Asungo (EUNE)
: Hey I might be new to the League and there's a lot of things i don't know about it but I want to leave a piece of my mind here as I feel all of this is adressed to people like me. So to start off I'm a main support, as this is my 1st season, because I started last year in november. I came to League because i had no time for an actual MMO. If you're not interested in my story just skip the next part. I always loved to play as supports and in actual MMO, there's a difference between a tank and a support. I've always been a healer. I loved to support my friends and watch them achieve what they wanted to. If there was a boss to kill, i was there to help. If it was PvP of any kind i would wander around looking for wounded to bring them hope, so they could stand up and continue to fight. I truly loved the feeling that I was there, so they could do anything they wanted. But i had to switch games, as my life got busy, and I came to League because I heard there was a healer who specialize in helping people with music. Yeah you guessed right, it was Sona. As I made an account and went through tutorial, 1st thing i did was to get RP to buy her as I loved the idea, i loved the story and as I was soon going to find out, i fell in love with her mechanics. After a bit of training with her I became amazing with the champion, that i felt was absolutely made for me. I got lvl 7 quickly, then I started to play around with other healers. I even trained with a tank - Braum, because there are those team comps that i knew i couldn't pick Sona, or Soraka, or Nami, or shielding supports. People I played with started to notice my skill, and full of hope I started to play rankeds as I hit lvl 30. I was always positive, trying to lead my team into victory. When they were flaming eachother, I would often remind them who the real enemy is. Sometimes i just knew the situation is so bad, the best I could do is to stay silent. But I found a lot of people who respect me for my attitude and my skills with my choosen champions. And with them at my side I tend to win a lot of matches. Eventually I ranked up from Bronze V into Silver II. This is the 1st time I came to look into the forum. I admit I was bored and wanted to see what comunity talks about. I main the champions you talk about in here. Sona, Soraka and Nami are my bread and butter. I went through HELL from lvl 1-30 and then as I was ranking up just to find out, that you guys think they need no skills to play? What about the times I have a 1st pick and I pick my Sona, and then I notice the enemy is picking Blitzcrank or Thresh. You think Sona can match them? One successful hit with their grabbing ability and I'm gone. I feel stressed and the thing happens again and I eventually lose the lane. But I played long enough and there's 70% chance for me to dodge those abilities, or have hope that I will sum up in late game and succed. I am a free kill to everybody else. One bad move, I go a tiny little bit too far and I'm dead. If I get ganked and I don't have vision there's a 100% chance that I WILL die. No matter if they have skills to jump right to my position, or just smite me with their spells from afar, or use their invisibility like Eve does, and walk right up to me and kill me. Just ONE second when my mind drifts away from The Fields of Justice and I see black and white screen meaning I'm dead. And you guys say my champions are so easy that I just have to stick to my ADC and heal/shield him? I never do that, and this is exactly why I don't play Janna because I hate this kind of playstyle. When I play Soraka, I play agressive since the start. And you all may say "what's the point since you have no damage and your poke is redundant?" Why? If the enemy know I can hit them easly, they know they have to back out, which gives my ADC an early advantage, so this PLUS the heals makes us eventually dominate the lane. And think what happens in your brain when you see that 90% times Soraka hit E to not only silence you, but immobilize you too and her ADC kills you because of the skillfuly placed E. Sona you ask? The same stuff, but the dmg is way better. It's actually easier to play Sona like this, as I can give my ADC plenty oportunities to land a kill since the dmg is huge. And I'm not talking about poking with Thunderlord's keystone, because I play long enough to know I don't need it on Sona to have a huge burst early game. And you think that all Sona has to offer is her poor heals which happen to scale prety good throughout the game? Have you notice that she speeds up the entire team? Have you notices that her Q not only damages but gives you increased damage? And lastly, how easly can she stun a single oponent? What if a player is so cold blooded that he could stay calm through the team fight, pick exactly right moment to execute his ultimate resulting in stuning EVERY oponent and ultimately scoring a pentasist (yeah i know it doesn't exist but as main support this is my pentakill and you cannot take it away from me!) and win the game? Nami? You say her only advantage is the CC from Q? What about the highest heals in early game? What about the fact that this heal can bounce off my ADC to hit my oponent, or the fact that I can poke with it with pretty good damage, and make it bounce to my ADC to heal him? Have you forgot about the fact that every her ability thrown into your teammate makes him go faster for a little bit? Knowing this, you can boost your ADC speed with the buff from E when he chases the enemy, and make him slow foes so he could land that kill he wanted. And have you forgot that Nami's ultimate doubles the value of the speed you gave your allies with either W+passive or E+passive? That knowledge alone could win you a teamfight without your teammates knowing you plotted this, and eventually made them succed! I could write about more stuff, how I learned to resist ganks and others. But I won't as the things i wrote made my case. Those so called "channeling" supports require a lot of strategic thinking and positioning. And I'm not telling that I'm the best support out there, because there's a long way before me to say that. But keeping the vision, making sure the entire team is safe, providing them with buffing and mental support, and being a leader and call the shots is not an easy task. So please don't tell me that my champions are easy to play, because they are not. And if you still want to keep your bad thinking, just remember what you just read when your out there playing Lee Sin or Master Yi or other super difficult champs before you are going to write "Soraka u are 0, why no heal?"
> [{quoted}](name=Asungo,realm=EUNE,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=9dxMsAio,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2017-08-27T00:52:03.502+0000) > > I could write about more stuff, how I learned to resist ganks and others. But I won't as the things i wrote made my case. Those so called "channeling" supports require a lot of strategic thinking and positioning. And I'm not telling that I'm the best support out there, because there's a long way before me to say that. But keeping the vision, making sure the entire team is safe, providing them with buffing and mental support, and being a leader and call the shots is not an easy task. So please don't tell me that my champions are easy to play, because they are not. And if you still want to keep your bad thinking, just remember what you just read when your out there playing Lee Sin or Master Yi or other super difficult champs before you are going to write "Soraka u are 0, why no heal?" Almost everything you mention is the mark of a good or great player. Those are _not_ support player specific traits. And certainly not 'channel support' specific either. So in that respect the OP does have a point. You mention those things like they are expected of that type of support player, but the reality is that you simply have much more time to spend on getting better at them. If you deal damage you have to worry about contributing enough to secure kills. If your a tank you have to worry about engage or disengages more. Both of those require a lot more activity then a ''channeling support''s buff/healing.
jakubasino (EUNE)
: Nerf Kayn !
He's fairly broken as with most newly released champions in the past few years. Huge damage potential, great selfhealing, very high mobility. Overall his kit just has too much. Again, just like most of the other champions released in recent years. :P
Samanboss (EUW)
: Who is your favorite champion?
{{champion:99}} and pre-rework{{champion:143}}
: lol wut, checked ur match history, lo and behold ur here because u lost hard as adc against eve. The only time your complaint is really applicable is when either the stealth champ is your lane opponent or the jungler. The thing is, unless they are playing eve jungle, they simply wont be stealth forever, so you can't say you only have "small windows" because just like all other junglers you can predict their pathing. Furthermore I'd really expect anybody above mid gold to have deep wards in the enemy jungle, which pretty much nullifies any kind of "idk if they're there" advantage a stealth champ would have other than eve because the ward would let you know their pathing. WIth a bit of logic your complaint has turned to "Playing good vs eve makes games boring, unfun and harder to carry for an individual!" Funny though, you main %%%%ing Caitlyn. If that piece of shit doesnt make games boring, unfun and harder to carry for an individual then pigs can fly. To top it all off, you clearly DIDN'T play good vs that eve because you went 0/6, and you picked Lucian into Twitch so you didn't even deserve to win that. To top it off, you can't honestly call stealth OP when your midlane inted their jungler, the only reason you're bashing stealth rn on boards is because like all other adc mains on boards u had a bad game and want to cry about it. %%%% off.
Actually, the only champion I can think of right away that won't be in stealth for a long time is Shaco. That's especially true after the harsh nerf to his early Q ranks duration. Twitch on the other hand can stay stealthed for a very, very long time. The main problem with stealthers imo is that most of them already have a strong kit, but they get stupid long/frequent stealth abilities on top of that.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
Huh? Before with the Tribunal and now it both works the same. You dont actually get investigated untill x number of reports in the past y games. No such thing as ''valid report''
: Lux Q dude......that's some fkd up hitbox.
In more ways then one. It hits when it shouldnt, and it misses when its right on top of something as well.
Altiverse (EUNE)
: "My friend, Steve, liked playing with army toys when he was a child. Steve joined the army as an adult. Therefore I conclude: playing with army toys makes you want to join the army." Or not. This is an example of confused cause and effect. (In this case, Steve was interested in the army in the first place; that's why Steve played with army toys when he was a child, and later joined the army) Well, now kids, try to find the confused cause and effect in the post above. --- I'm not saying that not being toxic doesn't contribute towards winning - nor that every team is always toxic. But being realstic, on a big scale, it's much more likely that the fact that there was no toxicity in the winning team in a game was simply because they were winning rather than "we weren't toxic therefore we won".
Isn't that you projecting your own feelings onto the OP's message tho? Considering how many games are lost due to flaming, it makes perfect cause and effect- sense that being friendly wins more games. Specifically: it wins the games that would otherwise be lost due to toxicity. That, is being _genuine_ realistic.
roughvan (EUNE)
: Doesn't matter how good you are, i wasn't talking about skill required to play him, just that better choices of champions are there for junglers. There's basically no point in playing him when you can play elise/rek'sai/warwick. Elise is a must pick in higher elo because dodging tower shot with repel is just too strong with her kit and once you take over the early game its pretty much done. You can pick lee sin if you don't want to play this game seriously and want to lower your chances of winning. Yeah he can be a really fun champion because it requires you to really learn to play him well but there is no point in doing that.
Lee Sin has always been one of the top picks for jungle, and always will be. Even if there are ones better, he's still at the top.
sit kid (EUW)
: Jungle has never been this bad
Map being too dark isnt a problem. I agree that XP is a bit of a problem, but that's mostly because jungle caps are way too strong early on unless you have something like a Lee Sin, Warwick etc with a high damage output and great sustain on the side. I only started playing in season 3 but I've never seen a jungle this harsh, even including low level without rune/masteries/champion exp. Kind of feels like Riot only wants the OP junglers to actually jungle. Play something with low sustain and you'll lose a lot of time in early making sure you don't die.
: first champion was {{champion:25}} , and i remember that i was never upgrading E because this skill did not do any damage. ahha xD
I still play {{champion:25}} like that :D
: What do i need to get an S?
Theres a random element in their formula as well. It's entirely possible to meet the requirements for S only to get a full rank lower. Also, score is based on the same champion, in the same role (but not sure how they figure the last bit out) so its far easier to rank S on less played champions, in roles they arent played in often. Easier to rank S with Lux as support then it is as mid for example, since less players play her in that role.
: Create chest from keys?
Well, those complaining about key droprates dont play many hours each month or they are able to S rank with more champions. Personally I find that it takes far less time to S rank on a champion I'm only okay with, then to get enough fragments to open the chest from that. Before keys were moved to honor, you'd only be able to get enough fragments for about 2, 2.5 chests each months, thats why people complain about keys. So far at honor level 2 the fragment droprate seems even worse.
Doomley (EUW)
: It's far more rare to not have someone who stands out. Only cases where someone doesn't stand out is when the match is a stomp one way or another.
Which is actually usually the majority of the matches.
: LOL, normal games, who cares.
You know you can just play blind and not have to auto-fill?
MogzyH (EUW)
: I did have a green ribbon and a red ribbon, lost both when i migrated from NA to EUW, as it deleted all my honour. Never was able to regain them(were they even a thing anymore? Don't recall seeing one this entire season.)
It was still there, but pretty hard to obtain since it was based on number of games, and a single report = no honors gained that game.
Zanador (EUNE)
: Because the community ruined the "honorable opponent" badge once before. After the initial release of the honor system everything was fine for a couple of months, but quite soon a trend caught on to honor the worst opponent, preferably one who flamed, raged or intentionally fed during the game. And so the honorable opponent badge became the "badge of shame", and everyone who got it before ended up in trouble since now their teammates assumed that he was toxic. And since you can honor anyone who didn't leave the match, i guess Riot just didn't find a way around this problem at all.
When was that? Dont recall anything like that ever happening in eu west.
: Anyone else hyped about the new Honor system?
Not looking forward to it at all. Expecting mostly premades to honor themselves and noone else. Doesnt help you cant honor opponents, so no ACTUAL honor being given at all. :P
Gromp Main (EUNE)
: His drain has insane healing. Standing still during it is the weakness of it.
His drain hasnt had insane healing in a while. So I found out after trying Fiddle again after a few years. With Fiddle being able to move during drain that would make him somewhat less of a sucky pick. He'd still be really vulnerable to interupts of any kind tho.
Keitra (EUNE)
: Why S ranks Are hard to get for lvl 7
Ranks are pretty messed up these days regardless. A score of 17/0/17 as Lux support got me an A+. Meanwhile same Lux Support but with 11/4/21 got me an S+. Same level of warding. Same level of gold. It seems almost impossible (you'd have to play a champion you mained for a long time, and have an amazing score+ luck or be with a premade) to get S ranks these days unless you get real lucky.
: Not hard to miss when enemy is stunned.
Stunned by her good looks? I can't think of anything else in Lux's kit that could stun someone.
Infernape (EUW)
: Discussion between players?
> [{quoted}](name=FurorDivinus27,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=8n1lAP04,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2016-08-12T15:55:00.165+0000) > > Discussion between players? The old forums were a lot more visible and readable tho. The color scheme and format of this place is horrible.
Tennoko (EUW)
: He is weak against ever champ who has CC, high burst maybe with mobility to finish off the kill. No clue what's really the probelm you can at least play even in lane against him. You have 0 treath off getting bursted and if you get killed 1vs1 than obv it's your own fault. His item spike due to trinity is pretty late. Just pls tell me in which exact matchup ekko is so OP and has no weakness.
> [{quoted}](name=Tennoko,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=94t4Izqr,comment-id=00140000,timestamp=2016-08-11T10:38:08.319+0000) > > He is weak against ever champ who has CC, high burst maybe with mobility to finish off the kill. No clue what's really the probelm you can at least play even in lane against him. You have 0 treath off getting bursted and if you get killed 1vs1 than obv it's your own fault. His item spike due to trinity is pretty late. Just pls tell me in which exact matchup ekko is so OP and has no weakness. In all of them. All your examples are just fantasies after all, but that's to be expected from an Ekko main. Everyone else agrees that Ekko is completely broken because of his overloaded kit.
Dage (EUW)
: Can Nidalee lane?
She is best played in the bottom lane, if your left with the adc or support role.
Inaphyt (EUW)
: Nerf caits traps already?
Funny thing OP, her traps were toxic to begin with...and then they decided to buff them to their current state.
: Thoughts on Ziggs so far this season / meta
Ziggs is the same as hes been for years now. Damage is good, but since he has no real escape youll die real easy against assassins, bruisers, and most adc. Lux isnt really strong at all, unlike what the other post says, so thats no good indicator. Shes pretty balanced compared to most op mids (which are mostly assassins) Ziggs is rarely played for that reason.
Mangekyu (EUW)
: Gold is WAAAAY harder than Plat.
Well, overall Plat V and Gold I/II skilllevel is pretty similar. The main difference is, in Play V people barely try. Whereas in Gold I/II people are likely more motivated because they want to reach Plat.
Cobritsa (EUNE)
: If riot one day decides to allow players to choose any patch. Which patch would you choose?
TTekkers (EUW)
: He can do everything, but he's not really that great at anything: * His hook-engage relies on a fairly hard to land skillshot and unless you build tanky/supp he doesn't have much inherent tankiness to back up engages, and he can only hard-CC one target. * His lantern-disengage relies on him being away from the action to begin with meaning he can't do any other Thresh things and there's only room for one. * His flay-peel is hard to properly execute unless you're experienced on Thresh and is fairly close range and small-ish hitbox. * His ult only slows once and since you're building tanky/supp the damage is negligible. He also has great lane bullying with his AA-Flay passive, but only a good, experienced Thresh will be able to do everything well come mid-late game.
His hook is very very easy to hit, since it still has the same buggy hitbox that other abilities (like blitz hook, old nida spear, etc) have. Not to mention half the time the hook animation doesnt line up with his sprites animation. Flay is also very easy to hit with. Thresh really isnt remotely as hard to play with as you claim~
: Check my match history, I ALWAYS buy wards, and upgrade my trinket. In fact I place more or an equal number of wards than the support in most games. There is no problem, as you say, vision is everyones job. But the support still is the most important provider of it, not only because he's the guy with the sightstone, but also because hes the guy with the most freedom to move around the map.
Jungler has the most freedom to move around the map. Support has to stay in lane to help the adc, for the most part.
: Dear supports who refuse to buy a sightstone.
Are we talking ranked or normals? Because the first thing I tell people when they tell me to get a sightstone in a normal is ''Sure, **after you upgrade your free trinket'**' Altho its interesting to see the midlane comment OP, seeing how midlaners (the bad ones) rarely ward river/jungle entrances either.
: If you constantly surrender at 20m just because the game isn't going well
Thing is, if you win when you are far behind it's almost always due to the other team playing really bad rather then your team doing well. Considering how a lot of match ups are just not enjoyable in the slightest when you are behind it's quite understandable that people would rather surrender then bet on the other side screwing around and tossing the game.
BBB Balls (EUW)
: Complaining or Flaming?
Complaining is not flaming no. But gl telling that to people that would probably report you if you: - died at all in the entire game - say something (anything) in chat - said nothing in chat - have more kills then them - took 1 minion that they wanted And well I could go on for ages, but basically many people will report for anything, unfortunately. The report system in itself really only promotes toxicity.
: I think the lasers should be replaced with a highly increased fire rate, I think I'd be a lot more intimidated if I saw a tower go BOOMBOOMBOOMBOOMBOOM than zzzzzzzaaaaaaaap, the laser isn't intimidating at all. You can ignore it and usually still make it out relatively unscathed. But imagine a tower that sends an energy blast at you ever 0,25 seconds, I'd be scared to dive that.
Or just replace them with the Obelisks of Light from C&C 1 + minion wave clear.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
And particular our community, where you will get reported for anything. My last game in Aram I got a warning for behaviour. No clue for what tho, noone said anything to me in the entire game, lol.
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: It's kinda both, you need alot of games to become good with the champ and having good rank on a champ will mean that he played alot of games with it too, but it doesnt take that many games to reach max rank. Good rank at least means that the player knows what he's doing with the champ.
The rating system is kind of borked. I usually get S with lux, but one of my last games I got a A-. With a score of 17/0/16ish. (which is needless to say better then my usual score)
Enjutsu (EUNE)
: Someone's been living in a cave.
I think its more a response to how we havent heard from them in aaaages.
Petsho (EUW)
: How is that even possible? :'D
Ekko. Altho its more like they were trolling. You can see the OP killed zero towers, and they killed 7
: Why is LeBlanc allowed to exist in her current state
Its okay. They just added a champion even more broken then her.
: I'm going to write something that I think is going to be hugely impopular but I think Ekko's kit is great and pretty balanced. He may receive a slight nerf on his ult cd and ap ratio but i believe is good as it is.
Pretty balanced. Ahahahahahahahaha.
xMidnight (EUW)
: Well, this guy was being unsportsmanish and his mechanics were trash. So yeah he belongs in bronze, do u think its ok to just be a bitch and kill the troll over and over again and then also kill someone who is dc and after that lose a 1v1 vs someone with 12 kills less than u? lol. If he hs the right to do all that, i have the right to tell him what division he belongs in. Tbh hes scum and if i would really wanna flame him, i would be honest enough to say i hope he dies in pain. Stop downvote people? I will do that when they stop downvoting me. Things dont just go one way you know.
Its your posts that are thrash. You deserve the downvotes.
: I get that Nautilus has some difficult mechanics to deal with, IE big shield and his ultimate, though i don't see how anyone can complain about Nautilus and not the Thresh prince of Supports. The fact that Blitz can pull someone all the way in (Nautilus only pulls half way) and Blitz more importantly - Can hook you over terrain, generally makes Blitz Q the superior ability.
People complain about thresh all the time?
: >Yeah and i can't do anything about it You can't buy a {{item:3102}} ? You can't play {{champion:25}} {{champion:15}} {{champion:56}} ? You can't play champs that outrange even her flash + R combo? {{champion:99}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:96}} ? You can't keep track of her flash cooldown? You can't play Champs which are so tanky that they can eat her combo and then kill her? {{champion:31}} {{champion:82}}
None of those champions out range her flash combo.
Sub HeroCro (EUNE)
: Lee sin who goes cinderhulk should Delete lol rofl.. Lee sin needs like 10 tank items to be a tank... Both lee and vi are balanced idk whats your problem..
Tobykachu (EUW)
: Despite the Veigar tweaks they left in his most toxic mechanic... dealing damage based on your enemies ap... Good job Riot, well played. You just made life for any ap mid laner playing against Veigar as he literally punishes you for building what you're meant to be building. Life is not fun when you're playing Karthus and deal no damage just because Veigar can click R and you're f*cked. I wish they kept the 150% ap scaling but removed the 80% of the enemies ap because it is a very toxic mechanic that just makes playing against him unineteresting.
Buy a banshees or zhonyas? His ultimate is the only ability that is click and point now. Or for that matter just buy a rod as health > veigars ultimate.
: No, there is no counter to a 2 second flash; he is still overpowered.
So basically there is no counter against riven, zed, leblanc, yasuo, ahri, akali, katarina, to name a few of many. As all of those can ''flash' twice in 2 seconds time.
: Give him a single buff and pros will abuse his kit once again. One buff for three nerfs? Worth? I think he's in a decent spot right now. One of the few midlaners that can deal massive damage, can be mobile and is tanky.
NighBlue (EUW)
: what the next champion?? chuck norris?
At this rate, yes most likely.
: ekko is balanced
If your defination of outplaying is ''closing in from 5 miles, reducing your health to zero, and ability dodge everything you trow at them'' then yes.
: abyssal scepter rework doesn't make sense
Black Cleaver gives hp, pen, shred, cd reduction and ad. There is no AP equivalent of this broken item. Not sure why they decided to buff it to its current state when it was already one of the core items of any bruiser.
: THIS is normal
Thats your supports fault for not using one of his 3 ccs on poppy then.
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