: stop trying to copy youtuber entertainment builds in ranked solo queue
Wait, wait wait.... You're right, ~~mindlessly coping smurf builds is bad...~~ mindlessly copying ANY build is bad! BUT there is NOTHING wrong with Zyra JGL!
: You don't get the point. nobody should gain/lose LP in a game when someone decides that he doesnt want to play anymore. The game should just end so that nobody loses time. The person that DC'ed should be punished not the team he is in.
No since now not the 4 guys are complaining at boards once a day, the 5 guys start complaining now "GIVE ME MY LP!!!" thx, no.
: Why do I lose LP when my team decides to int and go afk
Because you gain LP* when an opponent AFKs... (which should have a 5/4 chance of happening, making you actually gain LP from AFKs overall)
: Firstly he isn’t auto pushing... you only push if you spam Q Secondly, he can kite... W on top of yourself is a good deterrent and he does get rylies which combined with Q R and E make for good kiting. Thirdly no mobility doesn’t really matter.. Fourthly he really is a good lane bully... his E auto Q combo does a lot of damage, is spammable and heals you... repeated use of that seriously hurts champions who can’t out range him. And finally wards plus his W can easily be used to supply vision at which point your safe... plus if you do your job right the enemy laner would be too low to safely help in the gank... plus swain is a champion who tends to fall off later on, reverting to an E bot... so getting set back due to ganks isn’t a bad thing as it’s diverting attention from your actual carries and you can still be very useful later with your pick potential
If you have problems falling of you're doing something wrong. I faced the same issues when picking him up and trying to compensate Swains Weaknesses with Utility more than focusing on his strength which (imo) is the way to go for him. For short I kicked GLP, Rylais, Liandrys and Friends into the next trashcan and went for Roa, Seraph, Deathcap. That's so much more efficient and will make you real APC going into end game. And OFC disqualify you as a Top since the one thing Teams usually need is someone to engage fights properly which is usually a TankyTops job. Besides that: Swain's NOT an E Bot! You divide Fights with your Ult by seperating Front and Backline while punishing every carry who dares to come close to you! And that's nothing you can do when behind! Than... you're an E bot - but you shouldn't even let it come to this.
: Because everyone is playing him mid where his range really limits him... and move speed isn’t gonna help, if anything he just needs an increased E range so he can actually trade with other mages who all outrange him too much. But I’ve found I’ve had pretty good results from top lane Swain where he can be a massive lane bully, and support Swain where he acts very much like brand support.
Yep an autopushing Mage without much defense no way to kite and no mobility what so ever will definitely be a good lanebully and not get obliterated by any brained JGL in existance.
Cràp Bag (EUW)
: ok .... ay :3 so swain is hard too ?
No just quite bad. Ok statwise and a great addition to an overall good Comp, but he has no real tools to carry a bad team unlike the others you mentioned (especially Kat). Crap early makes romaing hard which kinda is the key ability for a good midlaner these days - although the recent itemization changes brought mid a little closer to the APC status it once had.
: Just saying since you like the comet here. Are you doing this exact thing in teamfights too? Hitting your e, waiting until your comet hits than drag? It's pretty stupid idea since if you lays it on the mid laner with cleanse or adc with QSS, you pretty much wasted your ability to kill a key target... You E is just as a Grab, like Threash. But as thresh you ain't grabing your target and then letting go free without using E just cause you wanted a comet proc, do you? It's the exact same thing.
Teamfights are a whole other story and the REASON I take Comet. First of all it's very rare to actually use E-Passive at the start of a TF - you usually use your passive on an allied CC at engage. Second even if you miss a comet at the start it doesnt matter. Ult and Q make Comets RAIN on the opponents since they're consistently refreshing its CD - the DMG of Aery pales in comparisson to that. Use Aery to outharras low range opponents in lane - that works and is fine. And will eventually give you a lead. But Comet is - by far - the better Key for Teamfights.
Agidyne (EUW)
: I guess we have different theories on what works on Swain or doesn't. I've tried multiple runes on the new Swain. Glacial Augment was alright. It dealt less damage in general but made landing his E really really easy actually. Phase Rush was mehhh. The movement speed is nice but you often don't need it. Comet is weird. I would sometimes proc it while harassing with Q, and since Q doesn't slow, they would easily dodge it. It felt like it had the Urgot problem in which you sometimes proc it with your legs while farming and since your legs don't CC it becomes easily dodgeable, making it feel like a wasted Comet. Now, Comet becomes just a better Aery if you build Rylais, but Rylais has never been an item I've rushed on Swain. Spellbook is Spellbook. There's not much to say about it. It doesn't really affect your gamestyle or anything. Electrocute was surprisingly good. Swain can actually cheese people with it at level 3. It has a high cooldown so I wouldn't recommend, but it's actually hilarious if you know how to land your combo properly. Aery tho. Aery feels amazing in the early game. You can proc it every auto attack, every Q, multiple times during your ultimate. Just a really solid rune overall. I also tried Aftershock, and the rune was actually really really good in early game trades, allowing you take virtually no damage even against hard hitters like Riven. But I feel like the Rune is problematic in general.
Ahhh... so there's the reason. You're talking about Top. I'm talking about Mid. ^^ So less trades for more DMG = worse Aery and more Rangeissues = better Phase. But, yeah I agree - against Melees Aery is the choice to go.
Agidyne (EUW)
: Aery is better in general on Swain. Comet has reverse synergy with his E-Auto-Q combo.
Than... Wait the half/quarter second until it hits before pulling them? You have plenty of time to pull them. Meteor is fine - Phase is fine - Aery is quite bad. Why I take Meteor over phase is because the moment you're able to proc phase you usually don't need it anymore. The killpressure it offers in lane is roughly the same as Meteors. Aery was great on old Swain since you could litterally proc it 24/7. New Swain doesn't play this way.
: Considering how badly designed his kit is, he pretty much needs the damage to stay relevant. His kit has like, no synergy. You'd think his W would work like Jhin's E in that it slows before dealing damage, but nope, that would make sense. So what you have is an ability with a long delay and a really long cooldown that doesn't set up his E (which is also pretty jank, as it doesn't immobilize unless its returning), which in turn makes it harder for swain to get anywhere near close enough to deal optimal amounts of damage. I like the soul fragment mechanic, but other than that feels like a bad rework.
Arent the Fragments more like a mechanic for the sake of a mechanic? I mean they do change my gameplay... I now use my W in lane after Eing someone which would never be worth the mana otherwise but....
: How do you feel about Swain rework (and reworks in general)?
There was one Rework in the game I let count as one: Warwick. Fiora also was not terrible. Yeah Poppy and Sion exist.. but those... Never considered them anything but Kits on Legs... dunno. You cant delete what doesnt exist. But Urgot, Galio and now Swain - a long time ago Xerath? /delete Creating a new Champ wich has the same name by accident. It's just BS... every single time Riot screws over the people enjoying a Champion for the sake of.. what exactly? I mean as someone who hit the top 50? 20? Swain-Players during my more active days... I can handle the Passive. The new Ult is OK. Q? Generic BS! W? Interesting. Creative. Kinda fitting... for a tactician... oh wait... But usefull? We'll see. E?... What.. tha... heck?.. OK... guess it's usefull somehow. But i really miss the point where this ability makes sense in his Kit or anywhere else! x'D The lore?... dont get me even started.. NOTHING is WORSE than RETCONS! And finally... the color/art... Why exactly is he now Creator Victor Senior?... What did I miss here??? Red Lightning - Seriously? That's a nice Skin, OK... but where is Swain? LOL! And what on earth did you do with Bilgewater???
: U.R.F is ruined for most players.
Kinda invalidated by 1 second Q times - still fun, still popular.
Kasten4 (EUW)
: going tank is pretty much useless since tanks are normally meant to tank a whole load of burst form veigar or so. but if veigar has all his abilities up every 2 seconds it makes 0 sense to go tank
Pls stahp.. [Jax-Game](https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3463945668/35375754?tab=overview) [Lissandra-Game](https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3464744122/35375754?tab=overview) [Annie-Game](https://matchhistory.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/#match-details/EUW1/3465941254/35375754?tab=overview) I won them all BECAUSE OF going Tank NOT DESPITE going Tank! Tank in URF (drain tanks exclueded) just means you change the DpS logic. Instead of 1000 DMG for 1 second a tank build deals like 240 DMG for 4 seconds while also screwing over opponets expectations/lifesteal/momentum. It's usually the superior Build of you have ANY tool to avoid DMG. Lissandra ULT on top of CC and mobility, Annie 40% DMG reduction, Mao W and passive. JAX E/Ult where you went squishy without any lifesteal.
: It is so frustrating to play ARURF
> I won't go tank either, I'm not in a ranked game. I have no words... well.. at least explains why another dude called Mao a useles URF champ... Just play CoD... thanks. That's not even an insult... just a helpfull advice.
: Possible URF solutions ( please read )
Well. if that post would not be so entirely biased from the beginning... How can you argue that URF is supposed to be "chaotic" and "broken" and than complain about uneven teams two lines later... <.< URF went from heaven to hell during the first week of its release. After starting great with tons of funchamps being picked, after being litteral chaos,,, it all boiled down to 2x Zed/Fizz/Wu in every game. And those not only killed the diversity entirely but also drained the mode of its funpicks since they were not even able to lane against these guys. ARURF was the logical consequence. And it's fine. And btw. WinterURF is also a funny idea - just wish riot would enable regular ARURF more often - this way people would be less annoyed about the limited Champ-Pool.
: Soloing drake early is really outdated.
Lol! Level 1 Ocean is close to gg!
: Why can't we as people leave the game when wanted?
If you're unable to play in a Team - don't do it! The fact that you get banned for leaving just helps you to realize what types of game you should play. @ your other comment: If something important comes up - you're free to leave. Noone will stop you from atl+f4. If it happens once or twice noone will ban you. (Had a fire alarm few days ago - had to leave - still playing) If it happens on regular base - there's something wrong with YOUR time managment. And once again the ban should help you to realize that as well protecting others from your imcompetence.
: Any jungle champions like kindred
Sounds like Twitch-JGL for you to me.
: if my teammate want to first pick nasus or yasuo, i often ban them because they are easily countered and lose hard when first picked
Ang you think forcing a potential onetrick into another pick while also tilting him before the game even starts increases your winrate? lol.
: Unusual but powerful jungle picks (suggestions welcome)
2 come to my mind. {{champion:10}}: Not really good since it requires a decent team (aka doesnt go 0-10 and responds to invades) - you farm for days, but you'll always get your gold and Ranged-Red Ganks are always deadly. {{champion:143}} : And this one REALLY interesting. Great clears, great ganks, but really fragile. I'd only recommend her with a beefy Top and Supp
elin990 (EUW)
: Whats the point of Zoe's ult?
It's just a utility meant for Q and E. You can create some really unexpected angles with it or simply max out Q's Dmg or Range. Secondary it's an OKish dodging tool and something that can you buy some time if a melee is sitting in your face that's about to fall asleap. It's not on 'R' because it such a powerfull ability or consumes that much of Zoes power budget - it really isnt. It's just there to lock you out of this mobility in early laning where it would be really annoying to play around.
Hansiman (EUNE)
: Banning smurfs is a rule that would simply be impossible to enforce, and honestly that makes it better to not have that rule. See the reply from [Zyzyx](https://boards.eune.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/UT211ycI-when-will-riot-stop-smurfing?comment=0002) which explains the issue. --- There is already a smurf-detection system that queues smurfs up with other smurfs, and keeps actual new players matched up with other new players. But even this system wouldn't be accurate enough to hand out bans. --- > Smurfs are kinda known to buy Boosts, Champions and Skins. No, I don't think they are. --- > (Ruining tons of newbies first impressions and this way scaring away potential new coustomers hasn't crossed Riots mind so far - sadly...) It has, which is why they have systems to better the situation for new players. If you've created a new account and leveled up to gain that "new player experience", chances are you didn't encounter many new players since you were being matched up with other smurfs.
> If you've created a new account and leveled up to gain that "new player experience", chances are you didn't encounter many new players since you were being matched up with other smurfs. With my opinion about Smurfs... how big are the chances of me creating one - what do you think? x'D For the rest I'll link my second answer:[ Here](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/UT211ycI-when-will-riot-stop-smurfing?comment=0000000200000000)
Afelers (EUNE)
: Actually after the first couple of games the system detects that they are too good and are suddenly matched against other smurfs only. Also there are players in different regions who create a new account in another one to play with friends there as well.
While true the first impression of a game - especially in PvP - is crucial. And in exactly this few early games you meet the most smurfs. I have 2 firends that (while having a general interest in MOBAs) quit after the first few games for EXACTLY this reason. Because of Smurfs beeing toxic beyond believe Spawn-Camping and Stalling for ages! Telling them "It gets better... eventually" (- but dont play to good or you get matched with them again (which happens)) doesn't really help. And as I said - Ban the toxic and simply lying Smurfs (you get asked if you're experienced or not) - Create LEGIT Smurfs that are Linked with main ACC having their seperate Q as well as faster progression (EXP). BUT due to the Link they have no free card for toxic behavior. Since extreme abuses should lead to a ban for all linked accounts!
Hansiman (EUNE)
: While I get the frustration, smurfs gain MMR and ultimately get matched where they're supposed to be. How would you stop smurfing in a free to play game?
They could simply forbid smurfing an Ban people who obviously do and/or create Smurf-Fast-Lanes where you start at Level 10, get bonus EXP, get only matched with other fast lane accounts and get first placed Gold MMR instead of Silver when you Link them to a higher account you already own. That would fix alot of Issues... HOWEVER: Smurfs are kinda known to buy Boosts, Champions and Skins. AKA - they spend money - and Riot wont do anything to stop it. (Ruining tons of newbies first impressions and this way scaring away potential new coustomers hasn't crossed Riots mind so far - sadly...)
ClockTime (EUNE)
: Building Zeke's Herald and Will of the Ancients as Soraka so your team doesn't have to buy Hextech Gunblade and BT while giving mana to everybody.
Back in S3 I used Bullwark, Zekes, WoA and disabled the 'W' on my Taric. xD Teamfighting was so much fun with him. ^^
: But it's not easier to proc for a lot of the champions that used it. Veigar/Vlad/Garen/Illaoi. It's harder to proc and then comes with the new downsides. I mean look at Vlad mains reddit, people going Grasp because there isn't really anything useful on him anymore.
Well you asked why Phase is weaker than SRS - I gave you the answer. Sure - most of the former users are not as good candidates for it now - its a change.
: Why was Stormraiders Surge turned into a steaming pile of garbage?
Ignoring the errors: PhaseRush is alot easier and safer to proc than Stormraider. That opened the use of Phase to alot more Champions in the game. But since it so easy to proc even at level 1 and 2 there need to be some downsides. SRS was always a skirmish-lategame keystone - Veigar, Xerath, Cassio - and few Champion were able use it on lane - Syndra, Vlad. You simplay cant put this keystone meant for late unchanged into early game. The cheese would be beyond stupid. That's why it was toned down so much - I'd just wish its CD would also scale into lategame.
elin990 (EUW)
: Is my mastery score and icons gone?
They're currently working on the system as Hansiman stated. But don't worry your Mastery Score won't reset. What resets is your 'highest ratining of the Season' as well as the chests earned by champions. So you're able to earn new chests with your Main Champs.
Deprecious (EUNE)
: It is even harder now to acquire champions
I guess some of that is intended - due to the removal of runes and less important rune-pages. They want to keep the BE balance and therefore the incentives for buying RP and using sales equal to the previous system.
xGunna1 (EUW)
: i have 75 ping should i play tanks like rammus ?
Ah, 75 is COMEPLTELY fine and nothing to worry about! As long as your connection is stable and you dont have massive spikes like I once had. You can play everything. Even higher values are ok to play. I remember playing at 100-120 back in the days of Season2-3 and it was fine and enough for Gold. Still the jump to a 20-30 ping was... {{sticker:sg-kiko}}
deus ex (EUW)
: Why is Riot trying to kill off champions that can build both AD or AP damage?
Just a balance thing - if you have one viable buildpath it's ALOT easier to balance. {{item:3165}} says hi! And yeah... it's sad they kill diversity in such a lazy way but on the other hand... They killed this abomination called AP-Tristana which was by far the worst experience I ever had in Leauge. And I can't thank them enough for that! xD
: Ryze's cool concept but..
Well... the latest version of the yearly Ryze rework was basicly a failiure from minute one. They came from: What can we do to allow Ryze having success in Low and HighElo? Riots Solution: Let's give him an Ult that's only good in a perfectly coordinated Team! That could not work, didnt work and once again he's at 40%W/R in Solo while being a PriorityPick at Worlds. <3 I could say.. "told ya", or "that was obvious"... but I guess that's wasted here. x'D ---------------------- Ther's no way to buff him for SoloQ while not completely breaking him for Pros. Let's wait for the Season8 Ryze - maybe they get it right this time... .. .. as if that would ever happen! haha xD
: what to main for s8?? midlane
Very difficult question tbh. We can bring up theorys sure - but we have no idea how exactly the new runes will change the game. Early/Mid/Late we have no idea how exactly the game will look like in a few moth. And the next AP-Item Rework is also just behind the horizon. The the only recommendations I can give are those Champs that will always do well - no matter the Meta. Those come to my mind: {{champion:34}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:163}} {{champion:161}}{{champion:112}} . The ones you mentioned have some issues. Ryze for examle is very team depended - and since you can freely assume to play with potatoes when clicking on SoloQ it's the THE best choice out there. If you like the champ go for it, but nothing you should pick up cause strong. Azir hits a similar spot. While quite busted these days he is also team dependant. Sure he can SoloCarry, but only after a certain point in the game, and if the enemy Bot wents 10-0 in the meantime.... WELLLLLLL... Honorable mention: {{champion:245}} this guy is underrated beyond belive! (And something you will like coming from Diana.)
Hydnoras (EUW)
: I don't think azir is going to be nerfed any time soon so it should be safe to learn him. The only champion you mentioned that i do not suggest you learn is ryze. He is in a very bad state right now and even in pro play he is basically used only for his ult.
Nah he will - but nothing more than some minor love-taps.
: Ahri has always striked me as a negative representation of a woman
Well... isnt that because Ahri wanted/needed to be exactly that after her transformation? The perfect decoy to lure in her prey? Sure her design might be quite generic at first - but with this bacckstory? completely fine. And you cannot always beat the "break Tradition" bush - because presenting something as "breaking" a tradition does also define said tradition as being the opposite. You could even say hating something because it's to much of a stereotype is as stubborn as not likeing something because it's to less of stereotype. I think... If we all really want to get away from all those stereotypes we all need to stop discussing about them, stop scaling every new piece of art being to generic/antigeneric or not and just live (and design) simply ignoring them. OFC we should still address major flaws - but looking at leagues Roaster - its completely fine.
: Optimal mid lane champion to play in higher ranks?
TBH Mid seems quite irrelevant during the current meta - you can basicly play everything as long as you focus on getting your Botlane ahead. If you're lloking for specific Champions you can try those who have a natural advantage in roaming. Taliyah and Aurelion come to my mind. However those tend to suck in early laning - and if you do that it can be hard to roam. That's why you have to find your style: Natural roamers that have some special abilities? {{champion:136}} {{champion:163}} OR Early Champions that gain so much advantage they're free to roam? {{champion:236}} {{champion:103}} OR Scaling Champions that deny any roam from their opponents by hardpushing? {{champion:34}} {{champion:268}}
: Am I the only one who hates this meta?
Well - at least we get decent Teamfights...? Sure - how TFs work is a little sad - but I don't really hate it. There were deinitely worse meta so far. ^^
: Liandry and Void
I usually use them this way: If the enemy Team has two extremes: Really Tanky + Really Squishy -> Liandrys If the enemy Team has Bruiser-ish Champions -> Void Overall Void is the better Item though.
: What if we make ARAM less random?
Kinda beats the All Random part - dont you think so? lol xD Nah if anything they should change Aram to be MORE random - aka all Champions unlocked for anyone - than I'd actually play it from time to time - but those ARAM accounts are really pissing e off! xD
Smerk (EUW)
: It's not possible to get even close to that amount. You lose half of stacks when you switch targets and after 4 seconds of not attacking you lose all stacks. And don't forget that you won't be able to stack that much in the first place. This rune has a lot of counterplay
Well.. we will see some pretty busted DMG involving this rune thats for sure. I imagine quite regular scenarios where and ADC is gainig tons of stacks while figthtin the frontline before simply onehitting a mage or the enemy carry - looking at Jinx. (The halfo f a ton is still to much to lift! ^^)
: where can i find those people that seeks a team in redit please put link.
Uhmm... Frontpage of /r League - first post.. dunno... https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/
: How do you even beat Onslaught?
It's a grind. ^^ Get bunch of people and have fun for 2-3 hours just playing the mode and learning the tricks and strats together - after that you'll have an easy time completeing all the mssions left. =)
: About the new Star Guardian mode
Well... since you basicly NEED an organized Team.. aka premades to beat the missions... there's no real difference tbh. Setting it 5-only just makes sure there is no chaos in the SoloQ. "Make NEW-Guardians!!, NO OLDS!!!, I need Mages!!! I need NO MAGES!!!" And it's REALLY not that hard to get 5 guys together: Reddit/Ingame/Boards! Plenty of people are looking for Teams rigth now.
YeGoTaKi (EUW)
: Invasion (Onslaught) ???? Please how are we supposed to win this
It's really not that hard - get a bunch of people together Ingame/Boards/Reddit - than grind for a while learn the tricks and than just beat it! ^^ Everyone can do it!
Sêvi (EUNE)
: The... 8 lvl Chempion Maestry !
The problem is... even if they relase mastery level 1337... A few monts in the game people would ask for mastery level 1338... there is no end... they want always more! That's why it's in Riots best interest to ignore mastery Levels for a while. ^^'
: Is there anyw ay for an ADC to not die to Yasuo?
Having a Support would be a good first step. ^^'
: Karthus in AR URF
{{item:3814}} {{item:3157}} uhm.... ?
kendrask (EUW)
: Can you actually win DOOM BOTS Lvl 100?
{{champion:161}}{{champion:96}} + {{champion:34}} + {{champion:222}}{{champion:45}} would be my favorite setup capeable of dealing with every Bot-Comp. Such a comp will ALWAYS get the teemo spawn if the players are somewhat capeable. Actually killing him is another story. ^^ The easiest Bots to deal with are {{champion:1}} {{champion:9}} {{champion:25}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:89}} - a bunch of those drasticly increase your chance of winning. {{champion:99}} {{champion:90}} are beyond broken - sadly - gl with them. x'D {{champion:63}} {{champion:77}} are easier than you might think at first. (A Koggles should get {{item:1419}} against him) ------------------------------------------ Get 5 {{summoner:12}} / {{summoner:11}} and USE your smites! You can grant your Anivia Level2+Blue and your Jinx Level2+Red! DO IT! Koggels and Veigar do nothing but poke! Vel and Jinx do nothing but Waveclear! Anivia just stays alive to get 6 to trash the Bot-AI! Do it and win!
: Doombot lvl 100
It's not unwinnable! But it's so damn hard. MY greates success was a Teemo down to 1/4 HP when malzahar backdoored the basewith herald while nobody pay attention. q.q But it IS possible! Just drag out laning as long as possible soacking as much Gold and Exp as possible before stopping them in 5v5 once they got their first two towers. I wish more people would understand how this game works. There are just to many Zeds and Yasuos and Fizzes loosing the game before it starts. {{champion:99}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:222}} those are great Champions. And {{champion:161}} is god tier and should be picked every game by anyone.
: Excuse me but why do People by abyssal?
{{item:3194}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3001}} Those are your 3 options if you need as much effective health agianst AP as possible! You don't play against Satan? You're not Vlad? You don't have a Soraka? You buy Abyssal! Besides that - if your AP mid is Fed - you get Abyssal anyway to make his life even better.
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