Tørrfisk (EUNE)
: Punishment system
Greetings Tørrfisk, I'm afraid that most people will disagree with you here and hopefully you can see why after I try to explain it to you. It's not that Riot doesn't know that you didn't start the toxicity. They know that you only responded, that you only said these things because others "attacked" you. But that doesn't mean you're innocent. --- All you do by reacting to flame and starting arguments is pour oil into the fire... You're not making anything better by responding and you have the prime example right in front of you. The player who insulted your brother started out with mild insults and blaming. That sucks, but it's nothing too serious. What happened after you engaged in an argument? Things got much worse! Suddenly there were seriously bad phrases thrown around and I'm sure you didn't enjoy that game a whole lot. --- I know it feels unfair, but trying to "teach" people anything when they're flaming is absolutely pointless. All you're ever going to do is make things worse, as you saw yourself. That's why arguing, being negative, pointing out mistakes or "defending" your online ego are terrible ideas that can get you punished.
: Unfair Chat Restriction for 10 games.
Greetings Obbymaulerz, I'm afraid your behavior was more than just a little negative and if you continue to act like this, you should be aware that you can get banned quickly! --- Let me help you understand why you were punished: You seem to have good intentions to begin with, saying things like _"GL&HF"_ or _"no flame"_ in pregame. However, you didn't quite manage to do that. The negativity you showed in these games is doing nothing but dragging others down. If you wish to surrender, why don't you simply start a vote? Showing your unwillingness to fight for the win and saying things like _"it's lost"_ or _"ff15"_ serves no purpose. Apart from that, you are telling people to "shut up" and insult them as idiots or kids... Do I need to tell you that this is not friendly behavior? I think you know that yourself. --- I know you "only" acted like this because the others were toxic/trolling, but what does that change? Your behavior only made the situation worse for everyone. Flaming is against the rules, and it doesn't matter who started it. Makes sense, doesn't it? --- I hope you can see why these chatlogs got you punished. If you can learn to keep cool even when others aren't you're going to have much more fun with the game and won't run the risk of getting yourself banned.
Wen294 (EUW)
: I don't know what you're testing exactly but it seems to work better than clash.
Oh wow, this comment _actually_ made me lol. Didn't expect that one :P
person (EUW)
: users, moderators and riot employees are lying on this forum
This is merely anecdotal evidence and on top of that you're looking at a really tiny sample size. Accusing others of hypocrisy even though you're unable to prove any of your claims is pretty bold...
: Can you unlock my account? (its not ban problem)
Greetings JT Mas, Please try to [submit a ticket](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new) to the Player Support. They might be able to assist you with changing the year you entered ^^ https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/4/48/Okay_Emote.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/250?cb=20180601212654
: i need u'all ompinion on this
Hey, I understand that you're upset about your punishment but can we please bring some perspective back into this? Take a rational look at the things you said. --- _"0ganks %%%"_ You told a person to take their own life because you do not like the way they played their role in a videogame. When exactly did this become acceptable? This is more than negative behavior or a slip of the togue, it's one of the worst things you can say. Not just in League, anywhere. You don't exactly seem sorry, you sound like you don't understand what you did wrong and "demand" an unban. Keep in mind that you're still interacting with humans. Playing a game on the internet doesn't change that, you don't tell your coworkers to commit suicide when they make a mistake, or even just do something you don't like, do you?
quendë (EUW)
: > If there's any topic Riot knows about, it's player behavior and toxicity. Clearly they don't know anything about it, the game never improved on this matter after years of work. It gets worst and worst
You don't feel like it improved because you (and everyone else) is biased. Our brains cannot judge this accurately. Perception is warped because of things like negativity bias and rosy retrospection. Ever heard elderly people say _"things used to be much better back when XY"_. This is** exactly **what's going on here. --- Riot has many employees only working on player behavior, they spend a huge amount of resources on research and development. If nothing improved in 9 years, why would Riot continuously pump so much money into this?
SlikeR (EUW)
: you're not getting the point? i love league i enjoy playing it just a shame that they have emotes and that tilts me easily or even when the enemy types or even when they kill me i get tilted and angry and type bs. yes its %%%%ing wrong and i shouldnt do it but i have no control! they can easily perma chat ban me stop coming up with stupid metaphors smh!
I'm afraid your options are limited here... You will have to learn to control it. Getting mad is one thing, everyone gets frustrated or angry at some point, but you're not forced to say anything ingame. Riot can't make exceptions for specific players as this could backfire badly and would not be a benefitial decision.
SlikeR (EUW)
: well i have no control like i said??? i get angry really quick and its hard to control so i told them to chat restrict me
But this is still something you are responsible for! If a blind guy wants to drive a car and runs over pedestrians in the process, it's still his fault. If he can't drive without being a danger to others, he should not be on the road. --- It's similar for you. Not being toxic is a **minimum requirement **for playing League, just like having a stable internet connection. If you do not meet the requirements, you can't play for very long. --- This is not because Riot doesn't care about you, this is because Riot has to do what's best for the community as a whole.
SlikeR (EUW)
: Does riot games care about us?
>I have told them so many times to permanent chat restrict people after the 14 day ban Well the problem is that you're not exactly in the position to tell Riot what to do, because you're not the expert. They have researched player behavior like noone else has... If there's any topic Riot knows about, it's player behavior and toxicity. ---- Sure, getting a permanent CR might be the best thing for YOU, but you're not the most important player out here, Riot has to do what's best for the** entire **community, that's why they can't make such important decisions for you individually.
: you are with them are you not Senior Emissary and yes was worth a chuckle thank you' but we need a 8K pic of Hay https://www.google.co.za/url?sa=i&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=images&cd=&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwismf7v0aHdAhXTe8AKHWxHCmYQjRx6BAgBEAU&url=https%3A%2F%2Ffree4kwallpapers.com%2Fbest-bales-wallpapers&psig=AOvVaw0UXvU689RvM1fit0J5CDxq&ust=1536160476950011
>you are with them are you not Senior Emissary Well that sounds overly dramatic, but I wouldn't say that... I'm a Volunteer for League of Legends and its community, I hardly depend on Riot. And in case you're wondering, I disagree with the actions Riot is taking, just like you seem to do.
: o look how cute you trying to be hay good luck try to fooling everyone that Riot games wants the players happy XD i don't need to put Riot in a BAD light they do that fine them selves perfectly fine XD
>you trying to be hay Am I doing good? http://www.oponayfarmsllc.com/images/gallery/hay.jpg
: its just cute the little message that you guys gave me that's all. its going to be funny when the mane player base leaves you guys for something better a game like WarFace and Dota 2
I'm not sure what to think of that, if that cracks you up, you're easily entertained I guess. You're also confusing me for a Rioter right now, I don't have a main player base...
: i put them up of place i know that XD easy i just think its cute that i got a little message about it
> i just think its cute that i got a little message about it That's not what your thread looked like :/ It seemed a lot like you were trying to put Riot in a bad light, acting like they were "censoring" your opinion, when the mod action was really just there to keep threads on topic. You wouldn't be the first one to try to create drama like that, so I might've reacted a little harsh there, I'm sorry. ^^
: just so funny thats all i want the people to see how dirt SJW Riot games has gone XD
Don't you think this has anything to do with the fact that you wanted to talk social justice in a thread that does not only have absolutely nothing to do with it, but is also 3 years old? Your comments were simply out of place, in all the threads you posted.
: more proof that matchmaking is rigged
>5/20 isn't half. 5/20 also isn't statistically significant.
Grimer2 (EUNE)
: Permanent Ban
Greetings Grimer2, I'm afraid that this ban was not an error. I assume that you've gotten a 14-day ban prior to this. In case you didn't read the message you received with it, it stated that any further offense can result in a permanent ban. It doesn't matter how severe the offense, after the final warning you _really_ should've stopped flaming. --- As you noticed yourself, you _did_ flame. You have to understand that flaming is much more than just using "bad words". Sarcastic comments, mocking people or simply being rude is more than enough to be considered a bad teammate. I'm afraid this was indeed a justified permaban, and I hope you can at least see why the things you said weren't cool. There's sadly nothing we can help you with.
x3limanx (EUNE)
: Banned Accounts
Just commenting to display the strength of the green army!
FanSea (EUNE)
: Riot's terrible game
>I think you should share more often 2 weeks ban, but not only twice then permaban.. For example you give five 2 weeks ban, and then a permaban. Who would that be benefitial for, apart from yourself? **Why** should Riot do that? If players break the rules, they will have to learn that it has consequences.
BiernyPLHD4 (EUNE)
: Question about Polish Players.
Greetings BiernyPLHD4, I get that you're passionate about this and want to rant a bit. It definitely sucks that people treat you badly you because of your nationality, but you gotta keep in mind that 99,9% of players you'll meet will have absolutely no problem with you. You'll always encounter assholes _somewhere_, try to ignore them as best as you can, they're a tiny (but sometimes annoying) minority. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: I got my League of Legends tattoo ^^
http://iruntheinternet.com/lulzdump/images/gifs/Ksenia-Solo-reaction-that-is-so-cool-cool-Kenzi-1385945607y.gif Really interesting choice, I don't think I've seen an item-related tattoo before. Why exactly did you decide on Hunter's potion? Jungle main, I assume? {{item:2032}} {{item:2032}} {{item:2032}}
PŒnis (EUW)
: As you said it's rare and not under my own control but still unfair and that made me hate the game i then uninstalled it. _**" it won't even matter in the grand scheme of things"**_ i know my quitting won't affect anyone but i still hope no one would experience this . And btw thx for your information!
>and that made me hate the game That means you hate without any good cause, sense or justification? Are you saying you hate before you think? Many bad things happen in this world for exactly that reason, you don't want to be like that.
PŒnis (EUW)
: Automatic ban system
Okay, two things. 1. Even though you didn't leave intentionally, your disappearance still resulted in a negative experience for other players. That might seem unfair to you, but think about this: There are players with consistently shitty internet, or troubles they can't directly fix. But they don't exactly care, they play the game while being fully aware that they're likely to ruin the experience... Would you want someone like that on your team? 2. How is anyone supposed to know why you've disconnected? And if connection failure would result in a pardon, what's stopping trolls from pulling their ethernet cable or restarting their router to purposefully ruin a game? --- Point is: You intentionally get punished for accidental or emergency disconnects. This is not a flaw in the system, it has very valid reasons. Since you're talking about rare occurances, it won't even matter in the grand scheme of things.
: I got f**king bad week :D
Sounds to me like the support agent noticed that your account was shared or traded. That would probably the most common reason for a security related suspension.
: How many people have you blocked from LOL?
I hate to break it to you, but blocking people doesn't prevent you from being matched with them again. And in case you wonder why, you would be a prime example! While blocking individuals might seem insignificant to matchmaking as a whole, if it's done in such a large style, it could definitely reduce matchmaking quality.
: I said this because all of you are saying exactly the same things " If there's nothing good to say, don't say anything at all. " or " Mute them " or " Ignore them ". I just waited for this reply.So let me explain now why i posted this. It's because not everyone can mute enemies nor they can ignore them,me first,i can't mute him because i know hes still gonna talk bad things about me and i just need to see it,see,you can mute them,i can't. I also can't ignore people flaming me or smthng,if you can do it,congratulations,i can't and im sure most of others can't.So thats why i say oke to them or something like that. If the things like " ignore them " or " mute them " were that easy,then there wouldn't be this much chat restricted and banned players,don't you agree? btw thx for waited reply xd Not all can learn to control themselves over a night.
Saying that you can't mute or ignore them is a little over the top, but of course I can understand the desire to see what others are writing. >f the things like " ignore them " or " mute them " were that easy,then there wouldn't be this much chat restricted and banned players,don't you agree? I get where you're coming from, but I can't quite agree. You make this sound like the poor toxic players have no choice but to listen to others and flame back. Ignoring others is not easy, you're right. But the way flamers react just shows their need to defend their online-ego and feel superior. It's not that all these players wish they could just ignore them, but can't. No, they actively refuse to improve themselves or look at things rationally. I doubt most flamers feel like they have no control over ignoring others.
: How to avoid chat restrict- My Experience
Hey, It's good to hear that you managed to become a better teammate and I don't mean to devalue your personal progress... But are these points really valueable knowledge to you? You are not allowed to be a jerk to other players in League. That's something everyone notices fairly quick when starting to play. 1. Flaming = Being a jerk = getting punished. If you don't want to get punished, just don't flame. Because it is NOT a part of everyone's life, managing emotions and learning self control is what that part should be. 2. Talking "too much" is not directly an offense. As long as you don't spam the chat, you can chat as much as you want, because whether you get punished or not depends on **what** you type, not on how much. 3. Disrespecting your oponents by writing "ez" and showing a sign of **respect** by writing "gg wp" does indeed have different effects... Why would that surprise you? 4. It's called not feeding the troll. Of course they want your attention, and if you flame or try to show them how much you don't care by talking to them, you are giving them what they want. It's not that "oke" has some special effect, or that you need to do it to not get banned. It's simply a (somewhat) smart thing to say in that situation. ---- I'm sorry if I devalue your points, but all of this wouldn't be needed if you just follow this one. >**If there's nothing good to say, don't say anything at all.** or, even easier... >**Don't be a jerk.**
: I got banned for 14 days,should I make new acc and leave my old one?
Well that depends on whether you realise why you got banned and can change your behavior to prevent future punishments. I hope you learned your "lesson" and can avoid future bans. Since you probably won't be able to catch up to your current level in just 14-days, playing on your main after the ban is over is probably the better idea regarding progress. --- Personally, I also feel like accounts have a meaningful sentimental value. While having a fresh start is exciting at first, I feel like it often turns games less interesting, because you always have to catch up on progress you could've made elsewhere.
Saibbo (EUW)
: https://imgur.com/a/6xyemFW Called it : Rek'Shairk Attack - A tragic summer day
I wanna see you try to pronounce Rek'Shairk :P
Hydnoras (EUW)
: That's not how it works. Also, a punishment has already been issued and that is the chat restriction. That is the consequence. Constantly adding more and more stuff you get restricted from over the years is not a correct approach to getting people to reform. First it was chat restriction, then they added key restrictions, then they added honor levels and their restrictions and then clash restrictions and now there are boards restrictions. What's next? The amount of champions available for you to play gets reduced? Do you even realize how much a simple chat restriction limits you these days? Not to mention an in-game permanent ban for example, doesn't give you any form of bans to boards or vice versa. So why does an in-game CHAT RESTRICTION randomly affect boards now? It simply doesn't make any sense. I could understand a 14 day ban affecting the entry but chat restrictions as well is ridiculous.
I'm sorry to hear that you're missing out on this, maybe it's true that you are no longer toxic, but you probably understand that this is not obvious for every restricted player. --- > they added honor levels and their restrictions and then clash restrictions and now there are boards restrictions. I feel like you might misunderstand something here. This is hardly a "Boards restriction" and who exactly is "they" in this? **This contest wasn't made by Riot, neither were the rules!** --- The contests we make are simply little extras to give something nice to the community. We highly value sportsmanship, and this reflects in our rules, since you never know when the next contest will come, always being sportsmanlike is recommended. ---- The harsh truth of player behavior management is that we as a community (and Riot) want to make it clear that toxicity is unwelcome, if that results in some players feeling unwelcome... Well, they might have to rethink their ways. I'm sorry you feel hit that hard, but I hope you won't have to worry about this in the future. I can only stretch that this requirement has nothing to do with Riot, this the Volunteers' decision, because we want to reward players who we know are **mostly** good members of the community. Again, I'm not saying that you aren't, or can't be a good teammate, but your CR is enough for reasonable doubt.
: >ascending above us filthy lowlife lurkers Wait, the two are mutually exclusive? How do I go back? {{sticker:sg-janna}}
>How do I go back? You can't... \*insert evil laugh*
Vulpine (EUW)
: You need to be mastery lvl 8 on champ to be able to choose your own runes. Kappa
Maybe he's been playing poorly lately, the game just made an educated assumption about his level :P
: Riot's system does not pair you with similarly skilled people,
The problem is that you believe YOU can accurately judge someone's skill based on having them in your team for one single game. You are not rational! Superiority bias or the self serving bias affect you too, just like any other person. You have to realise that your perception is not an accurate representation of reality, our brains don't work as objective as a computer.
: Perhaps a NEW Ban/Report system??
>a small program that didn't do anything, but marked your IP address and your computer as a "already created account", so per IP you could have only one account, if you tried to log on to another account with the same computer, you would get a 6 months ban Why do you want to put internet café's and PC Bangs out of business so badly?
: What Riots IMO can't understand about banning...
Riot understands that really well actually... Why do you think the punishment system is called **Instant Feedback** system? If the system is able to find someone breaking the rules, it will issue the punishment **within seconds** after the game! --- Trolls getting away unpunished is another story, this is the system simply failing to identify a feeder. A computer doesn't need a month to scan a case. --- I don't think banning people based on false reports is something anyone wants, not even you. This would be a terrible decision. Having a bad game is not fun, being blamed for it by your teammates doesn't exactly make it better... Now imagine you get hit with a ban right afterwards, how would you feel about League at that point? Some players will go nuts and accuse you of trolling after making one mistake or just doing something they disagree with. It's not too uncommon, you see people **genuinely** claming that they get trolls _"every other game"_. You really don't want to give them any "power".
andreilus (EUNE)
: same thing happened to my other account too. i mean i wouldn't call it "no reason" and i got a notification and all, but still this seems pretty stupid to me. Context: some guy was speaking about the new division coming below bronze, and asked "what's his name". The instant when i saw this, my inner SJW instincts kicked in, and told me to comment this: > EXCUSE ME BUT DID YOU JUST ASSUME THE DIVISIONS GENDER? I WILL LET YOU KNOW THAT THERE ARE ENDLESS AMOUNT OF GENDERS !!!!!1! so yea i dont think it was that offensive but whatever
Without looking at the context, it almost sounds like you were mocking that player. Surely that's not an incredibly offensive thing to do, but it's still rude, and doesn't really have a place when someone is trying to have a proper discussion.
: My other boards profile has been banned for 1 day for no reason.
Okay that was quite quick. We unbanned your account (_you will be able to access it in an hour_), this action will obviously not count against you in the future. --- Sorry for the inconvenience, please accept these compensational pancakes while you wait for your account to get back on the rails... Happy posting! https://d3awvtnmmsvyot.cloudfront.net/api/file/6fTZjAw9Tjqf4XrddmRQ
: My other boards profile has been banned for 1 day for no reason.
>**EDIT: We undid the action, see my other comment :3** Hey Hydnoras, no problem! We'll look into the deleted comment again, it's weird that you didn't get a notification though... https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/1/1b/Does_Not_Compute_Emote.png/revision/latest?cb=20171120235504 We'll get back to you soon :)
: Rewards (or are they really?)
Can we all acknowledge for a second that you're genuinely complaining about not getting enough free stuff in a game that's completely free and not p2w to begin with?! I mean... Perspective, people! ---- Getting champion capsules for leveling up is new this season, before that, players could not go beyond level 30 and would receive a small amount of Influence Points after every game. This is exactly like many other games do it. This season, the system got changed so you now earn champion capsules for a level up which gives you BE and champion shards you can use for discounts on champs. You earn more currency than you previously did, why is that a problem?
: If you agree with me at least in the first point can you somehow make it happen? At least review of the chat logs for the entire game. It would at least give me some closure you know.
That's nothing I can help with I'm afraid. But as you noticed, the Instant Feedback System is pretty accurate when it comes to zero tolerance phrases, it'll probably be able to punish that other player too.
: Like I said in previous comments and in my support ticket, I got harassed during the whole game by a thresh support. I'm not saying to lift my ban or anything, just review it and hopefully if you seem like it's appropriate do something about him, if not I'm fine either way. It's just that at the ticket I got some automated response which kinda got under my skin. EDIT: At first I was aiming towards another type of punishment since my first warning was like 2 years ago but I can clearly see that it's pointless, even if I got harassed constantly you all know I didn't mean for him to actually kill himself, it's ridiculous to think so. After reviewing my entire game please do tell me in your honest opinion if what I got was justified and if some other player should get a punishment thats all I want. :)
Well I understand your frustration, and the other player definitely deserved a punishment. However, I do believe your ban was justified. Sure you didn't mean for him to kill yourself but death wishes definitely fall under the zero tolerance category and cannot be taken lightly. Using words like "f%ggot" or "n%ggers" falls under the same category. Sure, maybe the people using these words aren't actually racist, or actually homophobic, but that doesn't make the use of this language any better. ---- I can't think of any other place where it's become that normal to tell people to kill themselves and I don't want League to turn into that. It's not normal, and it's not okay, under no circumstances. Even if you didn't mean it, people are responsible for what they say and should definitely watch their language.
: If anything I want my match manually reviewed.
: I will just copy paste what i typed to the other person below. "It would be stupid if they removed the option to view it yourself and made it so you HAVE to submit a ticket and ask riot to see how much money you have spent on the game" Is what i said, it is troublesome for normal players to send a ticket and wait for a response, it is also an inconveninence for the support and takes up valuable time they could spend on something more important than me checking how much i spent. And seriously who wants to wait a MONTH to check something like that, It takes up everyones valuable time the support and mine included.
It also makes it "inconvenient" for the people who breach your account... I prefer not to have my data easily accessible, even if it's my fault when my account gets breached/stolen, I prefer having that buffer before random people can see every bit of data I gave Riot Games. --- Waiting for an e-mail doesn't take any of your time... You submit the request and just continue with your life. You don't have to pause anything.
: > [{quoted}](name=Torpedosheep,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=YQ6vwtRY,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2018-07-28T09:13:02.781+0000) > > First of all, good job on changing your behavior yourself, I hope you realised that getting angry and acting out on your frustration really isn't worth it. > > What you're saying about the feederbuster makes the system sound really bad, and it is(!) > but how would you actually solve this? > > --- > I've had bad games where I went 0/7 or worse without inting, shit happens, > even to the best of us. > > If the player is not blatantly dying under the enemy fountain all the time, how would you teach a machine learning system to differentiate between me and an intentional feeder? > > --- > > Riot has made more advancements and invested more resources into player behavior research and system development than any other gaming company ever has, or could ever dream of! > > We're all spoiled brats in that regard and while I know it sucks to see people go unpunished (_I play the game too, I have the same frustrations every player has_), I believe that calling Riot incompetent or cursing them out like some players do is nothing but plain ignorance. just to make it clear. it is not our job to solve anything. Riot hires people to do that. We point out an issue, and riot decides if its worth solving or not. this case it obviously is not important enough, thats it. By the way, bots nowadays do a lot of things you wouldn't expect they could. They are very sophisticated nowadays. And i hvae no doubt in my mind that a big company like riot can make this happen. The key here, is that they dont want to. They dont feel this is important enough to dedicate resources that othervise could be used to promote LCS and write stupid articles "Match of the Week: Fnatic vs Schalke 04".
>And i hvae no doubt in my mind that a big company like riot can make this happen. Well I do. My knowledge about machine learning systems definitely isn't anything to write home about, and I doubt that you are very experienced with this topic either. --- What I _can_ talk about however are Riot's goals and motives regarding player behavior. And saying that they don't care simply goes against every piece of evidence we have. We know that Riot invests a large amount of resources in player behavior related R&D. They ban players for behaving bad and do a lot to support sportsmanlike behavior. **Why do you think that would stop at inting?** --- When Riot bans players for breaking the rules, they start yelling _"omg Riot is so greedy and only wants us to spend more money"_ When players don't get banned, they say exactly the same thing... ---- "Why don't you fix the game instead of making skins/ esports/ lore" is a quite common argument too, but it's also a pretty plain view on the issue. You can't just drop everything and focus on a problem. League of Legends is doing just fine. Even though there are problems, it's perfectly fine to expand the game and explore new possibilities. People tend to act like the apocalypse just hit us and League is dying whenever they have a bad match. And even if Riot invested more, you can't just fix every issue by throwing money at it and hoping it'll go away. This issue needs lots of research, new ideas and technology. Supporting the game with esports or cosmetics doesn't have to stop because of that. ---- TL;DR. Why do you think Riot "doesn't care about inters" when they invest so many resources into reducing chat toxicity?
: The words they use in this ban system, are too random, no real flaming words , this is what i try to say. On top of the existing blatant words, if you ask a player to ward a brush and he decided you flamed him, he will report you and eventually get banned. I was "Rightfully " banned in your opinion, a bit debatable, what i understand by flaming and what the system understand.
If the words are "too random" why are you permabanned and other players never get any punishment? I use the chat a lot, I joke around with teammates and enemies, I make calls and I make comments on situations ingame, and I don't spend a second worrying about a chat restriction. ---- You do not get banned for random reports, it just doesn't happen. Bans for flaming are EXTREMELY accurate, the failure rate is less than 0.001%. I'm sorry, but the fact that you got permabanned indicates that you were toxic. Of course nobody likes to admit that they made mistakes, but if you keep blaming the system, you're not going to change, and you will **never** enjoy League of Legends properly. --- You are right, toxicity IS debateable, so feel free to share your chatlogs and have a discussion with me about your behavior.
Not xPeke (EUW)
: it's still incredibly shameful that the feeders that do have this match history still don't get banned.
: > [{quoted}](name=Torpedosheep,realm=EUW,application-id=NzaqEm3e,discussion-id=YQ6vwtRY,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-07-28T09:01:52.461+0000) > > Just to clear any misunderstandings in advance, let's make sure we differentiate between > "_ingame report system_" and the "_feederbuster_". > > The report system is what triggers an investigation depending on what you reported the player for! > --- > When you report someone for flaming, their chat will be checked, > if you report them for having an inappropriate name, it'll go through a different process > and if you report someone for inting, it's the feederbuster's job to analyse the game! > > You're absolutely right, "fake reports" or anything of that sort have nothing to do with it. > Whenever you report a player for flaming or inting, the system will instantly trigger a review. > > It literally doesn't matter if the player gets reported 1 or 9 times after the game, > all the system cares for is: > > if (reports > 0) { > review(); > } > > ---- > Your reports _do_ trigger a review, it's the feederbuster that fails to identify the inting! > I know it might just sounds like semantics, but it's important to know what the problem is, > and what we are actually complaining about. > > Kind regards, > _Sheep_ > > {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}} Regarding the chat checks, that`s an absolute bullshit and you know it. I got perma banned 20 seconds after a game ended, now how you are going to convince me that some Rioter was on my game chat 20 seconds after the game ended? Also the text for which i got the ban, are nothing but asking for warding, or play safe things, nothing flaming to anyone over 18 years old. Riot invented a bullshit system to milk money out of players (permaban them, they make new accounts and buy new stuff) easy easy...That LYTE tard did that.
I don't think you quite understand how the system works. Of course there is no Rioter reviewing your chat, nobody ever said there was! A computer doesn't need more than a few seconds to scan your behavior thought, I don't quite understand what your problem is, apart from being (rightfully) banned.
Reichs (EUNE)
: What is so hard with busting feeders? Literally took me like 5 secs to look his op.gg and see he's feeding / afking on purpose: https://i.imgur.com/eANMMnQ.png Everything is there, extremely bad kda, no items, abysmal kill participation, very low level compared to game time etc...
Not every feeder's match history looks like this, that's what makes it difficult.
: In the end, feederbuster failing to identify intentional feeding is what this topic is about. It’s been like this for at least two months that I noticed and finally I was able to get the perfect game that the system should notice, but didn’t for a while. Previously I had more intelligent creatures in my games that moved around, went in and out with using skills et cetera so the system wouldn’t detect their feeding normally. But this time this guy basically almost acted like a bot, runnüng to same objective, dying under turret. Except he was here and moved around freely, chatted, et cetera...
Well it's hard to tell what "perfect game" the system needs... I just wanted to chime in because your title made it sound like reports don't do anything at all. They do, I've seen a bunch of players getting punished for inting (from the feederbuster alone), but it's extremely inconsistent. Sometimes the most obvious cases go unpunished, other times, the feederbuster manages to catch less obvious cases though. It's just really weird and unreliable ^^ --- Luckily for us, "soft inting" (ie. people trying to hide that they're inting) is a really really rare phenomenon. Players int out of rage, they lose all sense of logic and want you to _feel_ that they're ruining the game. This is what results in the 0/30 scores. They theoretically know that they could be smarter about it, but their brains essentially switch that part of during their rage attack.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Players are robots. if(iDontLikeSomeone){ printf("please report %s 9x/n",championName); }
Is that why they play like bots too? https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/7/73/Shock_And_Ahhh_Emote.png/revision/latest?cb=20180717141317
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