: Your first season was 6 years ago. Maybe tanks and especially jungle (that always has a significant impact) would make it possible. It's not possible to do this in low elo anymore. The only tank I am aware of that _maybe_ can pull it off right now is Rammus, and that's because he locks/deals too much damage with his taunt into w/r/thornmail whatever. I insist: Players have to carry in low elo, half their games will be stomps and they at least need to be able to 1v9 in some of them. It's not a coincidence high elo streamers play Zyra when they go support in low elo. They know they often need to win team fights themselves. Playing carries wasn't even my own suggestion in the first place. I just accepted it with time: It was actually players of your elo that told me to play carries and forget about supports and tanks.
I have a lvl 29 smurf, want me to do it again?
: Wasn't there a time where Zac was dealing damage based on opponents' max health? I mean, I don't know: are you telling me you climbed with Zac by dealing the less damage on your team? Because normally that's what tanks and enchanters are expected to do.
: Here is what I've figured out after all these years I play League.
In my first season I went from bronze to plat by only playing Zac. Is zac now a hard carry champ?
: gonna leave leuge after my friend got banned
Forte (EUNE)
: You need to get reported in 3 separate games for a suspension to take place. So it wasn't just that one game where you got reported.
Thats just not true or you got a source for that?
: Suggestion victorius token
The victorious skins are rewards to show of your achievment in specific seasons. Making them available takes away that whole part.
Nilmuz (EUW)
: Not at all, we had an argument but I never used any toxic words. Tristana did though, telling me I should have been aborted and such, I never went on that level. But hey, try to win and you get banned. That is Riot.
pe60 (EUNE)
: Don't want to play with this person ever again button.
They had that in overwatch, it literally broke matchmaking. Some players just couldnt find matches anymore.
: Yasuo cant ult on Sett ult
Its like charged poppy ult, they are suppressed.
Morrhen (EUW)
: It's gone for now my friend. {{sticker:zombie-nunu-bummed}} However, there's always hope. Maybe they'll return it with launch of Mecha kingdoms event.
Doubt it will be that early. Expecting it maybe in a few months.
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: There are no manual reviews. I've sent plenty of reports through support ticket of people clearly, WITH NO CHANCE TO ARGUMENT, going to lengthy extents to grief all match long - which has no chat restriction punishment: starts at 14 day vacation... and never, EVER, has anyone gone missing for 14 days after support copy pasted response saying "they'd look into it". Manually reviewing reports would take an insanely amount of people working for it, and Rito doesn't win much with it. Don't delude yourselves, manually reviews don't happen often.
Dont happen often yes. Sometimes they do. Did once sent one to the support and the person had a 14 day gap in their matchhistory after. Rare but do happen.
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: So, 0.6 deaths/min during a period of 10 mins -> so over 0.5 death/min during a period -> so banned? It's not like it has to be the whole match. Surely you can int hard for a while, stop, and still get banned, as the system detects the density of deaths during different periods, not necessarily ONLY across the whole match...
It only takes one inted death. System might not detect it but there are still manual reviews.
Sasser (EUNE)
: I cannot. I'm too busy at the moment.
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: See? 17 deaths in 13 minutes = 1.3 deaths/min. Anything over 1 is an automatic ban, anything under 0.5 is too soft and doesn't EVER get you banned, so the trigger for the automated system to determine you "intentionally fed" is between 0.5 and 1 deaths per minute.
I´ve seen people get banned over 6 deaths in 10 minutes and then going afk, so i dont think thats how it works.
: Kayn
The games in your matchhistory arent jungle kayn, but im guessing you mean those. You didnt build any mana or mana regen. As jungle kayn you would have your jungle item that gives mana regen in the jungle which is what he is likely based around.
takisuva (EUNE)
: can i get skin by drawin rp art
The rp art thing only works once for a low amount of rp. Like up to 50 or something (maybe even 100).
: using skins applications
If they allow you to use skins made by Riot without paying for them yes. If its only custom skins you are fine.
ChampZone (EUW)
: Is that leaked for just thinking?
Not on the PBE, so just thinking.
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: You could write a support ticket (not just a "late report") detailing this with the screenshots of the instant messages... But my understanding is (any support employee present please correct me if I'm wrong) that private messages are not looked into and therefore not bannable regardless of what is said in them. I've reported real life death threats sent through private message, and the offenders are still at large. I would've gotten a better chance to get them in legal trouble going to the police than them facing repercussion in Riot's domain.
Iirc you are correct on privat messages not beeing monitored since they are opt into. The ticket could still be helpful in cases noone reported ingame and I doubt the guy was silent ingame when he went off so hard after.
Sylwek8000 (EUNE)
: So.. If you will have great kda and cs. Is it bad for your team? No. Also, supports are the easiest role where to get high tier. Another idea: If they add honors to that? If support played really good and is most honorable on team - he gets those benefits...?
Why should behaviour have impact on rank? Rank shows how good a player plays, honor shows how well he behaves.
Sylwek8000 (EUNE)
: Ranking LP system suggestion
Then people will just play for kda and cs since that has a big impact on the grade. The grade often isnt really representative of what the player did ingame. A supp that often gives his life for his adc and dies without getting assists/kills but does a lot for his team would get a bad grade but do a lot.
: Can the system excuse a person for their faults?
Guess noone reported you. Saying you would kill someone is basicly a guarantee for ban otherwise.
: Perma-Ban
Permabans unless given in error arent lifted. You say you flamed so it wasnt in error, so it wont be lifted.
: >when things have gotten so bad. I like how peopel think it got worse. It was always like that. But Bots were on TTL. >stopping LoL from running if they are detected Good luck with that. It's emulating your normal keyboard/mouse inputs. Won't work. >Alternatively, ruin the botters' business model by not letting them earn exp for going 0/6/0 in a bot game or something, but don't rely on a strategy that is clearly failing. Won't work either. They will just sit in base upon reaching certain death number.
Also the kda rule would be discouraging af to new players. Like "Sorry wont give you xp you either a bot or just bad".
scroobs (EUW)
: When is something going to be done about these bots?
They ban them in waves, but botters keep creating new bots. Its a continuous problem. Its like fighting crime, we do it but crime still exists.
Braddorz (EUW)
: Account banned by Brother
Your accounts security is your job. Also if he was able to log onto your account im guessing you shared it with him, which is also against the rules. No reason to lift the ban.
: can ppl flame in french and german whitout getting banned?
Nein, the system understands multiple languages.
: New Zac Skin
You should probably explain a little more. You just combined the champ with a name, thats not really a concept.
: Oh yeah that is true didn't think about that one. But I would like to know according to you what smurfing means to you, some players say its literally poop while others say its fine and totally okay for the game
I personally have a smurf. I leveled it through playing bot matches to not stomp actual new players until i had enough champs to play ranked. On this account, my main, im basicly a zac jungle otp, i really underperform on other roles and champs. Since i still get matched with players of my zac jungle level i get stomped if i try other roles or champs. On my smurf i never play zac and rarely jungle, trying to learn new champs. Ofcourse there will always be assholes that use smurfs for fun to stomp new players, but not all of them. I know people that have smurfs to play with weaker friends since they would get matched against diamond+ players, which isnt really fun for lv 10 players.
: Why not the same concept they use to find ELO boosters?
Doesnt work, they only punish elo boosters that play on other peoples account, so the gameplay changes drasticly. A smurf will have the same gameplay all the time since its always the same person playing.
: Smurfing
What concept would you use to prevent smurfing?
: Acquired skill
"80% of any gaming community are cretins", dont act on the assumption of yourself.
: Toxic Behavior/Chat Restriction
"BUT imagine just wanting to play a normal casual game of everyones favorite game League of legends!" Yeah and then some asshole comes around throwing hatespeech.
: December Skin Shard, Advertised, But Not Received
PurpleOrk (EUW)
: Untrue, despite Rito claims and board shilling.
So we were shown how it is coded and it is still not true? I would like your source on that please.
: 4-man premade saying "ez" after their matches
4 reports have the same power as 1, so if you report every single one of them it will be the same if 4 of them report you.
Issüe (EUW)
: That's actually a legit idea. Thanks. Always thought people had better things to do than harass a random moron on the internet. Apparently I'm the one moron they do a flip for.
They always need to blame someone, cause it obviously cant be themselfs since they are gods amoung humans {{sticker:sg-lulu}}
Issüe (EUW)
: If you're gonna "smurf" on an account that's "not yours"
If people that were toxic add me i always copy something like "Thanks, but no thanks" and then past it in as soon as i can type before blocking them.
: flaming after match in lobby. NOT PUBLIC SHAMING
"THIS IS NOT PUBLIC SHAMING". It is though. The boards rule is no naming and shaming, you name the player and shame him for flaming. Either remove the name or mods will take the post down. Riot doesnt come here often and even when they arent here to punish players. Either report ingame or write a ticket.
: > [{quoted}](name=Timethief49,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JB76Ie4z,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2019-12-17T15:07:06.679+0000) > > 57.67% winrate in challenger over the last month. > Zed has 51.76 > Yas has 51 > How is she the lowest? > Akali is 55.62 You cant compare challenger with a performance of a champion. you can have the same argument with pro play, some champs are better in premades then others. I mean Master yi has a higher win rate in Bronze then he does in challenger so your argument is irreverent. look at her win rate per tier: Bronze 45% Silver 45% gold 46% Plat 49% Diamond 52% This just shows that Qiyana is heavily reliant on team performance then her own. as a whole she just sucks. I have seen fed qiyanas in silver and gold that can not seal the win because of bad team mates who do not understand her and utilise her well. She is only good in premades or very high elo's I can't make risky plays in gold and hope that my team reacts to it. even though it's a team game you pretty much play it solo till you start getting into high elos. Qiyana is not a solo champion.
Assasins are in most cases high skillcap champs. You cant look at their winrate in bronze and say they are shit. Its the same reason many champs, that low elo plyers say are broken arent, because they dont know all about them.
: > [{quoted}](name=swampert919,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JB76Ie4z,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-12-17T13:20:51.126+0000) > > She’s considered the strongest assasin at the moment, she needs straight up nerfs. She’s an assasin who can perma stun someone as they kill them and it’s near impossible to avoid her cc because of how it works with her EQ combo strongest assassin with a the lowest win rate in the game? Tell me how this champion is better then Akali who can get in and out and also does some serious damage to tanks and one shot back line by walking through your tanks and also has more sustain dmg, or zed just ulting back line ruining out or Diana dashing in bursting your back lane and staying tanky due to her W shield or katarina waiting for team to engage and then aoe ult and jump from champ to champ with resets. a fed khazics can 1 shot your back line or clean up very effectually and he can also do some big damage on tanks. blue can can roam the map with ease and shot back like and run. She needs to get of her 2nd Q with wall buff in order to kill you if she is even remotely fed, a EQ combo alone cannot kill you. not to mention her second q is a skill shot and has a position requirement. her cc is heavily position required by her and the enemy, with out river you have ulti as only cc which her ulti is seriously crippling unless your in a realy good position then her ulti is very powerful. Qiyana is the worst performing champion at the moment. if you look at the statistics on champion.gg she has a 39% winrate in jungle she also has 47% win rate in mid, Yes she is very strong early game but that power and being fed does not translate to wins. i have played her maybe 30 games and i have played against her, no matter how fed you are, you don't have enough damage to kill tanks, you don't have the escape and you cant position your self effectively to use your ult when enemy just pushing down mid. her ulti is so small and short , by the time you get into range to throw it your dead, a Caitlin can 2-3 shot you before you even get close, a aphelios can snare you and kill you in 1 cc before you touch him, a ezreal and trinstana can blink away before you use your 2nd q to execute them. a Jhin only need to hit you once when rapid fire canon and out run you and by the time you reach him your on 10% HP. she is the worst assassin I have ever played and her kit plays more like a bruiser like Ireliia, she has mana as a resource that runs out very fast if you use it to poke. and her q range can be blocked by a wall or minion to make it even shorter.
57.67% winrate in challenger over the last month. Zed has 51.76 Yas has 51 How is she the lowest? Akali is 55.62
: reverying my ban that i got for 14-days
So you ruined it for the enemy team that wanted to have a competitive game and then after waiting through que and picks had to wait through a game were they had to basicly do nothing.
: Why is there no Tribunal?
It didnt work well. It was inconsistent and backlogged for months.
: True but the likelihood of that is extremly slim, so while possible I wouldn’t recommend anyone hold out hope for it or worse try to force luck with buying a ton of chests
Oh ofc not, just wanted to add for the likely not gonna get but is possible.
: Prestige skins which where avalible through an event are not avalible in the store... next year this will change to being avalible minus their loading screen border but these skins won’t be avalible by then. So tldr you’ve missed them and likely won’t get a chance to get them again
Still can get them from boxes and rerolls though iirc.
Oxified (EUNE)
: Ye, it would be possible if they didn't pick him jin the end :)
Oh, well that makes me think they might have owned.
Oxified (EUNE)
: Darius is not available at the ban phase
If you cant find him in the ban face its possible that the enemy team doesn't own him.
: Your choice is Iron. They never swear. Because they are truly best, in their own minds.
You were bronze for 4 seasons, you should know better.
: I did not know at the time that account sharing was to be life banned. Furthermore there is no reforming to be had since this account is free from any bans and warning regarding toxicity and whatnot
Ignorantia legis non excusat, ignorance of the law excuses no one.
Sun (EUNE)
: BO vs OE?
I have a ton of oe. I disenchant any shard 1350 rp or higher that i dont like and refill the lower ones. Have about 2k oe and upgraded battlecast cho recently.
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