: I just lost 10lp for dodging a ranked game
Thanks! I just finished my collection with "Stupid complains with 0 sense". I have some duplicates if someone need.
: Just reset ranked, please.
: can't*
No, is correct how I said.
: Scroll up. Click the exclamation mark.
After he do that: "The launcher/client is still broken!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
: that's bullSHIT
Stop bully him. Why you can be like S04 DuKeLe?
Murdarici (EUNE)
: Main support playing Yasuo
Meanwhile the Yasuo mains...
: League is the worst game EVER MADE
: Permaban
They can change the permaban into a ban who is permanent. Its still a change... in name...
: I've never read something THAT stupid lol
: this season is kind of a joke
El Papi (EUW)
: Chat Restriction after February 11th
I agree. If they said that until 11 Feb you should have honor lvl 2 then is logic that you should get your rewards after, even if you now have a chat restriction. Its not fair because if 2 players get chat restriction in the same day (20 Feb), one could get his rewards before 20 Feb and thats mean that the game will let one player win more than the other one who has the same problem. Make a ticket to support and ask there.
: Trolls are promoted by rito
If riot/ promote the trolls then why you don't see my name when you open the client? Edit: I put "/" because you can't type that 2 word together (get censored).
NikolaR2004 (EUNE)
: Chest
Only one skin permanently?
Riveen (EUNE)
: This is what the boards are for, dont tell me " cry to another door. "
Did you edited your post? I remember that I commented to a post where someone asked for his LP because he got trolled in a ranked game where he also trolled but "foregot" to mention that. Maybe I clicked on the wrong post and comment without reading again.
Tammyart (EUW)
: where is the 9.4 patch ?
> when the 9.4 patch will be online ??? When they will add it exacly like any other patch.
Riveen (EUNE)
: Riot thanks for making report system
Arcade Lulu (EUNE)
: If you're not the 1st pick of the game and i don't want to play against your champion if it's broken etc, i'll ban it
I ban it anyway. I want to hit min 20 in that game and not having a hole in the map from mid to our nexus...
KokOnBush (EUW)
: New to this game, got camped by smurfs and got reported by my smuf team, now banned
xMilanche (EUW)
: One question
Keep watching at full gameplay from Challengers to climb, join a team or make your own team to participate in tournaments and in time you will be a professiona League of Legends player (if you are good).
: League is the worst game EVER MADE
> No, you are just addicted and most of the game you are stressed out and raging at teammates :D You are not in game with me to see how I act. And "I am having fun" is my most used quote.... Downvote {{sticker:darius-angry}}
Encrux (EUW)
: Somewhat controversial(?) - Leaving extremely toxic games
> So I'm asking you, especially those who are already out of school and just scrape up as much free time as they can get. How do you handle situations like these? This game is a gun with paper compared to my real life because at my 22 years I have importants things to do than healing my damaged feelings by a random kid in an online game. I am now a student so crafting your knowledge (fancy expresion) is more stressful than reading a chat where you get flamed. I am also a very funny person who is loved by everyone (even from some teachers) and this have a lot to do with my normal mood who now is not so easy to be changed by some words who mean nothing. Manage your life in a way to encounter more good things than bad to be more happy and relaxed. **No stress = happy life** {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
KFCBubble (EUNE)
: Hi my account was banned becouse i had bad result.
> i want to unban me too or ban him I don't think that you are in the position to bargain.
MrKurbanov (EUNE)
: Is there any RP-Earning way to earn RP?
Search on tournaments about LoL and you will gonna get points and with that points you will buy skins (add someone and he will gift the skin). I used a site like this and i got White Mage Veigar. That site does not exist anymore and don't know why, but probably because at every tournament there was less and less players. You also have Riot events Join there and you will win some RP in time.
: "?"
Last time when I encountered this problem: **Enemy:**? **Me:** that means that you killed me there **Enemy:** ez **Me:** ez only because I explained to you And that was all my conversation with him all game. Guess that he didn't expect a non tilted reaction from me. You should try this too.
StyrosNinja (EUNE)
: everything to make bronze players don't leave game {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
> everything to make bronze players don't leave game You got on too?
Pixelbits (EUW)
: Can it please stop?
Is funny that all the main supports you find are here on boards and not in your games (I am also main support xD).
: An inevitable beast if not managed. Let him scale and he will shit on your chest and smear it while laughing maniacally.
What? xD Why did I imagined that?
Murdarici (EUNE)
: I opened a Lunar Orb
Flexing in the front of noobs? You need to do it harder and tell what you got from there.
: Your rank does have something to do with this. I don't see people in high elo complaining becasue they know how to play against sylas. Sylas in high elo isn't considered broken. Also he isn't broken because he doesn't have any escapes, he's squishy and he has pretty long cool downs. I could easily win agaisnt sylas as zed for example. So idk why you think he's broken.
Me: _Your rank has something to do in this problem_ You: _Your rank does have something to do with this_
: > [{quoted}](name=Insidiøus,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=nPxmu9Ai,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-15T20:48:53.624+0000) > > Sylas has 45% win rate in all roles (mid/jgl/top) so no, he isn't broken. Also, you are bronze, so learn how to play agaisnt the champ instead of crying. My rank has nothing to do with this, there's no counterplay to him, so i cant "LEARN HOW TO PLAY AGAINST". His winrate is low because most people dont actually know how to play him yet. And he is extremely broken and overturned.
Your rank has something to do in this problem. If you say that a lot of players don't know how to play him then why you lose against him? You do some mistakes and thats why you lose or you take champions who are countered by Sylas.
: Looking for pyjama guardian soraka. Will give you dark star thresh or pulsefire caitlyn
I have only 2 Rattata and 1 Spearow. I will like a Pikachu or at least a Pichu and I will evolve him later.
: Just won a game, didn't get first win of day bonus?
Some times you get the bonus after max 3 games. Is more like a delay than a bug. Or the missions just arrived in the list while you was in the stats screen (you didn't give info so I can assume).
: I hope i have offended as many as possible by posting this
: garbage silver team lost my fkin promos fml garbage lol
You want to test if the moderators will gonna delete this post too? {{sticker:sg-lux-2}}
: Let us create more rune pages.
I use only one rune page and I can edit her from 0 in 15 seconds. When you are poor and don't invest money in this game then you need to adapt. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: update
The colors look a bit erased (like the colors from a old printer), need more shadows and a cool 3D effect on ranked borders. This is my opinion, but no rush in add those things.
: i asked riot for unlimited skin...
Post here the source where youtubers get unlimited skins by just asking Riot and I will tell you that you are wrong. Its a program where Riot unlock all the skins for those who make content on Youtube about LoL. You need to sign on a page and they will check your Youtube channel for videos about LoL. When you will do the videos then you will get all the skins available from the game. Is not so simple because you need to have some good views on the videos. Also hope that someone will correct me if I am wrong because I didn't read all the info about this thing, but I said the main idea.
: Who climbed out of low elo as support?
> Who climbed out of low elo as support? I went from Silver IV to Silver I as a support :) You just need to get gud. I can't explain how to play except saying the same things you see in pro guides. Only with training you will be able to carry with the support role. In that time I used champions like Soraka, Nami, Taric, Janna, Blitz, Thresh. Now I use Lux full ap to have fun. Go in the support role and try to understand it, not just feel like you need to do some moves at some point. Keep your enemies below 60% HP or isolate the ADC from the support when you get a gank. Remember that some supports go to tank the jungler and let the ADC solo. Never focus the ADC after because that support know what he is doing. Try to focus the support because if he gets one cc is enough to die 1v3.
: Feels like Riot removed my posts for no reason
"every game I get %%%ing braidead teammate", "this %%%%%%s...", "how this noob..", "in this game a %%%%%%..." Guess they want to have less toxic posts on boards.
: Veigar ult Mana cost ?
What is this complain? For real? Next time you will complain that you get better enemies than you in ranked and thats the reason why you can't climb. {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
: no it's not a buff .... you will understand when you start lossing games ... you will see . if you %%%%ed up 1 recall your domed if you go to gank mid .. you are domed .. when you go to deep warding and someone find you and you lost some of your hp you are doomed ... are you better than the pro players ... lol .. they made the supp get shit on if the adc is bad ..and they are bad all the time ... 1 to 2 games in 10 games you will get 1 adc who don't think he is a god . you don't understand do you . what if you got ganked 1 time and die ... you are %%%%ed do you know that ... you think if you like to carry as a supp this will work anymore ... no it won't .. if your adc suck you suck now .. do you understand
Bad main supports are complaining, good main supports see only profit. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: Not a very well thought change IMO. Now it is a zero profit to defend a turret solo as a supp. If your ADC goes back, well... go mid to earn something or stay behind. Let the turret fall. But I like the idea behind it. Support should not thrive if his ADC is underfed.
If your ADC is away then you take the farm. I take like 2 waves and still finish my quest in min 9. From this update is just profit.
: and how can I publish to Creations & Concepts, if there is no that option in the select bar?
I don't understand what you want. If you follow the steps then you can't have problems.
: How to
Click on the "<< BOARDS HOME", when you get there click on "CREATE A DISCUSSION" and you will have up "CHOOSE A BOARD". Choose what you want from there :)
: I'm not posting this to fight anyone I just think that people who use this forum are as bad as the players in my team since they dont use common sense but more just wanna troll the person trying to figure out why this happened (or when I got my acc banned without using curse words)and they start to tell me that I'm bad person and dumb shit that doesnt make sense.Thats why I troll them back now.
> I'm not posting this to fight anyone So why did you typed "Lets see how many smartasses gone say that I'm %%%%%%ed and it's my fault for losing/Let the hate and no logic idiotic bs begin"? Is like walking on the middle of the road with a baseball bat and without a shirt on you yelling "who wants a piece of me?". > I just think that people who use this forum are as bad as the players in my team since they dont use common sense but more just wanna troll the person trying to figure out why this happened Really? Good that you asked this in the post and not trying to fight with us.
: Let the hate on me begin
You have 0 logic here. If they didn't want to win then is not your problem, so you can move to the next game and try to win there. You should know that one player is enough to make you lose, and you have 2 there. Now just posted this on boards and try to fight with all saying that the defeat was not your fault. Ok, we got it. Move to the next game.
: I don't have access to pbe. Where can I see it?
Search on google "lol wiki" and go to the "pbe" section.
: I always permaban Lux :)
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: Best role to carry low elo
Go Lux support. You can carry easy with her.
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