: Why? Is fnatic playing?
well then... no reason to watch worlds this year. SKT gonna win anyways... :( {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}}
: H2k, Splyce & G2 this year only.
Why? Is fnatic playing?
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: Only an english Sub.
good enough. Thanks :)
: It's an Anime. It's fanmade. Riven has a beard and is fat because a bearded fat guy plays him. Basically it's about a group of friends playing the game. The animation is good but overall I don't like it.
So the champions look like the guy playing it? sounds fun. Is there an english version?
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: Well, in december (can't be bothered to look up the announcment) of 2015 new policy was introduced. New Legendary skins that will be released are supposed to go on sale exactly once sometime in the 6 months from there release. Ultimate skins as well, I think. After that they are never going to be on sale again. Old Legendary and Ultimate skins won't ever be on sale either.
Not the answer I was hoping for but tnx :)
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Meto The (EUW)
: Thats the idea dude but i gotta try harder to get banne the rito gems is a bitch company.
The only b*tch around here is You.
: > [{quoted}](name=TheSylVeRfyriNn,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=Po7oKb5E,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2015-11-18T13:55:20.295+0000) > > If there are not enough people to play then they will add bots and start the game so you don't have to wait eternally. Too bad you are too dumb to come up with the appropiate response. Riot didn't add them, they are asshole people who use third party programs to create a feederbot for a quick way of farming IP and getting the account to level 30 in order to sell it.
well you could have just told me instead of calling me dumb
Meto The (EUW)
: Well now i do ruin the game of others now intetionaly just like other people ruined mine, this is a hate chain, it wont stop until something very big happens. Im 20 years old studying engineering and i consider that i shouldnt play a competetive game like this cuz i have lessons u know. I already have no friends on EUW and people in TR are mostly retards. what i most want to play is Witcher 3 but i need a cool laptop. Riot is a coward company, they are afraid to ban until you do the extreme, they are not deleting old bugs or making majority of the champs playable very competetively Poppy said to be OP but no one ever pick her in LCS for 3 years. they make utterly OP champs, you see the same pick/ban in worlds. And the matchmaking system.. damn that shit i would wait 3-5 mins to have a great match instead of stomping or getting stompt. and look at harrowing rito didnt say anything about harrowing (not that i care) they dont communicate much with community.. anyways so much i want to say but not that much time for now. (i was gonna switch to dota2 but i dont have a very good mouse its unresponsive on dota2 but it works perfectly with lol and i guess dota2 servers are bad maybe i have more ping in dota2 than lol, but tbh i shouldnt play any moba anyways cuz its not just playing you think about strategies before and after playing.. and playing normals is not fun and playing ranked requieres time and effort and of course friends if you are not pro or smurfing high plat/diamond btw smurfing breaks the game also too. i had someone playing kalista with 19 win 1 lose. just wth dude none of my champ score is any close to that but why do i have someone who plays kalista with %95 winrate... (this guy was booster)
If you're gonna be toxic because others ruined your game than you're no better than them and really deserve to be banned.
Grimmrok (EUNE)
: What has the amount of people playing Twisted Treeline got anything to do with this?
If there are not enough people to play then they will add bots and start the game so you don't have to wait eternally.
larry3000 (EUW)
The bots are only in 3v3 right? I think there's nothing RIOT can do. There are just too few people playing on twisted treeline.
: That's ok mate.Probably i got carried away also. Thank you for your support:)
pheeew. Thanks for the reply. I was so worried about what I've done.
Meto The (EUW)
: Dont you think this is toxic? and lemme tell you another toxic thing: People have multiple chat restrictions or low priorityQ cant have ranked rewards its OK if you cant get the skin or the symbol but the border? Everyone can see what border you use But you dont have to use tier icon or you dont have to play sivir too But you have to go throught the loading screen and thats where everyone can see you are a bad teammate and how will they think/act about it Think you have 2 non border player in your high silver/abowe gold and theese people obiviosly flamer/afker and you know it from the start so it corrupts your mind. I dunno but i kinda feed there is some sadisim in the poeple who make this changes PS. im not pissed about gettin any ranked rewards and i use MKlol already and even write this in boards and nothing happens even when my post deleted so rito knows this but they are such a bad company right now if they werent at the past.
Yeah, the border thing is kinda strange (stupid). But it's mainly to show off(I think). But if you really hate the game so much, please just stop playing. Don't try to get banned. Please don't ruin the game for others. And who knows, maybe you'll want to play the game again one day. When that day come you still have an account.
Meto The (EUW)
: When i saw Darius first i knew he would be picked at worlds and banned from soloQ he wasnt released at that moment The new sea woman will be OP too. And about graphics, compare LoL season 4 graphics with DOTA2 graphics and think why more people doesnt play DOTA2.
Guess I can't argue with you. But hey, maybe they release OP and broken things on purpose so people can have some fun playing them. hehe
Meto The (EUW)
: This happens almost everytime i dont know what they are thinking when releasing broken stuff it doesnt bother me much but there are so many people quit the game bcuz of the meta. Btw WoW also was good too
There's no way to know that something is broken or imbalanced if it's not released. And I don't know much about WoW but the graphics of the game looked ancient. Maybe they should just update the visuals and people would play it again. If you made it through so many strange metas than I'm sure you can make it through more. :)
: 5.22 has to be the worst update I've ever seen in league's history.
Just wait and watch. Maybe you'll love the changes. Or just play the OP champs.
Meto The (EUW)
: How?
I don't know. This game is just too good. :) You should just wait a few weeks. It's only the first week of preseason. If something doesn't work, they'll fix it, RIOT always does. I'm sure the marksman will be balanced in a week or two.
Meto The (EUW)
: LoL became so bad this patch i guess
This game was made for eternity. It'll never die. It mustn't.
: I like these changes!
I thought that I'm the only one who's happy about the preseason changes.
EmEx (EUW)
: eh 40% up is not balanced and tehre are different degrees of opness.
I said almost balanced, and if everyone's OP then there is no OP.
xK1ra D3s (EUW)
: gg you broke the game
loooool. You say that 50% of the champs are OP, that means that the game is almost perfectly balanced since almost everyone is OP.
: The new masteries depend on your playstyle. Read the description and choose what you like the most or want to try out. There is no right or false. My masteries could be completely bad for you, because you have a different playstyle. Do it yourself {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Totally agree. Also, right now there is no 'best masteries' everything is open to try. Experiment, have fun and choose the ones that worked best.
: New masteries really rito?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E9Sw2am5I2I Here's an entire guide on the new masteries.
Count Dooku (EUNE)
: if Graves can't have his cigar why..
Best question I've ever red on the boards.
: Did not know that.Thanks for info. As about anyone thinking i'm toxic for saying no more spin,just beacuse i stopped Kata's spin,ill let you have that.The fact that i never got banned or properly reported for anything should say all,but it doesn't ,because in your little mind instead of realising that it was an innocent comment you just call me toxic for that. Its very very sad,but then again most of the time thats what i see here...so why surprised. Let me tell you something,reporting for everything is toxic,saying others are toxic because that person might had sad something i don't agree with is toxic. So if i eventually turn toxic..that's thanks to you,to your approach. And now i just walk away from here . {{summoner:4}}
Hey..., I never said you're toxic. I'm totally on your side. Sorry that I didn't make clearer what I wanted to say. I just wanted to say that you don't need to be afraid of these kind of reports. If anyone ever reports you for no reason they will be punished for it. Sorry again.
QueenD88 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheSylVeRfyriNn,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=NhUcNVxA,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-11-03T05:51:41.548+0000) > > Well... first they buffed AP items, didn't they. Now they're balancing it by buffing AD items. Easy logic. They didn't buff AP items in a way that is useful for mages... they just did it for AP assassins like {{champion:245}}, {{champion:55}} and other Riot favorites.
You really seem to have no idea about what's going on. And why would RIOT even release AP champs if they hate them? Doesn't make sense at all. Please read patch notes.
: Only im about to quit the game or at least care less about what im doing in it?
Just wait until the changes come out. Maybe you'll like em.
: Which Server should i chose?
Hey, I live in Mongolia and play on EUW. The ping is 128 at least but it's the best I get.(NA ping 260) You should try EUW
: So today..
Next time someone wants to report you for no reason you can laugh your a** off. The new system punishes for false reports.
QueenD88 (EUW)
: Why is Riot biased towards AD champs?
Well... first they buffed AP items, didn't they. Now they're balancing it by buffing AD items. Easy logic.
: Which of mine icons do you like the most guys ? :D Express your opinnion please!
I guys picking one u got as a reward is cool. Because everyone can buy an icon but icons that are rewarded are a little more rare. I won an icon last harrowing and have only seen one other player with the same icon as mine.
Erling64 (EUW)
: Loosing every game, even when playing good
hha. Don't worry mate. This happens sometimes. My longest losing streak was 17 games in a row.
: Why i am Quiting League and you should consider it too.
Why I'm not quitting league and why you shouldn't. You said you love league, you enjoy it, so you're a fan. But a true fan doesn't only support whoever he is a fan of in their best times. What I'm saying is that you are really mean. You played the game, said you love it while they were in their finest and best times, but now they have some problems and you say "fk this game, I don't like it". Sorry that I'm a little angry but you shouldn't just give up on something when it gets a few problems. I'm sure that RIOT is trying to fix the problem. (If it rly is a server problem) Pls give it some time, it's nice to see someone who doesn't rage over every afk or feed. And pls tell me if you're still going to quit. It's really sad to see such an honorable member of the community leave.
: Tired of waiting... can you please tell us when the harrowing will happen?
Even if someone told you it won't change the fact that you have to wait. :)
Akoh (EUNE)
: How is this fear????
You should never use lolnexus or lolking to see your enemies rank. If you see that their higher rank than you and you get upset or afraid you won't perform as well as you usually would.
Dedu951 (EUNE)
: What a day... what a game
You really think they suck? How are you gonna know. Maybe the enemy was just better, maybe the enemy was a diamond smurf. Or maybe they just got lvl30 and are playing their placement. You can't know why they had such a bad score so you shouldn't ever say someone sucks.
SajoThePro (EUNE)
: I think from the top laners I own I like Jax the most so I might try him at first. Also would you say Jarvan is a good champ?
You shouldn't play jax if you're new in top lane. He is too weak early. Try tanks. Jarvan is good top and if you're new he's even better.
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Semkus (EUW)
: Can't buy Rp
Ask RIOT games player support. They will always answer. But it might take a day for them to answer. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us
Stell (EUNE)
: no :P but would be hilarious if something like that happened
pew... You scared the s**t out of me.
Stell (EUNE)
: Player 1 : "Who wants free skin? First one to say "Get Cancer" gets free skin Player 2 : GET CANCER! Player 1 : Nice, oh shit i'm about to die, should i go die to turret or try to escape Player 2 : GO DIE Player 1 : Well that worked well, got executed. Player 2 : Gg easy You have been banned for 14 days, here is your chat log that got you banned: Player 2 : GET CANCER Player 2 : GO DIE Player 2 : Gg easy
Real story? I hope the answer is no.
: Best Shyvana skin
Ice Drake is HOT. ... or.. cool?
istenszek (EUW)
: I didn't mention Shyvana as a "Manaless champion". Read the thread properly. I already answered to the rest, and.. (4) everyone got cooldowns.
Garen has longer cooldowns than others. So even if he had energy he would never run low on energy.
istenszek (EUW)
: 1. that's the point. shyvana is a FIRE DRAGON. 2. I didn't speak about "Katarina in early game". But about Katarina, and she hurts in early game too. 3. Yeah, but his advantage is too big anyways (Yasuo). 4. I can avoid anything, so what? Garen is a pain in the ass.
1. Shyvanas rage is like a cooldown 2. energy would have no impact on kats early but would ruin her late game as she cant get the resets anymore(she cant use em when out of energy). 3. yasuos low cd kit says "u can't have energy or mana" 4. Garen... Energy...? why? he has no recourse at the cost of cooldowns.
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