: hello, I can't believe u really wanna help coach for free, for the community. I feel better myself now. Sad that you do not have an account in eune. mr dow jones eıne server add me plz{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Hi, since we don't match servers we can still talk on discord. Just post your Tag here and I'l gladly add you :) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
snajpp (EUNE)
: Qiyana or Taliyah
depends on how you want to plays xd. Taliyah plays a lot like twisted fate and qiyana is just an assasin. Both are really hard to play {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
: It used to do that. Nowadays, with 3-4 bots in every coop game beginners join I'm not so sure anymore they are learning the basics well in there. I'm not blaming the new players, mind you. I'm blaming Riot for dropping new players into bot/scripter hell and not getting rid of the bot problem.
I agree with the bot problem, but I think to properly learn the game you would have to play against other people and not against AI
Syntich (EUNE)
: 0% new-player friendly
IMO the game does a pretty good job at teaching new players stuff etc. while still being hyper competitive. Of course there will be smurfs etc. but which game does not have that ? Also leagues new player ratio has went down over the past years, thats why there are more smurfs in lower levels. But overall this game does a really good job.
: That's why I ask about games pre 30. I have heard from a streamer (ipav, teemo player) that your games pre 30 count and determine your MMR...
Oh okay, no these Games don't determine your Ranked MMR.
: ye and u know this game isnt new player friendly There are champs who are simple that have good kit like warwick miss fortune Ashe
Compared to other competitive MOBA Games League is the most noob friendly one. I literally don't know what you're talking about.
TarantuIa (EUW)
: How can I improve?
If you want some free coaching just add me: Tibbers is Daddy
: Placement After The First Ranked Game
In the first 10 Games a system determines at what skill youre most likely playing Factors are not official but certainly your APM, CS per Min, Kill participation,Deaths/Kill ratio, Vision Score, damage dealt etc will be taken into account. IMO wins and loses wont be playing a big role. I lost 9 games and was placed into bronze 2 while my friend won 8 and got placed bronze 3
: To achieve a goal, you need practice. The more you play the better you'll become and the higher the chance you'll climb. You have to understand though, that every player has a cap. A friend of mine has been playing League for 8 years and he is still Silver 3. So, try and play your best and don't forget to always have fun. If you feel that League applies a lot of pressure in your life, take a break for a few months.
I heavily disagree with that opinion. Of course you'll need to practice, but you'll also need to begin to understand what works and what wont work etc. I suggest you watch other people play the role you play or some educational videos: **Only playing won't get you towards your destination as you may think** Also Quality is greater than Quantity, if you play, lets say, 8 games per day, youll win about 50% of the first 4 games and then you'll most likely burn out, become tilted/distracted/inattentive and loose much more games. While tilted you'll play worse and even mediocre plays by opponents may seem very good and unbeatable. You can counteract that by either watching other people play or even **watch your own replays(which is the best way to improve) and take notes on what you did wrong and what you can improve**. Also I agree that every player has a cap, but that cap should be D4. S3 is not a skill cap and more likely somebody playing for fun and not competitively. If you want to be coached just add me: Tibbers is Daddy. And I'll try my best to keep you from being burned out xd {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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: How to get out of bronze?
I do free coaching lessons sometimes just add me: Tibbers Is Daddy
: Riot just spent the last 4 months updating the visuals of summoners rift in order to get the elemental rift ready for preseason, they didn’t have time to also get the Christmas map ready as well.
its literally just modelling hats on minions and monsters xd. There are so many people working @riot and this is such a small task.
: Annie is so outdated rework her please
I dont think you understand the role the Champion plays. Annie is great for new players to pick up and understand the fundementals of the game. Every game has these Characters. Her model has been reworked, aswell as her E.
: How to get out of bronze?
If you want you can add me for some free coaching :): Tibbers is Daddy

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