: Tanks are very strong vs AD carries early game because *everything* beats AD carries early game. AD carries scale in such a way that they are very strong with each successive item (much stronger than mages), but weak with few. Tanks, with a few exceptions, right now are actually in kind of a bad spot - Most of them cannot deal with the strong duellist threats in top lane, leaving them relegated to jungle and support (and all the limitations of those roles). This is one of the reasons Maokai has fallen off the face of runeterra :( In general, any champion that relies heavily on ability base damages for early game damage (tanks) will be strong in the very early game but will rapidly fall off in terms of damage, unless that champion stays ahead of the general experience curve of the game (higher experience = better abilities = higher base damage)
this really depends on the AD carry, if the carry has % hp-damage skills or native armor pene (yas ulti, kaisa passive, vayne silver bolts, kogmaw shots, etc.) then they do indeed beat tanks late-game or even mid-game sometimes...but if an AD carry has none of these (jinx, sivir, etc.) they will not beat a tank malph, garen, zac, etc. even in the lategame as long as these build at least 1 damage or off-damage item (black cleaver for ex.)...last whisper doesnt help as the armor pene is not whats used to be, back when it was 45% it was do-able, now that it is 35%, or more-commonly 25% (as so much healing and self-healing is present in the game, mortal reminder is a better choice is vast majority of scenarios against enemy team as a whole, even if not against tank specifically) it is not possible, as shredding 25% armor is just too little to effectively combat them...the only way is if somebody on ur team has black cleaver and so helps everyone with the armor penetrating AP is a much better position due to void staff having 40% magic pene (vs 25% for mortal reminder) and then they also have sorcs and more for some flat one...meanwhile highest MR item gives a measly 55MR, while armor items give way more + most champs have armor-per-level while MR stays very low without items
: sadly after that length of time even if riot support agree's the ban was unjustified they won't unban an acount happened to my friend
riot sup would never say a ban was unjustified, this would likely cost them their job...bans are done by an automatic system and the role of the sup agents is to explain why u were banned and why it was justified, their role is not complain about or state issues that are present with the system it is thoroughly pointless to contact sup about bans except if u are looking for information why specifically u were banned...they would only unban or actually invest resources to investigate the issue if u were someone of note, so lets say a streamer with many followers or a pro-player...for a regular joe, they are not going to invest the resources, that is why they developed an automatic system after all, to not invest human resources into looking at this
: Would you buy a S*x doll of Ahri or Aartox? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
neither, i'd rather buy one of my favorite pornstar
: 2 male prestige skins vs 10 female prestige skins
hey good point, this sounds like sexism...anyone want to sue riot for sexism against male? first not allowing males to that panel, now this
: Neeko : Neeko's kit can be fully sidestepped. She usually takes the form of an enemy, and ambush attacks with her ult up. Counterplay is easy, use wards, if you see someone come then disappear, that's neeko right there. Don't fight in choke-points, keep her flash timed. Easy peasy. Rest of her kit is straight forward to play against. Fizz : Fizz's engages : He either does the R engage + trollpole to gapclose than dash / or dash + ult through a creep, than trollpole onto you and W you to death. First scenario would look like : R sidestep (you should have vision control on the area you're fighting him, if you don't, you don't go there) - if he keeps coming, after he used trollpole simply tornado and kite to death. Second scenario : even if you get hit by ult, prepare a tornado between you and him. As he trollpoles on you, release it, know him up while shielding yourself + start ulting, so you knock him back. He can't one shot with ult, if you're not 0/12. Simply walk away from that one, after you did the self-peel. We're talking about decent mechanics here. If you reach high ELO, and played enough games, you already know how the champs work, you know every little interaction, so you should be able to pick them up on the go. I can give you a couterplay scenario versus pretty much any "fed assassin" champ that you provide me, with crit janna top. And I don't even need that many kills on her + I won't get roamed on, since I will be able to keep the wave exactly where I want to, making the enemy expose itself + I can pretty much get perfect vision control - also the map awareness would be flawless, so yea, no surprise ganks or visits from the fed midlaner. What can janna AD top offer, you ask ? Self-peel / kite due to the MS / AD shield + survivability / disengage teamfights. If she's played well, she can't be ganked, can't be starved in-lane + you can pretty much do perfect wave management due to your single target ranged auto attacks. She might sound like a troll pick - and she is, but as described, in the right hands, it can be a pretty potent pick like literally any champ in the game, if played correctly and adapted to the current situation.
your comment was to mine? I fail to see any relationship, you explaining is pretty boring, i was talking about people being bored to not make mistakes, chasing somebody across the whole map is a lot more fun than taking your 10000th turret with your patience and great tactics... why just yesterday had a game where during first invade there were 3 deaths on one side and 2 deaths on other...right after getting lvl 2 there was another invade with more deaths...EVERY player in the game said this is the most FUN GAME they had today, maybe whole week yes yes, by tacticising and whatnot you can sure do whatnot, but why bother, patience isn't fun unless you can rub it in somebody's nose...i know all that you've said i dont need an expplanation, i played maybe well over 10k games, point is lol gets boring after that...in case u want ranked quick rise u play meta and/or strong carry champs and roll with it, with janna top u can offer something to team, but it wouldnt be carrying, u would be relying on rest of ur team, which good luck in trying to rise from bronze or silver...and good luck against plats or diamonds which can see the cheese ur trying to do and shut u down
Gınko (EUW)
: try other champ lol stop playing kaisa problem solve
> [{quoted}](name=Gınko,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=LPI1vj9G,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-24T17:36:34.876+0000) > > try other champ lol stop playing kaisa problem solve bro, i have tried every champ, player at least a hundred at least 10+ games, have at least 10k mastery on at least 30, this doesnt change what i asked....how do guys dont get bored after 5k normals?....unless u are a player who played 5k normals and is still playing dont bother to answer as u cannot possibly understand how bored one feels
: You can pick first time crit Janna top, and still stomp iron games, while you're at a 2300MMR+ level. People are in low elo because they make certain mistakes, that you can abuse. It's not the picks, it's the extra game knowledge and execution of it, that you have, compared to the low elo player. Mistakes can be : * Over chasing * Failing to last hit * No wave management whatsoever * Ignoring objectives * Failure to understand the damage of the enemy, taking bad trades. * Overstaying after taking an objective * etc. I've done my fair share of smurfing, I'm somewhat of an Udyr main, far from OTP since I enjoy playing other things as well. I use him most of the times, since he's fast at soloing objectives, and you don't need to rely on your team that much. Done the bronze/silver to plat climb multiple times, averaging around 78-82% w/r. There indeed were unwinnable games, however most of them were. Not every game was easy, but then again, nothing is. As you said pure support champs don't really work THAT WELL, but you can for example 1v9 with a good roaming damage support, or any kind of tank jungler/top. I'd pick sion/urgot over yas/riven/zed any day, if I wanted a champ to climb with, on said lanes.
"certain mistakes," or maybe they just dont care that much for win? chasing somebody across half of the map, even if you die in the end is fun...taking your 12 465th turret on the other hand... "crit Janna top" i really am not sure sure if you could stomp with crit janna...some games would work, but I definite "stomp" as consistent wins (at least 70% of time), do bear in mind that in half of the games on average the enemy fizz/neeko/etc. will be 8/0 because your other lanes fed...im not really sure how you as crit janna want to carry against that :) even if you would be even more fed (lets say 12/0) which is imho very hard to do from top, since mid can roam more easily, that 12/0 would still mean nothing as you get instagibbed...sure if they overfocus you, your team could finish them, but we are talking about a 0/8 laner, who would probably run away :)
Haze97 (EUW)
: If that's the case then he doesn't deserve to play ranked, and if that's your attitude then you don't either. Lest you be a burden on your team and throw games away due to your ego being bigger than your map awareness.
> [{quoted}](name=Haze97,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=qepPYKF7,comment-id=0001000200000000,timestamp=2019-02-24T16:35:50.392+0000) > > If that's the case then he doesn't deserve to play ranked, and if that's your attitude then you don't either. Lest you be a burden on your team and throw games away due to your ego being bigger than your map awareness. well lucky i dont play ranked sooo... but I was explaining what happened, dont tell me you never did something to spite someone off?
: Give me a "Classic LoL" option please. I miss to have fun.
AMEN, amen brother Im not a player since beta, but have been here over 6-7 years, so can feel what you mean...my friends that have been since beta have already given up last year, Im kinda pretty close to that myself as well...with me its worse in the fact I dont like arams or featured modes,where there is still a lil' bit of fun to be had, i like rift, but it really is unplayable... nobody cares for fun or trolling anymore, not even in normals, everyone just wants wins, even in normals where they dont make a difference and dont mean anything...this esports die-hard optimization did not just ruin the game, but it actually - ruined the community, a generation of kids is now with lol who never had any fun, whose only fun is to type GG EZ after a won game or flame after a lost one...they are liable to start an argument for this like not buying the BESTEST AND CORRECTEST first item etc.; they will tell you this build or that build is "dead" and everything, they just want wins nothing else... - besides ruining the community it also ruined majority of champs, you are a literal punching with a random champ, e.g. I really liked jinx, but it makes no point to play her now for several years, you will never win a single game unless some other lane carries you...each game you are against same 3-4 champs like luc who are current die-hard meta, nobody is gonna experiment and pick, i dont know Kog...before in blinds you used to be against an unfavourable matchups 50% of time, now, its now even blinds, you know exactly which champs you will be against
: 52% winrate, +13 but -20 ?
you think this is bad? last time I tried ranked (about 4 years ago), I was getting +10, -25...and my cousin was getting +5, -25... riot system is set-up for constant play across several seasons, if you are suddenly playing more and rising in one season and over-performing to what was before, its gonna give you this crap, to force you to grind more and play the game longer i.e. for more seasons
Haze97 (EUW)
: Yea about that shotcalling.. I got chat restricted after my pings ran out and I asked this adc whether he was autistic today. He still died to the opposing jungler's gank which I had pinged him about. It's working well so far. I can literally spoonfeed these idiots the enemy's position but I am no Jesus. I can carry teams until the people intentionally try to throw games away and as it seems, people in Iron don't care about winning. That's perhaps the reason a lot of them don't mind being Iron if not for luck.
ever thought about the fact you pissed him off with your pings and he intentionally decided to stay and die? tell me, when you were a kid (or still are) did you mom never piss you off so by telling you to do something, that even if you planned on doing that you didn't in the end because it would have looked like you are following her orders? think about it
: > It is next to impossible to carry most low elo teams If you're making the same mistakes as them, while being on the exact skill level as everyone else in Iron ELO. To be able to carry a game, you have to be on a superior level, compared to the one you're playing in. That's how smurfing works - that's how smurfs manage to get 80-85% win-rates in silver/gold ELO. Identify your mistakes, practice, improve THEN climb. There's no shortcuts, no easy answers. Nobody expects you to carry 1v9, you can just play well, win lane every time, roam - help others + ward + ping + shotcall. There are ways of carrying that aren't directly related to killing enemies or structures.
"that's how smurfs manage to get 80-85% win-rates" actually usually its more about abusing strong competitive picks, usually champs whose weakness is enemy teamwork, but which are very strong if there is no enemy team work...I don't see anybody boosting accounts using ivern or soraka, but everyone does it using zed, riven, yas or whatever champ is currently die-hard meta in terms of damage
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TheHammy (EUNE)
: ***
"Shaco is now like you say because he is 100 years old"...you are omitting that back then plenty of champs were that strong and ran rampant... I maintain that the identity of Neeko is weak, because currently she is known as one-shot instead of a chameleon...not going to discuss your 100 year old examples anymore...let's focus on making the game better now
TheHammy (EUNE)
: ***
well shaco need to get an early lead for him to do stuff 1 vs 1, and even then if its late game he won't be able to anything, he has a clear niche, clear time when he is strong and when not... still this was more about identity and not about damage, shaco unless grossly overfed still needs to play around with his tricks (box, clone, invis) to get the kill...neeko doesn't have to, she can completely ignore her passive and not play around it at all, she still will be a force to be reckoned with in the game even if she doesn't disguise once...this promotes unhealthy gameplay not adhering to her identity, i.e. imagine if rengar played defensively instead of being a hunter and it would still work...I would rather she gets some bonuses for adhering to her identity, for ex. landing an ability while disguised amplifies that ability, etc. instead of having large base raw numbers
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Febos (EUW)
: New Champion Reveal! Everyone, Welcome Neeko
found a vid with her abilities and as usual with new champs (few exceptions) damage seems bonkers, but will have to see calculations to really judge the actual impact of it...its too sad really, since ivern (and long time before him) no champ was focused on mechanics and playing around with them, each champ was just focused on having huge damage i.e. to be able 1 vs 1 people if played right...kinda miss the champs where u had to, u know, team? i mean pyke, tahm, those are sups which can kill stuff alone, they really aren't sups despite being envisioned so...and this is simply a 3 spell damage mage...i know her gig should be to turn to other champs, but it seems that will be an unneeded part and u can just Q,E,R somebody to death easily...again, will need to numbers to see, maybe the damage will be low to compensate for her cloning mechanics, but given rito's history, I dont think so, and in the vid, the damage seemed bonkers oh and W was basically wukongs W, but with actually able to move the clone + added 3-hit passive for the fun of it...so uhm kinda far better than wukongs W?
Rismosch (EUW)
: It negatively impacts queuetimes. Think about it: People would exclude the least favorite role, making it even less picked which inturn rises queuetimes. If I remember correctly Riot even tried something like that, but they said ut havily affected queuetimes in a very negative way.
i dont understand how it negatively impacts queues times, the current choice selection would be left, just one more would be added which would be fill with lower sup priority...almost nobody selects fill anyway, so if they would select this other one it would have small impact...most sups nowadays get added from autofill (filling sup despite not having it or fill selected)...
wolf jade (EUNE)
: its BLIND pick.
no blind pick doesnt have bans, if it would have bans implemented count me in
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