: Thresh Support can't use: "Relic Shield" properly...
Pro-tip; **Wait for charging your E's passive while carefully observing target minions health. Then finish it off with fully charged AA.** You have to last-hit like ADCs, because shield execution doesn't work with ranged-AA. But your E-passive makes last-hitting a breeze. You can also clear the wave with your E, all Shield stacks will be consumed if there's someone near you. But again, it has to deliver the killing blow.
: Why do Riven players think they're so good?
Although I agree that she isn't a fair champion in lane, she can be easily countered with certain champs.(Just pick Renekton or a ranger like Ryze.) Riven's AA animation cancel takes a lot of practice, even the best of the best Riven Mains fail occasionally. So if you play Riven to an extent, you have the right to think you're so good.
: Silver players & Jungle
I generally play ADC/TOP but in this season; I found myself slowly transitioning into Jungle role and with good reasons. **What is jungling?** From a quotation; "An iconic role since the beginning of the League. Designed to strike fear into your enemy. Designed to harass. Designed to confuse. Designed to destroy. Designed to win." As stated above into quotation, Jungle role can affect the game so much that it can make enemy paranoiac, crushing their morale and will over time. **If played well**, The Jungler can single-handedly bring the opposition to their knees, by making them feeling the Jungler's presence everywhere! Those also show us why **Smurfs main Jungle role.** Of course it's easier said than done. First and foremost, Jungling requires a lot of practice. One can't simply pick a _freelo_ jungle champion and win with it. One must know what to do, when to do, where to do...those **Macro-decisions** are very important, and probably most important aspects of Jungling. For example, let's evaluate a situation like this; ->Objectives are generally over-exaggerated as you know. It's quite dumb to force objectives when a team is behind 4,000-5,000 gold. Even if you manage to steal that Infernal Drake somehow, your team will get aced quite fast and that _will_ also cost a couple of turrets, which are increasing the gold gap more. Instead of forcing a Drake, they must turtle and farm as much as possible to stall the game. Lastly; I generally play Carry-Oriented champions {{item:1400}} instead of Tanky-Support ones {{item:1409}} , because Tanks are needed to be backed up from their team no matter what where as Carrys can just about...carry. **GENERAL TIPS;** 1- We start with **/ignore all**, which is the most important rule of jungling. **Always** focus on gameplay instead of chit-chatting, which won't help anyone. 2- Find the balance between farming and ganking. Ganking and striking fear onto laners is good but without enough gear, you will find yourself very useless after 15-20 mins. **So farming is very important, this can't be stressed enough.** 3- Gank over-extended lanes, **don't ever wait in a bush** for a minute waiting for a right moment to jump in. 4- Wasting their Flash is good, but getting them killed is better. Burn every resource at your disposal if you are guaranteed to take a kill, it's always worth. 5- Don't "help" your laners when ganking, **always** last-hit the kills. =) After that, push the lane into their tower, denying the enemy laner even more. 6- A successful gank on bot lane is devastating, giving your team much more gold/XP and possibly a Dragon. 7- Never ever gank something like {{champion:7}} {{champion:238}}, wastes your time and gives you tilt. 8- Don't rush the Smite upgrade first. For example, you start with {{item:1039}} and back with 750 gold. Instead of buying {{item:3706}}, you can buy {{item:1041}} + {{item:1036}} along with a potion or two. That way, you are better equipped for a possible clash without sacrificing jungle clearing. 9- Upgrade to **Oracle Alteration** {{item:3364}} @ Level-9. 10- Don't share your buffs if you are confident of your carrying capabilities. 11- {{item:2043}} wins games. Simply place them into enemy jungle and cheese them whenever possible. Steal their buffs. Kill them there. Break their will to fight. They will be also used for Baron-Pit vision later on. 12- As a generalist rule, always split-push side lanes if you can't teamfight the enemy composition... ...I can write more and more rules, because Jungling is a really huge aspect of the game. But the general idea is stated as above. Carry them by yourself. Don't ever trust your teammates. Transvisión out. {{champion:121}} **ISOLATE AND DEVOUR** {{champion:121}}
: This ^ also, +1 for C&C. My favourite game of all time {{champion:55}} _L O V E mammoth tanks._
Even your Mammoth Tanks won't stand against the Victory Fleet,you scrub. ___ Scrin rules supreme...obey us or get assimilated. http://cnc.wikia.com/wiki/Planetary_Assault_Carrier Edit: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=luZmgo8YtWk This is a really interesting,funny,bloody matchup with an incredible comeback. _Highly_ recommended!
Ravnir (EUNE)
: Well mate, I'm lvl 5 mastery Shen and I must tell you it is not so colorful as you describe it. There are many champions that make Shen usless. Like Veyne (I hate that beach). More over to make any difference with Shen you must hit with his dash. If you don't your ducked up cause it takes a lot of energy. Shen has lowest based stats of all tanks in game. Damn... Even Diana have better tank stats then him, and multiple other non-tank champions too (yes I wasted time to check that). Shens ult is good when he builds ap cause he have insane ap ratio but thats all. Without ap it is decent but not op especially on lower levels. Any mobile champion (and there are more and more of them) can deal with Shen. But I can understand your frustration.
As a silly Vayne Main, Braum+Shen is one of the most frustrating combinations to play against for me, especially if I don't have some form of peel at my disposal. Only Braum is alright, even only Shen is alright but combination of both gives me utter cancer. They seem like impenetrable meat-walls to me, even Vayne has problems withering them down since you are forced to relentlessly AA them while their two Assassins fucks you up.
drymonkey (EUW)
: im looking for his weakness can you help
**IN LANE **: Try to pick champions with **point and click** spells and preferably,an hard-CC. {{champion:92}} {{champion:39}} {{champion:105}} {{champion:80}} etc. comes to mind first. Use these kind of champs so he can't /all chat "Outplayed." when he tries to juke you out. (Because he can't) **IN JUNGLE** : I smile when they pick Yasuo,and I pick my **ultimate death machine** , {{champion:121}} . He has really no way to outplay your ganks as long as you don't fuck things up, and straight up loses in a 1v1 duel, even with his tanky build. He just can't stand against Isolated Qs,even he manages to dodge/wall W. Heck, I even play Kha'Zix against Yasuo in lane in some occasions and it's THAT freelo. {{champion:11}} kills Yasuo every time when ultimate goes off cooldown. Just press R E and rush to him, continue to wither him down and Q him when he "outplays" you. That's it, you have slain an enemy. **SPECIAL MENTION**:Well seasons come and go, and there's no season passes without this guy's being so notorious with different ways.-> {{champion:238}} (yeah,Zed) By leveling E @ level 2, Zed outtrades Yasuo so hard that Yasuo can't CS without being in danger of dying. @ level 3, it's a free kill unless Yasuo brings Exhaust(which he should for fuck's sake). After level 6, you can literally run him over and "outplay" him even more that makes him questioning the existence of God. In my opinion, Zed is still strong and has MUCH MORE potential than Yasuo, I don't know why people have forsaken Zed. (**Increased popularity =/= Strength**. People just don't how to play against Yasuo. It's a garbage champ with **many cons outweighing his pros** and easily countered with majority of the champion roster, not just with the champs above. But for some reasons people are scared from him and demoralizes in lane when they got Q-spammed.) And for the last tip, all-in him whenever you have the opportunity in lane. Yasuo likes to poking his opponents until it's safe to go in and cheese with ignite. Don't eat unnecessary poke. Destroy his shield and just run over him in lane, brute force. He's not that great in short-range.
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: {{champion:1}} {{champion:35}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:34}} I would like to delete all these cancers from this game.
Proxy Singed is actually quite fun. I suggest giving it a whirl. ;)
BenatPro9 (EUW)
: If you could "delete" any champion...
I have to use my vote for that Hooded-Ninja-Juggernaut-Support thingy {{champion:98}} . Here are the reasons ; **->**For some reasons (ofc mostly related to professional arena), Shen is picked more and more recently, and became the new _freelo_ nowadays. **"WHY FREELO?"** It's freelo my friends, because one day a group of developers have decided to create a champion, which is supposed for winning every single game. But instead of creating something that uses **brute-force** to victory, they created Shen for the sole purpose of annoying the heck out of the opposing team and winning through **attrition.** **"WHY ANNOYING?"** **->**This is the primary reason. As I stated above, Shen is not a brute-force type champion, therefore not the greatest laner. I remember countless matches which I utterly wrecked Shen and how he can turn things around the map with his **stupid ultimate.** And how I got spam-pinged from my bot lane. ;) When I'm jungling, that ultimate denies me so many kills and **discourages me from continuing to the game.** **->** Let's look at other skills. One deals % Health Magical Damage on hit, Passive+Dash scales with Health and Ultimate scales with levels. To sum up, Shen doesn't really need many items to do good. **50 CS Shen at 50 mins is the same thing with 300 CS Shen at 50 mins.** **->** The Blue Safe Zone is another kind of annoyance in Shen's disposal, and has the potential of completely turning the tides of war by giving invulnerability from auto-attacks to his team. 1,75 secs are huge, considering the ADC's damage output late game. **->** If I had to give a difficulty ratio to Shen, I would give 15% at max which means he is a really no-brain champion for me. 10 of the 15 percent for the map awareness, and the rest is his skillset. All you have to do is passively Q-farm under your tower, E away from ganks or unwanted trades and R for lifeguarding(or baiting?). In teamfights, just hover your mouse on your primary damage dealer and press Q-W and E to the rushers. Dumb AF to play and dumb AF to play against.*sigh* **->** If you are still not convinced, try picking a **Melee Damage-Dealer** like {{champion:121}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:92}} {{champion:238}} into Shen. ___ I also play Command and Conquer 3 and if you have ever played the game, you should have experienced that you are crushing your NOD enemies(with GDI,Scrin) for the majority of the game and when you think you are closing out the game, they manage to sneak some Stealth Tanks back of your base and you get really pissed. THAT is the feeling when I play against Shen. _F U C K Stealth Tanks._
vagooz12 (EUNE)
: About my 14 day ban!!!
For Fucking Fuck's Sake,Summoner; If you are repeatedly getting punished through Instant Feedback System, try to play without chatting for saving your account. Next time, it will be Permanent Ban which you can't do anything about for fuck's sake. If you get so much haters in a f* single game (thus bringing multiple reports as well), you can kiss your account's ass goodbye for good, because you know that haters gonna hate. And generally they hate because they see you rolling. ___ _Bottom line; Try not being D for not taking D. (parallel with my experiences) _ . _Pro-tip; /ignore all Everyone's but every fucking one's chat for your own good and **NEVER** use chat, even for **retaliations!** Works well for most times._ **Sorry for language mistakes :D**
: What to build on Jinx?
**First Base > 1,300 gold, get a B.F. Sword. First Base < 1,300 gold, just pick as many Long Swords as you can.** **=>** Then we get 2 build-paths. Ghostblade Path or Infinity Edge Path. If you're set behind for whatever reason, don't wait for 1,300 gold. That will set you back even further. **=>** After first item, I generally buy **Double Zeal** items,because Jinx scales very well with Bonus Attack Speed, and becomes very smooth to play. Also, they are way cheaper compared to high-end AD items. **=>** If you need desperately an Armor Pen item, then obviously buy it before Zeal#2 item. **=>** If you prefer the sustain path (which is unnecessary until 30+ mins IMO) , just buy a Vampiric Scepter and sit on it until you complete more important damage items. Remember, careful gameplay and intelligence makes up the lack of sustain...but **nothing** makes up for the lack of damage. _^^_ **=>** As a generalist rule, adapt your build for different situations.Don't follow the same build-path for every game. **=>** I highly recommend giving Ghostblade rush a whirl though, it's real. _^^_ **Ghostblade Path;** {{item:1055}} **->** **4x** {{item:1036}} **->** {{item:3134}} **->**{{item:3142}} **->** {{item:3006}} **->**{{item:3086}} **->**{{item:3085}} **->**{{item:3086}} **->**{{item:3046}} _Lets Jinx come online earlier with Ghostblade active, Flat Armor Pen and stuff. There's possibility of snowballing heavily just from 1-item spike. Scales worse than Infinity Edge, though._ **Infinity Edge Path;** {{item:1055}} **->** {{item:1038}} **->** {{item:3086}} **->** {{item:3031}} **->** {{item:3006}} **->** {{item:3085}} **->** {{item:3046}} _Doesn't have the flexibility of Ghostblade build, and 1,300 gold is kinda hard to wait. Also, it is harder to build early and even when built, it doesn't provide guaranteed damage.(RNGesus!) On the flip side, Infinity Edge path gives 80% Crit Chance and 250% Crit Damage after 3 items. Which lets you 3-4 shot anything. ^^ _ **Sustain Items;** {{item:3139}} Always good, since you tend to get CC-ed and nuked as an immobile carry. {{item:3072}} Very high sustain if you are able to freely Auto-Attack from behind. {{item:3153}} More damage&kite potential but less sustain. ___ _ => You can buy double Sustain items,too if you don't need an Armor Pen item. => Shiv is completely unneeded IMO, since Jinx has so much AoE damage, even more with Hurricane.**Always** buy Phantom Dancer. => I'm not a Jinx main BTW, but I hope these helps.^^ Cya!_
: > [{quoted}](name=Transvisión,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=JyEKoxwh,comment-id=0008,timestamp=2016-07-05T23:17:46.929+0000) > > I think Lee should be tweaked for... > -&gt;I mean; beginner Lee players don&#x27;t accomplish much other than feeding AF, while pro Lee players know how to snowball and ruin the game for their opposition. Lee is sooooooo feast or famine and...I think that should be fixed **somehow.** maybe his stupid Ult removed? and his w changed oh 5 people coming for me let me just use w while 99% of other champs must use flash he is just such bs all of his kit is cancer besides his e
**maybe his stupid Ult removed?** _Lee's ult is main nuking move,comes with **+200%** Bonus AD Scaling. Lee would be really trash champion without ult. Also,it's general utility lets Lee players to build tanky when they're left behind. But Full AD is the way to go,generally._ =>From my views, Lee's W is the most defining ability. Lee Gods and Lee trashes are separated purely by W spell usage in my opinion. Sure it lets Lee to cross most terrain, but Lee also can be interrupted mid-air. And Ward+W combo needs to be executed less then 0,1 seconds, which is hard for newer players. =>Lee needs to build AD to stay relevant late-game, or he'll get outscaled really easily. Building AD makes him extremely hard to play in teamfights though. Where as Hecarim builds at least 3 defensive items, 2-3 shots squishy targets and still gets out alive. #balance =>I tried Lee for a couple of games and I can tell you, he's not as easy as it seems.
: Lee actually needs a buff atm
I think Lee should be tweaked for... ->I mean; beginner Lee players don't accomplish much other than feeding AF, while pro Lee players know how to snowball and ruin the game for their opposition. Lee is sooooooo feast or famine and...I think that should be fixed **somehow.**
Scrinnid (EUNE)
: Loooool. Plz. You should see toplane vi. Then start complaining. Also, illaoi has way more tankyness and damage than darius. Fortunately both are kiteable. As mostly fill player, only meta I ever hated was the 1 item kill em all meta, where it was either who gets more early pressure or who outfarms who. Worst season still was beginning and end of season 5, but the imbalance there was more manageable than the imbalance of s3(or 4) wriggle shyvs.
Toplane Vi is pretty good actually. I don't know why people don't play it. +It has it flaws obviously. Like you have to max Q for it's overall damage&utility,other skills don't worth for maxing first.(If you max W first , it's not that good unless you stacked over 1,50 AS. And E is inferior compared to Q, even with recent buffs.) +Problem is, if you miss your Q(which is extremely predictable), you will be in an extremely disadvantegous(?) position in lane, which will make you weak in lane and also make you vulnerable to ganks. +On the other hand, you can build a Sunfire Cape against AD enemies and **still** wreck most of them unless horribly behind. Vi has pretty high base damage. _=>I have a great success with Jungle Vi though,since AD-Casters are my main and I played her more than a couple time. I see her that similar to Lee Sin, but arguably with better damage&utility&snowball potential. If you have a good lead pre 20 mins, then you become a nightmare to the opposition. =) _
: Sadly, its confirmed, he commited suicide on the 26th of June, it was reported on the news in Slovenia, He wrote a death note saying; Dear Dad, I know its shocking and know that I love you very much, but I'm feeling pain everday when I wake up, I hope you know that I'm going to a better place, I'm really sorry that this happened, and I hope you can forgive me. This is roughly translated from Slovenian language.
Fuck this...this make me feel even worse **if** it's really happened. Can you provide me with a link, my bro?
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: Em for last question where did i downvote you??? I don't see it anywhere. No that is not true, if I'm doing good with Irelia, win matchups it means that they are winnable. You have guides on internet about her and you will see that what i said is true about these matchups. Just look at Lolking guide on ICU and you will see. The reason why you are snowballing is because: 1. people will always instant pick someone if they heard that he/she is broken. Which is dumb but they still do it. 2. Almost everyone play her at the first time, that's the reason you are winning like i do against her just because of that. Me boosted? I went from Silver 4 to platinum 4 because of Irelia. If that is boosted then i don't know what isn't. I have done all by myself no money, nothing to help me on my way. Why are you so salty? During this time speaking with you have i ever said something bad to you? No, but you did. And as i said i don't downvote someone because we change our thoughts.
**Em for last question where did i downvote you???** _Well,I was downvoted right after your last reply,so I thought it was you xD._ **=>** I played a lot of Irelia as well, so I know her capabilities. I also know ICU who is an Irelia God, watched some of his videos on YouTube and his Twitch as well. But did you also watch BoxBox, Romanium(Renekton), Dekar like players? They generally handle Irelia quite easily.In that guide, ICU explains that they are generally **skill-matchups** but gives advantage to those picks as well. He also explains that "Fight after level-9,its auto-win **if you are equal.**" which is hard for 90+ % time. **Why are you so salty?** No specific reasons ,I'm a salty player. Maybe I acted "salty" in my previous post because of your being boosted,lol. Have a good day,again. I hope you hit Diamond as well. ___ _P.S. ; I still think that you are boosted ^^ ._
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: Lol dude every thing you said is a lie because you haven't seen any god pro Irelias. She is balanced 53% win rate is nothing really, Swain have higher,etc. Ban rate so? Zed, Kindred, Vladimir still have bigger ban rate than her. Em Riven is useless to Irelia once you study her mechanics. You haven't lost to Irelia with Riven because you haven't seen good Irelias otherwise it's still win for her. Renekton, can be killed at level 5 and once you get one kill it's always a kill for you. He ain't counter. Fiora is useless at the moment, very easy to kill her, don't know where she came from. Kha? Really kha? When was the last time you saw Kha top? He is easy lane and when he is stunned it's a dead bug. I do agree Tahm Kench is hard lane, can be winnable only if you don't make mistakes. There are some tips and tricks how to beat him thus it's very hard to learn it. Not really true, Irelia is very good against Ranged champions. Graves is really easy lane... you kill him after 4 level. Vayne is also an easy=medium. After a pink ward and 6 level it is a kill. Quinn also is easy=medium. As i said she works very good against ranged opponents. Xin zhao is even, he can be hard i admit but still winnable. Maokai... hmmm why him? Garen would be better than that old wood. He is killable after 4 level. He's not really a counter. Nasus is weak early game so use that as an advantage, late game he is stronger due to his stacks and builds. Malphite is easier if you get 1 or 2 kills with your jungler. Otherwise one mistake cost whole game. Whoever makes one mistake it's dead trade for him. Fizz is also an easy lane. In early levels it's hard till 4 because of his passive, but after that it's a kill. Unless he roams and get kills. He ain't that hard duh. She is not really easy to counter in lane. Have you ever played against good Irelia? I know how it looks when you are against a good one. It's a horror to win lane. Of course bad ones are like Yasuo 1 time playing. Those 2 items are good only for reduced healing, but they don't reduce W healing only from potions,etc. Tahm as i said is winnable just need to study all tricks. He is 9/10. I don't want to argue with you, I'm just saying these things because i know. I main her and i know every basic matchup. Every lane is winnable unless you are dumb and make mistakes.
Well,I'm done with arguing with you too. I reckon that you are boosted AF. **Just because of you're doing well with Irelia doesn't mean _majority's_ doing well with her too.** Exceptions don't break the rule. In my games,she's instapicked if not banned and I snowball from her hot ass easily. Have a good day. ___ _And the last of all,I like getting downvoted you boosted ****. If I speak truth and get downvoted,it's fine for me._
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: Em dude if you are going to balance this game, you can throw it in water already. League of Legends would be super mario with you. She can't go offensive until level 7/9 where that came from??? From who did you hear that???? Dude your Q tweaking is... like wtf. No resets on minon? lol you must be serious. If you remove her Q resets on minion you can throw her away, it would be same if you would remove Yasuo ability to E on minions. She is balanced and no need for additional nerfs or changes. She can kill everyone in early levels lol i don't know from who did you hear that she is threshold. Name champions that you think she can't kill and i will tell you the opposite way and i can tell you how to deal with them because i know every matchup. And freezing lane is something that every Irelia should do because that way you deny creeps to the enemy, duh...
**"She can't go offensive until level 7/9 where that came from??? From who did you hear that????"** _From no one of course,only from my notifications. Irelia's level 6 is good, but subpar compared to many others. _ **"She is balanced."** _Yeah, 53% Win Rate and 63% Ban Rate as well, even I don't ban her a single time. You must have been high or something when you typed that._ **"Name champions that you think she can't kill."** _+Many archetypal AD-Caster lane-bullys like {{champion:92}} {{champion:58}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:121}} directly wrecks her. Honestly,I don't remember a single time giving my lane to an Irelia with these champions. +{{champion:223}} **This guy outright wrecks majority of top-laners**, and shows some promise after recent buffs. I hope TK doesn't get cancerous again like before. But even before recent buffs, TK wrecked Irelia. +{{champion:67}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:104}} get kited and lose,EZ PZ. +{{champion:5}} I think this guy is very underrated. XZ is like Irelia v2, higher damage and sustain,stronger early game comes with stronger scaling. +{{champion:57}} This guy is one of the most freelo top-laner since Season-4 rework. I tried it a couple of times and I can comfortably say Maokai just wrecks her, even Maokai's ultimate doesn't reduce Hiten Style damage. {{champion:54}}{{champion:75}} also counters her by sustain and AS Slows. +{{champion:105}} In a pure 1v1, Irelia has truly no chance, from my experiences. Outplaying her stun is the best thing Fizz can do in lane. +**There are some more too,** Irelia is easy to counter in lane. Problem is after her **Trinity Force+Defensive Item powerspike.** But that's where {{item:3033}} {{item:3165}} comes in ^ ^ . _ ___ _+Worst champion to play against has to be {{champion:223}} in my opinion. 10/10 lane bully with extreme amount of tankyness&damage. Doesn't accomplish much after laning phase,though. _
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: For irelia i don't agree lol she is not weak in lane. You just don't know how to play with her.
Irelia is actually very weak in lane,but **too safe.** She can't go offensive until level 7/9. Until that threshold, I bully her hard-core,punishing her for every CS she tries to take. On the other hand, she can farm easily from a range and even you get her low and try to all-in,you eat the stun in your face. She can't be denied with pushing, since she is one of the best under-tower farmers. If you dive, you get stunned.If you don't,she takes every CS,backs an TPs to lane again,which results in an extremely boring laning phase. I think her Q should be tweaked as; _+Reduced mana cost but no mana refunds,and **no resets on minions(champion resets are still okay).** +Increased base and scaling damage, for more interactive laning phase._
: I don't know why everyone thinks it's a great idea to write huge reports about recent champion changes or patches. We know these champions are strong and some of them are banned a lot. I liked tank meta over bruiser meta as well but it's not on us to decide what's strong and what not...it's riots decision. So now we can all sit here and cry together over all those op champs (and I'm a ADC main, I know the struggles vs those bruisers) or we just wait and ban those champs until riot decides to change meta again.
Firstly,thanks for your comment. As an Assassin main, I actually like having more squishy opponents to take down. Problem is, no matter how hard you deny them, they instantly become Godlike when Trinity Force is completed. You remember 0/xx Master Yis,XZs 2-3 shotting everything when they have reached the Sated Devourer, pre Bloodrazor era. Champions shouldn't be THAT strong with a single item spike. Problem isn't champion balance, problem is itemization like I said.
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: Cloud drake really needs a change
It's extremely toxic when it's 2-3 times stacked. It has also good synergy with dive comps, also champions like {{champion:40}} {{champion:120}} . Even though I admit it's not good as Mountain and Infernal,it's still good.
: is vayne worth playing on ranked?
Contrary to popular belief, Vayne has actually decent early game. Whenever I can't decide to pick anything, I pick Vayne in ranked. Vayne counters many of meta Top-Laners , as well as {{item:3068}} +{{item:3025}} champions.The problem is, you kinda have to **snowball** in Top Lane, or your opponents like Malphite,Trundle outclass you in teamfights. Vayne can be used in jungle as well. Quite decent clear times, very good synergy with Bloodrazor and decent ganks as well. Shreds objectives like nothing. Possibility of counter-jungling due to Condemn. In Bot Lane, I think there are better meta picks ofc. But picking Vayne gives you a **mental advantage** before the game even starts. I mean, don't you chill a bit when your enemy picks Vayne? ^_^ **Conclusion; **Picking Vayne in ranked is worth of course, but I think there are easier and more effective champions to play, like Lucian.
Overloard99 (EUNE)
: > _You can counter Irelia quite easily with {{champion:58}} though.Build up 100 Fury,hit level 2 and unload Empowered W-&gt;Q+Ignite and you just won your lane.Get back and buy 3-4 {{item:1036}} s.Then you can 1v2 without problems. ;)_ From when this is true? xD
You can try,sir xD. Combo deals 400+ damage at level 2 and we also have Thunderlord's + Ignite. 90% of the time nets you an easy kill unless you screw really hard. More _#longswords_ for snowballing harder. After level 6,Renekton wins most 1v2s when ganked.
CapoKey (EUW)
: Why can't Darius have a Execution indicator?
Darius is a garbage champion,contrary to popular belief. If you see one @ Top-Lane, **shoot on sight.** Or better remove him from game, since he's one of the most useless and free meal champs for me. :P If he gets feed for some reason though, it's gg.
hosslegend (EUNE)
**Irelia is easily exploitable in laning phase.** ___ _{{champion:58}} this guy deals 400+ damage @ level 2 and 1,5 secs of stun on top of that.Add Ignite and you just won your lane.You easily out-duel her early,mid,late game with stacking Attack Damage items.She can't even farm in lane."Better nerf Renekton,lol?" I would be sad if you say that. {{champion:92}} has 3-4 Auto Attack Resets and 2 CCs.Same with Renekton,exploits Irelia in lane so hard that Irelia gets behind 2 levels and **at least** 40 CS. But better nerf Riven? No,remove Riven from game!_ _I have to admit,her stun what makes Irelia a tough opponent ,but these two champs have more than a stun,and out-duel Irelia in every phase of the game. And there are many more,but these two should be enough for now. :P_
: Why is Irelia pick/ban all of a sudden?
Because of {{item:3078}} changes,some champions like Irelia,Hecarim,Rek'Sai...are back in action. ___ _You can counter Irelia quite easily with {{champion:58}} though.Build up 100 Fury,hit level 2 and unload Empowered W->Q+Ignite and you just won your lane.Get back and buy 3-4 {{item:1036}} s.Then you can 1v2 without problems. ;)_
Riuzaki1 (EUNE)
: I don't know where you saw Tyler1 building Guardian Angel :) Here is real Tyler1 regular build: {{item:3142}} {{item:3006}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3036}} [Source](https://www.twitch.tv/loltyler1) Just type !draven in chat.
Like an Alpha mate,Alphas don't build GA,my bad ;) ___ _Last Whisper items are generally garbage though._ _Edit:Since when Tyler1 started to build {{item:3006}} instead of {{item:3009}} ,lol ?_
Tracer Here (EUNE)
: Well, off I go, have fun playing League Guys.
**<<There's no trace of Tracer anymore.He was uniformly visiting the Boards and he isn't seen for at least 24+ hours.Did he really suicide? I hope he's okay,my God.>>**
: If you want,you can find something about anybody :-) I have some buddies who I know are Arabs; recently one of them "supported" me when I was ADC (which I am very seldom). Well, he ..... did not support anyone or anything. He just went straight in. I have some other buddies from Spain/Italy. They always want to **fight**, no matter what. Defense is not an option, as well as buying defensive items. I have some buddies from the Netherlands. They always group up.... I could go on with some more. And also, this is what I see in my games. Others might have a totally different experience. It is partly culture. Much like o the EUNE servers, I guess. There is nothing in particular *good* or *bad* about people from *XYZ*, it is ... maybe call it special. French guys don't stand out (for my perception) in any positive or negative way.
Thanks for your comment. I always think with that perspective,which is League is strongly bonded with real life, as well as racial(?) life-styles. ___ _For example,I'm a Turkish player and I play extremely aggressive. I won't stop for nothing to kill my enemies, and I also don't take Teleport spell and perma-push my lane. And ofc, I tilt occasionally. =)_
JakiStow (EUW)
: Like others said, it is basically because French people are not able to speak English (and you can still recognize the French insults in whatever they say), making them veeeery annoying to play with. Therefore they become a scapegoat for other sources of frustration. Source: I am French myself, and there is nothing I hate more in LoL than being teamed-up with French kids who can't speak English ^^'
Go to hell,you cursed French! (jk ofc) ___ _They actually typed this in game._
: Why dont use google translate and ask them in french forum?
Short answer: Too much work and we have boards for this. Long answer,though: I wanted to know that why **specifically** French(es) are targeted.I mean,why not Englishes,Germans,Spainards etc. and why Frenches? =))
: In EUW there are french,in EUNE there are PL's. The exact same thing,really.
GLurch (EUW)
: French players are often hated on,because you can find easily out,that they are french,because they don't write in english and are not good.At least *often*(not always) the french players that refuse to write in english.
Actually,I came up stg like this before. They typed gibberish which I can't understand ofc and when I told them "Eng,pls.", they replied with French again. **(Google Translate is op,by the way.)**
: > ,I don't know it's customs Like in every other society, gaming also has idiots and some of these idiots have prejudices. It's a popular prejudice in gaming that french players are somehow less skilled for god knows what reasons. It's been debunked and proven wrong several times, but if idiots could be convinced by facts they wouldn't be idiots, right?^^ Please do not adapt to these "customs", it's basically xenophobia.
"Somehow less skilled for god knows what reasons." Made my day. =)
Intact (EUW)
: It's kind of a meme, that goes way back, where the French players mostly only knew how to speak French, and often would find other French people in the lobby so they would start talking in their language, leaving the others outcasted, now in normal games you mostly find low mmr players, and ofcourse people are going to do bad, so as expected that player is going to be flamed. People use what they know about you, when they get into an argument with you, and at this point, they only knew that the player is French, because you couldn't understand anything else of what they're talking, and there is when the ''Are you French?'' meme started, once you've insulted 1 country and there are multiple people from that country in your game, you can expect the worst coming from their mouth. It's a chain reaction lol.
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ArtGamer101 (EUNE)
: Rengar Balance Changes
http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/champions-gameplay-en/ALfa1K3g-general-evaluation-of-zed Then what do you think about this? It's a bit long,but if you like playing Rengar,I think you like Zed as well.
: The most team-independant champions
{{champion:67}} **->**This cute Hunter doesn't need any peel from her team, can shred everything, can split-push and 1v3 like a boss. {{champion:121}} **->** Fast jungle clear times,can be used @ Top/Mid **occasinally.**Very high mobility, wins almost every 1v1s,sucks at teamfights though. {{champion:92}} **->** Same with Kha'Zix,except she's a better laner but can't assassinate as well as Kha'Zix.Hard to play. {{champion:75}} **->** Rewards passive gameplay,very high sustain&tankyness&damage combined with some stacks. Mauls turrets like nothing. And there are some more. Can update later if you want. =)
Magatas (EUW)
: I really enjoyed season 5 more.
Season 3 was best at League,the game is so "MEH!" now.
Kha'Zix is broken AF these days,should be abused until it gets nerfed.
: I think draven is kinda underpowered
Draven is one of the **feast or famine** champions,like ({{champion:121}} {{champion:92}} ). Draven offers strong laning phase and out-damages most ADCs in lane. Has perfect synergy with some Meta supports. His cons; He kinda has to snowball in lane with his passive,and brute force himself in teamfights with gear advantage, since he's easy to focus down due to lack of dashes and low range. He can 2-3 shot anything if he's ahead,though. I suggest you try Tyler1's build on Draven,it's really **toxic.** {{item:3142}} {{item:3009}} {{item:3139}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3026}}
Tracer Here (EUNE)
: Well, off I go, have fun playing League Guys.
Oh,what a story...You should know that your post made me feel bad,and I rarely feel bad after reading something like that. You told us you've been provoked and you retaliated. Why did you become provoked,my friend? You know those people sometimes deserve being insulted,but you also know that your account was in critical condition...and it's so bad to lose an account like this when Scripters,Boosters run rampant. Part of me feels you but,you shouldn't care when he/she wrote about your mother. Whoever wrote this didn't actually mean that, it was only about his **burst of rage.** (I don't tell that he was right,don't get me wrong.) But all is not lost! Life is still continuing and there are many opportunities to catch. There are so many things to do in this life besides playing League.So never give up! Stay strong, dying is an easy way out. ___ _Sorry for general language mistakes,English is not my main language.May the Lord blesses your Mother's Soul,Tracer!_
AznaktaX (EUNE)
: I'm actually surprised they left Black Cleaver as it is. That item is so broken I even had some good results with it on Nasus. i think I'm gonna start experimenting with different champions to see how well they fare with it. What's next? Black Cleaver Sejuani?
{{item:3031}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3508}} Nasus surpasses all!
: I actually have enough IP to buy her, worth learning?
Kat is worth learning ofc. There are some very bad matchups,but you can farm without problems when you get used to her.Even if you got wrecked in lane,you can always comeback in the disorganized ~~Solo~~ Dynamic-Q.There are better meta picks;but in my opinion,Kat snowballs harder than most.If you don't care "meta" a lot like me,I suggest giving Kat a whirl. Don't pick her into hard-CC comps unless you're a maschocist. ;)
: Easy to Learn, Hard to Master
None other than {{champion:55}}, in my opinion.This chick is **still** being complained about how "broken" is her,and she should be removed from game in lower eloes. Honestly yes,Kat has no skillshots or general mechanics,but **being the right place in the right time** is the matter.If you mastered Kat,you can judge depending on the situation,and carry the game easily.If not,you will get instantly killled before gaining a reset.**That's** what separates the Kat Gods from newbies. ___ _BTW,Kat is very easy to carry yourself from lower eloes.Abuse her!_
ShadWooo (EUNE)
: You cry over nerf on the strongest item atm? Basically any ad champ who rushed it (first or second item in case of jungler) carried in my elo easily. Nobody could stop him, two max 3 shotted everyone. Khazix, Rengar, Zed, Nocturne, Wukong, Draven, Lucian, Irelia (after trinity). Hell, I even had this game yesterday one for all we played Lulus and enemy played bards. Two of their bards built ghostblade/maw and basically solocarried upon us. Brutal dmg, kill within stun duration just from that item (and no we had no problems against ap bards with lich bane/ludens/etc).
It's not actually "crying",just some statements please. **It's gold efficiency** is set to 100% now after recent change.But judging from my last games,I think it's still one of the best early-game items.I can still one-shot my enemies with Kha'Zix,Zed etc...they can't escape with 10 hp.
: > [{quoted}](name=Transvisión,realm=EUW,application-id=39gqIYVI,discussion-id=oFAzoE5n,comment-id=00030000,timestamp=2016-06-15T08:46:49.167+0000) > > {{item:3142}} {{item:3812}}{{item:1412}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3046}} {{item:3031}} ** -&gt;** Rengar&#x27;s one-shot build after 6,2 nerfs. too much crits man. Instead go for extra lifesteal for better sustain. Max 2 crit items. This build can't deal with tanks as it has no armor ignoration/reduction This would be much better > {{item:3142}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3087}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3071}} Honestly warrior is cheap crap outclassed by many other items 2 crit items is ok 3 crit items is nubtrap
This build actually ensures that no **squishy** gets out alive.As an Assassin,you're not supposed to fight tanky opponents anyway.As long as your target gets one-shotted,it's fine. It also lets you **duel** very effectively,since you get free 12% damage reduction,15%burst reduction and crap-loads of DPS that lets you forego % Armor Pen,since it's not needed(unless you play against stg like Malp,Rammus etc.). I have recently done a similar build on Renekton,and I was out-dueling a Tankysuo lategame **easily**. ___ _By the way,is there any problem adding you in game,sir? You seem the Summoner that we have quite a bit to learn from. =)_
Silisa (EUNE)
: They haven't touched armor pen right? Which was the main reason you bought the item in the first place.
We'll see how it works this patch.I need to play a couple of games to feel the lose of 5 AD.
: {{champion:58}} is dependant on youmoos? {{summoner:2}} Is this another universe? {{summoner:2}}
Actually it's not.But Full AD Renekton is broken.Literally one-shots any squishy with Empowered-W. ^_^
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