: well, I'm gonna summarize the meta since season 3... in season 3, everything had broken ratios and mechanical outplay was able to snowball the game since there was no way to shut down someone who was fed. in season 4 everything was nerfed and there was really no point in mechanical outplay since you wouldn't be able to kill the enemy either way. strategy became king and game-knowledge + execution were able to beat even the most fed champions. it was a season that rewarded mental skills (executing a plan under pressure) instead of physical skills like reaction time... season 5... Riot concluded that the average player was too dumb so they had to nerf the strategic part of the game as well. you can't kill champions, you can't kill towers, so let's all just build utility + dps since those are the only things that are impossible to nerf. season 6. "oh shit, the game is getting stale" Riot thought, "we need to make the game flashy again to make the e-sports more popular " a.k.a reworks galore, making very specific things purposely broken in order to make the game more dramatic. season 7 (a.k.a season 6 v.2.0) we're still not done with the reworks but everyone please keep playing in the middle of this mess were everything radically changes each patch. "we want to reward players who adapt quickly". pre-season 7: "%%%% you all, we're going back to season 3". heck even the memes look like they came strait out of 2012.
lol.....great sums. It's impossible to go back to season 3 ever because people who are bad and can't climb on their on, much rather call them unlucky and want more teamwork so their team might carry them. Improving and accepting that you suck is difficult. 80 percent of the season 3 playerbase were bronze and silver aka 80 of the players were bad. The advice (get gud in season 3 )is not as pleasing as (be a teamplayer in season 6-7) As a smart company Riot satisfy the wants of the majority, so bad players. The reason we have so many bad quality games because there are silver5 players got to gold3 due to catch up mechanics and their team was able to carry them higher than they ever could by their own. now they actually face real gold 3 players or unlucky plat players and the true difference shows and these lucky silver5 players actually going 0 8 4 levels behind and losing games. If riot would not introduce any catch up mechanics bad players would filter down in 6 months, but it will not happen the majority doesn't want to face with the fact that they suck. Thanks for the comment!!!
: > Don't promote heavy teamplay with random teammates . Let the individual to shine and carry in solo queue. I feel like it is worth pointing out that this is a team based game. Wanting to disincentivise teamplay and incentivise the "1v9" carry mentality is literally the exact opposite of what a team game should be.
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: Just some fun facts. My whole friendslist is back at their S5 ranks. All of them got there solo (mostly plat guys just as fun fact) Other fin fact is how most of my games are thrown by solo guys. Just a fun fact. Pretty funny, isnt it.
Fun fact, you haven't played ranked for a week.
House x33 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=munraker,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=IXtAXEXd,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-07-01T10:44:00.460+0000) > > this "come back experience" is BS Yea right getting FB top lane and beeing ahead 2 levels was not BS at all
if you are behind 2 levels it is because you were dieing at least 3 times, it is your fault that you died 3 times in a row, you shouldn't be rewarded for playing bad with extra experience. You push minions under tower for the reason of punishing you for dieing, the work you put into to deny the enemy is wasted because Riots hates solo carrying.
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3rd Age (EUW)
: i hate lux players and the like they sit behind their team poking the enemy and when a teamfight starts and all their teammates die, they just blame them for dying. while she runs away and saves her kda instead of soaking some damage and applying pressure or assassinating a carry etc then they post topics like this blaming their team lol
i am sure people just hate you in general
: Your CS and warding is low. Also I am sure I would find many mistakes if I spectated your games
duckarp (EUNE)
: If you think Overwatch is any better in this regard, good luck. In team games you need to be able to think as a team, not look at your KDA. Your whole argument revolves around personal score, no wonder you're stuck in silver if this is how you play the game.
its not about score its about performance, aslo i was platinum last season and now gold on another account . but even tho you cant have proper teamwork if your team is shit and you play solo, even if you try to give them instruction how to win they just not listening.
: Starting a new life
Play dota2 amd play techies so Russians will love you :D
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Nakhishia (EUW)
: They talked about that. And basicaly what they said is that they are too lazy to make a sr skin and that there are more important stuff to put their time on.
like dynamic q? i wish they would have done map skins instead :(
Kenshi (EUNE)
: I'd leave for Overwatch any moment now ... but I don't have the money for it ... not yet at least. At least I know Blizzard won't come up with random changes, mega overpowered champions and updates that players did not asked for.
Not to ruin that ' i know Blizzard wont come up with random changes" but you know WoW was ruined by them which was as popular at the time as LoL now,
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: Europe is pretty big
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