MillzUk (EUW)
: What to do when you're behind?
You farm as much as you can while staying safe, wait for a gank, or roam to another lane that is not behind where hopefully you can get something. You can make a comeback in the mid-late game or let your team carry you.
mostwan3d (EUNE)
: Why supports are a bad idea
I'm an adc main, and don't you mess with my supports <3 Literally everything you said was wrong. This is what actually sucks about supports; People like you don't notice even if they carry a whole game.
: to all my brothers who feel my pain TwT
Call the UN, we need to help these people, NOW! {{summoner:6}}
MillzUk (EUW)
: Is ranked rigged?
Thing is that in League you're only 1 out of 10 players that affect the game. That is why you need to play more games, lots and lots of them, that's when you see how good you're really doing. If you're popping off in one game and feeds like crazy in another, that's not good. You need consistency. Also don't worry too much about rank man, have fun. If you're waiting till you get higher rank to have fun, then you're probably not gonna have any fun when you get there either.
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: DC
Happened to us twice last night, and once the night before on EU West. Every time all my 4 premade team mates disconnected except me, and stayed dc'd for about 5 mins. Seems to be happening between 12 pm and 2 am gmt time.


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