Sherrinka (EUNE)
: > But in the future, you should really consider fair punishments. As far as I know, intentional feeding has only 2 punishment stages: 14-day ban & a perma. I don't agree nor disagree with this decision. I find flaming a lot more obnoxious that inting, on the other hand it is definitely easier to win a game with a flamer who still contributes at least something in tf's than with someone who runs and gifts the enemy free money. > I have done this once in my entire league history You sure? And even if you are, did you maybe have games where the system might have (maybe wrongfuly) marked you as inting? > I think my team members should be punished just as hard for flaming. I agree with you here, but I don't see how doing something worse/just as bad is any kind of remedy to this. > Some people just doesn't deserve to win. And some people don't deserve to procreate. Try cutting off someone's balls with that justification, see how that works out for ya. > And the worst part is, it's not even a ranked game I did it in. Oh, screw you. One thing is not taking them as seriously and try new things, another is running down the middle with a "Free money"-sign above your head.
Thanks for the clarification. It's wrong to int, I agree to that. I can't say I haven't been reported for feeding on bad days, but they were not intentional like this one. If you look into everyone's match history of course there will be games where you go 0/7 and get a report, even though you have tried your best. This was the first time I have ever inted on purpose.
: How many games did you feed?
Fransiee (EUW)
: Well... Better never feed again
True, not worth getting 14-days suspension for 20 minutes of 'fun'.
: wow I didn't knew int feeding can trigger the system for one game only! Im sure a lot of people have done this 1-2 times and never got banned. You just were unlucky. Your build (4 boots and tear) also helped. Its like you say "look at me Riot, im int trolling/feeding" 100% confirmed with 20 deaths. :/
It's no secret I was intentionally ruining the game. But you're right, of all the actual intentionally feeders I have reported, not once have I gotten a popup about punishment. Guess I shouldn't play the lottery this week.
Rismosch (EUW)
: Now you know that your behaviour was wrong. I suggest you don't act like this again, because a permaban will be the next punishment.
I believe this was already stated a couple of times. I'm not complaining about getting a punishment, I'm complaining about the severity of the punishment.
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Lux Lux (EUW)
: First, make sure to censor summoner names, since Naming and Sharing is against the [Universal Rules]( --- It could be because the conditions for a /remake weren't met. Maybe you gave First Blood before 3:00? Maybe the person was connected for at least 1:30min but afk? However, it could very well be a bug, and I'm wrong. ^^ It's unfortunate though, to lose a game due to that... :c
Posted the same thread on Reddit, and got told it was due to a kill before 3:00. I was beyond sure it only counted when killing the dc..
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: Connection - Lag Spikes
I was just about to log in to post about the same problem. My problem also started 1-2 month ago, where I suddenly got massive ping spikes as high as 1700, then back to 500 and attempting to reconnect. I found the problem to appear anytime I had an app in the background using my connection, which means I can only have league running. Before this happened, I could easily play various Youtube videos at the same time and have Skype open (these two are the worst offenders now) without actually impacting my ingame ping. Technical details: ISP: Stofa Denmark Connection: 40/40
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: Looking for furries to join the guild! (or to be invited to one ~:3!)
I've been wondering this as well. If you manage to find a group, I'd love to hear from you! :3
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: Legendary Snowball - what did You guys get? :)
I tried my luck on three legendary skins: Blackfrost Anivia, Dragon Trainer Trist and Brolaf. I got The Magnificent TF in the first, which then got me Nutcracko.
: Do not let this game control you . Your elo isn't who you are !
Obviously your elo does play a role in regards to your skill level.
: A thread about chargeback again.
Two days is barely any wait lol. Just be happy if they respond within a week. I had a ticket on Steam, which took 1½ month for the support team to reply to.. But anyways, while waiting you can make a smurf?
: the perma cc right now
Running against a CC comp, all you can do is avoid actually fighting. If you get the chance in champ select and you notice the enemy team goes for a CC comp, pick something like Trynda, whose sole purpose is splitpushing.
Aimist (EUW)
: What do people build on Lulu /Nami?
Serika Zero got some pretty decent builds there. Also, some (weird) people likes to play Lulu AD in the toplane.
Shiwah (EUW)
: ***
I guess you're right, but the RP are almost screaming to get spent lol. Thanks for your reply! Have a nice christmas!
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: Put a live ingame translator in so we can communicate better in chat
If you've ever used Google Translate or bing on fx. Facebook, you'd know it's a bad idea.
Traps (EUW)
: FPS drops
Just tried a custom game, same problem there.
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MonkDevil (EUNE)
: Frame Of Divison Silver V
If you have received a ban within 3 months of the season end, your rewards would be removed.
: broblme in game
Just to be sure, are you complaining about lag? Obviously, when your computer loses internet access, the game will not continue to work. The only one you can blame is yourself and your ISP. Same goes to solve the problem, as Riot got nothing to do with your internet access. If my 'translation' of your problem is wrong, please do say so.
: no i say stop bullying it makes me play worse
Lol, obviously players will think you're joking and will flame even harder. Your best bet would be to ignore them.
GodsWife (EUW)
: Dodging and the punishments
If there are no penalties for dodging, people will just start abusing it for whatever reason. But I agree with adding a report system, in case you're forced to dodge.
: Bullies in league of legends
If you literally say "pls no bully me ;-;", then you're a part of the problem as well lol. Players will think you're sarcastic..
Temp01204 (EUW)
: Korean/Chinese/Japanese Symbols ?!
Would be rather stupid in my opinion, since it is, after all, the European server. Besides, such characters usually cause trouble.
Arcadeath (EUNE)
If you pick a champ, which your trading partner doesn't have, then you can't trade. That's probably the reason.
: Isnt that the text from the Active?
> [{quoted}](name=Stahlvormund,realm=EUW,application-id=ln3nNJrX,discussion-id=rEuNzLEu,comment-id=00020000,timestamp=2015-11-25T20:57:29.189+0000) > > Isnt that the text from the Active? Guess you all were right. Scratch this then.
: Isnt that the text from the Active?
Omw ingame, I'll check.
Traps (EUW)
: Illaoi bugs
Ah okay, but the passive text is still there, so I got a bit confused.
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: "Wooden" Client
It might not be 100% related, but my client takes up a lot of performance. I got an extremely good computer and I can easily run every game on ultra settings, but somehow the LoL client managed to make Fallout 4 (on normal settings even) lag very hard, which got resolved by closing the client.
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