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Fénrír (EUW)
: Some Mordekaiser Bugs
lol that is it ? what about the bug where morde dies , and 3 seconds later you get 1100 true dmg which is invisible btw and you still die . happend to me 4 times alrdy in game on TT
Shamose (EUW)
: Fnatic is gonna win.
srry i meant about the group stage.
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Rismosch (EUW)
: Teemo is a disgusting champion in solo queue. What the %%%% do you mean with 'he is not viable'?
the higher you go the less viable he becomes .
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RepοrtHer (EUNE)
: So Ornn the new champion
he looks like trash he's gameplay is trash. its old poppy v2 with a buying passive .
: yasuo runes . or any crit champ.
ty everyone for your insight on this matter . though one question . if your enemy laner is a hard counter and u probly wont win early game anyways . is it then maybe a good thing to take +crit dmg since ur aiming for late game or maybe mid game ? and what about champs like vayne and caitlyn?
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Nortwin (EUW)
: After 3 years, Riot teases the new Void champion in Battlecast Urgot's new splash art.
PaladinNO (EUNE)
: Unlocked the last 17 champions as a Chrissy Pressy for myself December last year...still got 176.000+ IP with nothing to spend it on. 20 runepages, all champions owned, don't play Classic where Blue essence could be useful, and I like my name. Got 12 Chromas awaiting purchase next time they go on IP sale, but those 24.000 IP likely won't be noticed. Come on, Tencent - show the veterans some love too! We need something _really_ IP expensive! Had we not been p(l)aying all those years ago, there would be no game at all today. I'd settle for a 100.000 IP icon of grand proportions!
this is a great idea lets make some like loadscreen add ons for lets say 20 k 30 k 40 k 100k etc etc just to let people now i was rich baby. :P nah but something like that would be nice
Tarolock (EUW)
: QQ about your unspendable ip and ask for abusable ip trading services like the rest of the topics are about :D
if you had all the money in the world and nothing was for sale i'll talk to you then.
: The Urgot Rework
still think urgots trash. and te only way of playing him might be just all tank items . i rlly dislike the trigger happy knee's of urgot
: usually with new champions/skins they give u the oprion to buy an icon with 1500 ip for a limited time, get the new champ as well and its7800 ip. i dont understand your need to spend ip, jst save it if you have nothing to bu with it... and if u want u can upgrade some of your mastery 5,6 champions to the next level.
just want some new content. to use ip on . would be nice
Andrey0345 (EUNE)
: Buy every single rune. Buy 2 more rune pages. Buy Swain. Buy all IP icons. You can change nickname 50 times and get all IP wasted.
you don't realise i want to make it usefull to use it not just wasting that on changing names.. fact is i like this name. its a teemo ref
: buy new icons and new champions when they get out
icons who care's ? and most of the time rp . new champs .. thats once 6300 then i still have 50k more ,.,,,
: Wait until there is something to throw IP at. I've changed my name a few times in the last months and I'm still sitting at 30k ip.
yh but im done changing my name there is no point
: you rich ass mofo
nice ....and rich ? i play for 6 seasons long.. ofc i got alot ip...
DannyT (EUNE)
: Some concept pictures about the Boards built in game client
: also done and did :(
besides im so not intrested in spamming mastery i litteraly never use it
House x33 (EUW)
: Buy all chromas when they are on sale for ip, change name a lot.
done and did. its sad that the ip chroma thingy doesnt happen often
RocketMury (EUNE)
: Rift Rivals (My shower thoughts)
1 its boring AF. 2 give us more fire ice events those are atleast fun to watch 3 lcs itself is getting stale . always same champs always same comps its just way to boring to watch
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: Kayn: Coming out next week or 2 weeks from today??
good to know since i will perma ban this b*tch in man clothing
: Rammus W is the most anti-fun ability in the game
kled also XD but kled's to strong otherwise XD
: Non responsive players in games, should it be reportable?
he probly just muted you guy's because the game before he got flamed at . its a feature . i also mute all pings and chatt just to play my game ..
GoldenRah (EUW)
: Tryndamere is not strong just tedious to play against
toplane is not for you. trynda is a splitpusher . why ? because he only got 1 escape wich is the length of a flash and auto attacks . but trynda s dmg dmg all the way so is he weak ? hell no he can 2 hit ur adc when decently farmed yasuo doe's the same thing if top its a splitpusher and worse cuz when behind he still f**ks u up . teemo splitpusher . pantheon splitpusher '' but got ult ofc. i dont know about you but toplane mostly is either splitpush or tanks . wich both is abit boring . its all about pressure . a strategic play. if you don't like it ? why play top at all ? go jung mister adrenalin
: Sudden increase in turks on EUW?
: The Botting in Bot games
its bots.. no matter how much feed u can always win .. i never lost a botting game tbh
: Who's the least updated champion?
: How often does key frags drop after honor update?
played over 10 games in the new honour syst. got none so far
: You get kills, you get honored.. a flawed system!
played 8 games since honour syst not one i talked . typed or afk'd at nor feed. got honoured once.
: Yeah 3 games just bought her yesterday. Thats not what I'm talking about in general
i mean first time in ranked ? thats not good man. thats all im willing to play but im not the best add boards name
Gasburger (EUW)
: Key word - 'I' He obviously finds support a role where he doesn't impact games so it'd be best if he plays carry roles since he finds his laners/jungler useless
yes but doesnt change the fact u say'd with support u can't climb right ? :P bullcrap was harsh but hey you get the point its pretty doable to carry as leona or brand support too gold . i did so but messed up by dropping when i tried to main vayne adc , but yes u do have a point in the fact if you want too be the one who carry's then be a onetrick suggested champs will be things like , lee sin yasuo obvieusly that new champ that sh*t OP . syndra (mid) , fiora or xayah but dont forgoet that just few games won't make u a one trick its many fails many elo drops until you climb again with only playing that champ (and the so now and then support role (leona brand) it will take a while but in the long run its defo worth cheers
: Kayn and his scythe grip
nvm the grip .. for what ive seen on pbe. nerf him hard ty. q cooldown needs nerf's and E pls.. give that spell a 40 sec cd ty
: No need to be rude dude. My ping is always 25 so i didn't realise till i was in game. Didn't ask for anyone to argue with actually so don't assume.
ping ''w/e first time syndra in ranked is also a negative.. even if you did fine its still a stupid thing to do.
: dude im a support main. I can only carry games so hard or at least try to. Literally i just had a game check the team scores and I've never played syndra before xD. Idk if i should ditch support which is my fave role to play i just don't know what to do. The xin died and gave graves first blood and said top is lost gg and then started swearing. It happens every game
syndra support.. yh that helps...
Gasburger (EUW)
: If you played at a level higher than bronze 2 then you wouldn't be bronze 2. Also don't main support unless you duo with your adc. Start playing carry roles
this is bullcrap i mained season 6 as support and i got gold 5
AlKane101 (EUW)
: Making support items mandatory
: I know how you feel... but i can`t remeber a time where soloq was not like that... you always get the feeling that you are the only one who is doing well in games where you are ahead.... Jungler always try to gank winning lanes but i dont know why ... only to get their part of the gold?? but w/e At the moment i just got no motivation for SoloQ at all... last season i ended on Gold I now i`m gold V but didn`t even played 50 ranked games at all... its just so annoying... to spam Cait as ADC.... if i play Lucian and we dont win until min 40 you just get rekt by the most other ADCs... Since i played adc , i got no time to make calls for the team, but i guess it doesnt matter because the most people dont listen in soloq What is your problem with Lulu? I know she is strong atm and can help nearly every adc to get through the laning phase but i see far more threshs or braums Maybe i should rank soon ... dont want to end on Gold V ^^
Jungler always try to gank winning lanes but i dont know why ... only to get their part of the gold?? but w/e'' this is because u don't realise its stupid to gank a losing lane. reason: ? ez as stealing candy from a baby . lets say darius top enemy . vs ur teammate trynda. he gives a kill or 2 .. u gank him bwam b*tch double kill for the enemy. why u gank winning lane's ? for pressure and tilting and the main goal too get that lane so far ahead that the fed toplaner doesnt matter. and for example rotate that winning lane(lets say mid) too top lane and the toplaner mid so he has a easier time to farm and get stronger losing a lane? dont cry for ganks but sit under tower notice the enemy jung comming then back off to tower 2
AppIes (EUW)
: EUW server log-in, client, champ select, in-game lag/packet loss
get a decent internet . i have none of these problems that the board is full about
: New client is so laggy, even with low settings.
i have litteraly not any of these problems
: Ping issues on EUW
i never have lagg .
: Anyone else hyped about the new Honor system?
Ahikhe (EUW)
: What did you had before the honor update?
Wadud92 (EUW)
: Bramble Vest and new Thornmail, holy crap!
the dmg returned by thornmall is magic dmg. so build mr to counter that effect
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