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: First of all, I want to see SOME GENDER NEUTRALITY at some point in this game. Now more to the point: I was thinking just today, I would like to see a couple but not the classic type. The story would be like: first they classically fell in love, then something happens to one of them and that one changes dramatically becoming "a monster" (like half human, maybe a darkin invading their body or idk). And after both of them fighting their feelings and for their relationship they finally manage to overcome it all and be together again. What do y'all think?
pretty sure this is basically what happened to varus wasnt it? :L
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Shamose (EUW)
: Oh if only there was a blue exclamation mark somewhere to explain why this is happening...
oh if only there were some non sarcastic comments, and if there is a big blue exclamation mark im guessing you didn't read it? here a little copy+paste for you: "Social feature maintenance is currently underway. Chat and friends lists are currently disabled. Friends can still be invited to games" Thankfully the wonderful person who commented a minute before you gave an insightful answer that works :)
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: client keeps saying im disconnected from chat but i can queue up for games
: about TFT
tbh the whole game is RNG when it comes to item drops, and its absolutely ludicrous that in the first 3 waves, sometimes you cant even get a single extra item, whereas timmy over yonder got 5 extra items. Absolutely kills my love for the game mode.
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cocomilkman (EUNE)
: Hey looking for 2 teammates to play clash at 20:05CET
Zanador (EUNE)
: Just asking: why do you switch your summoner spells when you play Nami instead of your regular tanky supports?
pretty sure i heard stories about people being caught out buying accounts and they were caught out because they switched their summoner spells around :P
: Half-AFK people are the worst
sounds more like a bot than an actual player
Boolhya (EUW)
: Wich champions are unfun to play against? tell me your list
{{champion:420}} - Her damage scaling and base damage is stupidly high {{champion:157}} - passive shield AND double crit, dashes for days {{champion:67}} - no champion should be doing % max health damage as an adc, at least with varus he has to land abilities. vayne is literally point and auto attack {{champion:76}} - Dont see her often, but those spears are unnecessarily high damage


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