Tarolock (EUW)
: there is one problem with that, you cant kill Deadpool :D
He doesnt have to die, what if when his health gets to none (he dies in the eyes of the game) he teleports to base and his health is regened. so the animation is as if he recalled not he died... but in reality he dies.
Silisa (EUNE)
: This isn't a bad idea. However, you are talking about the champion select, not DQ. DQ allows us to play ranked in 3 or more premade groups, new champion select allows us to pick two roles before queuing up.
No but i mean like say there are people in midlane queues waiting 10minutes for mid. but there are supports waiting 10 seconds. Then stop people queuing for mid and force them to queue elsewhere. Overall it would help to reduce queue times
Tarolock (EUW)
: illaoi cant do shit if you dont fight her in her ult/tentacles, her abilities are slow, you can minionblock her e and dodge her other abilities, Jax is melee, he have only 1 ability to close gap, slow him and get out of his jump range
Easier said than done. Illaoi is hard to play against in team fight.
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: First... At least give arguments and examples And just to say, its always possible to balance the game when its in a bad state
Illaoi can kill you easily with a combo she can 3v1 without being fed. Jax can be unkillable, the attack speed is way too high some games such as with a runaans and 1 other attack speed item, too much tankiness.
: You are ineligible to earn loot due to previous behavioral restrictions.
Its easy, just ask to be honoured by everyone and it goes.
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: So how about you Show him your chatlogs to prove what you Claim :^)
How can i get them?? i got them in the client but now ive done the ban so it dont come up.
skywoker7 (EUW)
: I have 1 qustion
Riot dont care. They only ban people they dont like. For instance me. I got banned because i was being flamed so i told them to 'shut the f*ck up' Riot are a total joke.
Rismosch (EUW)
: It is your fault. When you lag and start a game, you don't just create a bad situation for you, but also for your team. You risk an easy lose for your team. Don't blame them. Don't be toxic and fix your problems before you play on.
Did i know i was going to lag?? Lag comes and goes. First game in 5 days ive had lag for so whats your argument now?
Neonchan (EUW)
: It's not "just stating a fact". You wrote it with the sole intention to blame your (parts of) the loss on your jungler. Also you might want to read again, I didn't call you toxic, I asked you which value your statement had besides blaming him?
Well in parts it is graves' fault. ganking helps, obviously he doesnt have to but if he did we could have tried to win the game. This is why people get annoyed in league. Children being selfish. Some teams works as a team whereas some like ours have a child who wont help.
: Agree. It's just "some statement". I never would report anyone for such a phrase (in case that has happened).
Riot genuinely ban everyone who is reported. or once they are reported and get their name in a bit situation they take everything against them.
Rismosch (EUW)
: > Where was i ever toxic?? There you where toxic: > I used /all and wrote: Lucian is fed because you ganked and i have lag I cant hit any hooks to do anything, so gg wp When you have lag and you can't hit hooks, then it's YOUR fault that your lane lost, not the junglers. He might have screwed up himself, but YOU screwed up too. It's not just his fault, but you blamed others except you.
Lag is at fault for me missing hook tho. So i can i screw up?? Your comment is stupid as lag isnt something i can change........
Neonchan (EUW)
: Let's turn it around. Which value had your message "Also we havent had ganks so why the need to babysit?" other than beeing negative and blaming your jungler?
Thats not being toxic its stating a fact. It a genuine question, the opposition team had no problem with me they said sorry for the hard babysit while i had lag. So you cant call it toxic.
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GLurch (EUW)
: You get punished for what you did,not for what the others playing with you did.
Which is stupid that they didnt get punished. also why take away my hextech loot?
Northface (EUW)
: This is the only log btw...
derpystin (EUW)
Raeynna (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=TottenhamFan69,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=QtqwxufA,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2016-06-18T16:42:50.208+0000) > > If i was you i would use Draven ADC > Blitzcrank support > Illaoi top lane > Zed is weak so forget him > Ask me for any other stuff and ill try to help. I appreciate that! Ok, it's gonna be solo queue for some time I think (no other choice, right)? That is the list I'm looking for, but it would help me beyond a great deal, if I could find an extended one somewhere perhaps. Nice to hear, that Zed is out, though! It's been a 1½, so even with all the patch notes, I believe that, I still lack the very sense of whom I'm actually up against. Also, there are 7 champs, that I've never (at least) played against.
Well Ekko is ap champ, his e dashes to you, his ultimate takes him back to where he was, so if i was you i would bait the ulti out. Aurlion sol isnt really seen by me, so if i was against him just bait him to use his q stun and drain his mana a litle bit. Kindred is strong, his ulti is an invunrable, again bait it out first then apply the last damage Illaoi is very damagy and can be built tanky too, pretty devastating right now Jhin has no mobility but really high damage so he is an alright pick
: are you 100 percent sure?
Yes it does work solo, alot of top lane tanks use it
Raeynna (EUW)
: Help me catch up please!
If i was you i would use Draven ADC Blitzcrank support Illaoi top lane Zed is weak so forget him Ask me for any other stuff and ill try to help.
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: If Riot isn't careful, then they will lose players to Overwatch... I am officially worried
Well they did create this new Nexus mode, but it annoys me that the mode is only Friday to Sunday. because i've has exams for the last 5 weeks and the upcoming week it my last week of exams and at weekends i haven't been on a lot so in the weekdays normal's are getting boring. A way to make things better would be have the mode change from monday to something else till friday, it would be alot better in my opinion. Hexakill seems like a pointless mode but thats my opinion.
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: I'm back, tell me what you think about
Flame him hard. what a %%%%. Whats this bastards ign ??
: You can't play this game before 10pm
The community is full of kids not gonna lie here. Blinds is full of kids who love to pick stupid champs to support with, i only play blinds when i wanna play anywhere but support and also full of instalockers who claim they said a position first, only kids would do this Then there are those laners who SPAM for ganks when you say im coming they die then /all and say report jungler, like why so freaking aggressive
Wilkatis LV (EUNE)
: Supp players want to play other roles too
Not fair how Draft never lets me play other than a support, so if someone does take support when i play with friends i cant get better in other roles.... In ranked i keep losing in other laners if im ever there because i havent got the skill capacity. You can say play blins but seriously the trolls and instalockers get on my nerves so i rarely go there....
karolmo (EUW)
: THIS. We the supports cry everytime our adc misses 10 lasthits on a row.
ADC's never help us supports out. Usually as a thresh or someone who can hook/stunn with their q usually you use this and they keep bloody farming till your outta mana. you agree??
vengiant (EUW)
: i got the same like you, but if these guys are premades and rage me and i say 1 negative thing. boom instantly banned why cuz multiple people reported you. and it is not like i tilt daily its not even 1 time a month... just a question: have you ever tilted and raged a bit on a person and after that regret it? because that is why i made this post i got this sometimes and there is no way of apologizing...
Sometimes i regret it yes, for instance if they have lag... or its their first time as the champion. But people shouldn't really force you to flame, like being 0/2 when its their first time and instead of trying to tower farm they go and try to get a kill and die then thats nothing to do with skill as a champ but plain being stupid.
Azure9861 (EUW)
: So if you go 0/5 you expect me to gank? No, imam make us go win while you try 1v1 while still building full damage under their tower. Not MY job to win YOUR lane. Especially if you flame me.
NO i expect a gank if i am 0/1 losing the lane..... if i am 0/5 its probably because i havent had any ganks and they are 2v1 me under tower.
: Don't wanna sound like a flamer but basically what you're saying is don't do anything or you're gonna offend someone with something.
Basically DONT feed, DONT flame if someone is having a bad game unless they purposly go about at 0/5 solo and die then report them. Gank as a jungler
Antfany (EUW)
: No need for a report option. Junglers are there to farm the jungle. They DONT have to gank. They DONT have to hand over buffs. Yes they should probably do these things as it helps to get lanes ahead/rescue loosing lanes but they don't have to do it. Just like top laners with teleport or mid laners/support roaming. Its probably better if they do roam or tp to help if they are in a position to do so but theres nowhere in the rules that says they have to do it. Also tower dives happen. If you think your going to be dove. leave the tower & freeze the wave closer to your base or ward more so you can see the jungler/mid coming. Good luck out there =){{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
So as a jungler not ganking results in flame and reports. As a laner not getting ganks then feeding results in flame and reports. BRING BACK SOLO Q and problems fixed
: I want a reportfunction for overly vocal soccerfans.
Im not overly vocal.... just my name says it. If someone doesnt like go report my name to riot.
Zilawyr (EUW)
: Players, and their behaviour as Premades in Dynamic Q.
Premades are getting stupid now, all they do is gang up on one person, top lane is a hard lane alot of game and mostly premades NEVER gank there then flame me and say i am a noob and i feed when i have enough logic to play safe and under tower but 2v1 under tower is so hard to not die in espically with a stun
vengiant (EUW)
: getting tilted and being able to apologise?
Most of the people that report for tilting are premades anyway.... How it goes for me is that a jungler and Mid lane/ bot lane are premade. and im top lane, the jungler goes and ganks where his friends are and not my lane. They then say IM feeding even thou i play under tower and try to not feed but in a 2v1 its easy to die under tower. so i tell them to piss off or whatever then they tell everyone to report me. I dont get banned but annoys me how they can cost us the game by not helping team and then im usually punished for feeding.....
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