: Honor Capsule
Still haven't got one and neither have any of my friends who play.
0tx (EUW)
: anyone else just get disconnected from riot?
Same issue, lost a game because of it. Hope for loss forgiven.
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Meriipu (EUW)
: Make mana regen twice as fast
I came in ready to downvote, but then i read the post... UPVOTE
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Benshirro (EUW)
: RP Price Adjustment for Players in the UK
Yeh, well now I wont buy a single thing until you revert this. Nothing more than greed. EDIT: Also, it is reasonable to assume that half of your British players voted Brexit. I bet you the vast majority of them who read this will feel the same way I do. You are going to lose money from this.
: Can't change skin in Champ Select!
Same issue. Fix please.
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: Guess why I dodge this match
Report system for champ select is required. Several times I've had someone mess up the game because they didn't get the role they wanted. Also a tribunal that actually punishes toxic people. If it worked, I wouldn't have to mute my whole team at game start.
: league community not that bad???
This community is dumpster. I have to mute my whole team, every game, at game start. Never had to do that in any other game. Tribunal is a complete waste of time.
: 30LP ON A WIN AND -15LP ON A LOSS... Why?
I get 15 on a win and like 22 on a loss. My MMR got nuked due to a super long lose streak on 0LP and now its getting hard to fix it again. Would like to buy MMR reset.
Dlnzu (EUNE)
: What triggers you?
Supports who dont buy wards are the worst, scumbags. If you aint guna buy wards, dont freaking pick support role.
: Game Breaking Bug - Jayce's R
79fps lol. How much more do you want? I remember playing at 25 fps and thinking it was OK.
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: Trade things with your friends is a very exhited and very usefull!!!
As much as I hate the way you typed that. I agree with you. Hextech Crafting trades would be great at least, and Riot wont lose a penny.
: Nobody cares. Just a game. Game = fun. Fun is different for everybody, sometimes it's Support Garen with Ghost and Smite. And... That's O-Kay.
Screw the Smite Garen. Ban this guy.
: Low Priority Queue is too harsh
You don't get low priority queue for one leave. You must leave multiple times. This means you are purposely playing with a technical issue. This also means that you are screwing over your entire team on purpose. That is worthy of punishment. League doesn't exactly require massive bandwidth or a super computer. Stop being selfish and invest in better hardware if you are having problems. Otherwise, expect bans/low priority queues.
Four Star (EUW)
: How do deal with constant anxiety?
I stopped worrying about shit like that. There is literally nothing you can do to change your results right now. It is completely pointless to worry about it. What I do now is: Hope for the best. Prepare for the worst. Act like you have the results you want. But have a Plan B if you don't. But its pointless worrying about it, that wont do anything.
: This HAS to stop.
Mute, report, move on.
: What counters Yasuo?
{{champion:9}} I play this mid (when i dont get my main role) and i have never lost to a Yasou. Dont throw your crows into his wall, drain through it instead. If he interupts you and knocks you up, just fear him and trollwalk away from him. If he dashes towards you, just fear and trollwalk away. Basically, if he does anything that is remotely agressive, just fear and trollwalk away. Get 6, hide over one of the many walls in mid, and ult him, and then he dies (or at least has to go back). it is well known fact that yasou players are anime watching supreme gentlemen with neckbeards. These are the type of people that rage the moment anything does not go thier way. Fiddle is the perfect champion to stick a Yasou on tilt.
Xeronan (EUW)
: Is the LOL-Community toxic?
Community is the worst ever. Reasons why: 1. Its people you have never met, or will never meet again. People dont feel bad because they know they wont have to deal with the guy they just flamed ever again. Even if you do meet them again, you wont remember them, and they wont remember you. 2. Tribunal is useless as anything. I report every flamer/afker/troll, and I have recieved the punishment message 3 times. 3 people who have been punished out of literally thousands of reports. Btw, I never false report, people I report were legitimately toxic. 3. Lack of voice chat. People are way more likely to be toxic on a keyboad than over voice. I dont know if the game needs a voice chat I am just saying, people are more toxic behind a keyboard. League community is definately the worst of any game I have played. And I have been playing games for over 20 years.
Mumblebum (EUW)
: I am cancer and should commit suicide
Actually, cancer cells are immortal. So you will not be able to commit suicide, even if you tried. PS. Dont test that.
: Brexit
I voted leave. I voted against an undemocratic union that takes more than it gives. People who make laws in the EU are not elected. There is no representation. A democracy is about giving someone power, for a short time, and then being able to remove them from power if they mess it up. You cannot do that in the EU. Unemployment in the EU is off the FREAKING CHARTS. Do you remember in Greece when they took money out of citizens bank accounts to pay off debt? I bet 10 years ago the greeks would of laughed at you if they were told that was going to happen. It happened there, and it can happen to every single EU member. It could happen to my country. People say it was dangerous to leave, but it was also dangerous to stay. At least now we can be masters of our own destiny without propping up failing economies. EU regulation has decimated industries in the UK. The fishing industry is gone, our sugar industry is gimped, coal and steel have to pay super high taxes and follow strict regulations because of the EU, while China and countries like it have almost no regulation and have the fastest growing economies in the world. Another issue i had was the fact that Turkey is trying thier best to join. There were alot of reassurances about them never being allowed since they only meet 1 out of 35 (?) of the requirements, but a few days after this referendum there is a meeting about speeding up the process of Turkey joining. Turkey blackmails the EU over refugees, SHOOTS CHILDREN crossing thier borders into Syria, shoots down Russian planes fighting ISIS (even if it crossed your air space, which russia says it didnt, it was in there for 15 seconds, and you shot it down OVER SYRIA, it had left your airspace). There are also strong indications that Turkey buys oil from ISIS, supporting the most disgusting terrorist organisation in the world. This is not a country that I want to jump into bed with. There should not even be a discussion on them joining the EU. I could give two fucks about muslims (or any religion for that matter) or immigration. I dont give a dam about race, color or creed. I got called a racist several times because of my intention to vote leave. There are plenty of other reasons to leave the EU and they far outweigh the reasons to stay. I voted to put my country first. Like every great country in the world should. The scottish make me laugh too. They want to take power from london, and give it too Brussels. A larger, and even more controlling entity with completely different values. SNP is playing you all for fools. I dont really care if Scotland leaves, i would prefer it if they didnt, but if thats what they want to do, we should let them. i just find it funny how ironic it is about them leaving the UK to join the EU. Scotland has been part of the UK for a long time, and we have the same values, ideals and culture. Europe is a clash of many ideals and cultures, and that is why it is falling apart. You can trade and be friendly to your neighbours without getting into political union with them, and people are going to realise this.
Pikajew (EUNE)
: Thank you Riot !
Ive reported literally hundreds of people, got the punishment message like 3 times. Its not even worth it. Just mute everybody at game start.
행운을 (EUW)
: Riot should focus on banning Trolls/Feeders/Boosters just as much as they ban Toxic players
If they banned them as much, well, nobody would get banned. I get toxic people every single game.
: Dynamic Queue Update
We dont want a badge that tells us we queued solo. We know we queued solo. I just want to not play against 4 man pre mades (or with them for that matter, they flame, or ignore you) and I when i pick support secondary, i dont want to be support 95% of the time. These are the only 2 things that need fixing. Apart from this I like the dynamic queue idea.
Dheorl (EUW)
: Toxicity of Bronze?
Ive made it to platinum this season. Flame all the way baby. I mute 2-3 people per game.
: Fck off premades in Dynamic Queue
Duo queue was ok. Game is better when you have a friend to play with. But anything more than that is just too much of an advantage, and it needs to gtfo.
: Champions you hate seeing picked in your team.
Anytime I have a Yasuo on my team, I know it is over. If I see a team member select him as an intended pick, I will ban him if I can.
: Permanently banned (not toxic/not afk/no use of scripting-third party programs)
This sounds extremely fishy to me. Sounds to me like OP went a to a friends house, gifting his main account with an alt account, and then charging back. Someone you dont even know sending you 500 euros worth of free shit and you dont find that suspicious at all?
Azure9861 (EUW)
: Super fun being ignored for 40 minutes
Heh, I normally have to do that out of chioce. Mute the whole team. Flame all day.
Pántheon (EUW)
: You're trash
{{champion:10}} "uh are you sure you are not in the wrong league?" Translation: "go back to bronze"
broxton (EUW)
All they need to do is make it so when you put SUPPORT as your secondary, you dont get stuck as SUPPORT instantly, every time. I am support secondary, and I wouldnt mind play support 50% of the time. But now I have had to remove support as my secondary choice, because I dont get to play my main role. Alot of other support secondaries have done the same I bet. This increased the queue times for everybody. I dont care for double IP. I just want to play my main role sometimes.
Spunned (EUW)
: wat.jpg
Well, thats one way to fix the queue times.
: Am I the only one who likes dynamic queue?
I think it is a good idea. It just has to many issues right now.
Raipesi (EUW)
: Toxic people in 3 out of 3 games (Now more than one toxic player per match!)
Same issues. I mute 2-3 people every single game these days. I report them everytime afterwards too. But its just getting worse. Tribunal does nothing.
: Need advice on supporting
Focusing on warding. Mute your ADC if he is blaming you. Dont even argue with him, moment he blames you for anything (even if it was your fault) mute. Players who argue, get tilted. if your ADC is super bad, then focus on keeping him alive. Dont go for plays, he will not help you or know what is going on. You need just survive to the mid game. Save your hooks to peel for them when they mess up. Roaming is not always the best idea, as a bad ADC 2v1 is just going to die and feed. A kill in mid isnt worth anything if you let your bot laner die, losing farm, and giving the enemy ADC a kill. I have heard some people try to play more agressive supports, like Zyra and Sona, I have done this personally, and while it works sometimes, you will find your damage falls off mid/late and then you are useless. That said, its very hard to carry a bad adc as support. You just have to try mitigate the damage, and hope the rest of your team doesnt suck as much.
: Chat Restriction, I Have Some Questions, And Want Your Opinion
I would of muted you at about line 6. You talk to much. Very distracting. Not to mention the flame and the caps towards the end.
Welly Inc (EUW)
: I have a feeling ur one of those Lux "supports" who finish frost queens claim, ignores sightstone completely, buys mejias and proceeds to KS everything with your ult and saying "I carried".
What gives you that idea? I actually play Janna/Sona, sightstone first item, and I always try to avoid KSing where ever possible. You are obviously a really bad judge of charactor.
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: Before typing "I have no jungler" please, ask yourself this question
i like how, they expect you to gank thier lane, 5 seconds after they just flamed you too. Most of the time, they are perma pushed, have no wards, get ganked, and somehow that is my fault. I mute so many people these days, nearly every game, i have to mute someone. Tribunal does nothing.
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Wilkatis LV (EUNE)
: Supp players want to play other roles too
I have made multiple threads about this. I have the exact same problem, support secondary, jungle primary. But still not a single Riot acknowledgement about this in any of the regions. This is a huge issue, and it needs attention. Btw, I did 43 games in a row as support, with it as my secondary.
: [Resolved] Launcher Unknown Error Everytime since today
: Garen needs a nerf
Feel like I went back in time to season 1.
: Dear Newbies and Veterans of League, please read this
This is nearly all rubbish. Here are the 5 rules to playing league: 1. **Mute your whole team at the start of the game.** Flame is ineviatable. 2. **Never play a tank.** If you team sucks, you wont be able to carry as a tank, they will just stand there while you slowly die, then flame you when you have less kills than deaths. 3. **Buy more wards than you think you need.** Do not expect your support to ward anything. 4. **If you lose, you didnt carry hard enough.** You need to carry harder. 5. **Everyone is a Challenger Tier player stuck in Elo Hell.**
: Herald 20 minute buff.
it isnt that bad, its 100 magic damage that gets wasted on a minion. it doesnt work when there is a team fight, and it makes getting the rift herald worthwhile. Ward it, dont just let them take it.
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