tilted bro, no offence. Annie is a burst mage, but she's incredibly exploitable. Far from a "pick me and win" champ and IMO doesn't need to be touched. Since release she's had one semi-major tweak to Tibbers mechonix and that's it. I think she's pretty balanced for what she brings to the table.
yes i WAS very tilted. but the numbers were right too. i was riven with 2k+ hp and 150 MR and got OS by (a fed ) Annie with only ult,w,q. i died before the stun ended. i can search for the replay if u dont trust me{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: I've played Annie for a long time, hell you could say I was level 7 with her before they introduced the "champion level" stuff. Hell, I've been begging for a REAL annie nerf as far back as the old OLD forum existed. Basically the old forum but it had an even older look, back when tribunal existed. I don't have any real ideas on how to nerf her but we could begin by removing the passives on her Q(Mana back on kill and CD reduced). Allowing Annie to farm farm farm without as much as losing mana isn't okay. If she wants to use spells to farm, she has to use mana but Q prevents this. ETc etc
i dont think nerfing/removing her q passive will help. she will just become clunky, unsustainable and will be never seen again. I dont want her to disappear - i want to have fun while playing vs her and i want to have the feelin that i got outskilled by the other player, when i die ( or due to my mistakes) not coz his champion is just ridiculus.
: Really? Annie is one of the worst champs and i consider playing versus her as a free win (unless my midlaner feeds her hard, but then again this would be the case for any midlaner) she has pathetic mobillity, is vunurable to ganks, poke. {{summoner:1}} /{{item:3140}} make her useless even 1v1 if she is not ahead. She is frustratingly low skilled with stupid damage true enough but there are a lot of champs that go in that cathogory that are much worse (Veigar, Garen, Darius, Illaoi, etc).
lol did u really compare darius and garen with annie? they both have an Execution, wich punishes u if they stick to u for too long. Annie can just instaburst u. (and not only u - eventually ur whole team if theyre bronze). Veigars ult is also single targed and takes a while to reach its targed. there is counterplay: zonyas, shields, evading abilities(zed, fizz, fiora, xayah). and much more due to the fact that u have time to react.
: Annie's biggest problem is how squishy she is as well as her lack of mobility. It isn't fun getting one shot by an Akali or Hecarim because they caught my 1.7K Health Annie in our base. Sure she can be a pain if stun is up as well as Tibbers but if she had a rotten early game, she will struggle
akali has to autoatack u to do her insane burst dmg. That means u can kite her or counter her. same goes for heca. it is pretty easy to vayne condemm or outflash him mid e. For example lulu counters both of them. But what can a little lulu do, when not even all her shields can save her adc from the little girl flashin on him.
: Of course I know her weaknesses, the problem is that her kit is too simple, out dated and annoying. She has no personality other than flash burst mage. The thing that tilts me the most that her skill ceiling is lower than average IQ of african grad school students. AND when I play normal game againist people with rank around gold 3 when they play annie and they "outplay" me then they brag about it in chat just like you do. Oh my god you didnt dodge that instacast ult and I killed you in 0.7 seconds. What a boosted noob. This is my problem
youve got my point. {{champion:1}}
Warchieƒ (EUW)
: just out of interest, what do you think riot can do to her kit to make it different?
that is not that easy ( she is designed to be a newbiefriendly champ). if we are talkin about a smaller rework: the main point is her unavoidable ultimate. i would give it a delay until it spawns, maybe with a kind of indicator, so u can dodge it with a quick reaction time, but annie can still flash q(stun) r on u and burst u down(unless u have qss or smth). That would weaken her ability to be an "engage-Mage". sry for my bad english im really tired rn
Warchieƒ (EUW)
: annie hurts a lot when she gets her burst but i wouldn't say she's a big deal even in soloq. She is very different from recent champion reworks and new champs that's true. I'm not a midlaner but my guess would be, take advantage of her immobility and times when she doesn't have the stun up; preferably pre six. Playing someone with also big range like Blissbomb suggested would probably help. Alternately think of champions that are not very squishy and have a dodge or some sort of quick escape. Maybe spell shields like on malzahar and morgana might manage to play something out. As strong as annie is she is also very squishy and once her stun or tibbers and preferably both are down, she becomes very vulnerable. dont take me word for word though im just a humble support player.
i dont have a problem fighting her in midlane. she has a few good counters and she is also very vurnerable to ganks due to her low mobility. i dont like her presence as deathzone walking through summonersrift after minute 15.
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