Yasuology (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=Timethief49,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=OBxzEI7o,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-15T13:06:43.953+0000) > > What do you mean you got them as a gift but bought with real money? Describe what you actually did. i dont have visa or paypal so im charging from a friend. i bought many skins from my friend most of them i have now, but only rugged garen and nightbringer yasuo disappeared. he also asked me if i want them as a gift or RP. but i only choose gift so. maybe the purchase was not legal, so im trying to contact Riot support atm. to know why.
> [{quoted}](name=Yasuology,realm=EUNE,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=OBxzEI7o,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-02-15T14:29:25.377+0000) > > i dont have visa or paypal so im charging from a friend. > i bought many skins from my friend most of them i have now, but only rugged garen and nightbringer yasuo disappeared. > he also asked me if i want them as a gift or RP. but i only choose gift so. > > maybe the purchase was not legal, so im trying to contact Riot support atm. > to know why. Have you asked your friend if his account is intact? Maybe they banned his account and the gifitng was nullified or something like that.
Yasuology (EUNE)
: Can't find my last 2 skins i bought
What do you mean you got them as a gift but bought with real money? Describe what you actually did.
T City (EUW)
: Riot support system for reporting player behavior is horse ****. Lie. Always was. (TESTED myself)
They dont moderate privat chat, which im guessing you send them. You add people at your own risk. The answer you got is just the standard stuff they send.
: Is this for 14 day suspension?
Used hatespeech, yes is justified.
Chees Man (EUW)
: Champions dubbing
Many years ago i think it was at some Finals, they had a booth with voiceactors from draven, olaf and some others. You can find it on youtube, Just Look for League voiceactors or something Like that. About the other Thing, voiceactor just Like normal actors is a Job that takes Training, experience and some Talent. Riot hires voiceactors that they feel Like fit the champs. You wont really have any chance to work for Riot in that aspect If you dont have experience, references and stuff like voice samples. As to how to get into voiceacting, i dont know, but If you want to get into it i wish you the best of luck.
northellion (EUNE)
: Trolling goes unpunished
Nameshaming is not allowed on the boards. Either use the ingame report option or write a ticket to the support, but cencor the image.
: Does dying 5 times in the first 10 minutes count as inting?
Had a game on another account recently. Mid died 4 times in 9 minutes. He wasnt bad, he just didnt understand the matchup and was worse than the enemy midlaner. He wasnt ganked. It wasnt inting.
: Vi Dash in Poppy W
IIRC it needs to go a minimum distance. Thats why you can bodyslam flash her with w up if you just flash onto her.
Dr0z0fill (EUNE)
: I have a bad idea.
So a cesspool for toxicity?
: Toxic Zac
Take Out the Name, nameshaming is Not allowed on the Boards. 4 Reports dont do more than 1 they only Trigger a review of the game.
IG Dragon (EUW)
: Should Riot match "like-minded" players (Discussion)
What you are describing is a concept called prisoners island. This is not supported by Riot since its basicly just a cesspool for toxicity.
Riveen (EUNE)
: tyler1?
He didnt get any of his accounts unbanned. OP is allowed to create a new account just like T1.
Aargus (EUNE)
: IP Bans
Easily avoidable, possible harmful to others. Changing the IP can be as easy as restarting your router. Sometimes multiple people share the same IP (internet cafes, college dorms, etc.).
: 14 day suspension, but hear me out
Im guessing you got banned for the galio game? The game where you were, guessing from the other champs, toplane and died 10 under the enemy mid towers that didnt fall the whole game, bought mobi boots first item and then sold them to not make it too obvious? Yeah that doesnt happen cause of lag.
: Looking for smurf to improve (Gold)
Playing with a smurf wont make you improve since you cant watch him play and play effectivly at the same time. What you are looking for is called a duoboost and will just bring you into a unrealistic rank. If you wanna improve look for a coach that watches your games and tells you what to do better.
: So? then they should also get punished but what ever the system is rubbish...and not just me who thinks either...you get so many trolls and flamers that can't receive what they dish out you give them the same treatment back they cry xD What ever I know riot does nothing because they tell you if they do something lol
Im asking again, how do you know they didnt get punished? If you reported them they got looked at and punished accordingly, Just Like you did. They dont Always Tell you If they do something. The notification thingy was heavily reduced since it was too spammy.
: Trollers and flamers antagonize
How do you know Riot did nothing? The system is automated, If they Flame/Troll and you Report them they will be checked and punished accordingly. You retaliated, which doesnt Help anyone. You went on their Level and got punished accordingly.
Febos (EUW)
: https://imgflip.com/s/meme/Slowpoke.jpg
outRAGE1 (EUW)
: Having Cheat Engine OPENED in the background WILL get you BANNED.
Someone Bring in the slowpoke meme, im on mobile and lazy.
: Problem with gift skin
Im almost sure you cant even gift skins the banned accounts.
Ziraxx (EUW)
: account locked
Submit a ticket to the [support](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new). They can help you with it.
Snowcane (EUW)
: No ranked reward
Were you honor level 2 at the end of the season?
: epic monsters are, dragons, barons, and rift scuddle if i'm not mistaken.
Scuttle aint no epic.
: Rework punish sistem
I would Like a source on those 80% since the official thing Riot says is something Like 0.000something%
: yes they did, but you can play with lulu top anyway. just watch rat irl
So you Just mean a top Support, Not actual midlane funneling. Makes more sense.
: I need to find a good twitch to do funnel.
Didnt they nerf the Gold you get from CS when you havent completed the Jungle enchantment to Stop funneling again?
Mirro (EUW)
: I get banned for saying "Whats up noobs" but i have to deal every third game with AFK's or INTers.
Posting screenshots of other players might be problematic since it could fall under the no nameing and shaming rule of the boards. If you want to discuss a punishment post your full chatlogs.
Schoou (EUW)
: Banned
If you got banned for toxicity you are given chatlogs, Post them here. If you dont know what it was for, meaning you dont get logs when logging in, write a Ticket to the support.
: Find out my Account Creation Date?
Unless you still have the mail, im not sure. They might not give it to you since i think they use it as one of the questions they ask when verifying an accounts owner.
Gsummon (EUW)
: Greetings Christien, giving my account's name and password is not allowed ,i know that. but it was under my roof, in my own personal computer.I wasn't aware of the circumstances Cordially yours
Thats still Sharing your Account since it was someone that isnt the original creator playing on it.
xTsuNaMi (EUNE)
: WTF riot Pls unban me i like 2 feed
So is it the 5 tear ezreal game? And not end of the game 5 tear, more than 6 minutes before the end and even continuing the buy new ones.
XDeadCalmX (EUNE)
: a new idea should help all players with the skins
No 1. Creates a blackmarket 2. Makes botting more lucrative 3. Ruines Riot ending in leagues shutdown.
: Explain this sh**
Explain your 0/7/1 Trinity force braum Game?
Camp2 (EUW)
: Perma banned for leavers
Why dont you post this from your main instead of a account that hasnt played in 6 months? Afraid of people looking at your Games?
: I require some assistance regarding a player
Report him after the Game, Just flex is Not an excuse, behaviour is treated the Same in all ques. Riot wont Tell you what exactly Happens to the Player due to their privacy policy.
ExoTicIce (EUW)
: League of Legends Movie
Yeah Like all the great videogame movies. Warcraf... I mean Mortal kom... Nvm.
JioFunny (EUNE)
: Yes I am a big problem for League of Legends and its community. Congratulations.. proceed to send ticket to riot to permaban me. .. Man I just love you all so much.. Everyone missed the point because I had a role in the examples I presented. Had I never had a role in these examples and just presented the cases. This would have been a normal post. I should never expect honor out of a community that lacks it. That explains why my post seems so unreasonable. Pitiful souls.
Why would i send a Ticket? Also, you int and then Talk about others Not having "Honor" lmao.
JioFunny (EUNE)
: … Why do you try so hard to look cool? ''Lemme dumb it down'' who do you think you are you insolent fool? You are so ignorant. The results of the matchup you show in the picture have nothing to do with the point I make in the post. My little brother went ahead and played a game without my permission, which will not happen again. Do you see any balance in that score? The system I would like to have implemented would serve a huge purpose. It is just that you are too close minded to see. You are still stuck on a specific example. The point of the post is not that they fail so hard, but that it can be much better. You are so absolute its disgusting. My account has been suspended already for 14 days no need for you to take no action. You must really be leading a sad life. Leave your house and have a walk around in nature son.. piss a little too. Oh and by the way, yes I have trouble understanding what you write because you can barely complete a sentence that makes sense. - - - - Kind regards, JioFunny
So you are accountsharing, which is in itself a instant permaban reason.
: Bad Gradin In The Game
You didnt buy a single controlward and had less wards placed than 2 of your teammates that didnt have a sightstone. For grades you are compaired to other players who play the champ and a vision score like that is really REALLY low. Especially since its one of the most important things for a support.
: Banning your own team's champs is just not ok..
So we are redside and my lastpick wants khazix. Picked or banned in most of my games and really strong atm. I rather ban it than risk the chance of the enemy getting it.
Azataroth (EUNE)
: Why my frame was changed?
They are working on it, click on the blue exclemation mark on the top right.
: Unfairness in LPQ
Na, Low priority que is supposed to feel bad. I dont see why it should be less.
PRoxy oQ (EUNE)
: so Nasus
I rolled a dice 3 times and got a 6 3 times. LOL mathmaticians and their 1/6 chance its obviously 100%.
Kabakadamn (EUNE)
: Rioting1BECapsuleScandal!
Na i Like playing the Game and idc that some people basicly Just got Lucky.
: Darius Ult reset without kill
I always thought this was intentional. Not 100% sure though.
Cryptidian (EUNE)
: Do you have any hobbies/passions outside of playing League of Legends?
I Play chess, the trombone, the Bariton Horn and Just started learning Bass guitar. The Last one helped ne decrease my gametime since i gave my Fingers something Else to do.
: Could prestige skins be made purchasable like other mythic skins?
Nah, that would be incredibly BS for those who played a %%%%ton of Games for them.
Keksik (EUNE)
: Somebody is using my account
Yeah, nameshaming is not allowed on the boards, this is how you´ll get the post banned again.
Breakhz (EUNE)
: 74 games..60 Wins 14 loses. The guy ended up gold...s8 then in preseason he got more then 83% winrate..Use a bit of brain im sure you can find out.
That´d look the same if i started playing my main role and champ on my smurf.
Kurotsu (EUW)
: What do the white numbers mean? (In my case on Kai'Sa)
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