: Do remember that the complaints you see on here or reddit aren’t the majority of people... due to the fact that it’s more likely someone with an issue will speak up than someone who is happy it creates a loud minority, they look like the majority but that’s just cause they are shouting louder than the majority. So while most of the people you’ve seen disagree with it the general consensus is very different, baring a few concern which riot is dealing with and is communicating with us about the majority of the player base is pretty happy with the changes. And the majority of the community also is fine with auto fill... it shortens wait times dramatically and isn’t even that common, the majority of people just forget about it.
I was going off of the reaction to the "Responding to your feedback" post on the /dev diary.
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: Op Draven leads to me banned
Chatlogs'll save you here. Post them. Unless you were doing _more_ than pointing out that you got destroyed by a good Draven. Also, how the %%%% are you attributing this to Neo-Nazism? Don't compare Riot to us, we're not THAT bad.
Lee Lex (EUW)
: Bug with Darius' skills (gameplay)
Look at the ability icon. It has a golden border when you cast them, showing the timer on his abilities. Sincerely, a Darius main. _seriously though did you not see that_
: Reformed? Deformed maybe.
SkullHead (EUW)
: SkullHead: keep sucking your own deick i see you're good at it SkullHead: nice sucking SkullHead: behold the fking panic pick when you see the team comp SkullHead: look how good i am for your mistake that can ahppen to anyone SkullHead: oh yeah SkullHead: %%%% you SkullHead: i cant ult when i dont see you ididot SkullHead: LOL SkullHead: yeahy yeah stfu its getting sad SkullHead: lol bro
oKiNeK (EUW)
: ***
We didn't assume how you should react, we said how you **did.**
: In orded or importance: 1) My team got a {{champion:157}} Top. Expecially if it's first pick and countered by the opponent by picking for example {{champion:54}}. 2) Obvious troll picks. I once dodged because of a {{champion:122}} Support. 3) Crazy team composition. Expecially when we have a glass cannon team (which is by far the most common case) while the opponents got a perfect team comp. I however dodge only ONCE. I may consider dodging twice only if the loss of LP would be mostly unconsequential. For example, if i'm at 99 LPs or so.
Darius support's actually pretty good. It's how I got lvl 7 Darius in about a week.
Wen294 (EUW)
: Keeping 1 around for wardjump in need is completly worth it tho. 75 gold for getting away with your live or getting a kill sounds like a fair trade.
Is it worth removing the possibility for permanent vision, though? Surely losing a ward on a friendly buff wouldn't be that fair of a trade considering the power of Red buff early game especially as Lee.
: What rank are you exactly?
Wen294 (EUW)
: {{item:2055}}
But you'll be essentially giving free gold to the enemy team, and they'd be a massive goldsink. You'd also be removing old wards that were used for Vision just to gank, meaning that teamwork and perma-vision'd go out the window since you can only have 1 of your own on the map at any time.
: i agree, i'm sick of pro-plays dictating what other players can or can't do. first they remove the support items because weren't used that much in the pro scene, now they remove this one because pros abuse it...
Riot stated a while back that they realised that Pro LoL and Public LoL are two different games essentially, yet they forget about it here.
: The fact he can already ward jump on trinkets is more than enough.
But that restricts his counterjungling massively. He can only decide to either; 1. Save for an escape 2. Attempt to counterjungle 3. Go for a gank And he'll have to pick only one every 130 seconds. Only when the trinket's up, and since it's got a high ammo recharge timer, it's not fit for what Lee needs.
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: well now i climbed i noticed my mistakes i was a noob b5 not lnowing anything about the game
Dude, I posted that a year ago. I honour your dedication mate but still, don't revive a dead thread.
: Blind pick ''i said first'' rule does not actually exist, it is more a human-morale related rule, which means you ain't automatically getting jgl if you type jungle first, normaly the other teammember agree to that you get jungle, in order to actually play jungle, thats why Blindpick is mostly such a toxic waste
Finally, someone actually spoke the truth about the toxic cesspit that is Blind Pick nowadays.
Coldzero0 (EUNE)
: Why this server are full of kids
> [{quoted}](name=Coldzero0,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=BZg7dfgE,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-23T03:08:50.991+0000) > This community is full of butthurt little children. Wait, > [{quoted}](name=Coldzero0,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=BZg7dfgE,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-23T03:08:50.991+0000) > > Why this %%%%ing server is full of kids. They are %%%%ing annoying. Wait wait wait, > [{quoted}](name=Coldzero0,realm=EUNE,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=BZg7dfgE,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-04-23T03:08:50.991+0000) > > butthurt little children. gg
Allosen (EUW)
: > while he is untargetable, use TF's Ult {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
**_Congratulations, you played yourself._**
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: > [{quoted}](name=Finelope,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=IoWqtZYA,comment-id=,timestamp=2017-01-18T14:08:41.631+0000) > > In some of the games, I "flamed" but it wasn't me flaming per say. I was quoting my team flaming me and saying it to the enemies so they could report with proof. So, you weren't flaming, but you were flaming. Wat. In any case, you basically made the mistake of assuming the enemy are people you'd want to turn against your teammates. Even if it _didn't_ make your ban look all the more justified (regardless of the fact that multiple reports in one game are worth just as much as one), actions like that won't work - they can clearly see you typing it and clogging the chat up with it, hence why you got reported. It can easily be considered spam in a _best_-case scenario. > I know in the 3rd game I said 'bstrds' at the end, but that was saying to ban them. You _can_ have them brought closer to a punishment by just pressing the report button at the end of the game, you know. > I know it isn't allowed (headdesk) > I thought you guys were supposed to read the chat before you ban people for Offensive Language and Verbal Abuse... Yes. They do. And I'll do the same: > Game 1 > Finelope: biggest tryhards i've ever seen Insulting. > Finelope: you were afk at start Negativity. > Finelope: report caitlyn Report-calling. > Finelope: "your %%%%ing useless" Insulting and aggression, regardless of who said it. It doesn't change the fact that you're perpetuating it. (Irrespective of how there's plenty of bad behaviour throughout your chat that _isn't_ you quoting someone) > Finelope: i'm suporting more than you Blaming. > Finelope: stop %%%%ing accusing everyone Aggression and blaming. > Finelope: not just you Blaming. > Finelope: your inspiration > Finelope: is 'shut up' Insulting. > Finelope: i know i'll end up being reported but i won't get banned because i have no reason to be. report my entire team for flaming so hard at each other Negativity and report-calling. Also, if I may, on the subject of "I won't get banned because I have no reason to be", PAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh, PRICELESS! > Finelope: i hate this community Negativity. > Finelope: stfu Aggression. > Finelope: you want me to shut up > Finelope: mute me Negativity. > Game 2 > Finelope: dude > Finelope: i have a better score than you Gloating. > Finelope: YOU ARE ADC Aggression. > Finelope: report vayne Report-calling. > Finelope: flame so hard > Finelope: and blames me for being focused Blaming, funnily enough. > Finelope: refuse to get wards??? toxic? Blaming. > Finelope: this 10 year old kid trying to get me banned for sucking Blaming and insulting. > Finelope: ok vayne #1 stop telling lies and #2 stop flaming me! Aggression and blaming. > Finelope: comparison to you going full out flame rage hyper mode > Finelope: like the vayne farming Blaming and insulting. > Finelope: hehe jk Uh-huh. Sure. > Finelope: flame is verbal abuse or offensive language > Finelope: i do neither Uh-huh. Sure. (Either way, negativity) > Finelope: vayne is a late game champ > Finelope: you of all people should know that Blaming. > Finelope: hav you noticed how whenever a team is losing, everyone flames? Negativity. > Finelope: all the bstards should be banned soon Blaming, aggression and insulting. > Finelope: rep vayne flame Report-calling. > Game 3 > Finelope: seriously, every time i have a strong enemy mid laner, i have a bad ally jungler, no other way around it Blaming. > Finelope: **** sake Negativity. > Finelope: serious? > Finelope: i pinged for assistance 3 times in a row > Finelope: 10 seconds later :L > Finelope: fizz 1 shot me on tower Negativity. > Finelope: report shen please notheer flamer Blaming and report-calling. > Finelope: that's the 3rd time you have dived me on tower and i have SPAM pinged him into helping me > Finelope: he literally refuses to help me Blaming. > Finelope: my point fizz, is that i could have lived then if he wasn't a stubborn ... i'm gonna stop myself there Too late - insulting and blaming. Don't bother trying to hide your intent, we know damn well what you meant. > Finelope: yeah > Finelope: because getting a 0/5 worse score is a good thing, gj varus > Finelope: if that's a reason not to help Blaming and negativity. > Finelope: ok > Finelope: no > Finelope: in a lost lane > Finelope: where i get one shot on tower > Finelope: with no help > Finelope: or you should stop being a jerk > Finelope: all i've been trying to do all game is ask for health, you are trying to wind me up Blaming. > Finelope: stay in silver varus Insulting. > Finelope: what season were you last ? > Finelope: plat? > Finelope: so you've gone from plat to gold to silver > Finelope: and you're laughing at me Insulting. > Finelope: "worst orianna" Insulting and blaming. > Finelope: "worst orianna" Insulting and blaming. > Finelope: THANK YOU TEAM > Finelope: THANK YOU SO MUCH > Finelope: feel my pain Negativity. So...yeah, your punishment is definitely justified. You're a terrible teammate, and with an attitude as insulting, negative and self-centered as yours, I'm honestly questioning what you were even doing playing a game like this in the first place.
Tl:Dr version: He who lives in glass houses, shouldn't flame his teammates and then say "I've no reason to get reported".
House x33 (EUW)
: Hmmm, 1 afk in 66 ranked games. Not gonna believe you unless, you provide proof.
Stupidest and most redundant argument in the history of the internet; _"I don't have X, therefore X doesn't exist._
: im going to sound like the bad guy, but anyone that actually kills themselves because someone online said they should do it, had way bigger issues than league in their life and their demise was imminent and unavoidable.
: Let me just take an example You are getting robed and your sister is held hostage by criminals with guns, you call the police, the police tells you that ''due to lack off units it will take longer'', you wait two hours in the closet, you come out, they stole everything that was worth cash and killed your sister, you call the police again, now they magically arive in 5 minutes, and that only because you said that your sister was killed **** You are playing a game, now somebody wants that you Kill yourself and trys to harass you for the entire game, you don't care, you just report the guy, But Riot does nothing besides probably a warning, next game the same guy will meet up with a psychological suicidal person, he attempts to harass the person the entire game, and begs them to kill themself, and that they are Trash and not human existance, now the person actually kills themself, the person that flamed the suicidal person and Riot themself won't ever know it probably, now, the Flamer gets banned in the next game for intentional feeding **** In booth cases, humans lost their life because of the incompetence of persons we are supposed to rely on, and i am 100% for harder punishment and swifter permabanns, and if you'll ask me, it should be like that : 1 Punishment = Chat Restrict, 2 Punishment = 50 Day bann, 3 Punishment = Permabann
Are you seriously comparing a hostage situation to a fucking cyber attack? What happened to the world ._. Was there a worldwide spine shortage a couple of years back or something?
: So, according to that definition you agree with me that just because someone locks in a non-meta pick they aren't trolling? Good to know.
It's not just me disagreeing; Riot is too. https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752884-Reporting-a-Player > 5) Do not report a Summoner for not sticking to the metagame
: I never said trolls and intentional feeders don't exist, but they are very rare, and most of the "trolls" and "intentional feeders" people complain about aren't actually trolling. Some people would have you believe there are trolls in every match, and that simply isn't true. Also, if you don't like my definition of a troll would you care to give your own definition?
Being a dick to other people on the internet, via malicious verbal behaviour, because you can.
: Trolls and Feeders? I can't see them.
The stupidest argument in the history of the internet. _I don't have this problem, therefore it doesn't exist._ By the way, what you described as a troll: > a player who intentionally acts or plays at a lower skill level with the purpose of ruining the experience for others. That actually is NOT trolling, and infact is something completely different; Smurfing.
Djave (EUNE)
: Permanent Autofill
I'll sum up my opinion on autofill in one sentence: _Autofill was the worst answer to a question that nobody asked._
Not xPeke (EUW)
: Seriously, you are one of a kind. Stop being such a hypocrit and twisting the truth. I didn't expand on your silly Vayne arguement, because we already touched on that in the other thread - you know that, which by the way, you conveniently left after being given actual arguments (the way I see it) to back up my point of view. What a coincidence. And it's funny you say "you get what you give", that reply to you regarding Vayne is pretty much the same way YOU have been dealing with me. Don't turn this around now. Take responsibility for once. And like I said, that's because I had already talked about your argument about Vayne in the first place! Unlike you, I'm not belittling your point of view and ignoring things. If you don't see how you have been behaving that way, please let me know and I'll explain, though I really don't see how you would even leave the possibility open that you were in the wrong, like ever. There's still hope however. EDIT: once again you run away from a discussion because you fail to prove your point, and can't even acknowledge when you're wrong, let alone even consider you might be. You're lucky you're not into politics, you'd get destroyed in a real life debate.
Can one of you two just grow up and stop arguing on a public forum? Christ, just get a room already. Or 1v1 eachother, I dunno.
kyr88 (EUNE)
: or make a mechanism that the rest of the team can kick those players at champ select. I'seen double mids, roaming supps..ffs. Yeah we play support but I don't wanna main support and play all the time
But it can be easily abused.
warwik23 (EUW)
: ***
Remember, you're always matched with players of similar skill. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Hansiman (EUNE)
: When it's ready. But don't worry too much, as the client beta isn't currently optimized for lower end PC's. Expect that to be improved over time. If the beta client isn't working out for you currently, stick to the old one, and retry the beta one once optimization starts.
House x33 (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=FlamingBoy56,realm=EUNE,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=FHNA9VlT,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-22T12:26:44.929+0000) > > You know how can you solve a problem? Forget this toxic game and start going to gym. That's what I did and I dont regret =) I'm going to the gym and still play league Difference i don't have anger issues :) @OP Time to upgrade your hardware because, there is no way back once the client out of beta
I figured as much. When is it coming out of beta?
: My name has a meaning. It has nothing to do with flaming/toxicity. My real name in Latin means fire, that's it. And btw., I am the one who tries to make nice invironment in the game.
> And btw., I am the one who tries to make nice invironment in the game. I doubt that, somehow. > [{quoted}](name=FlamingBoy56,realm=EUNE,application-id=VnI9tlaf,discussion-id=FHNA9VlT,comment-id=000000000001,timestamp=2016-11-22T12:34:38.428+0000) > > My name has a meaning. It has nothing to do with flaming/toxicity. My real name in Latin means fire, that's it. > _And btw., I am the one who tries to make nice invironment in the game. _ Somehow, I doubt that.
: You know how can you solve a problem? Forget this toxic game and start going to gym. That's what I did and I dont regret =)
Well, I can't go to the gym for 2 reasons. I live in the middle of nowhere, and I'm bed ridden. Also, if you forgot this game, why are you here? {{sticker:zombie-brand-mindblown}}
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: Afk And bad teams
May I ask what rank you are?
Solash (EUW)
: "How long do permabans last?", "Can I get my permaban removed?", "When do permabans expire?"
: Hey Tom, Hextech rewards are rewards for positive behaviour, so you get restricted from them when you get punished for your behaviour. In order to earn Hextech rewards again, you need to show significant behavioural improvement. Amount of games or time doesn't matter, it all depends on your behaviour in game.
> [{quoted}](name=sander599,realm=EUW,application-id=eZuvYsEr,discussion-id=biX1Eqjl,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-10-04T20:58:44.135+0000) > > Hey Tom, > > Hextech rewards are rewards for positive behaviour, so you get restricted from them when you get punished for your behaviour. In order to earn Hextech rewards again, you need to show significant behavioural improvement. Amount of games or time doesn't matter,_ it all depends on your behaviour in game. _ I see. I've been trying (for the last couple of games) to cut down on the toxicity and flame. (Sometimes it IS hard being in bronze though, old habits die hard I guess) In those recent games, however, I have noticed a strong trend: If you try to stay happy (Even if others are feeding or flaming) it brings the team together and helps everyone involved. TL:DR, Play well and Chat well and you'll probably do well.
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