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KatScript (EUNE)
: Quys I am talking about reworking Katarina and make her more fun and safe to play :D
Ok, one question: What? In: What the hell are you even talking about?
Adama (EUW)
: Question for anyone who is in diamond
I was Diamond 5 last year at the end of the season, and yes, for the time before i just stopped playing it was pretty similar. Ontop of that, Plat 1 was the easiest of all Platinum Divisions for me back then, because somehow people seemed to not play as seriously as they did in Plat 3-4. I also got matched with many D5s in that time who just played like utter trash, no joke. I don't know whether it is the exact same this season. What I do know though are players who got boosted to Diamond 5 this year, then proceeded to play Ranked with their Gold5 or lower knowledge and then complained about D5 being a trash elo. But don't assume D5 players are bad generally. If you make it there yourself, you can be somewhat proud of yourself. EDIT: Hit the Reply button instead of Edit, FeelsBronzeMan
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: I've had artifacts _once_. Was on my XFX 8800 Ultra X. Solution was simple enough though. Turned out my drivers were from medieval times. Still, I ran a temp test afterwards to check if the problem indeed had gone away - with all(!) the case fans off! Reached a case temp of 67°C (air temperature inside the case), and a GPU core temp of 107°C before i chickened out. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} ...Right, I think I just derailed badly. What I first thought to say was, no need to record a game. Any testing software worth a damn got temperature readouts. I'd recommend trying one such first. Also, setting up a more aggressive fan profile with MSI Afterburner. I got mine like this: 0-45°C = 0 % 45-60°C = 40 % 60-70°C = 60 % 70-100°C = 100 %
Yup, also a neat idea. I thought about recording a game because you'd maybe see the artifacts at the same time eg. the temperature peaks, but that should do the trick too! So OP, it's your turn now!
GLurch (EUW)
: Climbing a honor level isn't something that's supposed to happen over the course of a week. You're supposed to climb 2-3 honor levels over the course of an entire season, so naturally, it may take a while to level up. The amounts of honors you get and the amounts of games you play where everyone honored someone influence this a bit as well. It also depends on how many games you play overall. You'll just have to be patient with it.
That makes no sense. If even, I played about 100 games since the introduction of the Honor system. I'm at level 5 already for some time now.
Ląst (EUW)
: 14 days ban? Da%%%%
Off topic, but please start building Void Staff. A lot of people don't do this, i don't know why. Void Staff at this stage of the game gives you more damage than even a Rabadons, especially if you don't build Sorc. Boots. Also, your opponents not really building MRES doesn't matter at some point, the Void Staff will reduce their MR by a lot anyways.
Fajerk (EUW)
: I haven't found a game yet that would not run fine. Unless you have 1440p or higher res monitor 1060 will handle it. Also you can easily switch profiles in afterburner enabling OC when you need it.
I actually totally wrote that the wrong way. What I meant is that there are _SOME_ games that might not reach 60+FPS etc. On at least Medium Setting pretty much EVERYTHING should run on a 1060...
Fajerk (EUW)
: I personally have overclocked gtx 1060 and I have no problems in LoL. Also you do not really need to oc any modern GPU when playing LoL, the game engine barely uses any resources (which sucks big times but at least it works on toasters then).
He might have OC'd it for other games though. A GTX 1060 won't handle any game with ease.
cedricj (EUW)
: Overclocking GPU and LoL
Can you share your GPU temperatures? Record them if you can for the duration of a full game and post them here, from what i'm hearing your GPU will die down more or less soonish. I've played League with 3 Graphics cards over the years, overclocked or not, and i've never had those issues. (Used a GT-9500, RadeonHD 7970DD and now a GTX 1070) Screen tearing, artifacts etc. are never a good sign anyways. Also, look into your overclocking, maybe you overdid it a little? Remember that even cards from the same model and manufacturer handle OC differently. And I guess you already tried updating your GPU Driver Software.
: Should I refund Ornn?
Honestly, never refund champions. Maybe refund skins if you realize you don't actually like them. If you keep playing the game, you will (at some point with a high enough play rate) end up having every champion anyways. And you can always Trade with Ornn players in Draft / Ranked games :)
Smerk (EUW)
: Autoattack projectiles vanish when you die, it's a common thing that all champions share. And pick a card is empowered AA as you said
In that case, two ADCs simultaneously killing each other would not be possible but, however, happens on a regular basis.
: [EUW] LFM to farm 5v5 ranked teams points for 2016 Victorious Ward Skin
D5 EUW, would join up if possible. Mostly available this week. Roles: Mid > Jungle > Top > Support > ADC
Jetty (EUW)
: LF a Jungler & Midlaner to play right now RANKED 5S WARD SKIN
Could Play mid lane, Diamond V EUW, TheRetenor ign.
: Need a new name! ^^
My suggestion: Facemash your keyboard until something name-alike comes out. That's how i got "Retenor" back when i made my first few gaming accounts. Still sticking to it (TheRetenor for games where i don't have a clear Identity, Retenor for a clearly connected Character like TeS, Minecraft or even Reddit in that case) and i always got it, nobody else uses it, it's nice to have something unique :) )
: This kind of behavior is hard to punish, thats the bad news. The good news is that jerks like that normally misbehave in more than just one game and more than just one way and will get caught sooner or later. Maybe he will not be punished for that one game, but if he has a general problem with his attitude he will make an mistake sooner or later and get punished for it. Most of the times these players get caught because they can't shup up in chat and talk about what they are doing (i.e. telling their team that they are throwing intentionally) or flame someone.
Well, he did shit talk alot in the All-chat, blaming his team for the outcome of the game. I do hope that this will lead to a punishment or even a ban. It's just sad that more games like this might happen before anything happens.
: I am not sure if I am interpreting your text correctly, but I guess this guy was feeding intentionally? If he did you can report him for that and if it was clear enough the feederbuster will take care of it.
I did report him, though he didn't feed intentionally, probably in order to avoid being banned because of that. But he did walk around pointlessly, dance in the jungle occasionally and, as i wrote, for example walk away from a safe kill.
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Luceras (EUNE)
: Should i get Slayer Jinx
If any of those skins, i'd go for Project: Lucian. None of the other skins really seems worth it, besides maybe Kha'Zix, while also being pretty basic compared to Mecha.
Emperiol (EUW)
: Never forget...
It's funny because i never actually played the game against Robin x)
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Dogb0x (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheRetenor,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=rV345l0U,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-08-02T14:43:57.231+0000) > > Thank you for your answer, i've looked into those 2 programs and noticed both of them need a licence to work. Do you know any free softwares? I'm using the TOR Browser for surfing, but for me it's not worth it buying a VPN Service for just League. Currently I am using CyberGhost, and I'm using it free by connecting to their free servers.
Guess i'll give that one a try. Thank you once again! Have a nice day :)
Dogb0x (EUW)
: In my recent experience using VPN's ( cyberghost or avast VPN ) while playing Legends are: 1. Not sure about DDoS protection ( but might make it harder for the person to succeed ) 2. There's no doubt in my mind, that RIOT allows this. Some of the RIOT forum moderators endorse using them in certain scenarios ( like using VPN to potentially increase the patcher's download speed. 3. Based on what I've seen, usually it slightly increases my ping but keeps the connection very consistent. So I do believe it does stabilize the connection and possibly prevent some lag spikes. Regards
Thank you for your answer, i've looked into those 2 programs and noticed both of them need a licence to work. Do you know any free softwares? I'm using the TOR Browser for surfing, but for me it's not worth it buying a VPN Service for just League.
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volnik90 (EUW)
: Unfair Ban - what is Riot thinking?
+100000 Pretty much the same happened to me TWICE now. I've received 3 75-game chat bans this season, while i only agree with the first one. And even the first one was because i was jungling, my lanes fed, they threatened to report me, i told them that it is their own fault. Now i am flagged as toxic, and any report i receive results in another 75 games chat ban. And i only got reported by the trolls in my teams... Did never receive a warning. Never received an E-Mail or Chat Logs in particular. Riot seems to love banning people. Maybe it's some kind of sport now.
: I hate the new HUD, let's gonna request the option for choose between the New HUD and Old HUD
I wonder if any Riot employee will ever read the posts like this one, looking at the Red Tracker, they only care about "How to get out of Bronze" and not the general Feedback about the HUD... The player base won't be heard guys.
: You can't win them all, but 90% is easily enough to see you out of Bronze within a week.
Indeed. But it used to be easier, since he had a break, he will probably just have to adapt.
: So we can choose HUD options in the future? Wow that's a relief, I was thinking making a small to foreever break whenever new HUD hits ranked ques, there are so many things that annoy me in there : motion sickness, little fps hit, the flashy level up abilites, new character status stuff, to bright and same time grey colors and the overall different design and placement of stuff. I'm a traditionalist and I feel like new HUD really hurts my performance on game atm, new HUD is {{item:3070}} for me while old one is {{item:3003}} :)
I don't know if we can choose in the future. Riot has not said anything about it yet. Riot hasn't even made a statement about all the feedback and hate. I just hope that Riot will give us this option, otherwise League is dead to me.
: In bronze you easily can. You kill your opponent a couple of times, then gank the other lanes once and it's pretty much gg. Your lane opponent will be busy raging at how "op is the noob champ" you play, while the rest of his team will be flaming your "noobish" lane opponent. Once you get to this point their morale is utterly shattered, some of them will afk, while the rest will hardly pay attention to the game, allowing you to abuse their mistakes. Doing this also helps you lead your team, as they will be much more likely to follow you. Doing this you can easily win 90%+ games on low elo.
This is what 90% of my smurf games look like. But there is always that one enemy ADC that already has 7 kills while you have 3, because he gets double the kills for each feeding action, in addition to that a kill on your jungler who tries to gank a 4/0 Graves and gets killed as well ;) And Boom, you can't even 1v1 him anymore ;)
Omnus (EUW)
: If he is in Bronze, the chances are very high that the enemy team is doing the _exact same thing._ That's 5 bronzies versus 4 bronzies + 1 plat. Honestly, the outcome should be fairly obvious.
As he said, he didn't play for a while. Meta changed completely, you can't carry as easily as before with the same amount of champions. You can't just play Zed/Riven, get 3 kills early and snowball the entire game 1v5.
Aldamir (EUW)
: How to get out of bronze?
Step 1: Play Katarina and Yasuo Step 2: Master them both Step 3: ??? Step 4: PROFIT
: I summed up my point below that post by arguing with a guy who was insulting anyone who wouldn't share his opinion. If you care about your playerbase, you should take a look at it, many people seem to agree with me. And if you actually want people (like me) to keep playing your game, forward it to whoever decided to change the HUD to make them think about it. Thanks A guy who stopped playing with the introduction of 5.14
~~Small ~~ I mean **large **addition: Without wanting to insult you in any way. ↓ It's funny how when i check players databases on, people who are Ok with the new HUD are 99% below Gold while the players who don't like it always Gold or higher. I just checked your profile because i was curious. Turns out you are in Silver 3. (Although i know that you probably do not have as much time as other people for playing this game, i find it hilarious that i finally found a Rioter who is below Plat xD) If you read my post, you may understand that players in higher Leagues mostly have a completely different mindset and their brain works in another way (multitasking), which obviously generates them some sort of advantage. Now consider that the newer HUD is in general more fitting for the part of the player base that plays the game for fun and not for the competitive aspect. I know it from other games where i don't care about my ranking: I want some eyegasms. And being quite honest, the new HUD might be nice for this exact thing. The classical HUD should instead be available for the more serious player base, because they don't need eye candy, they need {{champion:112}} **_"Function over Form! _"** And the pre 5.14 was 99% ideal for that. The only thing that should be kept is the possibility to swap around the players in the TAB Menu. But anything, including colours, shapes, sizes, from the classic HUD should be available by making the simple addition of a selectable HUD. This would not even generate any kind of disadvantage, because everyone can choose the HUD he/she likes better.
Cosantoir (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=IeChuck,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=KfVlEqU6,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2015-07-24T09:30:11.161+0000) > > Its funny how you guys from Riot don't comment in bigger/larger discussions on the same subject on this board/forum. Sorry you feel like that. I'm usually pretty active but for the past 1-2 months I haven't been able to get on due to workload. Try to keep in mind that as an event coordinator for example I am only really in a position to answer questions based around my role. After that its best left for someone else. However if you have something specific you want to ask me just pop a thread in the off topic(related subforum) and ill always try to answer. I summed up my point below that post by arguing with a guy who was insulting anyone who wouldn't share his opinion. If you care about your playerbase, you should take a look at it, many people seem to agree with me. And if you actually want people (like me) to keep playing your game, forward it to whoever decided to change the HUD to make them think about it. Thanks A guy who stopped playing with the introduction of 5.14
: > [{quoted}](name=Hyëna,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=nE78TQIg,comment-id=0014,timestamp=2015-07-22T20:18:22.102+0000) > > Riot games have made about $976 million this year and are set t become the first company ever to make over a billion dollars through micro-transactions in a single year. > > Can you please stop acting as if they are a few bright-eyed kids with a dream in a basement? > > On the matter of the new HUD, sorry but Riot have messed up, it's a bloated, ugly style-over-substance waste of time. The old HUD shows clear and concise info, which is why the vast majority of players much prefer it. The new HUD Riot have tried to reinvent the wheel, clogging it up with stylised design and completely forgetting that a HUD should always been functionality over style. > > The old HUD has been crafted and tweaked over years with the help of community feedback.. The new HUD was thrown together in a few months and it shows- as for all the ' Oh noes Riot is getting bad feedback'... that's the ENTIRE point of feedback.. It's not constructive feedback if you ignore all the BAD comments because they hurt your feelings. The vast majority of negative comments are from people giving fairly reasonable explanations of WHY it's bad- Eg. I dislike the new HUD because all the information I consider vital (my champs stats, my creep score etc) seems to have been thrown into lesser, almost random, positions on the screen, making it more difficult to read at a glance. > > LoL is a good game but Riot are not a perfect company, I'm sure they'd happily admit that- What will be interesting now is seeing how they react to all this feedback. Will they just stick a finger up at the NA/EU communities and stubbornly keep the new HUD because THEY like it.. or will they actually respect their players and take constructive criticism? +1
> [{quoted}](name=FunkyMac,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=nE78TQIg,comment-id=00140000,timestamp=2015-07-23T04:17:37.244+0000) > > +1 +1? Let's give this man +10000 :D
LLäma (EUW)
: I don't like it either, an option to switch between the old and the new one sound like a good idea. So then the people who like it can keep it and the people that hate it can switch to the old one, then everyone wins! ^0^
I don't know why this comment was downvoted. Keep your point, mate.
MrChubaka (EUNE)
: OMG guys wtf are you talking about? i remember when we had previous HUD upgrade and everyone was saying that it sucked and asked to bring the previous interface back(just as it happens now). And now what? you come back to the same thing... just wait for a few days till you get used to new textures and interface and you will start shouting how lovely this new HUD really is.
MoonBell (EUNE)
: The main problem with the new HUD is that it is too different from the old one. If we spent time to adjust to the new one we probably wouldn't say that it sucks or that it is not functional. As for my personal opinions on the old and new HUDs - on the old one the cooldowns were easier to observe, and it was easier to follow the information about round when each of it was in it's own corner of the screen rather than when everything is placed in one place. The new HUD right now feels to me like another windows 8. Made to appear original for the sake that they could say it is original. The users are forced to adjust to it whether they want it or not without option to chose. (THAT REALLY IS BIG PAIN IN THE ASS) By the way how the hell do I post here without replying to another post? I looked all over the place but found nothing. Am I really stupid or something?
There should be some sort of text window right between the original post.
: You can click on that button to permanently show your stats for ever. The more you know ! {{champion:74}}
Oh hey, that's nice to know, thanks! But i still find that little box annoying, it just doesn't fit the HUD in general {{summoner:11}}
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: How can they release a pile of shit like this? just explain to me how in 7 hells liked this shit on riot? they should be fired...i dont like this shitty hud..and its 1 thing that will make me not play again....i cant stand this horrible pile of alistar manure...
Whoa whoa, slow down a bit, yes, about 90% of the player base don't like it, but this is still not a reason to rage blindly and without any argument. The way you wrote this you just make yourself look like an idiot.
Holo Wise (EUW)
: i rly hard confused from ppl(hamsters) who crying about new HUD. He is so beutiful and more useful than old. U guys just crying because have over time playing with old HUD.
Shiroe x (EUW)
: retarded no. i would never say that. of course i am maybe wrong. half the time on here i am. i'm just stubborn. The fact that it's barely been out for 24 hours and people have been "qq" it's not enough time to give the hud a chance.
Because the bad aspects of the new HUD overweigh the good ones. Champion Death timers. Cool. Though, not really, because there is and had always been a perfectly designed TAB Menu which is additionaly almost transparent to check those things. Champion Stats. You had the important ones, like AD, AP, Armor, MR, Attackspeed, Movement Speed in the bottom left corner. If you needed to know your Magic Pen. / Armor Pen. you simply pressed C, which opened another almost perfectly designed Menu. Now it is small as fuck, in a weird position to look at, and you have to figure out what those symbols are supposed to mean. Cool. Not. Blinky LED-Effects on your Abilities. Seriously, who needs those shiny additions. Whenever you level up, those Animations just blow over your whole screen. When you use an ability like Riven's Q, it will flash up. If you don't have enough mana, it suddenly grays out. On the other hand, if it goes on Cooldown, there is this blue circle. All of that combined just makes up an extreme amount of colours and contrast. Stats, Map, Champion Buffs / Debuffs. All of those pushed into a corner, when i want to check my CS / KDA i see the Map now. When i want to check my Buff duration, i see the Minimap. When i want to see the Minimap, i see some weird mix of almost the same colours. What i've noticed: I don't know anymore whether i am alive or not, because of the new colours of everything. I try to move and then i realize i am still dead. The Champion icon. In the middle of my Screen. Implemented in the part of a HUD, that is supposed to be compact, but is about twice as big as the old one on smallest settings. I always see this when i check my cooldowns, which also distracts me a lot. Now, you may wonder: What is your problem? Problem is; i am a multitasker. When CSing, i not only focus on that one Creep, i focus on my Lane opponent and also on the map and my own Minions, trying to catch my opponent off-guard when he is trying to CS. But i now fail to do that since i can't ignore information. And all the colour changes cause an overflow of different important and non-important information. This way the HUD distracts me even from CSing. Now, i don't know about your playstyle, since i never played with you. I also don't know if my colleague in plat-diamond feel the same way. What i do know though, is that Bronze players tend to tunnel-vision, mostly because they don't multi-task as much. Resulting in losing CS very often. I do know that you are silver 4, and lower Silver players also often still have that playstyle (i had it myself, Season 3 I started off in Bronze 2). I have also noticed that many of the people, that are fine with the HUD changes, are below Gold. I am not saying that you are bad. I am also not saying that you tunnel vision, again, i don't know your playstyle. But think about others playing this game differently, and that even "minor" factors can make a big difference. But please. Don't complain about people overreacting if you neither know their playstyle or mindset. And maybe stop with the sarcasm in a discussion where people's mindsets matter. For me, This HUD alone changes the game completely. It is not even fun anymore. Even though i'm in my Plat 1 Promos, i don't want to play, because the new settings mess up the old HUD, resulting in my screen being covered up to 50% on smallest settings. So i can't even see my own champion sometimes. This may be a huge-ass comment, but maybe this will get you to think about it.
Shiroe x (EUW)
: If you couldn't cs, then that's on you, not the hud. No no no you're right... of course you are.
So a sudden drop of CSing skill with the introduction of Patch 5.14 and the new HUD are definitely not directly related... of course not. It's of course only your opinion that counts and anyone else who does not share this opinion is "overreacting" and probably "retarded". Okay man.
zidic (EUW)
: Yes, im leaving leauge until this gets done i cant fucking play
Same here. I can't play for shit with this shiny ding-dong-bullshit down there. Plus there are no AD / AP etc stats, and by pressing C i first have to figure out what those damn symbols mean >.>
Shiroe x (EUW)
: Again another person overreacting!!!
Overreacting. You forget that there are people with other preferences than yours! I've tried playing with it. And i couldn't CS for shit! The HUD is too annoying, it even distracts me from playing! SO NO. Nobody is overreacting here.
: This skin is Lollipoppy levels of nightmares.
Wait... about 1 Million posts about the new HUD being complete shit, and you visit A POST ABOUT A GOD DAMN SHITTY SKIN? RIOT, STEP IT UP! And yes, i am pretty mad. Why? I've tried playing with the new HUD on one of my smurfs and i obviously fell back from Plat 1-2 Elo to Bronze 4-5 Elo in terms of farming and hitting skill shots. Plus, isn't the HUD made to be more compact? Welp, i saw more of my own gameplay with the older HUD!
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Just give it a while, people still need to get used to it. It's the same thing as when Facebook does design changes: For a few weeks after the change, people want them to change it back, but then suddenly forget about it. When the new design is changed again, people are upset about that as well. The new HUD focuses on having all the information you need about the game grouped up, instead of spreading it out in different areas on the screen.
The new HUD just forces every information into a corner, so if you try to find that information, you end up seeing something else... I really do not know what Riot was thinking on that one, every information you needed was available via HUD and TAB!!
: The problem why most players are disliking the new Hud is because of 2 reasons: 1. change, people generally dont like changing things they are comfortable with, even to the better 2. missing left corner, there is nothing in the bottom left corner of the screen with the new hud, this is especially bad, since players were used to look in that direction with the old hud
1. Change... I do not think people don't like change. Think about the new SR. Nobody (except maybe a few) complained about it. Why? Because it was one of those things well done by Riot. They put a lot of effort into it and it came out as epic as everyone expected. But the HUD? Riot first of all fixed something that was never ever broken (except maybe in BETA), and even did a horrendous job. It does neither fit the the Map Theme, nor does it fit gameplay. You can't have all the information on the one side, you will end up looking at something else that you don't want to see right now for the next 400 games. 2. Same as above. It is true, there is information missing on the left side of the screen. It looks empty and even somewhat disgusting, having the map first then suddenly the edge of your screen.
HolyFace (EUNE)
: this voice so bad plz back old female voice .
I don't think this voice will make it past this horrible event thingy Riot thought we would want or would be neccesary. This voice in the event based game mode would have been enough.
Eveninn (EUW)
: in 3 weeks on so everyone will be used to it and 99%+ will be happy about it ^^
> [{quoted}](name=GPet,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oR2eI0Xb,comment-id=000200010000,timestamp=2015-07-22T08:10:04.456+0000) > > in 3 weeks on so everyone will be used to it and 99%+ will be happy about it ^^ in 3 weeks on so everyone will still hate it and 99%+ will have left the game ^^
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