Garen and Jarvan IV are in a bar. Garen said: "I bet you can't make alistar laugh". So Jarvan accepted the bet and tried to make alistar laugh, but it failed. Then teemo came in the bar. Garen asked teemo the same and teemo also accepted the bet. Teemo whispered something in alistar's ear and alistar began to laugh loudly. Then teemo said: "I can make him cry too". So Garen and Jarvan watched closely. Teemo did something and alistar began to cry like a little baby. Then Jarvan asked teemo: "What did you say?" Teemo replied:"First I told him that I have a bigger pen*s than him, and he laughed. Then I showed him it..."
LePu (EUW)
: AMAZING ZED REACTIONS - Funny Lol Moments - @LeagueOfLegends
I didn't expect that zed one....lel I liked the first one and some of the rest, but unfortunately I already knew a few. But yeah, I watch a lot of youtube xD. It is a nice serie tho Keep it up! Oh yeah, thumbnails are very important imo, I mostly click because of the nice looking thumbnail. Just so you know
: "You are among only 5% of League of Legends players to recieve a chat restriction"
: Kindness begins with you
I love the story! You are correct, more people like him would make this game amazing. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
yoshi2790 (EUW)
: This is not the right category for this. I'm suprised RIOT didnt close this thread. I'd put this is Champions&Gameplay But. I got some news about Doombots . . . With the recent changes to gamemodes. ( Rotating game mode queue) RIOT is still figuring some stuff out, and that's why the system isn't perfect. RIOT has said that they will add new gamemodes. (such as the new siege game mode now) They said that the possibility that DOOMBots will be added big is. Because the community really enjoys it. . . . But now some news that might not be so fun . . DOOMBots is insanely difficult to program, very difficult. So they'll have some work with it. Also RIOT has lots of other things to worry about now, Siege, the new gamemode, Ryze-rework, Balance changes, the summer event, (pool party) etc... When this is all over Worlds is about to start probaly, after Worlds The Assasin Rework will come, AKA preseason 7 So don't expect DOOMBots anytime soon, We're about to get the siege game mode, they won't add something new soon, but I definetly see it coming in Season 7, maybe a bit sooner. but not the next months or so. . . . I hope that helped! RIOT is very buzzy now, but I'm sure DOOMBots will come eventually. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
But why did they remove it? If it is hard to program it's a waste to remove it.
: A Poro in Summoner's Rift for REAL!!!
Am I the only one who saw kata died by a Minion?
PengWin (EUNE)
: Is this bannable?
Rip adc's when teemo is around {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
: how i can get summ icons ?
If you want the ones from events, you can only get them by getting them when the event is active. The only way I know to get them are buying a lol account which has the icons you want from that event. I recommend reading this page: http://leagueoflegends.wikia.com/wiki/Summoner_icon If think some of the events are still active like the teambuilder icons if you play draft pick. I hope this helped.
Almighty (EUNE)
: Why Voice Chat should NEVER exist in LoL:
I think if you would mute the voice chat 9/10 times, it's an useless feature. And if you are premade most of the time you already have skype/curse to communicate, so an ingame communication is a bit irrelevant. So I agree with you.
rct8 (EUW)
: Please help me deal with trolls.
You can try to act like they are your Pokemon xD Don't know if you know where I am talking about. When you have trollers just try to make the best out of it. And luckely for you it was a normal game, so it doesn't matter either. I have sometimes trollers too, just make the best out of it! :D
Tzumin (EUW)
: Can't click things in LOL Client.
It's the last option you have. You can try to uninstall league and reinstall it. That's how you know for surely that you don't have corrupted files. I hope it will get fixed soon, so you won't lose Diamond.


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