: Lol, so basically the ones who took drawing professionally were the only ones able to win. And if you don't have a strong imagination for love stories, you are out of luck there too, seems kinda unfair xD
Sorry, but I really disagree with you there... Though we only did this for fun and entertainment, this IS a **competition**. The best drawings are supposed to win. Talent & Skill deserve to be rewarded. --- Are the Olympic Games unfair because only athletic people have a chance to win? In contrast to the Olympics, we reward all kinds of skills in our contests.
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: There are still 9 days left for the Shop, are you sure it will take **that** long? At least I managed to buy Order of the Banana Soraka T_T
Oh excuse me, I misunderstood that, thought you said it was ending today... (_I'm a little exhausted this weekend :P_) Okay, if this would take 9 more days it would be unaccptable, and I'd probably go crazy. So it's very likely that you will get the RP by then, I will annoy some people again to **hopefully** get some information.
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: Let me speak from the hearts of the winners: My Shop option is coming to end in a week. It seems the rewards distribution is on delay (yet we haven't recieved any information about it). Is there any estimating time for them? Can we hope to buy something from My Shop before it closes? Thank you for your contest! P.S. Drawn this cute picture T_T http://imgur.com/a/wDpfa
Yes, it sucks that you guys are waiting this long for the RP. I was already pushing hard to get the prizes out asap, but there's only so much I can do :( --- **Let me explain:** The person we **need** for this was away during this contest, and unfortunately they had absolutely no internet in the week after the contest ended, meaning I couldn't reach them until **May 23rd. ** There's a little bureaucracy involved in transfering the RP to your accounts, which means the information has to be forwarded - An additional step Forwarding was simple, but now we're simply still waiting on an answer on that request, which is unfortunately taking even longer than usual, I guess the responsible person at Riot is too busy... --- Seriously, this is a series of unfortunate events, and it's just as frustrating for me as it is for you guys because my hands were tied in this case... Additionally, we couldn't know that My Shop was coming this weekend. ---- Everything that could go wrong about reward distribution actually went wrong, this hasn't happened before, and hopefully won't happen again. You will definitely receive the RP you earned though*
DuoDock (EUNE)
: What should i do???
Greetings. Unfortunately, these are situations we all encounter many times. If you encounter serious trolls or toxic players there's just not a whole lot you can do to immediately stop them from ruining your game. That's why it's important to stay level headed and not try to tilt or even rage because of other players. --- What you should do depends on the situation. If you believe that someone really wants to ruin your game, it might be best to dodge the Champion select. Sure you'll lose a few LP, but you would do so too when wasting time with a troll. If you find yourself already in the game with such an unpleasant person. Just mute them, arguing is pointless, and only makes _you_ the loser. Of course you should make sure to report them after the game, that's all you need to do. As you see, reporting people on the Boards isn't a great idea, it's actually against the rules to shame people here. _For the same reason you don't report crimes in a grocery shop._
Boni1997 (EUNE)
: Why don't they make a option for having a profile picture of ourselves??
>Yeah there should be rules (no nudity, gore, fake photos etc) You already pointed the problem out, and rules don't prevent this from happening... There will be tons of innapropriate pictures. Any game with custom avatars has this issue.
: I'd like a sheep icon
#Yesss!!! http://i.imgur.com/Q4CYGHr.png
bob9zver (EUNE)
: I thought the moderators whould help me rank up?
>I got banned on community leaderboard, for saying that riot only cares about money (True) [...] and the mm (100%) is shit I think we both know that this is NOT what you have been banned for. None of your punishments were related to anything like this. I mean, if you want, I can refresh your mind on why you were banned ._. You're entitled to your opinion, and moderators are very lenient when it comes to venting and "insults" against Riot. This stuff doesn't get removed. --- > you only play this game cuz you are a mod Of course being a Volunteer has attached me to the game even more, that's because I made so many great memories during my time here. It's certainly not the reason I keep playing League though... All motivation for the voluntary "work" I do here sparked from my passion for this game. If playing wasn't fun for me, I would most likely invest much less time and energy into my role as a Volunteer.
Zanador (EUNE)
: Do you have some info on why Riot has changed it's opinion about voice chat? The last time i heared about it, they listed the cons you wrote here too. Did they find solutions? Just out of curiosity, if it's not too much of a bother.
Not entirely sure **why** they changed their stance on voicechat, the last thing I heard about it was in ask Riot: >_In the past, our stance on voice comms emphasized the increased potential for negative behavior. We’ve since reconsidered our philosophy around voice chat and while there are some challenges we want to overcome (keeping it an opt-in experience, for example), we want to do it._ >_We believe League as a team sport should reward coordination, and that voice chat is a valuable tool for getting teams (and strangers) aligned. We’ll probably begin deeper investigations once the League Client update is in a stable release so we don’t have to build the feature twice, but hopefully this is a clear update on our philosophy and where we stand. We’ll also give you further updates when the time comes._ http://nexus.leagueoflegends.com/2017/03/ask-riot-movie-voice-item-sets/
Adam Blaze (EUNE)
: well , there are many uneducated pricks and braindead children , it's my duty to remind them that they don't have something more than the complex of adonnis. so yeah also , wow , you really have alot of free time , don't you? just thinking of how much time it took you to reply
>it's my duty to remind them That's fine, the moderators are just fulfilling their "duties" too when deleting those posts, so what are you complaining about? ^^
: Who's right: Me or them?
Greetings. I can't give you an official answer of course, but I can tell you that there's no need to worry about your Summoner Name. Your name is not offensive in any way, so don't worry about getting "punished" for that. ######(Even if your name was offensive, you would just get forced to change it, not banned) --- The player you talked to back has a point, though it's not a very good one :P It's certainly not your fault if you get harassed, their comment is similar to those who claim "_if women don't want to get assaulted, they shouldn't dress as lightly"_. And sure, if you'd dress in a repelling way, you'd be a little more safe, but that should not be expected of anyone. --- It's a similar case here... If you really want to stop getting harassed for your name, you could change it. Of course this does NOT mean that it's your fault, and it doesn't mean that the people who harass you for it aren't jerks. You shouldn't feel forced to change your name.
Adam Blaze (EUNE)
: OH NO DUDE TAKE CARE , YOU'RE REPORTING SOMEONE ON BOARDS , THAT'S NAMING AND SHAMING AND YOU'LL GET BANNED FROM BOARDS FOR THAT!!! now that i say it , it sounds so stupid and yet so true. Here's what riot games taught me: If you report someone for bad behaviour post-game , there's a low chance for that person to be actually punished. If you start saying it on boards and include a screenshot/text in which you show the one who violates the rules , you are going to be immediately punished. Why? Because why not. This is the only thing i find stupid at Riot Rules. Whoever invented this must be mentally ill. I myself got removed from boards TWICE for 24H. Why? Because i copy-paste the chat in which , clearly , the one guy (can't remember name) showed some lack of culture or/and education. I also see that there's something [REMOVED] from your post , which makes me assume that they already censored all your data about THAT person and even punished you. Morale of the story: If there is someone that breaks the rules , the only thing you can do is to report them. If nothing happens , you can't do anything else. (which , again , is not pretty fair from my point of view)
>YOU'LL GET BANNED FROM BOARDS FOR THAT!!! [...] I also see that there's something [REMOVED] from your post , which makes me assume that they already censored all your data about THAT person and even punished you. They didn't get banned though. The penalties for naming and shaming once are neglectable. If you don't give a shit about the rules, and continue breaking them, THEN you'll get some more serious bans. In this case, the post didn't even get removed. The name was taken out... That's all. ---- > [... ] you are going to be immediately punished. Why? Because moderation on the Boards works entirely different than ingame... Every single report on the Boards is being looked at by a moderator, there's no automated system in place here. That's why violations of the rules can be deleted very accurately here. Of course punishments work better on the Boards than ingame, compare a few dozens of reports a day to a **thousands**... >Because why not. N&S gets removed because there is absolutely no good reason to report a player on the Boards. Do you expect Rioters to constantly browse the Boards and look whether someone reported something? That's about as inefficient as it gets. >I myself got removed from boards TWICE for 24H. Why? Because i copy-paste the chat [...] That's a lie... Your first ban was indeed for N&S, but it was a **1 hour ban**, the lowest penalty you can get on the Boards! The second punishment was indeed a 24-hour ban, but it had nothing to with N&S. You called someone "_uneducated prick_" and implied they were a "_braindead kid_". --- >If nothing happens , you can't do anything else. (which , again , is not pretty fair from my point of view) Of course it sucks if misbehavior isn't picked up and punished, but that doesn't mean it's not fair. Every player has to obey the same rules, and gets judged by the same systems. Do you have any suggestions on how to make this more "fair"? _(No, allowing N&S is not going to solve this problem) _
4KPened (EUW)
: Jewish insults and the like, just another day on LoL
Greetings. This isn't the Player Support you're talking to, you're on the EN Boards, a public discussion platform for **players**. That means that this is not the correct place to report people. Naming & Shaming is in fact a violation of the Boards rules, so please make sure you don't share the names of misbehaving players here. --- For cases like this, please just use the ingame report function, there is no need to occupy the Support's time for offenses that can be taken care of by the Instant Feedback System :)
: Account security
Greetings. It's fairly simple to keep your account secure here. Don't fall for scams like "[FREE RP HERE](https://encrypted-tbn0.gstatic.com/images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQVhdgajA8Ljttjiz01pxAe1qbz0KmmlOO-tVCru2qJtrxSS3co)", and never give your login credentials away... Not even if a friend wants to get on your account. That's not only risky, account sharing is also forbidden. --- Also make sure you have a verified and secure e-mail address! It's of course helpful to have a unique and strong password for the game account itself.
vasscool (EUNE)
: so the 7.12 voice chat is fake,but voicechat is still going to happen right? they said so in ask riot,not soon but it will happen
Well, they didn't confirm it, they just said they **want** to do it. There are some major challenges that they need to overcome to make sure voicechat is not a negative experience for players. Currently, I just don't see that Riot is ready for it.
: >An important problem Riot pointed out already is that female voices might sign their owners up for more harassment ingame. Up to this day I still don't get why this is a thing. Why should someone care if somebody is a male or female?
>Up to this day I still don't get why this is a thing. Yup, it's hard to understand, that's because there's simply no good reason for sexism, racism etc. [This article](http://www.iflscience.com/brain/online-harassers-really-are-losers/) shows an interesting finding... **Here's the summary:** --- This study shows that the men who harass women ingame, are usually bad. According to this study, a woman who was performing **worse** than her male teammates mostly got encouraging comments from them. When **she** was the better player however, bad performing males were much more hostile towards the woman. These results were much more mixed for a male test player. ---- This study backs up "_an evolutionary hypothesis that men at the bottom of a hierarchy will be the most hostile to new arrivals, as they are the most vulnerable to loss of status if women come to rank higher than them [...]_" --- Certainly interesting to know, and it's good to know that the misogynistic players are likely losers :)
: Uuuuuu i can't believe it! Thank you very much!!!! It was the first artwork contest in which i participated, so it means a lot to me. Thank you for the contest!
Thank _you_ for participating ^^ Hope to see more from you in the future!
Xanityy2 (EUW)
: Did this deserve a perma ban?
> riot still can't afford a proper banning system. This has nothing to do with money... Riot made the conscious decision to permaban people who consistently show negative behavior because they believe that it is the best for their game. --- You were most likely punished multiple times before, but you seemed to ignore those warnings, because your chat is still negative. >Did this deserve a perma ban? If this was the only toxic thing you ever said, no, you most likely wouldn't even get a Chat Restriction for just one game. The thing is, you have had dozens, if not **hundreds** of games with negativity like this, and if you're not willing to change, what else do you expect?
: Voicechat is NOT coming to League! [EDIT]
_ Personally, I'm very sceptical about this..._ First of all, it's just weird to see how Riot changes their opinions in the blink of an eye. We mostly heard negative arguments about voicechat for a while, it's quite the unpredictable feature, and I don't think anyone expected it to launch that fast. --- It's also that I'm not very keen on using voicechat, in any game really... I will try it out, but it's always pretty awkward. We have no idea how this will affect the interactions between players, and especially how players who _don't_ voicechat will be treated. --- EUW and EUNE consist of players from dozens of different countries, cultures and languages. This already makes it hard to use written chat at times. And I'm afraid that you simply won't be able to talk with the **majority** of players, because of their english skills... I'm sure it's a much more pleasant experience on NA, where you don't have to struggle with broken english and heavy accents as much :/ --- My most important concern however... Toxicity. Riot expects to see lower numbers of reports for verbal abuse, but they basically have to TRUST players to behave better in voicechat. Sure, it's harder to insult people when you don't have to talk to them directly, but toxicity will **still** happen, and I don't think Riot is going to do anything against it. --- An important problem Riot pointed out already is that female voices might sign their owners up for more harassment ingame. Apparently, that's not important anymore though, so ladies, if you want to use voicechat, you might want to work on that deeper voice... {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}}
Rioter Comments
Hi, there's nothing we can do about this, [submit a request](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) to the Player Support, reports on the Boards are useless ;)
kjono1 (EUW)
: Do you know if there is going to be any applications for volunteering anytime in the near future?
Yeah, I'm one of the Emissaries handling recruitment, so I can tell you a bit about it. We won't use applications for recruitment this year, simply because that's a LOT of effort. From our experience, many people apply without really knowing who we are or what they want to do as a Volunteer. That obviously doesn't really make them fit for the role. Last year, we had to read through** 140-180** (can't remember exaclty) applications, and only a handful of people ended up in the program ^^ --- That doesn't mean it's super hard to fulfill our requirements, but as I said, many people apply just for fun, and don't seem super motivated ^^ That's why we will go back to our old method, stalking people on the Boards, and picking out the ones that we believe would fit in with us :) That's usually more effective, if someone puts enough effort into helping others to stand out, they are usually a good candidate. --- I wanna start recruiting soon, but this process usually takes pretty long :/ It's better to have at least two people finding and evaluing candidates, so I have to find another Volunteer who can take the time for this process.
: i work in customer service but my god having to read people's "letters" all day would kill me riot does not pay you guys enough
>riot does not pay you guys enough Well, yeah :P As the name "Volunteer" implies, we're not paid at all, but that also means we're not forced to do anything, we mostly just do the stuff we want. But I understand what you mean, our role sometimes involves dealing with annoying posts or discussions ^^ _ We also moderate these Boards, that can sometimes be quite an effort >.<_
: well what makes you eco greenhouse mouse people different from a normal player?
>eco greenhouse mouse people Eco... Greenhouse... Mouse... People... I love it xD I'm a Volunteer, more specifically, an Emissary. We're just dedicated players who spend a lot of time here to help players with issues/questions. Or we just generally try to create a nice experience for users. Just today we've announced the winners of one of our contests. [click here](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/Nq3KzJZi-xayah-rakan-contest-winner-announcement). --- But you can find a better explanation on our website :P http://en.volu-eu.org/ >PS: The icon is an owl, and no, I don't blame you for mixing that up ^^
: Does riot ever read forum posts?
They do, but seeing replies from Rioters is quite rare. That's because: **1. **Most posts don't _need_ a Rioter's attention at all, so they just comment on whatever interestes them, like any player does. **2. **Not many Rioters use the Boards frequently, there are some good reasons as to why Rioters don't come here a lot, but they honestly don't quite excuse the lack of Red comments. It would certainly be benefitial if Rioters were here more often.
: Oh God, sorry. I totally forgot that. I hope it did not offend you or something like that. You still got my point though, that's what matters
lol, no worries, it's easy to mistake that ^^ "Rioter" isn't the most offensive thing I've been called, so I'm fine with it :P
: Feels bad man... so much effort put into this...maybe next time Anyways, congrats to the winners! You totally deserved that! Also thanks for the contest Riot! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
Don't worry, you'll get more chances in our contests & raffles :) >Also thanks for the contest Riot! Might be a good chance to point out that we're not Rioters ourselves ^^ We're [Volunteers](http://en.volu-eu.org/) and work together with Riot, so we organize these contests ourselves. Riot provides the RP though :P _Just wanted to clarify :)_
: Hey, i just wanted to write a quick feedback on behalf of the winners! The art works look extremely professional, although good, the second one looks very cinematic, and i think and feel like the person creating it should definitely work at Riot Games, i am sure there is room for such professionalism. Therefore, i can't seem to be connected to it, other two are great, especially the "traditional" one. As for the stories, loved the poems, they are just magnificent and incredible. The story, though, on the other hand took me out of this world, and i felt like i was reading a book, so well done! It hurts to say this, but the winners took it all, and the best entries won the contest. Again, you should feel extremely proud, you deserved this! ^_^ As for me, i am just the slightest irritated by what i could have done better and not just rush the story in one day, as i was impatient to finish the story, as i said, creating for me puts me on an emotional train wreck that i forget what i should write, and so i rather write what i feel, simplified. So for that reason, i am willingly withdrawing from the future contests. The competition is just way too competitive and strong, and it's definitely not a place for someone like me. The competitiveness that was shown clearly put me out of the league, leaving the best ones to win it, after all, that's what the competition is all about. Good luck in the future, to those who won and the ones who didn't, you still have a very long way to go! ;)
I totally understand where you're coming from, we are always suprised with the great quality the participants' submissions have. You should not get discouraged, we will have many more contests/giveaways and raffles in the future, your participation is always appreciated :)
: Oh my, thank you all very much! ^^ almost published on my birthday (it was just yeasterday) :D I'd like to express gratitude to all RIOT staff for huge inspiration they've been giving me all the time i'm familijar with LoL Maybe next words will sound a little epic, but once riot helped me find out what i want to do in life and turned me back to art (few years ago i gave all up) **So Congratulations to all winners and thanks to participants! **endless inspiration to you all! ^___^ ...One more time thank you so much :3 P.S. New desing is wonderful, especially color scheme **
**Happy Belated Birthday from me!** We were soclose to publishing it yesterday, but decided to delay it a bit to make sure everything goes well ^^ I'm glad to hear that Riot and League's art have inspired you, your skills should definitely not be left unused :)
Nakoruru (EUNE)
: Hello there. Here's my poem: _I could have rhymed a better story_ _Or draw a picture with my best._ _I'm here to steal that someone's glory_ _Who'd make the juries impressed._ _I know that may have sounded selfish,_ _But who'd give up to claim the prize_ _While weaving words of creatures elvish_ _That came to Rift to light our eyes._ _I heard this story from a peasant._ _They said he had come just in boots._ _His face was pale even in present _ _With few fresh scars and couple wounds._ _Dusk had come to working grounds._ _Off the fields and through the forest_ _That seemed darker with dead crowns_ _Peasant's path led to the home rest._ _He found there next to the familiar trunk_ _A feather. Radiating purple flame_ _It bloomed. The man accepted he was drunk,_ _But saw another that looked the same. _ _Warm vision was flowing in his sight_ _Of selling feathers at the square,_ _Buying beers and feeding belly tight._ _He caught them with a greedy glare._ _He saw some more and soon his pockets_ _Were full of purple glowing leaves,_ _But suddenly his pants like rockets_ _Flew to the branches with his sleeves._ _Ashamed, he wiped the blood from maims_ _From feathers that were sharp in edge._ _"It's not in style!" he heard the claims, _ _Then poor man ran towards the village._ _The peasant's story set my mind on holy fire._ _So in the morning after meal was passed_ _I walked into the wood with camera inspired:_ _Piltover reporter has found work at last!_ _The trees seemed lifeless and forgotten._ _They were like monsters fighting for the light._ _Of death I didn't dare to take a photo,_ _When suddenly a wave hit me with all its might._ _The trees around were awakening from dead sleep,_ _Of life I heard the flies and birds were singing._ _Taking photos I spotted someone trying to creep._ _"What is that?" the creature questioned springing._ _I couldn't say a word or move. The yellow feathers_ _Were glowing like magic was flowing through them._ _Sudden "beep" cut the silence's awkward tethers_ _And a card dropped next to the bird legs on fern. _ _He took it, examined and turned to his friend:_ _"Hey, Xayah. I think I might need this one thing"._ _He took off the camera, pressed button and spent_ _The last picture on his friend with violet wing._ _He asked for recharge, I threw him whole pack,_ _Helped with the catridge, told what to know._ _Excited he noticed that my clothes "don't suck",_ _But Xayah cut off and explained "We should go"._ _They went with my camera. In desparate walk_ _I rushed to the village with cards they forgot._ _I put them in locked tube and sent with my hawk._ _"The Piltover's Journal" will get a fresh plot._ Hope you enjoyed it :)
You nailed it again! Great job there, you should take a look at the [winner announcement](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/Nq3KzJZi-xayah-rakan-contest-winner-announcement) :)
: Hi Everyone ^^ hope u'll like the art :3 http://i.imgur.com/Y4kdJGa.jpg[IMG]
Hey again, I still can't get over how great your drawing is ^^ You mentioned you made this partly on paper, could you send me a photo of this rl drawing? And of course, make sure you check out the [winner announcement!](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/Nq3KzJZi-xayah-rakan-contest-winner-announcement) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: (Sorry about the lenght, and sorry for my english might not be the best here, but here's my entry): Destined feathers A sweet breeze woke up the creature from his sleep, he was lying down the grass and slowly opened his eyes to understand how much he had been sleeping. He grumbled something and stood up. The Sun was about to set down the horizon, and a golden light was enlightening the whole valley: the mountains, the flowers, the river, everything was glowing gold. He stretched out and put a hand before his eyes, for that glorious light was nearly dazzling. "Did I sleep that much?" he wondered. Something was strange, he noticed that when he felt the breeze being different than usual, it was not just blowing gently over the nature around, it was trying to tell him something. Rakan, the half-phoenix Vastayan, he was quite a type. He was good looking, cheerful, living up in the clouds as nothing in the Earth was really worth the travel down to him. He was just living the days, living free discovering the beauties of the nature, the beauties of the world. He was tall, with blonde hair that hid a red lock among them, and a waterfall made of feathers coming down from his shoulders. The beautiful feathers he wore as a cloak were lifeless, dull. There was a legend about the feathers of the bird-like shaped Vastayans, one that said they would eventually find their real color when the creature would finally find his place in the world, his purpose, when he finally would have aknowledged his destiny and understood it. The sense of being destined to something big though, that was something that was torturing him lately: a whole life spent dancing and playing around wasn't as big as the life he dreamed himself to have, as the dreams full of heroic deeds and high hopes he had. But he was sure to have plenty of time to think about that, he really wanted to enjoy all he could, for now, without any thoughts to bother him. "Rakan..." a slight whisper was carried through the breeze and reached his ear. He shook his head, left and right, to understand where did it come from, but found no answers. He walked away that place following his sixth sense out of there, now he was the one carried by the wind. "Find me" again that feeble sound. He was running checking every tree, every bush, and following that whisper, he jumped from one tree to another with a grace and with motions so classy that it seemed like he was dancing. Every step was so graceful and every twirl was so passionate that one could have heard the music he was playing in his head. "Find me, Rakan..." And then he stopped. He had ventured himself into a deep forest, but down the tree he could see some shrubs hiding something away from his sight, so he went down and decided to discover it himself. The shrubs were hiding a small lake, one that could have been crossed with few strokes. That was the place. He sit down, near the shore and looked around. Right in that moment he realized that the Sun had left his room in the sky for the Moon to take control over it, as it was night. The moonlights were fierce ray of lights tearing the branches and setting up a stage all across the lake, but the stage was empty as he was alone in that secret nature temple. He bowed his head and closed his eyes, and he focused on that breeze. “Open your eyes, Rakan, what do you see?” He slowly opened his eyes and saw it. A mysterious figure that seemed a man with a dark tunic and a hood that covered his face, appeared from nowhere. Rakan startled, without giving himself out. After a nearly endless amount of time spent in silence, the man uncovered his hand and pull out a very unusual musical instrument out of his tunic, one Rakan had never seen before: it was a small terracotta sphere, with holes all around. A wind instrument, he could tell. As the man began to play that instrument, Rakan found himself charmed and enchanted to that melody. The sound was one he never heard before. He played all night, and his music was a journey. He started adagissimo to grave, sostenuto to moderato, rapido to vivace and went straight to prestissimo. Right there, nearly at the end of that bewitched melody, right in the middle of that notes being thrown out that instrument like fireworks shot out rapidly and rapidly towards the end of that music masterpiece, right where all Rakan’s senses were all awaiting the big finale to fully enjoy and comprehend it as a whole, the man stopped. The music stopped, it was a climax that never reached its maximum, its final peak. Surprised, Rakan gave him a confused face, an astonished one. “Continue it, please! End it!” the phoenix yelled, nearly annoyed. “How, Rakan? How should I end it?” “I ain’t no musician Sir, but please you surely do know how to end it, it feels incomplete and it was so beautiful!” The man took back his instrument and gently placed it again to be played, resumed his melody and ended it. The ending was disappointing, it felt not right, the tempo was totally off, the notes were off key. “Why did you do that?” Rakan asked. “I am the musician, I decide what to play and how to play it” “But that ending was off place, totally unappropriated” “Well, how I end my melody, that is up to me, is it?” The man gave away a smile. “It is, so why did it have to end so bad, so non sense? It went wasted” “Yes, son. This is the question.” Rakan looked up, confused, to that man’s smile. He understood, in that moment, he had made his life his melody but he was wasting it. Just like the great music’s work he had just listened to, his life was not feeling like headed to a particular big right ending. “I...How am I supposed to know how to end my melody?” the phoenix asked the man. “You’re the musician, it’s up to you” “I promise you’ll understand, Rakan. But I’m here guide you through this. I wan-” “I will dance.” Rakan interrupted him briskly. The man looked at him, without revealing his face. Rakan had bowed his head once again, but in his silence he matured his desire, his will. “I will dance through the enemies, I will sing for my people and I will bring magic back in the places where magic has vanished. I will follow the winds and bring justice where it has been replaced with tyranny.” The moonlights were keeping on shining over and through the trees around, but a new gleam was lightning up the lake. Rakan’s feathers slowly started changing color, it was like blood was running for the first time inside that plumage, and it turned orange, then yellow, and green. Now he was sitting down, shining bright, shining new. He was new, he had realized. The man smiled again. “Finally. Hello, Rakan. I am going to guide you this one time, you won’t need me to find out your next step. Go to the harvest festival that is going to be held in few days, in Vlonqo. And...” The man searched and pulled out his sleeve something. “...remember this.” He showed Rakan a feather, before he disappeared, vanishing. Rakan stood up, with no rush, and went out that forest. He run up, climbed a mountain and said hello to the Sun, as it was about to shine again, for a new day to begin. He saw, in the distance, the small city of Vlonqo, fiercely smiled to himself and got ready to start his journey, wondering about what that last thing could have meant, wondering about that purple feather the man had showed him.
Hi, sorry I let you wait so long with the announcement, but [here](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/Nq3KzJZi-xayah-rakan-contest-winner-announcement) it is! We really enjoyed reading your story :)
: Hi! ^-^ I made a poem from Xayah's perspective: My father often sang to me Our wonderful folk story Of how Vastaya came to be Through our heroes full of glory I too, seek to be As brave, as tough, as strong But in my heart I fail to see A place where I belong On a quest into town I saw this strange display A peacock acting like a clown Flamboyant, to my dismay A baffoon, so indiscreet! Though a great distraction My heart asudden skipped a beat Was there a sort of attraction? No, impossible, that cannot be! I am fine without consort "Hello darling, my dove, beauty, Seems like you need support" In my foolish inattention I was ambushed, should I flee? But what's worse, not to mention, The peacock seems to follow me "A party, what a nice surprise!" The yellow feathered peacock smirked He charged at them and I realize His crazed plan has worked The ambushers, so inflamed Only eyes on this baffoon I grab my feathers as I aimed And snipe them in their doom The peaclown took a bow And gazed his eyes on me "My dove, please allow My presence next to thee" Not caring for reply And too easily distracted His name Rakan, my sweet ally I do admit I am attracted When Raken puts up a show You know that I am near Rakan, they all know But never guess when I appear A lethal team we are indeed Even with our flaws He fights for me and I for him Getting closer to the cause Bonus: "Rakan, I love you to my core But darling do you know? Snow, flow, glow and more So much rhymes with tubebow" Thanks for reading, I hope you liked it! . :)
I'm always so surprised to see poems in our contests, they seems like SO much work ^^ I wouldn't be able to rhyme something like this, you did a great job! You might want to take a look at the [winner announcement ;)](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/Nq3KzJZi-xayah-rakan-contest-winner-announcement)
: Hi! (My last post has disappeared, i hope it won't) Here is my digital art about Xayah: http://xxxdarkyxxx.deviantart.com/art/Xayah-679266893 In progress: http://xxxdarkyxxx.deviantart.com/art/In-progress-679267188
Hi again, you probably want to see the [winner announcement](https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/Nq3KzJZi-xayah-rakan-contest-winner-announcement ) ^^
: Hey guys :D Here is my artwork: http://bariibie.deviantart.com/art/Xayah-Fan-Art-678731427?ga_submit_new=10%3A1493921044 I hope you like it :) Some screenshots of the work progress: http://imgur.com/a/H1m5T
Hey, you should probably check out the [winner announcement!]( https://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/off-topic-en/Nq3KzJZi-xayah-rakan-contest-winner-announcement) {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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: Mastermann21
Greetings. Of course it sucks to get a Low Priority Queue even though you didn't intentionally leave the game, however, the result for your teammates is always the same, whether you ragequit, dc, or have to leave due to an emergency - They are stuck in a 4v5. So if your game regularly crashes, it is your responsibility to find a fix for it. If you queue up for a game, despite knowing that your game isn't running stable, then you are willingly taking that risk. That's why you can still get a LPQ for it. The fact that you already have to wait 20 minutes, instead of 5 or 10, shows us that you have left many games already. If this was just a single game, it wouldn't be a problem at all.
: > [{quoted}](name=Torpedosheep,realm=EUW,application-id=yTagKVTg,discussion-id=ZizFvihh,comment-id=0040000000010000,timestamp=2017-05-18T19:50:03.216+0000) > > Ah okay, you won&#x27;t see it this evening sadly :/ > > While the post is technically done, we gotta sort out the last steps for the reward distribution, gotta get the prizes out in time after all :D Poor people, probably got even more excited including myself. ;]
I'm sorry, I would've loved to publish it today too, but it's safer to wait till we sorted out stuff in the background, we won't run into problems this way :)
: If I couldn't wait before, imagine now :P Surprise us!
Ah okay, you won't see it this evening sadly :/ While the post is technically done, we gotta sort out the last steps for the reward distribution, gotta get the prizes out in time after all :D
: I literally check every day this thread...I can't wait :S
Haha, I'm sorry, but I got _very_ deep into creating the announcement thread. I can tell you it'll be more than a regular thread, we're trying something new... You'll see, maybe even this evening?! Can't promise though ^^
shamshamm (EUW)
: [Updated client] Artz
It's a fun idea, but I don't think this would be possible :/ The percentage of artists in the community is simply way too small. 99% of users could not use this feature, or would "abuse it" somehow. Which would be the next issue, people could upload all kinds of images there. Letting people design stuff themselves always leads to some of them designing inappropriate stuff, have porn/hentai on your profile wouldn't be great for League ^^
: Missions [FILES FOUND ON PBE] /// "Xbox Achievements - PSN Trophies" with REWARDS!
_This is awesome, no doubt..._ I still want to complain with this comment, cause complainin' is fun :P --- I don't like the way these things are "published". Riot is pretty bad in presenting and advertising these changes imo. They could build SO much hype if it was properly teased and announced, instead, the community learns it in this rather boring way. _(Not criticizing your posts here btw, I love how fast you always are with those :3)_ It's the same with Champions really, back when {{champion:150}} was released we saw this little [teaser](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcoAiqQPSOw), like we do with many new Champs now. I got pretty excited, and wanted to see some interesting theorycrafting from our community, only to find out that he was **completely** revealed the day after... I believe it would increase the hype and excitement for new releases a lot if Riot just _waited_ a bit more after their teasers. I guess the {{champion:202}} release was a step in the right direction, but I'd still love to see more. --- **TL;DR:** Rito build more hype pls!
Walltr (EUW)
: Permanently banned, let this be a warning
Greetings. I'm impressed, seriously. This is probably the most mature "permaban post" I've ever seen on the Boards. After a 14-day ban, reforming takes long, which is why this little spike of negative behavior immediately escalated to a permanent ban. --- I guess the upvotes show that the Boards do more than just downvote these kinds of threads ^^ Although the previous comments look like they still were on autopilot xD
emyan (EUNE)
: please tell me was i too late to enter cause i submitted a few minutes after it ended...
No worries, your artwork is being looked at too :) You did it in time according to the Boards' time, but I wouldn't be that picky about a few minutes anyway ^^
: I've never left a game... but after being treated like this COUNTLESS times... yeah, I think I may do it at some point... because it's not worth losing your mental health for the rest of the day over a stupid game because of some guys that create a totally toxic environment...
> it's not worth losing your mental health for the rest of the day over a stupid game because of some guys that create a totally toxic environment... You say you're coming to a point where you can't take the toxicity anymore, and yet you still refuse to use the perfect solution. **Just. Mute. The. Flamer.** There's absolutely no good reason not to do this, if you'd rather leave the game instead of pressing the mute button, it's not about defending yourself. It seems like you _want_ to be a jerk to others. You want to "punish" them for flaming you, while you're accepting the collateral damage you cause.
: ok... stand on one or two words and miss the whole point... I call him an idiot... ok... it's not a terrible cursing word... the guy is stupid... that's all... and yes, I'm very much fulfilling my expectations... because I wish to play in an environment that is fun... that when we chat in all chat it is to joke with each other... not to curse and not to say "report all of my team except me"... now you want to understand it or you want to stay on a couple of words? Your choice... I can't force you...
>I call him an idiot... ok That's not what this is about, doesn't matter what you called him, my point was that you don't like the type of player he is. >I wish to play in an environment that is fun. We all do, but we don't get this without putting any work into it. What are you doing to make the game more fun for others? Because leaving the game is anything but fun for your teammates and enemies. You are your own worst enemy it seems. ---- **TL;DR:** You want people to make the game fun, and not ruin it for you by flaming. Meanwhile, you are **not** making the game fun for others, but ruining it by leaving instead.
: Do you think it's fair to be flamed at all game long just because I don't have the quality of play that some idiot would want me to have??? Because my game would be ruined anyway... and i don't like muting people... it's annoying... if I wanted to play a solo game, I would play on my PS3... not online
>i don't like muting people... it's annoying... Something being a minor annoyance to you, does not justify ruining the game for others. Muting the flamer is the perfect solution, if you don't take it, it's really your fault. The moment you let down your teammates, you are **worse** than the guy who flamed. I really don't understand your thinking here... > most low Elo players are actually decent because we don't think much about the game and play for fun... these idiots are the exception The point of this thread was to show that not everyone in low-elo is as bad as people think. You even called that guy "idiot", but now you're actually the one who is trying to justify severe misbehavior. You're not fulfilling your own expectations of others....
: I just realized why people hate us so much for our Elo... it's because of SOME people...
>the next time you tell me "you're low trash and I can flame you all I want..." I will stay in base for the rest of the game... and RIOT... they should be punished for it... not me if I do it. Do you really believe that it's okay to ruin the game for 9 other people because ONE person insulted you? Sorry, but I think this is very selfish, and you **definitely** deserve a punishment if you do this...
: ''Report for flame''
I understand that this is frustrating, we all play with annoying or stupid teammates, so I certainly know what you're talking about. However, by flaming them, you're just shooting yourself in your own foot. You will make your teammates, and yourself play worse. On top of that, the game won't exactly be any more fun, and you're running the risk of losing the account. --- Quite frankly, I'm not on your side here. Getting flamed because you make mistakes or don't do whatever your teammate wants is a terrible experience. If you'd play with someone who is considerably better than you, they could easily say the same about you. There are tons of things you don't know about the game, and there are tons of mistakes you make, but I bet that you don't just accept this when someone else starts harassing you. So why do you expect it from others?
abraklaas (EUW)
: Weirdest insult ever
_Oh, that reminds me of a lovely teammates I had ages ago._ He said "l2p" after I killed him in lane, and when **HE **started to get stronger and played better than me, he told me to "get a life"... Poor guy got so lost with his thought ^^
Sceizer (EUW)
: I thought it was automated in some way xD
Nope, every single report on the Boards is handled by a moderator :)
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