: > Well there is a joke section for a reason, and it's funny you make a comment like this when posting you own joke thread on the same board :D Why yes, if you profit from content you didn't create why shouldn't I? It takes literally no effort. I did this since you insisted on making these boards another memefactory. It was a general question, no reason to be spiteful.
I actually did make this myself though, sorry if I didn't make that clear :P
: Since when did these boards become 9Gag wannabees?
Well there is a joke section for a reason, and i thought it was pretty funny :D
: lmfao!! bravo!! i award you with "funniest image i seen all day" achievement! i love that picture, its really funny. got anymore lulzy over board pictures?
Maybe, made this one myself just because I thought up the idea (As you can tell from my amazing drawing and cropping skills). Might post some more in the future if I can think of anything funny
: Yo dawg we heard you like chain wardens...{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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: Gold Player Looking For Serious Team.
I would be up for this, currently low gold myself and looking to improve. Mainly play support so add me in game if you're interested :)
Sharkaan (EUNE)
: I think it was a nerf in 5.22
I'm like 99% sure that previous wounds reduces both lifesteal and abilities like aatrox's blood thirst. It kinda sucks when people build it really early to counter you but I really like his thematic as a champ
Phreat (EUW)
: Hi that would be great, i already send you a friend request but seems like you didnt see it or accept it or anything like that
No I did accept it, I have you on my list :)
Phreat (EUW)
: Looking for a Gold Support to duo with euw
Hey I'm a gold IV support main and don't mind doing some duo queue with you, TobiKohai is my IGM, I play pretty much any support you can name, but I'd say my main ones are probably Thresh, Janna and Soraka (though it changes based on matchup or how my ADC wants to play). Would quite like to get to plat and beyond so PM me or add me or something if you are interested


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