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FilipBonbon (EUNE)
: I bought it with PSC few days ago so I can't revert payment and it only took 800 RP of 4100 not all.
You can always mail the support.
DarkcoreX13 (EUNE)
: Can´t decide.
Irelia is more op with the new guinsoos, and personally, more fun.
: Help me understand this game pls :)
Nothing really changed that much. New broken champions: #1 Malzahar (jungle) #2 Annie #3 Kog'Maw #4 Vladimir #5 Brand #6 Vel'Koz The rift herald is far more important, specially in the top lane, its extremely good for split pushing. The buff latst 20 minutes, has a stacking duration over time and at 100 stacks it'll hit for shitloads of magic damage. Bit like statikk mechanic. Items, nothing really changed, chalice is less worth it, morellonomicon is more worth it. The new items are 'meh'. Take less CDR in your runes for ap champions, since theres more CDR in the items. Dragons are RNG, not that important. The elder dragon is however. You lose the elder dragon buff on death, so it's the same mechanic as baron. Build guinsoos on every champion with on hit effects, kogmaw, vayne, tristana, teemo, etc etc. Guinsoos is pretty op.
: Division demotion
It's pre-set in some way. Ofc it's mmr dependant. But you will need around 3 loses to drop from divsion 4 to 5, from division 3 to 4 and from division 2 to 3 It will take around 5 loses to drop from division 5 to a lower tier and from division 1 to 2. One win does reset this, but not completely. Let's say you lost 4 games at 0 lp at gold v, win 1 game, lose 2 games, win 1 game and lose another one. You can drop here. The first win will 'reset' but in the end your mmr will be so low that you drop immediatly. Be aware that mmr is mostly the indicator. As long as you earn more than you lose, you should be fine, if not, you can drop rather quickly.
Scarface0 (EUW)
: Team composition?
If you que solo or duo, team compositions dont really matter that much. So it doesn't really matter if your team is full AD or not. If you play a full AD-comp, it's best to split-push late game.
FilipBonbon (EUNE)
: Riot stole my RP
Riot will only take RP away if you revered your paypal payment or something simular. Or if youve gained RP through abusing the refferal a friend system, in which you earned RP.
Riddarn (EUNE)
: Ignore what BlackWolf and Batman said. If the champ has a frame in your profile, it means you've earned a chest for that champ. Even if it's just an A or B rank or whatever.
Can confirm this is true.
Sefi (EUNE)
: and 0.1% of league players were in a plane crash and survived only to be diagnosed by terminal cancer two weeks later. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
Błaźe (EUW)
: I have been playing LoL for 2 years and haven't gotten better since 2014.
Honestly, if you're trying your best at getting better in every way and con't care about elo. But you don't get better, then you just can't get better.
: In one word: DAFUQ?
That's not even a word....
Grips (EUW)
: Idea for Clubs.
Sounds a nice idea, but wrong section :P Should go to "Creations and Concepts"
: All new server Icons for Discord are done :) Ascension Hexakill Poro King U.R.F. Mode Black Market Brawlers Doom Bots One For All: Mirror Mode One For All
Cool icons, did you made those yourself? The Ascension and Poro King remind me of Halo somehow. Maybe ill check you guys out tomorrow, have fun.
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: Teams thread?
There are already website which use this, proving to be ineffective. I find chatrooms are the best ways to find teams, website and threads do fail. Since not everyone checks them.
I Am Gôd (EUW)
: How do you join a team ?
You could try the public chatrooms: 5v5 3v3 lfg playwithriot 5v5 and 3v3 are the most active ones
Lemil (EUW)
: Looking for non-serious players
Bard isn't off-meta. There is a difference between playing something like trundle support and walling your whole team to death with crit anivia. First one is allright, second one you're ruining the game for 4 other people.
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Sveh (EUW)
: I think I found a scripter, not sure tho.
Theres no script for what you descriped, maybe the standart adc script. Dont think the player is a scripter. Mostly adc scripts have sick mechanics but very poor decisionmaking. Besides, you are silver 1 this league. I guess you havent really experienced any high elo players. (Master+) You know a pantheon is gonna flash w and you can ult him away, you dont need to be too skilled to predict something like that. Pantheon his w and r animation are so easy to read. You mostly see scripters on sick mechanics and just dumb decision making, but its mostly tough to read for players below d3-1. In my opinion at least.
Bl0ndice (EUW)
: Looking for friendly team and players to play with :)
: TT Mastery
Champion mastery is still in beta. Riot takes ages to finish beta products.
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KidKeenan (EUW)
: me and my friends are unranked too, so how good are you? if you was in ranked what would you be, i would consider us not to be bronze probably high silber
It's quite obvious that the poster doesn't care about ranked. So if you're trying to brag about elo or skills, you're in the wrong place...
Arcadeath (EUNE)
: I report my teammates that say that after we win. I don't care If I had a great game, they ruin It for me.
I believe there was a riot post somewhere saying it is banable to say "gg easy" after a game.
: Ezreal ap or damge ?!
ad, ap is garbage
Agidyne (EUW)
That moment when everyone who uses his/hers mind can get diamond. - League '15 + 16
: LF nice people to play with
still looking for people
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HomerJ20 (EUW)
: I thought ok he seems like a nice dude *looked into your profile - yayks diamond - ok nevermind xD
:( i have a lower account aswell, but i forgot to add im not looking for a duoQ partner.
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: Honestly, I'm just glad I can play{{champion:104}} in a new role that's not originally meant for him. I was looking for an excuse to start playing him recently as he was my first main.
So you can enjoy your main more, but what if he gets nerved to death? would you still enjoy it?
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loliufg (EUW)
I played since S1, and Riot did make some questionable changes which I didn't like but they never made me experience like I would really hate the game and just stop playing it. Untill now, this patch is just garbage I can write a 300 page book about why, without any positive comments, anywhere. The game is made more unskilled, way more imbalanced, teamplay? Huh, does still exists!? Nope.... This isnt a strategy game anymore...
Sairaag (EUW)
: Yes Riot fucked the game hard its time to stop palying LOL. They prefer retard unskilled idiots, so now unskilleds cna paly with this shit retard patch
: I quit till teamplay game comes back
Agreed, I played since S1 and some changes have been questionable but this is the first time I am playing this game and think damn, league sucks.
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Eveninn (EUW)
: Stop telling others to surrender or not surrender.
For the same reason you described, humans will also ask others to surrender.
: yeah well its kinda obvious, 36 wins and 2 loses? and now he is gold promoted he plays normals and is losing and winning with normal /shitty scores. even for smurfing 36/2 winratio is hard to pull+ he has a decent amount of normal games and skins etc
unlucky matchmaking, happens everywhere. Maybe you can laugh about it, d3 elo:
: And whats even worse: They dont realize it. They don't get that they are doing everything wrong. Oh, I just died 2 times in a row to the enemy toplane renekton (because Riven good counter, yesyesyes)? Better run up again and push the wave. No ward tho, why need vision? And then you look at these people and see: first time Xerath. 2nd time Vayne. 1st time soraka support. I mean...what? How are they gold? How is that possible?
even my grandma can get gold by afking in the base on a fresh account. Seriously, the chance is pretty high that you will come across a booster in low elo in your placement games and end up in gold. Unlucky matchmaking is everywhere:
: mail the support
but they dont report smurfing. Only boosting, if the ip is linked to multiple accounts. And if its a booster he will most likely use VPN service and itll be hard to detect. But feel free to mail the support nonetheless.
: Played against 2 boosters today
kiwishrew (EUW)
: I have a problem
My names bob and im a flamer. "Hi bob!" Take a break, put music on, just get the reality factor in there. Or only play 5 man premades.
Lycan9999 (EUNE)
: Guys, who have pbe account. Question: how much time you wait to it?
Maybe if the question would be in correct english, I could answer it.
Fújin (EUNE)
: What if everything around you is fake, and illusion, and something is experimenting on you creating a fake world.
it all comes down to the same point though, not being able to control your own life. Honestly, if this all is fake, i woudnt care, because it is real to me.
Beats OSD (EUW)
: Silver 3 elo hell
The thing is you are just like all those others claiming elo hell exists, I dont know how you play but it seems like one of your problems is your mind set. Btw Elo Hell is a state of mind. Blaming your team wont help, instead fix on your mistakes and improve them, regardless of your feeding team. This does not mean ignore your team, still make those carrying pings at drake and outer turrets. Watching streams might help. Taking breaks will definitly help, some reason: If you wanna chat more about it, hit me up ingame, im a quite experienced player.
: My First S+ <3
Cant remember my grades, not bothered tbh, but you seem to play few so guess youll care more for it. The only thing that i wonder is, why did you not block the enemy team name, your friend most beautiful nonauto regenerated name. And you blocked the enemy team name of the left but not on the right. Oh and congratz, good to see people happy over little things, gotta appriciate the small things in life ^^
: Imagine you are somehow able to get close to a black hole, when you are near the center time will stand still for you. While for others it will look like as youre being dragged in, you will experience a different time zone where time stops for you.
Lets say humans can alter your memory, and that you are but a clone of your previous version and youve been implanted this memory, so you will just live this life not knowing any different. All you know is a lie.
: What you wrote is impossible. The closest thing to that would be. Youre actually in a coma right now, and you are dreaming how your life continues normally while your family cries around you and as time passes they will eventually pull the plug, and that moment your dream collapses and you see your family crying around you as you breath your last breath. The last part is just there for drama.
Imagine you are somehow able to get close to a black hole, when you are near the center time will stand still for you. While for others it will look like as youre being dragged in, you will experience a different time zone where time stops for you.
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