: The Death Recap screen really needs an update and bugfixing
The best one is when 4k hp tank died and u check recap, Morgana basic attack 5.. lux e 22 + talon R 70 dmg hmmm, still a bit left for 4k xD
: (Ab)using the report system
Reported for wall of text where you report reporters for reporting %%%%%%s xD
: Thinking of giving up ranked...
Low Elo is only about mentality, there will be alot of bad players in bronze and even up in gold and higher, but if you keep calm and try to help them you will prolly have better chances at success.
Vegito101 (EUNE)
: did you ever wounder why you get biggest league trash in promo games???
PoLiteUs (EUW)
: What are you trying to achieve by nerfing Jungle? Please can someone from Riot answer this?
: Before you come here complaining about your teammates
Match history leaves very little clues to what actually happens in a game... Maybe toplane just got counterpicked or camped? Maybe his jungler came there and died and didnt clean up his mess, gl laning vs doublebuff first blood whatever monster u meet :D This game is so much more then a scoreboard imo..
Emkata007 (EUNE)
: Didnt know u get rp at a real job
you can buy rp from real money, from a real job u know, hope i made this clear enough, just hit me up again if you still dont understand :P
Emkata007 (EUNE)
: Ok seriously riot that is absurd
Thats alot more then most ppl make in 25 minutes at a real job...
: Oracle lens too op! (basically just a rant that's prolly going no where lol)
1. I love playing teemo and seeing the other team pick up 2-5 oracle instead of wards, it means that i have succeded and they will have literally no vision.. 2. There is no more un-upgraded oracle, you get the op effect at lvl 1 :D 3. "--my second suggestion is remove ALL vision from traps e.g mushrooms, shaco boxes, jhin traps etc. (ONLY when an enemy hits it, you get a 0.5s to 1s vision timer)" This is actually a really good idea imo, vision is op..
Dùelist (EUW)
: Why riot Punishing over and over bruisers?
Tanks can only burst good, they have absolutely 0 sustained dmg... build lifesteal or 1 hp/mr item and you outscale them so hard.
: ORNN & why now he is trash.
Thats pretty much the case of every tank tho, laning is absolutely horrible unless your opponent has no clue what they are doing, the upside is that ganks are almost always successful thx to the tanks cc..
JOX1999 (EUNE)
: Death wishes, afking & int feeding not enough for a ban?
I just dont think they have the time to go through the several millions reports they must be getting every day..
Evette (EUW)
: Traditional Support Champions
Taric, janna, leona and few others are actually among the highest winrate, but mostly in higher leagues.. Sure they can win in lower leagues aswell, but not if their adc / jungler is bad which is the case in most games. That is atleast the reason why i resort to dmg supports.. so i can carry on my own
: farming strategy is actually viable at least on bot lane...
Well i mean its not bad to farm, but it´s just so much easier to grab 3 random kills in a fight and get like what, 5-10 mins worth of hard work farming
: point 3 and 4 are straight false or nonsense. And about the skill gap it is not necessarily related to a level gap. About someone feeding 3 times in 3 mins, yes, it can lower yoir chances of wining but is not 100% sure and it is extremelly unusial to happen.
Well agree to strongly disagree i guess :P But thx for bumping my post
: Double lp loss for afk/quit
Problem is that sometimes you cant help going afk, maybe you get an important phone call, maybe fbi is knocking on your door, maybe your kid is going bananas in the kitchen or maybe you forgot about something important and need to fix it asap. and let´s not talk about the shitty client that gets worse by every patch :P Also internet problems is fairly common..
: Tier xp lock is not good idea since then, smurfers and permabanned ppl who was high elo before that are limited. my opinion. You cant put Diamond with Gold, since you cant que for duo with them you shouldnt match them tho. Champion mastery, LOL dude if im smurfing lvl 30. Main vladimir with 500k on other acc. now i pick up him on fresh acc have 0 mastry o.O what are you talking about tho. In low elo every1 prefer to go mid and make fiesta, ARAM legit. So you are free to go side and pick up as much farm as you can
Well smurfing is just another problem that is only allowed because its to complex to fix, you cant rly say a feature is bad because it hinders you from cheating imo.. About the mid fiesta i would have agreed previous seasons, but not so much this one.. maybe its because most games are alrdy over in 4-5 minutes and it never reaches that phase :P
Alchemiczka (EUNE)
: I have really enough of such people
EUW is probably worse :P 7/10 games its a must mute on atleast 3 ppl
: if theres a 3-0 yasuo doesnt mean you will lose.
Well if it´s in 3-4 mins then it is over most of the time.. and it was just an example how games can go way out of hand just because some1 is having a bad day or not paying attention or whatever reason..
Rioter Comments
: We need to do something about the Euw playerbase
In a competitive enviroment, players who dont measure up will always be looked down and shit upon. However the current toxicity is way beyond that and its like ppl are looking for some1 to blame in every single scenario, when ultimately it´s just matchmaking thats broken..
Chløé (EUW)
: Ranked feels really different in Season 9 - in a bad way
So true, ive even seen players who just got lvl 30 in my games... like doing their first placement and sht...
: why yasuo is cancer
if you lose lane to yasuo you are doing something very wrong, hes very weak in lane, the real problem is that he will always catch up cuz of his busted late dmg.. Dont stand close to your own minions, poke him with autoattack and you will win 100% against yasuo
Lersuu (EUW)
: Any tips for climbing?
What if ur adc is %%%%%%ed, i only pick supps that can handle their own if that is the case, like nauti, brand, morg, lux or thresh if i could play him x)
: "I just dont understand why its so much harder to win this season" https://euw.op.gg/summoner/userName=RAT%CE%99RL#
how do you handle invasions and jungler duels as twitch? :O
: What is the community's opinion of the matchmaking system?
Yeah, it´s always and has always been winning spree into losing spree.. Rigging the system will prolly be hard since when in promos youire fkd anyway, most of the other team will be gold f.e (if you are silver) and your team will be bronze
: League of Coinflip - Season 9 The Season of Roulette. I am HERE to save your mental health.
Takumaron (EUNE)
: Why LoL isn't as much fun as it used to be
I remember when farming used to be a thing, now you cant win a game by any cs-lead.. it´s all about the kills
: The Moment You Loved LoL
Any game when you have 3/0 on teemo and opponent ragequits! {{champion:17}}
: About Heimadinger
Heimerdinger automatically pushes his lane, which means he is extremely prone to ganks, he also has no escape from ganks, so heimer is pretty balnced imo
Rioter Comments
: nice anti cheating software
Riots prio list: 1. Fluffing the "pro" scene 2. Making skins to rip off ppl as much as u can 3. Introducing atleast one new bug with every patch and never fixing old ones 4. Having coffee breaks and meme around!
: Permabanning Illaoi at This Point
Mobility champs hard-counter illaoi quite easily, if you get hit by her grab you need practice.. Buy boots fairly early and if she grabs you fight back, most champs destroys her pre-6 Also make sure to pick up a non braindead jungler, illaoi is one of the easiest ganks pre-6, no escape no dmg.. gg
BloopyLad (EUW)
: Unable to Connect - "you have been disconnected" - Happened to my pre as well
Happened to me too today, says there´s a problem with my internet.. but i can assure there is nothing wrong on my end... New patch, new bugs :D
: Will Hecarim ever be buffed?
I think he´s pretty balanced, but many other junglers are op, atleast in lower elos..
: 4v5 every game
Or you can learn to play and acknowledge the fact that 4v5 can be used as a sick advantage for your jungler
: Can we get an "avoid player" option?
All players flame from time to time, if u want this feature you will have no1 to play against.. I usually flame flamers and horribly bad ppl just because its fun
: Game crashes every single match-
This client just gets more and more broken for each patch, rly gj rito i must say
SeekerK (EUNE)
: Hello Torkl If you're a windows 10 user and have recently done the windows update, then the DirectX issue comes from that. Just update all you graphic card and sound card drivers to fix it. Sometimes you have to uninstall and re-install/re-update those drivers. Client crashes are normaly happening because your network had a bad connection to the League of Legends servers, thanks to that your game were not able to patch correctly. Some crashes are related to windows system files. Computer restart is basically a refresh to your computer systems :) Most issues are always either player network or computer sided. If issues were League of legends sided, we all would be having issues.
That´s strange because almost all the ppl i play with are also experiencing these issues
Rioter Comments
M3chaDoc (EUW)
: Need advice for a guy who can't seem to get a little lucky with his teams.
Bronze is very easy to solo carry, just play aggressive with an early champ, farm like a god, get a kill or 3 and no1 can stop you.. Youre gonna get alot of bad teammates even up in gold...
Video 1, he was safe but he runs back into it xD Lux ult has a big hitbox, especially with skins it´s rly %%%%ed up
Livitchy (EUW)
: key -> chest
Im 3 orb honor 3 and have 1-2 chests which i dont have keys for most of the time..
Perseus (EUNE)
: que match
Riots matchmaking is a joke, no news here ^^ Every promo you get matched with bronze and you meet platinum
Ian San (EUW)
: No sound on my HDMI
You need specific hd drivers and may also need to {{champion:9}} around with certain settings for standard output and so on
ortusolis (EUW)
: Can we PLS do something about these people....
I always extend games for aslong as possible when i play teemo.. Sitting there in the darkness snickering and imagining how pissed of they are xD
Etherim (EUW)
: The main issues with the game in it's current state.
From a silver/gold perspective i have to agree with most things said here with a few additions and changes. -80% of games are determined after 5 mins or even on char select. -The blue essence system is great imo, i´m getting more champs than ever and lvling champs and getting random loot is great. -The game balance is problematic, but i think the biggest problem is kill rewards are too high. (gold, xp, lane control, increased clearspeed if youre jungler) -Top lane is the place to be imo, huge impact, 100% ungankable if u get ahead, highest income, roam or just stay top 40 mins and push, ggwp can also clear jungle decently.. -Comebacks are dependant on comp, but i can agree that feeders have a too high impact.. -Lane 10 minutes then run down midlane steal gold/xp from midlaner and constantly die to overextending (like 90% of games this happens..) -Item changes are good imo, it rewards skill and it rewards dedication, there are plenty of guides online if you feel its hard to catch up on your own..
: Inside the mind of the "most toxic 1%"
You are considered toxic because you seem to think you know better then any1 in every single situation
GreyfellD (EUW)
: This game feels like wasted time now
First they nerf all dorans, then they remove all defensive options from runes, (sustain however is ridiculous) but if you get hit by cc you are almost always dead.. how is that fun?.. They should increase hps by 50% or so, nerf sustain, give turrets atleast 2x dmg buff and maybe most importantly, a huge nerf on kill gold/xp. A kill gives: 1. Gold. 2. Xp. 3. Pressure. 4. Free farm. 5. You can roam. 6. You can get towers. 7. Resets/boosts (on certain champs) 8. Hp/mana regain from runes. Ofc youre gonna snowball if you get kills when the stakes are so high, 2-3 kills on the right champ and it´s pretty much gg..
bococro96 (EUNE)
: About Shen
It´s a teamgame, unless your jungler is totally handicapped you will have guaranteed kills every time he visits your lane with shens taunt...
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