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JOkERxzx (EUW)
: yeah id be happy with a server anywhere in Africa to be honest, we need more attention here :(
RIOT has stated numerous times that according to them its not viable to put a server in south africa or african in general feels bad man
JOkERxzx (EUW)
: Im having the exact same problem, it might be a region based thing? I live in South Africa and all my friends are also dcing randomly...{{item:3070}}
I live in Cape Town and I am getting the same problem man feels bad man
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: No Loot for Restricted Players (Upcoming, Mastery Crafting system)
So even if you don't have a negative attitude anymore - you still fcked?
: > [{quoted}](name=b0NN3r,realm=EUNE,application-id=2BfrHbKG,discussion-id=IeiJUjgh,comment-id=000d0000,timestamp=2015-11-17T15:55:35.719+0000) > > Riot usually doesen't give a f*ck about anyone, including us (EUNE) well, i dont give a fuck about EUNE as well :3
It is kinda funny you know the community complains riot cares more for the LCS pros then regular gamers..... yet they dont respect the second best region in the world? O
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: That's due to your low mmr. If you gain mmr you will start gaining more LP per win.
Basically to gain MMR I have to win and a loss decreases my MMR. Now here is the main question, how do I boost MMR? Should I dominate normals then head into Ranked - Does that increase MMR? Or is MMR measured in victories in terms of ranked games that have been won either way there is one huge flaw in the Ranking System. If I am bad today and I improve individually - the system will never know right? If I play better in games and that is how I gain MMR, then I fall down the ladder then the ranked system will pair me with players in that ELO. I cannot win every game (who can) but if I lose currently it hurts me more then if I win.... so how do I gain ELO. Do I play good and still lose and go further down the rabbit hole? Or do I win games and grind for DAYS to just get to my promo's? Seems like the ranked system has an undeniable flaw..... it doesn't measure improvement in skill and will therefore no matter how good you are, no matter how bad you are... you are generally stuck in the same MMR until you win about 10 games in a row (impossible in Bronze unless you are smurf; I won 7 ranked games in a row - didnt help me). Escaping Bronze is impossible with this system.
: >How can i escape this league when i have to worry about 3 THINGS: Alright, here are the only things you should worry about: ~~My team~~ ~~ The game~~ ~~ AND RIOT WHO WILL ROB ME OF MY LP THEN I GAIN~~ **Your performance Your behavior** It does not matter if your toplaner fed three kills in the early game. You have to improve **YOURSELF**, not your teammates. Look for the things you are doing wrong. There are dozens of them in every game. And if you don't respect your teammates or even flame others, you are not going to climb anywhere.
I lose more LP then I gain... counter intuitive; How do i climb when there is grease on the ladder?
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A Ocean (EUW)
: The new Shadow Isles lores are awesome
They suck cause they forgot about : {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}}
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: just bought nocturne thnx for helping me
Should of bought the sleeper OP jungler even RIOT doesnt know exists: {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}} {{champion:83}}
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Xaximbo (EUW)
: Even on custom games i've 50 ms but my champ moves like if i had 500 ping and sometimes refuses to move or interact. COMPLETELY UNPLAYABLE. Has been like this on peak hours since juggernauts patch and on this 5.20 is what happens in nearly all the games. I quit game if this is not fixed this week, my patience has come to an end nothing wrong with the game but trying to play lol for me is like playing to play basketball without hands.
Your jitter is high most likely
Perilum (EUW)
: Yasuo dashes there, Yasuo dashes here. Yasuo mashes him, Yasuo mashes me, Yasuo talks trash.
Ronin dashing through the wind hunting the murderer All he knows the MO is Ki The eye of the storm is HASAKI {{champion:157}}
Jaymate (EUW)
: The Yasuo Poem I made for 35 RP.
wait so if i make a poem i can also get payed ?
Kauski (EUNE)
: hes baron/dragon fast takin dmg will be nerfed
plausible because thats all she has going for her
: It's difficult to take camps when you're a lane kindred. 1. Enemies will realise you're missing 2. You don't have smite 3. Following point 1, enemies will either push hard and deny you cs/levels or follow you making it a possible 3 v 2 situation.
hence take a jungler all explained in guide
Four Star (EUW)
: How come people in bronze are always trying to break the meta?
They nothing to lose, its like asking a 1 year old if they like pretty fire or boring wood XD
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: -They can't rework him without reworking his ultimate skin -they set the limits for a rework and VU already with this skin If they don't
They can rework him without reworking his ultimate skin (look at fiora post rework skins and after) They need to rework his kit and update his VU to something that does not look RETARDED ___________________________________________________________ Honestly i just want a rework; I dont care about his skin , cause in my mind reworks are way better than skins
: Thoughts on Udyr
Making spirit guard udyr the default skin is going to be hard for the money eating RITO. First they have to make a skin to compensate for the players that bought spirit guard (which will take some time as the amount of rp used for spirit guard is a large amount) They wont give refunds cause, well they dont make money and refunding such a huge amount of rp is insane (returning $200 is pretty much dumb). So on the matter if riot were to make a VU (not change the existing one) it would be better more intuitive and would showcase riots skills (honestly I enjoys riots reworks as it breathes new life into a old champion and rekindles my love for that said champion) Riot should rework him to make him fit in this meta more (he is easily kited and with these new mobility champs udyr is a turtle ; pun intended)
: New Champion Selection HUD !!! RITO PLOX!
ModMayhem (EUW)
: haha awe as ons dai ping kan he kan ons worlds toe gan xD
Hulle moet na suid afrika kom ; Hulle sal bronze wies XD
ModMayhem (EUW)
: jirra our ping is doos kak haha
Die mense dink 160ms is kak.... hulle het nie telkom gesien nie.
Decrit (EUW)
: because 1 they litter the chat box with gibberish nonsense ( for the others at least ) 2 they don' t communicate with us usually a premade does not communicate aniway, but this way it is not only more evident but more obnoxious!
If they talking in chat... they are a bad premade, if they dont talk (but only when they communicate to the rest of the team) they most likely are using team speak and co-ordinating plays (if they don't talk and are bad... then you fucked XD)
: Dear botlane premades ^_^
If someone is bot premade in my ranked games, i just let them go bot because they can either troll together or they can carry together (they must know each other so its better to have 2 people that know each other bot then 2 strangers)
ModMayhem (EUW)
: awe!
AWE MA SE KIND XD #ColouredThings
: +1 good idea and i recently noticed some high lag spikes after the kindred patch for some reason (120) while its usually (80) (from morocco)
I would kill to have 120... I have 200 consistently
Ahdee (EUW)
: Hiya, My named is Hadi. I'm French Algerian, Although i grew* up in Canada, i've been studying in Algeria since 2011. I switched from NA to EUW due to the HIGH AS FUCK PING (200 ping on a good day in NA, 65-115 ping in EUW) I personally think that we should get a server for the North african Community or even the Middle Easterbn Community since we have increasing numbers of Algerian, Morrocan, Tunisian and Egyptian players.
just play on EUW all the time.... not like we have problems ^^ (Joke RIOT loves america more then EUW)
ModMayhem (EUW)
: dude 65 ms is amazing, we here in South Africa have to play with 200-230 ms... :(
: After playing her for a while today. I'll say... that she is amazingly fun to play. But is NOT a valuable pick, other junglers are simply much better picks. And with the fantasticly awesome Nunu skin coming up, I'm going back to my good ol' Nunu for those sweet as slows, and massive jungle tankiness. She is fun, but feel so subpar others, she deals mediocre damage until getting a lot of hunts done. Her ult is meh at best. Good if the enemy cant reach you OR cant bump you out of the circle (which they ALWAYS do, sicne Alistar is being played a lot today...), and her stacking is BUGGED, wont get stacks after 4-5 on creeps. Fun, but not really that good.
She is like a combination of other champions. She has all their traits but not their fun
iHeyt (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheUndyingLord,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AzF9fEQU,comment-id=000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-10-14T14:45:23.814+0000) > > Ward what she needs to get.... obviously YOU WONT WAIT FOR HER THE ENTIRE TIME IN YOUR JUNGLE. If she does come then you go for her. > > The irony, the hunter becomes the hunted XD Kindred is like, social experiment to force players use more wards, lol
Riot is having fun with this one... just like bard (and we all know how that journey went )
: in pbe i played kindred got counter jungle by a lee sin and i won the trades lvl 2 you can 1v1 lee at your red not free kills
If I was the lee I would direct my mid laner to come (if you decided to counter jungle); because of her mobility and kiting potential trying to counter jungle her would be dumb unless you can get up close and personal (lee should of won though must of been bad)~~~~
Dessem (EUW)
: I see a pretty big discussion around how Kindred's ult is lacklustre and bad. I'm pretty sure you'll say different after your Orianna grabs 4 people in her ult, then you follow up with your amazing Yasuo ult, your team's Sona throws in her ult for good measure, the ADC is ripping and the jungler went for dragon because the fight's a foregone conclusion. ... Except you never CCed Kindred, so she just kept her entire team alive through your initiation, ready to hit you back and even the odds. "But it saves her enemies!" In much the same way Bard saves your enemies. Only a bad Kindred will save her enemies. Good Kindreds will save allies and end you.
In my mind , I would go into the circle and wait for 3 second to go back in. My syndra would heal my team, my ori would shield the yasuo and we would hit them until 10% of their hp and heal up with her ult. Then we rekt them again; Her ult just stalls the inevitable I understand the plays she can make, but they problem arises in the fact that her ult saves everyone not just her team. Also I don't like the fact riot has made 2 champions with this type of mechanic that can be used to troll or be ok ({{champion:432}} {{champion:203}} )
iHeyt (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheUndyingLord,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AzF9fEQU,comment-id=0001000000000000,timestamp=2015-10-13T18:17:12.775+0000) > > Just like i said... nunu knows where you are, he waits he kills you with his mid or bot lane. Her passive is so counter intuitive for counter jungling. Yea, but you don't need to actually go for that jungle mob. For example Gramp is being marked. Nunu and bot lane prepares trap and in that time Kindred is taking your red on the other side, because you know "counter jungle".
Ward what she needs to get.... obviously YOU WONT WAIT FOR HER THE ENTIRE TIME IN YOUR JUNGLE. If she does come then you go for her. The irony, the hunter becomes the hunted XD
: > [{quoted}](name=TheUndyingLord,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AzF9fEQU,comment-id=000100010000000000000000000000010000,timestamp=2015-10-13T19:40:57.721+0000) > > So youre saying dont use her passive, wards counter your mind games and why would you play kindred if you had janna? Warrior is not that good on her considering her w scales with her attck speed and she doesnt have the best ad scalings You do realize that janna is one of the supports kindred has the best synergy with right? Because janna ult knocks enemies out of kindreds ult... same goes for gragas. And multiple challenger players have said that warriors is better on kindred than devourer. The play potential on the ult is what makes kindred very strong, not just raw offensive stats.
The ultimate is retarded ; it heals for a small amount (which is only noticeable in the early game) and late game you'll pop it when you are low. This is what will happen: A- You 1v1 the enemy jungler and you get low and pop your ult; The enemy will just stay in the circle and wait it out B- (using your janna ult manoeuvre) - you ult and janna ults....... you heal and the enemy heals ( you will have slightly more cause of the janna ult) but once they interrupt her (janna) , you will just hammer at each other until 10% health and they will still kill you (unless you get the upper hand); Honestly this scenario is ridiculous because its more like a race to see who can get low fast and get bursted after the ult ends.... it just stalls a team fight. Answering 'DiscoTrash': I'm not saying she is totally useless but rather lacklustre and their are champions who can do what she does way better (she basically a quasi kalista, janna and ashe ); her ult will always be retarded (unless you play her support - then you can run away fast; if that's your forte) Secondly ambush? Like I said just ward where she could be; obviously you will know if they are setting an ambush (if you ward objectives) and if you know they going for an ambush get dragon or baron... its just a waste of time and strategy
LOLtyrant (EUW)
: Why wouldn't I play kindred when I have janna, they complement each other's abilities! Also i didn't say to not use it's passive, I said to trick it's opponents with it, they cannot really know what I'm going to do (about the wards, well, i can buy this:{{item:3341}}{{item:2043}}, and get the raptors' buff to clean them, and you can't ward every single place in the map). Warrior gives arpen and cdr, considering that kindred's passive gives % current hp dmg and her E deals % max hp dmg , getting arpen turns it into a huge tankbuster, and the cdr, with the W active, gives it huge mobility and allows it to use E more (and like you wrote above, devourer is getting nerfed for ranged champs, that gives warrior greater value)
Why ward every place when its likely you'll be there (at one particular place )? They can wait for you because why would you be there late game ( your stacks should be completed, hence youll be there in the early-mid game), warriors makes sense but still is bad for her. Her ult is shit, no mistake its really dumb... enemies just run into the circle and they too dont die, it just makes you last longer to your death. Janna is squishy and kindred is squishy, plus kindred needs to roam and jannas ult is good to disengage and heal (which makes kindreds ult pointless as you already wont die). BTW i meant Kindred is over hyped but in reality is pretty lackluster... dont get your hopes high for this champ
: Tahm Kench has mobility? Interesting...would you point out where, other than his ultimate?
Point is his ult doesnt do dmg, its mobily like EVERY NEW CHAMP
LOLtyrant (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TheUndyingLord,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=AzF9fEQU,comment-id=0001000100000000000000000000,timestamp=2015-10-13T18:34:08.681+0000) > > No she is bad not 'gud' (what is gud). I dare you to pick her as an adc and I will tower dive you and you press ult. Save US BOTH (hypothetically). > > She doesnt gain mr or armor (she is ranged) meaning the jungle always hurts. Riot NERFS DEVOURER (which she needs) before she comes out... looks like riot fcked her up. > > PS: PLEASE COUNTER JUNGLE ME ; FREE KILLS IN JUNGLE First, the only champ that doesn't gain armor per lvl is thresh. Second not all junglers can counter jungle. Third, if kindred has allies like janna on it's team, they can prevent their enemies from getting on it's ult. Fourth, kindred isn't forced to buy devourer, warrior works well on it as well. Fifth, kindred is not forced to stack it's passive and it can play mind games with it (will it counter jungle? will it actually gank mid or it's just a bluff?). Finally I'm not saying that kindred is perfect, it is not, it's a situational pick that can work wonders if played correctly, and if it's picked at good times
So youre saying dont use her passive, wards counter your mind games and why would you play kindred if you had janna? Warrior is not that good on her considering her w scales with her attck speed and she doesnt have the best ad scalings
: she is gud, dont argue with me
No she is bad not 'gud' (what is gud). I dare you to pick her as an adc and I will tower dive you and you press ult. Save US BOTH (hypothetically). She doesnt gain mr or armor (she is ranged) meaning the jungle always hurts. Riot NERFS DEVOURER (which she needs) before she comes out... looks like riot fcked her up. PS: PLEASE COUNTER JUNGLE ME ; FREE KILLS IN JUNGLE
: yea she's pretty garbage. Enjoy the week of free jungling after her release
Im hoping my enemy team picks her... and then when i tower dive she ults .... :D
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: probably because: {{champion:20}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:121}} {{champion:28}} Trust me, you do not want to face a jungle main that can counter jungle when you play kindred
Just like i said... nunu knows where you are, he waits he kills you with his mid or bot lane. Her passive is so counter intuitive for counter jungling.
: no? all her abilities are good, the ult will only save them if they are low so at the start of teamfights its really good anyway or when trying to bait. The rest of her abilities deal a lot of damage and if the enemy jungler camps them, she can kite and kill them anyway. Getting her passive is also really easy as it goes away from the jungle camps at 6 stacks so there is nothing to worry about.
Her ultimate saves her enemies, her counter jungling is a joke her enemies will know where she is and her TEAM can camp her not just the jungler. Her passive stops stacking on jungling creeps. She is a quasi-kalista and her w is big but not like kalista (who does it on every auto). Honestly she is over hyped so easy to counter jungle, so squishy, devourer is nerfed before she arrives. Riot is trying to make all these mobility champiosn with ultimates that dont do dmg.... but this time they took it too far.
: Lol Kindred isn't useless. She has so many gameplay mechanics and skill sets to sort around when ganking and in a teamfight. She is actually really good for a jungler
ULT saves you.. and your enemy. She has a good E and W and Q but compared to other mobility ADC's (kalista) she is a joke. Secondly, kalista jungle would make more sense than Kindred jungle, your enemys know where you will be so they could just camp. Also the enemy jungler can just camp her target.... easy kills when you can camp :D
Swittz (EUW)
: AD kennen was a thing before worlds, even sp4zie played some in his older videos
We listen to pros more then sp4zie
: What is this AD Kennen..?
Worlds does set the bar for solo queue their positives and negatives. Positives: * They can make RIOT realise THAT MORDEKAISER IS BROKEN AND RETARDED * They open our eyes to the fact that Darius is not op and can be dealt with (But we in solo queue cc is always used on tanks) * They show juggernauts are retarded Negatives: * They inspire players to make other lose LP * They make you think you can go to challenger with AD Kennen * You end up in bronze ^^
: What is this AD Kennen..?
It begins ladies and gentlemen, your solo queue has been officially fucked up. I am in bronze and i can already feel the gravitions becoming heavier. The air heavier. I was in the eighth circle of hell.. now I'm in the frozen pit....
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