: I think this ban is deserved because you were constantly harassing your teammates and saying negative things about them.
well they were flaming me too and saying harmfull things the going afk and inting (real inting) so out of my caveman brain i flamed XD mb sorry for flaming
: This is very much deserved. I suspect you had already received a 14-day ban previously? If so after that ban even smaller amounts of negativity/toxicity can result in a permaban as 14-day ban is the **final** warning.
yeah but they could have at least refreshed my ban because that 14 day ba was in a long long time ago mb
: flaming,negative attitude,report calling.deserved af game1 Tinywizzard: leona omfg Tinywizzard: this lena Tinywizzard: report leona trolling Tinywizzard: u are fkin mid pusing the wave u see me go bot to help lucian ez double and then 0 help Tinywizzard: noob Tinywizzard: ez kill on bot wiht lucian and u went mid wtf Tinywizzard: report Tinywizzard: yes Tinywizzard: troll premade Tinywizzard: kata lol Tinywizzard: %%%% you~~ Tinywizzard: yeah u get fed every game right khzix Tinywizzard: u must be so pro without ganks Tinywizzard: lucian Tinywizzard: follow? Tinywizzard: we lose Tinywizzard: just surremnder Tinywizzard: not flaming u do Tinywizzard: why not we lose Tinywizzard: bad game queue another Tinywizzard: surredner Tinywizzard: just surrender Tinywizzard: this just bd game surrender queue another one Tinywizzard: afkand troll Tinywizzard: int is intencional Tinywizzard: see worst Tinywizzard: seen Tinywizzard: not trolling Tinywizzard: im plat katrn otp just ab dgame Tinywizzard: rep khazix full flame so toxic looksliek chernobyl Tinywizzard: dude w elsoe bad game buhuu game 2 Tinywizzard: uselss Tinywizzard: ffs twith gank Tinywizzard: u are twitch jungle u need to gank Tinywizzard: awfull league player Tinywizzard: so fed Tinywizzard: gg Tinywizzard: 0 ganks mi Tinywizzard: see what Tinywizzard: that khazix ganks and u dont Tinywizzard: u should gnk level 2 u noob Tinywizzard: u stupi Tinywizzard: all twitc junlrs Tinywizzard: gank level 2 Tinywizzard: so fed Tinywizzard: better jungler wins Tinywizzard: gj Tinywizzard: gj Tinywizzard: gg Tinywizzard: only morde is fed Tinywizzard: u get gold Tinywizzard: wo Tinywizzard: ty for feeding khzix Tinywizzard: now i just die Tinywizzard: fking iron junglers Tinywizzard: speak norma language not terrorist Tinywizzard: noob Tinywizzard: nice Tinywizzard: hes fed Tinywizzard: nice better jungler wins Tinywizzard: u cant play leagu go back to ur reich Tinywizzard: gg w rep twitch Tinywizzard: i am Tinywizzard: gj Tinywizzard: gg wp rep twitch Tinywizzard: trollling Tinywizzard: i didnt lose Tinywizzard: mid Tinywizzard: i won xerath Tinywizzard: u fed khazix and did 0 ganks game 3 Tinywizzard: ffs noob use wards Tinywizzard: gj tresh Tinywizzard: omg Tinywizzard: report teemo Tinywizzard: adc shit Tinywizzard: yes Tinywizzard: he sucs Tinywizzard: real bad Tinywizzard: stop ffs Tinywizzard: take towers teemo and farm Tinywizzard: lol Tinywizzard: assasin Tinywizzard: ffs Tinywizzard: kled and tresh only good players Tinywizzard: o9mggggg zstop callig e Tinywizzard: not my fkin fault Tinywizzard: %%% off Tinywizzard: this team kled Tinywizzard: ok dude Tinywizzard: QQQQ Tinywizzard: ward ffs Tinywizzard: trash? Tinywizzard: teemo afk Tinywizzard: report teemo Tinywizzard: ggwp report teemo
shiet, mb shouldnt have said that but i often see those things in chat (flame) tought it was normal
Magneset (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Tinywizzard,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=vgdpbAoc,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-01-05T15:22:21.777+0000) > Tinywizzard: speak norma language not terrorist Very much deserved.
ty anyways i really tought that wouldnt give me ban
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Zyzyx (EUW)
: Riot does understand, they just don't accept it. If you can't play League without insulting or harassing other players, you simply can't play League. It's a minimum requirement for the game.
they could at least give me a warning nope just 2 weeks suspension okay
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
well is it too hard to them to understand that some games we may be tilted and say something that is offensive to others the grand majority of games i dont even flame that one i just got tilted riot doesn't understand
: No, you wouldnt get into trouble for that. And you're using completely different context. >well caitly just got %%%%ed The above not directed at anyone and is describing what happened. >Tinywizzard: you stfu Or >Tinywizzard: %%% you Or >Tinywizzard: shaoc stfu you cant even jungle Is directed towards people and is flaming. You're perfectly fine to swear in game. You're not fine to use a swear word as a weapon or insult towards someone.
what if they flame me first wont riot understand my point?
: Keep in mind that past this point any and all violation of the rules will lead you to receive a permaban.
what about chat restricted?
Zyzyx (EUW)
: > why everyone is so soft these days I always find it a bit weird to read this. Because if you think about it, it's not the people who mind toxicity who are soft, it's the toxic ones. After all it's the flamers who lack the strength to control themselves, it's them who get tilted so easily and behave like children in a tantrum, it's them who lack the strength and the stable ego to deal with frustration properly. It's the flamers who are weak and soft.
well sometimes yes but sometimes you just say something like "well caitly just got %%%%ed" like she was bursted by a zed and somehow thats offensive
: Chat logs or your story is just an anecdote.
well these are my logs iknow i got tilted but thta not reason for ban i think i might be wrong tho
Gabresol (EUW)
: Why am I not banned?
: Unless you post your chat logs, unfortunately your story doesn't hold much merit. >stop banning wrong people ban trolls and scripters stop banning people for swearing in some occasions. They get banned too. You don't get banned for "swearing on some occasions". You need to be consistently toxic, or use a word from the zero-tolerance list to receive a ban.
dude . 2 games i got tilted it happens i should not be banned for getting tilted for only 2 games not even in a row
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