: Hi man, Feeling bad for you.. A 2 week ban is indeed a bit to much in my opinion, i think they should only ban when someone is trolling. Being toxic is just emotion getting out ( this game can be verry frustrating when your team is bad ). I think it would be a great idea if they just mute people for like 2 weeks only being able to ping instead of banning for a lil bit of tilt. Kind regards, Spooky
I dont think anyone should be banned for flaming and being toxic (Ofc, as long as you dont say anything serious --- Like racial, homophobic, making Death treaths etc+). Instead of giving chat restrictions, 14 days ban and perma ban for flaming, they should rather just perma chat-restrict you. or in Worst case, perma chat-ban you.Problem solved. Perma bans should be for serious "crimes" (Racisme, Death treaths) and inting on purpose (Proven without reason of doubt)
Thornhub (EUW)
: How did that someone get your login info? You must've shared it with somebody before but you just might've forgot? Because that someone wouldn't just magically happen upon your login info.
Have you ever met someone that was justifiable banned? Everyone that gets banned is banned BC they got "hacked"
: "Target Champion Only" that should work with Attack Move Click
As a Teemo main, only needing one more auto, I have flashed in under the enemy Tower, just to auto the Tower once, or even twice (LOL), while using Target champions only and attack move click ^^. Makes one hell of a show for the enemy top laner though ^^
: "Target Champion Only" that should work with Attack Move Click
I agree 100% With this. When you use attack move lick and target champions only, you still hit minions and Tower, but you cant use abillities on anything other than champs. Wish they included auto attacking as well
: "/all Merry Teemo Christmas =}}}"
You only play Teemo? Thats cancer. /JK Merry Christmas, my fellow toxic, tilted teemo main
Smigie (EUW)
: No Night & Dawn Missions?
There are more "weekly" ones, so dont worry. You will get more :) And there aint 2 passes, just the pass + Lee sin package (Event pass bundle)
: Need some guidance to achieve last S+ with fizz to get mastery lvl 7
Since u got 2 x of them already, just Focus on playing as good as you can, and dont worry so much about ur rank, and u will get it naturally. And u dont need S+, only a clean S :)
: Question about Prestige Points/Skin
Thats a good question. I think if u dont buy anything, and save all ur Points, u will get enough for a prestige point. If not, you will get very Close, and gotta buy one of the smaller packages
Jworst (EUW)
: Tell me what the hell is punishable in my recent chatlogs
You are flooding. You simply said 2 much. Nothing that should be bannable, but you got flagged by their Automatic system. I assume this was the 3rd match history u got as a pop-up as well (U just chose to hide the other 2??)
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