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: The rank is there to make people feel better about their lack of skill when infact they aren't improving as much as they think because of their MMR, if ranks were tied directly to MMR people would whine that they weren't climbing lol
: Riven still a joke of a champion
you just have to time your aggresion, her shield last for 1sec and it s a small dash, and it might seems unskilled try it out to see The stun also last 0.5 sec As for conqueror, well it s busted
Cypherous (EUW)
: > The should let him gain more lp on his elo and make him climb to gold, not get gld game when you still are bronze. And you missed the point, it wasn't a gold game, it was a silver game, the visible ranks don't mean your MMR is somehow gold :P
why even bother with rank then and only play with mmr ? THis make no sense
: Shyv is a bruiser not a tank... also I don’t remember her at all from that meta Malph and sion I’m pretty sure wherent in the meta, frankly I don’t actually ever remember a time where malphite was meta and as a sion main I’m pretty sure he wasn’t in the meta either. And bruisers have always been omnipresent... they’ve ruled top lane uncontested for pretty much ever... its just everyone confuses them for tanks so the tanks get the blame, with tanks well and truly dead fighters don’t have a scapegoat anymore
: Please do name them... cause good chance you where thinking of champions like chogath who aren’t actually tanks.
it was more like shyv mao sion and malph if i remember correcly but i can be wrong also briuser were not this omnipresent (irelia urgot)
: Nope. In that meta the only viable tanks where naut, mao, and sej... tell me how is it league of tanks when the only 3/14 true tanks where viable. That was the cinderhulk meta and the vast majority of champions abusing it where fighters not tanks... but tanks got the blame and got nerfed as usual.
well i remember many more tank being played in season five
: nah they get fresh new people baited on LoL being so succesfull that dont know the dirty cashgrab tactics yet ... the game wont fall so quickly and i doubt they will start fixing their stuff anytime soon ...
so let's enjoy it's deth cause the other moba like dota will invest in it i guess it s the best time to do it now, a lot of LoL player are looking for a new game to play because of it's current state. So let's see what happens next season and enjoy ever way
: Ironically league of tanks never actually happened. First time it happened was the cinderhulk meta where fighters where taking cinderhulk top Second time was when assasins where building tanky Third time adcs where strong so it was protect the adc comps. All 3 times only 1-3 tanks where in the meta... the rest where fighters, assasins, and adcs causing issues. People don’t like it when they can’t instantly kill everything, and they can’t tell the difference between fighters and tanks anyone who they can’t instantly kill becomes a tank. So tanks just get the blame for fighters being massive issues
If you look in S5 there was a league of tank were 3 tank was the norm even in competitive play. It was to slow the game a control it better eith vision.
: yeah 90% of the games are one team hardstomping the other which is no fun whatsoever ( on either side ) ... but they prefer to make new skins and change prefectly working collection to the point of it being broken lets see if they even fix it ... they will always refuse the fact that matchmaking is one of the worst i have ever seen and i played my fair share of games ... dont even let me start on releasing new champs or reworks ... like you said its huge mobility with 2-4 IK buttons or invisibility without counter (remember when you could buy pink to counter akali shroud ? yeah they thought it would be fun if she could go invis even under tower ... Sylas ? 3 dashes with one shielding him, one stunning you, and the last one healing him for like half his hp ? sounds very balanced indeed ... can steal and throw 3 ults in a single fight (ye they nerfed it but still how could they even release that abomination ...) but hey they have 30 skin teams even more teams on pro leagues (LCS,LEC,LCK ...etc) but nobody working on matchmaking ... it feels like balance changes are made by randomly selecting people from the skin teams/ LCS teams etc) to just make some changes ... there is no logic whatsoever buffing already overpowered champs while stuff like {{champion:32}} can just press his W and go cry into the corner cause hes literaly worthless compared to new or reworked champs ... but doesent matter how hard you complain as long as people throw tons of money to get skins riot wont ever do anything else than skins ... and LCS to promote them skins ...
You stated my mind even better than me I am so waiting for S10 now so that i can ever see the game get empty or be revived
Cypherous (EUW)
: Because they both actually have silver MMR and you're focussing on the visible rank which doesn't indicate anything
I do understand but i realy guess that its a problem that a bronze not smurfing (clearly) can get in the game of a gold . If he was smurfing his elo np. The should let him gain more lp on his elo and make him climb to gold, not get gld game when you still are bronze.
Magica (EUW)
: Gold team looking for members! <3 Mid and Jungle c:
Hey i am a main mid ranked gold 3 if you see this post first you can contact me at ThunderDragonLW#5031 on discord
Jesi Oni (EUNE)
: Imo the worst thing is removing passive movement speed. You need speed to get closer... To hit W/Q and you need speed to run away away after hitting it 🤪 But thats my experience after playing single game in ARAM 😅
well i guess rioter did not auto in this combo to proc storm rider
: the nerfs didn't destroy the champ at all. if u see what they did to Tahm, that fish is totally gutted and unplayable now.
well here is not the same problem. you had a control mage that could deal dmg thaks to its possitionning and now you have somewhat a burst mage that should roam but can t get mid prio early (cause w got 8 sec cd and who know what can happen is 8 sec before lvl 8) and even late game you were usefull when you got cc but the you could do constant dmgs but now evey 3sec for 2 sec you are useless (at best 1.6sec with 40%cdr) So thanks to the change you got less early dmg on w and less scaling with ap as well as less mid prio hence less roam it effectively destroyed the champ as he was
Cypherous (EUW)
: > Thats not conpletely accurate at all. Oh here comes the regurgitated incorrect myths :P > They try to match for a balanced 50/50 win. Yes, but not how you seem to think, its balanced so that your enemies, all 5 of them, will have an MMR that is within a small +/- range of your own, which means your teammates also have an MMR in that same range, but some people seem to be incorrectly convinced that the system will match a gold and a bronze on 1 team and balance that against silvers, which is factually incorrect > The other reason could be that their win rate is much higher than the elo they are in so they got a potato in their team to make it more fair for the enemy team Refer to above, this is not how its done so please stop contributing to the spread of incorrect information > hence reason why matching system is broken. Gaurantee that potato fed up his ^$%&amp;# and the game was uncarriable. Again, doesn't work like that
i would understand but i just don t understand how a bronze with 50%win rate can get a MMR close to a new gold MMR that is illogical no ?
: I was platinum season 5, got married got a kid, still went gold in s 6 and 7 , stopped at s8 just to come back at s9 to be stuck around gold 3 , why are u complaining ? are u not going up , if u was bronze back then and now gold ... thats 2 divisions up son . be happy , reflect back on some games, try changing roles, champions , runes, look at guides look at some streamers what they do .. good luck buddy .
well i would be happy if i was better at the game but now i feel boosted and when i look even at sn higher elo i can say, if i play enough i can get there so it s just game time not actual skill
: I feel like akali is just way too strong in her current state
well being able so os someone was not enough so they gave her a way to tempo for 4 sec and 3 dash what did you expect ?
: Not happy with the Aurelion sol changes.
Most of the problem is that you have 8 sec couldown on w level 1 whe an irelia got 10 sec couldown on stun, so what will happen when little aurelion pushed his little wave well anychamp will all in for 3-4 sec and retreat without taking dmg, 3 sec was long enough but 8 is ust too much you just can not push anymore
foxxof120 (EUW)
: Aurelion Sol - patch 9.17 :/
well i was against an irelia, i could not zone her cause od w cd, she got 2 before me she kill me, what can i do but afk when the time i get to lane she kill me the same way ? i know not play aurelion anymore and not play leaugue anymore
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