Fast Enough (EUNE)
: I like it but the E seems too strong with the additional e stack
50% rend nerf to epics, so its still behind, besides, have you ever played kalista, her E is no where near as strong as xayah E. Besides building crit on her is bad, because of slow hop animation after crit. :/
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: Botlane in season 9.
The ironic curse of bot lane is not the ADC, but the support. Make no mistake, a poor player at ADC with bad CS / positioning is not worth feeding, but skill aside a good ADC in a good team IS worth spoon feeding to make them big. There-in is why supports are with an ADC in the first place, they have better impact with low levels and items, to help the ADC in lane. Generally supports have High base damage abilities and/or alot of CC ideally (stuns, fears, silence, roots, knock-up, knock-back), while ADC's mostly focus on sustained damage, but possibly have mobility or mild CC (Root at best, or slows). From this we infer that sure an ADC can poke or trade to get a HP lead but is unlikely to make a kill if the opponent is sensible on their HP, sums, backs; but a support can actually setup a window of opportunity for the ADC to all in with the target having little chance after the initial CC has landed. Putting this preface to the bot lane vs solo lane dilemma aside. If an ADC can follow up on a supports play and the duo do get a lead, it can actually snowball harder than a solo lane (assuming vision, wave control, jungle path awareness) due to the fact it can take towers earlier and drakes easier.
: An honest, cool-headed opinion about the issues in EUW.
: Kalista may have a small player base but thats only because she is weak AF if kalista was balenced for solo Q then people will player her allot. And even if she had a small player base 4 Years. Kaisa has 5 skins already and she is released for 1 year
Yeah, she is half a champion in soloQ, but go Duo and if (which you should) get the lane lead, you can start forcing neutrals really well, and defensive tower roams gives such huge punishment. [As for her scaling... 6 drakes and Eldar for 7!]( (though its not the rend that secures, see 50% epic monster nerf in 9.1)
: My ADCs have varied feelings. They think Yuumi is cute.. ..also that she's useless.. ..while they become jelly when I follow someone I can get the most assists with. At the end, the team usually gets to love the cat. Playing Yuumi is a drama with a happy end. Mostly. Meow! {{champion:350}}
Yeah she scales really hard, but the lane phase really shows the skill of the players involved, like dismounting to block clutch skill-shots on the ADC, and remounting before it means her death.
: actually i was serious :O
: Tier 3 boots with only bonus stats on them might be a alright, but if you add bonus passive or active effects on them they instantly become broken, specially the qss idea A lot of champs get heavily countered by Qss, (malz, morde, lux, etc etc) but this comes at the cost of paying the qss taxe and using up an item slot for qss instead of another item that might have been better if they didn't have said champ, putting that qss on a pair of boots just means you don't have to pay said qss tax and are left with all the items you need Regardless it might be a fun idea but the game really doesn't seem to be in need of more late game power as it is anyway
Passive and actives I agree could be too powerful, but might be balanced accordingly, especially QSS CD. The other point about the defensive boots (not counting the swifties, as its a very balanced boot) is they are very one dimensional, alot of gold for lane counter to only be completely useless vs roams.
: imagine having another tier for every item and even levelling up till lv24, tripling the health for turrets, how cool would it be
*Sarcasm detector explodes* In all seriousness, its rare games go late enough for 6 items, so t3 boots isn't about that, see the above comment of roaming with CC engage vs wave-clear or poke comps.
: Boots ? This game has boots ? What for ? --- _~OTP {{champion:350}} since release date_
{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}} Just keep your passive on CD and make use of the stupid auto poke with shield bash and aery early, and your ADC will love you.
: if this whould be a thing they need to remove the boots keystone or this will get out of hand.
Boot keystone already got a recent change to 12 mins instead of 10, the reduce gold cost on upgrade can also be a removed. Also the T3 boots are not always desirable to rush, as it would heavily delay first core item, but would be suitable for more roaming / less farming compositions. Opens up different meta. Low waveclear high CC comps could do boots rush into roaming, where as waveclear/poke are more likely to do core items first.
: We already had lvl 3 boots, long ago ) That was called: enchantment. One of those enchantments is now perma-feature (that speed boost you get when you return to spawn)
Yes I am aware, they provided more diverse play-styles though I feel compared to just simple raw stats.
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VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Yes, there was Ghostblade Twitch. It was, because the active gave moment speed and attack speed. Unlike your suggestion, which requires AAs in order to scale, the old one gave them from the get-go. And with Twitch, AS+Crit gives more damage than lethality. Varus wants to get the lethality immediately for the Q damage. Don't know about Kalista, yet I feel she gets more out of higher AS items. Kog does mixed damage. Quite a lot of magic damage actually, negating the effect of lethality.
Lethality is good for both twitch and kalista E damage vs squishies, both of whom can make use of rageblade for the attack speed, and kalista more so for the double onhit (twitch basically will be at max stack already on his toxin). I agree that varus and kog are more hybrid, hence rageblade wits to play more onhit synergy, though they generally dont do last whisper now because of the diminishing returns and item slot efficiency. Perhaps a numbers re-balance to make it ramp up faster, but have a lower cap; 5 lethality, 5 stacks?
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Emm.. Runaan users tend to build IE and even ER. They deal with squishies really quickly, even without Lethality.
A fair while back there was ghostblade twitch with runaan, as semi assassin build instead of the crit. Likewise varus, kalista, kog can play onhit no crit. Just trying to diversify the meta more.
VIT Laati (EUNE)
: Would be useless. What assassin, or even a typical AD carry (melee or ranged), gets anything out of that item? Would be an inferior item compared to Ghostblade / Duskblade, even if it had attack speed. On-hit lethality sounds nice on paper, but in reality it isn't. You see..: First hit: You gain 3 lethality. Second hit: You get 6 lethality. Third hit: You get 9 lethality. Fourth hit: You get 12 lethality. Fifth hit: You get 15 lethality. Sixth hit: You get 18 lethality. Seventh hit: You get 21 lethality. Eight hit: You get 24 lethality. Ninth hit: You get 27 lethality. Tenth hit: You get 30 lethality. On average, with your 10 AAs, you had 16,5 lethality. If ones lethality-building champion doesn't kill the squishy target in the time it takes to AA 10 times, perhaps the champion isn't played correctly. Besides, 16,5 is less than Ghostblade / Duskblade gives.
I did say I havent worked the numbers fully, thanks for the feedback, perhaps more needed then, it primarily was designed to help runaans users have more burst vs squishies. So perhaps 5 lethality per stack?
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: You don't auto while ur in stasis, that has nothing to do with the post
The point is Xayah damage is already done, compared to kalista who needs the rend to be even; xayah gets bonus damage from blade-caller... and you STILL have some feathers, and you can actually buffer your E after your R, so its guaranteed.
: firstly xayah's feathers each have an internal cooldown of 6 seconds, unlike kalista who's rend refresh the duration of every rend stack, meaning after GA u only have 33% of your feathers left, but not to mention that you'd have to be an idiot to just stay between xayah and her feathers while she's in stasis So it's the same thing, even if xayah has a few feathers left after GA, there's no one there to be hit by them making xayah's e just as useless as kalista's e, if you don't use it before GA
Yes I concede the point about feathers CD being individual, but that still doesn't make the two comparable, considering my previous response. Xayah's deadly plumage autos is equivalent to Kalista's autos+rend, while Xayah has the additional damage of blade caller on top, which to add salt in the wound also scales with critical strike.
: I think it's fine as it is, it's about the same for xayah, if you don't e before your GA procs it's on u imo
Firstly {{champion:498}} feathers last for 6 seconds, so no you should still have them... You really want to get me started in not only the damage, but also the levels of CC the two champions E provides? With {{champion:498}} her playstyle is more quick caster, Q auto (small fight), or several autos into R (larger fight) then instant E, not only for the burst, but quite often more for the CC in the root. Even if you dont get the full stack of feathers down for max E damage, its still worth while, and you can continue to do 120% (20% of W passive) AD ratio damage. With {{champion:429}} she is more prolonged fights and relies on her E as an execute. Even with her rend counted, due to the poor AD ratio on on additional spears, and her 90% auto passive, she is literally doing about 120% AD per auto... Xayah gets that just from her W. Balance??
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Salron88 (EUW)
: they should but sadly they were not bc he was not on the same skill lvl as the enemy botlane. smh he came into my game and i dont know why.
I have the opposite problem, usually my support is under their supports skill level, and since its mostly supports early levels that are more impacting its just hard to win on 2nd and 4th wave level ups.
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uWIra (EUW)
: Ranked games and Leage in general is trash
great {{item:3303}} usage! Also, jhin + pyke... I see a tripple chain CC for them to kill her, and you provide poke and a tinny heal... Lost at draft with champ and item choices.
Salron88 (EUW)
: trades were terrible becouse he was focused in farming so i had to do the trades and chunk down some health from enemy botlane while he never hit 1 single poke. problem is even late game after a whole power farming he would miss all his pokes a jihn including ult. i got nothing vs the guy i was gold not long ago. its the system joining us that is the problem
Jhin 4th shot enhanced and timmed along side Sona empowered blue auto should be really good trades even if they auto/skillshot back in reply onto him. I guess he doesn't realize to play parallel, or use his forth solely for zoning/poke.
: Or you just could stop eloboosting your friend and help him actually improve by analysing replays telling him what mistakes he makes and help him learn new champions instead of just boosting him to the division he wants to be.
Even though they will be rank boosted, their MMR wont change that much. They will constantly be the dead weight in their team because their MMR is way lower than their ranking teir. So when they do loose games, they will loose alot of LP, likewise winning will gain very little LP until their MMR catches up, which again is weighted against duo-Q compared to solo-Q gains.
: I started to play 10 days ago LITERALLY! With guys like you I can just decide to quit because it is not worth my time or nerves. Iron is to learn basics for new players and not to pump ego
If a smuff gets iron on provisional placement then they really deserve it. Usually MMR will settle in about 10-50 games, and ranked games cannot have a difference in players to the average than more than a major division. Hence, a smurf getting iron, is either (trolling to force a low rank) or really isn't good at the game anyhow.
Salron88 (EUW)
: plat 4 support and im matchmaded with a gold 4 adc in solo duo??
{{champion:37}} damage is pretty easy to land, and its scales very well... Was your ADC able to farm, with your protection? Were trades even, or better yet did you feed him kills?
: How hard it is to place a ward?
If you ward, you will climb, if you don't, you won't. Simple as that, adding control wards into the mix is the same thing, just at mildly higher elo... Its a sad thing when as ADC, I sometimes have highest vision score in game :/
Lulu Bae (EUW)
: Lf Ardent Sup
I smell funnel strategy XD
VaxiPlayz (EUNE)
: Kalista needs a rework.
The problem is she is hard to play, you not only have to position/time your passive vs their auto/skill shot animations. She is all about wave control in lane for trades, then setup for a kill with minion advantage; transitioning into objective roaming (level 3 scuttle, and fast drakes soon after). The hardest thing people do not appreciate is that she has 90% AD scaling, and no real up front burst. As she has huge AtkSpd growth, and a stackable skill with decent base dmg skill, you play to this with her passive chase potential. Think of her damage as a weaker Draven on autos (counting the rend, 20%-ish AD at level 1) but with faster attack speed and better kite/chase. Working the minion wave, getting an auto CS-punish on them, if they over commit and take agro and you are behind your minions auto hop out, you rend (with reset on minion), so at worse its a single auto trade (or ideally your two for their one), but they take minion agro to loose the trade, meaning your lane slow pushes. As for getting kills, its back to the rend that is her weakness and strength, novice players cant judge it, so you can use that against them. Just when they think they are ahead and they need two more autos you can get in brush and pop them from fog, then turn on the sup. Or the if you have wave advantage near their tower, you can rend stack the back line, and piece through onto the ADC. For instance at level 3 with two stacks on a caster minion, you can hop forward, auto 3rd stack, Pierce (Q) through cancel animation, onto the ADC doing 80 damage and rend them (E) for another 120 damage, giving appearence of 200 damage burst. A couple of recent games: [Flawless random squad, decent thresh in lane that knew his kit]( [Premade squad including first blood invade, huge objective control and ending in a penta](
: it is silver Buddy...
yes well at least my KDA implies Im not a complete cretin taking stupid risk, or brain afk not capitalising on free kills when on a silver platter. #Shrugs
: Those are more reliable to me. Especially {{item:3100}} . And I only buy luden on Lux, I go full AP on her with a cdr build that does wonders lategame. I also started to go more AP on my Sona and it did wonders (usually the entire team jumps the tank and dies to their mid/adc, so I delete one or both these days). I played many games where losing was impossible until my teams threw logic out the window so my unusual builds came to be. We can play sometime though! Accepted the rq.
> And I only buy luden on Lux, I go full AP on her with a cdr build that does wonders lategame. At the expense of your ADC's midgame? I mean if you want to play AP carry just go solo lane :P Though in all seriousness, a balance between support and AP carry for enchnatress (heal/shields) do exist: {{item:3504}} Better heal/shields AND more auto attack dps on who you buff {{item:3905}} great item for all supports, can be used for scouting, chasing, or even escaping {{item:2065}} same again, provides movespeed differential, this time speeding your team, instead of slowing them.
: you dont even have 30 games yet, that Kind of wr is normal when you have such a low amount of games
Yes I think my win-rate is high, because troll placements put me much lower than I should be, hence fast climbing.
: i dont understand, so you have worse opponents and get a lower winrate becasue of that?
You could have worse opponents, but have a terrible team, and as ADC its much harder to 1v9 even as {{champion:67}}
Item (EUW)
: lf mates for normal games
added, rolfs name :D
: P3 support LF team
Havent got a team, but got to start somewhere right. ADC main, 65% win rate past 20 games, climbing silver. Try me out in normals ;)
: LF silvers and 1 max G4 player
ADC main (all but 3 on MR7), 65% win rate past 20 games silver, played other roles but not jungle. Discord, TS3, English. Available and open minded, game begins in draft, not at minion spawn :D
: LFM Normals (EUW)
sounds fun, added
: Looking for Duo [Bronze - Silver]
Questionable item choices sometimes, especially lack of {{item:2055}}
: LF duo silver- gold
Some of your Enchantress supports you are building expensive 3k+ mid {{item:3285}} or top {{item:3065}} items on, rather than say {{item:3107}} which you get 1k gold earlier and can help the team far more with. Additionally you ideally should have resolve secondary with revitalise, and you can also use shield-bash if you can auto attack punish their ADC CS.
: now it is 55%
50% with a +/-5% variance. takes about 10-20 games for the MMR system to get a decent fix on you.
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: Looking for ADC or Jungle to play with in ranked! Goldish elo!!
Newly back in ranked, troll placements, 60% win rate, climbing back to my level. Use to playing vs gold+
MoneyDix (EUW)
: P1 Support LF People to play with
Sounds good, always looking for a support that actually knows how to be one; instead of the usual, mid mage or tank top that happens to be in bot lane with me.
Mada (EUW)
: Yes, I try to do that as well. Especially in that case I really have to work on my cs, though. But lucky for me I still get matched with adc who _really_ have to work on their cs ^^
Also whenever your jungler helps you in a gank, likewise asking them to help shove it under tower. Depending on your HP you can either: 1) get safe back and will have the wave at your side for slow push 2) pressure tower plates (not worth until you get your first AD) 3) go drake/herald/invade buffs
Mada (EUW)
: Thanks. Yeah, I mostly played thresh and I love to stay next to a low health minion and punish with my e passive when they cs ^^ And I absolutely agree about the minions. I have trouble quickly shoving them into the tower before I back
As bad as it sounds, loosing a few CS in fast shoving a new wave after a fight (assuming they back first or die), is actually good if you can crash it under the tower while you back, causing a bounce so when you return to lane you get a wave you can either freeze or build another slow push on.
: Best Taric world LF supercarry for normals (jun or adc)
would like some kalista taric, normals for chilled first.
eVirgin (EUW)
: lf duo/flex d4 / plat
If you ever want some chilled games doing Taric Kalista, would be fun.
: Its boring to level up alone. Taric OTP LF premade (yi, sona, vayne, etc. if possible)
Sure, kalista main, works well with taric ult combo. But can do all ADCs.
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