: The flag-ish thing next to your healthbar and level.
Thanks everybody, that was quick af. Cba to find new builds and mastery paths for every champ now tho lol
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Smerk (EUW)
: This guy is lvl 100 theory-crafter, just mechanically bad, that's why he's silver
I do believe that it is luck too, with so much brain one cannot be in silver. But he truly is a god at this, now I feel jealousy and respect in one.
: Someone told me he already had Championship Riven
: Congrats to Dextcod For winning Pick'em
I did some research on this guy: He is silver 2 in EUW, I was amazed of the seemlingy random picks through groups, but that was apparently all thought through. I ended up myself with 103 points, due to Flash Wolves and KT winning their groups x)
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This is Cereal

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