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: 120MIN Queue ban for unintentionally dodging NEMESIS DRAFT
Think i posted it in the wrong forum :/ everyone knows riot ignores bugs.
: 120 min? Does that even exist?
yes it does... :'( i mean i can kinda understand why they are rising the penaltys for nemesis draft but cmon... fix your client first... this is RIDICULOUS
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Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Riot mentioned they're gonna tweak it so that it would preffer Primary role more
thats what i want to hear im in Q for 10 mins anyways so ifc if i have to wait another 5 min to play mid...
Smerk (EUW)
: System tries to find game as soon as possible right now, so it will give you your secondary role if there is no available spot for primary. And it is much easier to find game for support than mid. Pick top as secondary and you will have at least 50% chance to get mid
ive tried it with toplane and ima play lulu then.. need a thick skin against the flame tho xD im ahri one trick ^^ just playing annie sup cuz i dont like tanks and brand was bad in most of the matchups
: then dont make ur secondary preferred role support.
Well im 2nd best as support and i dont know all matchups for other lanes/my champion pool is very small. i dont want to tag top get malph banned and a bad matchup for lulu and get rekt like a bronze :'(
Cypherous (EUW)
: Pick top and mid, chances are you'll get top in most of your games :P
top is the least played role there is tbh.. there was a post on reddit about this and top isnt played at all
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huckasex (EUW)
: the warning only tells you that you got reported alot recently, nothing else. its automatic and if you did nothing wrong, you can ignore it. false reports dont do anything the restriction itself isnt automated and thus you deserve it
tribunal is down, the restriction is indeed automatic and if i get tons of reports from a premade enemy team after a game and banned afterwards its pretty obvious what happened, besides i didnt talk to them as stated above
: the additional restrictions are probaly extended from the first ones(yes this can stil happen after u sit them out) u might have responded to them in game in a negative way(we understand this shoundt be punishable but its an automated system) u didnt get restricted for picking ezreal, if this were the case the champ woundt be available in the game, its impossible to get restricted for picking a champion.
if you get restricted for previous games you get them immediatly afterwards. i havnt had chat/ranked bans for over a week now :)
: I enjoyed playing Veigar - other mids that would suit me?
i would not recommend viktor or brand, xerath might be smth but unlike veigar you have no pointer. Annie and Orianna would be a good choice i guess since lasthitting with them is pretty easy and they have good dmg peaks (keep in mind that ori shouldnt be able to 100-0 someone b4 ultra late)
CppL (EUW)
: Just cuase someones pick non meta champ ,doenst mean he"s a troll.
blablablabla This excuse is so cheap. Everything thats troll is non meta, otherwise it would be meta.. you should be able to kick a poppy adc with cv and clarity or be able to dodge without this huge time penatly or be able to select your role b4 you go into a ranked game (i dont know why this isnt realized yet) They could make a system that selects data and enables votekick based on it (for example if there is no adc and a vote to disband the game gets started it gets disbanded if 4/5 accept) Imo smth like this would be a nice way to prevent toxicity
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MicroBr3w (EUW)
: [EUNE/TR/EUW] Reconnect Issues over last 12 hours
i started a game, i dced and shy killed me a second time (you can see it as my last action in this game) the game was 14 min in and it was 0:01am. The game lasted for 23 minutes and i lost LP. So pls dont tell me loss prevented was activated until 0:15am cause it wasn't.
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Danboa (EUW)
: Hi my name's Danboa, I'm a toxic player.
Heyho! I was pretty toxic too and if someone is trolling on purpose or is leaving on purpose or whatever it still gets me mad as fuck. But in those cases its beyond your influence to effect the game outcome. Just try to die as less as possible and keep a good mood with the other players If you see that you start flaming every game and think you will lose the game atm the enemy got first blood you should take a break from league. After a few days i havnt played ranked im so much more relaxed and tilt less + sometimes it helps to be confident in yourself. I know that i can carry out almost every game if im on my mainlane/champion, and pretty often guys who tend to fail in early come back pretty hard in lategame (especially if they have lots of games on their champs) As long as you dont get outscaled like hell you can try to play for lategame anytime, cause then 1 enemy mistake can guarantee you the win


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