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: It's funny when players post things like this. You admit you did not play a game that constant change for many years. You do not like when others players give advice that for you to progress you need to understand the game better, to train to play better, etc. But when you give some guidelines why you can't progress so people can advise you, only thing you say is teammates feed/afk. First thing, this is your problem, you have the answer provided by yourself (you didn't play the game for long so you need to learn it again). Also the attitude that it's everybody else fault. What you want players to advise you about afk/inters ? to make some ritual to mind trick the players to not do it ? _When game start you need to buy a doran ring and then undo, a doran blade then undo, an doran shield then undo, then buy what you need. Then go around nexus 3 times while spamming laugh, the stop and dance for 1 second, show an emotion then spam taunt then go to lane!_ Reality is: Every player that goes into queue is a potential bad player that is going to feed/afk. So the enemy team has 5 players that could potentially be that player. Your team on the other hand only has 4 players that could be the bad player, because you are the good player that you never feed, you are the constant. So, eventually, since the chance of your team losing because of a feeder/afk is lower than that of the enemies, you should climb. Of course only if you're that constant good player.
You took a lot of what I said out of context.... ''You do not like when others players give advice''.... This is exactly what I asked for. The thing is I do not always have good games and most probably you don't have them either... and I don't grief when I screw up but between coming out of lane 1 3 and being 0 5 in 10 minutes there's a great difference.... Your post wasn't much help either you were most probably trying to boost up your own ego and nothing more....
Èclair (EUNE)
: > [{quoted}](name=TimurK,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=Vl9NYscy,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-11T00:20:44.546+0000) > > And every time I google ''tips to get out of bronze'' there's always some sherlock saying stuff like ''just get better/you're where you belong/don't suck/getting out of bronze is ez/change your attitude''... and yeah I guess they're right but that doesn't really help much :) There are approx 87 100 000 searches for the phase _"how to get out of bronze league"_, all first page results contain useful guides and tips to climb the ladder. But maybe the answer _"just get good"_ is the best solution for your problems. Because for a post about how you're stuck in bronze you focus awfully lot on other people and not yourself. Feeders and afkers can also be part of an enemy team and this usually evens out. What won't even out is your personal skill. You can be carried once or twice but if you really want to climb at a steady pace you need to get better. The only constant is you.
Believe me... I do focus on myself. The tips are always useful and I try to follow them as much as I can... The results for me were pretty nice and if there's at least one useful teammate we usually win the game but as you probably know you can't 1v5 a game no matter if bronze or platinum.... But it's hard to not focus on others if 60% of the last games were full of feeders and when you mention anything it's all your fault :)
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