: I just want a tap on my shoulder right now (feeding jungler post #57289)
> every player has these games when he is useless. Do nto lie, we all have these games. When i fuck up and get vastly behind, i suck it up in most cases, and accept it as the atonement for my own sins. when a jungler does that to me.... Consider this from a junglers perspective. As a main jungler, everytime I fuck up while ganking I'm doing that to a lane. As a jungler I have no "lane" where I can fight my own battle, that means if I fuck up, one of my teammates is screwed. Thats why I hate to fuck up in jungle. I'm sorry for my lane mates. But as you said yourself.. you can't play and never have a bad game. Maybe this helps you next time a jungler feeds your lane. He fucked up, you're the one who has to fight the uphill battle. It's a team game after all. Try your best and maybe you're be able to tell him afterwards: "Dude.. You fucked up. But I'm glad you fucked up at my lane because I saved your ass by winning it anyways." *taps on your shoulder* :-)
Kilthar (EUW)
: What else can I do to stop my teammates from flaming
A history of flame.. * Stage 1: The first problem in your example is Lux being flamed and therefore (possibly) playing worse. * Stage 2: You added a new problem: Other people felt insulted by being corrected for their behaviour and therefore (possibly) played worse. * Stage 3: Now they felt obligated to add another problem: You got insulted for correcting their toxic behaviour and are now (possibly) playing worse. ..holy moly dude! Lets see: If you had done nothing and muted all like some people here suggest, this would have happened: > * Stage 1: The first problem in your example is Lux being flamed and therefore (possibly) playing worse. > * ~~Stage 2: You added a new problem: Other people felt insulted by being corrected for their behaviour and therefore (possibly) played worse.~~ > * ~~Stage 3: Now they felt obligated to add another problem: You got insulted for correcting their toxic behaviour and are now (possibly) playing worse.~~ Is this what you should do..? Maybe not the perfect solution. There's still this: > * Stage 1: The first problem in your example is Lux being flamed and therefore (possibly) playing worse. My suggestion for that kind of problem is: Counteract the flame of the other people with some positive feedback for Lux. Don't tell other people what they did wrong. Tell Lux things like: * "Nice roam Lux!" * "Come bot with me Lux, I got your back!" * "Jeez Lux, I hope you don't take that too serious. I'm still your friend :)" That way you help that poor girl to have an objective look at things and you can maybe keep her from tilting. Thats if you wan't to step up your psychological league play. For lazy lads there's still the mute button. Cheers
: Whats up with it? https://scontent-lhr3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xap1/v/t34.0-12/12092318_10153547723195945_1671779013_n.jpg?oh=d2a3843174ad148d41ccac2974f1e2c6&oe=56EDFE0B
Its flat white. Try to paint some blue-ish gray shaddows darkening towards the edge and below the cheekbones. :)
FeelsBadMan (EUNE)
: Could we have a filter in our match history?
We could even filter out losses! :D
: When or how can we do 5v5 ranked team again?
I just posted our story here: [http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/suggestions-bug-reports-en/8jianE4p-team-queue](http://boards.euw.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/suggestions-bug-reports-en/8jianE4p-team-queue) I can't play with my friends anymore in a way that is a good experience for us. This is so sad and makes me angry. I like the new champion select and was really hyped for it. I like riot and I love the game but.. This is the first time I am really disappointed.
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: League is 100% lifesteal :D
Ahahaa.. give this guy some honor! XD
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Orthian (EUW)
: Hey man thanks, everyone's responses to my post has given me hope again. I think what's been happening is I've been focusing too much on playing to win as opposed to playing to learn. I'll get better as a player before I try to get better in terms of LP!
I think that's the best spirit you can have playing the game.. I had numerous games where we had no chance of winning but I had fun anyways because I did stuff like: - try to predict where my teammates will die next and take advantage of that - try to outplay one of their fed players to get him at least to use ult / flash / ignite - doing everything I can to make winning as hard as possible for my enemies - congratulate my enemies for good plays they managed to pull off Basically I like to _increase my self-esteem_ in lost games by being as honorable in defeat as possible. Honor my enemies by not surrendering and making their win as hard as possible. Pointing out my own mistakes to my team even if I think I did well. Wishing them luck in the next game. Congratulating my enemies for a victory that's always earned in league of legends. (they might have been on a 10 game losing streak and really earned this win, even if we had a leaver in our team) I believe in every game there is still so much to learn when you are hopelessly underwhelmed.
: When a lane is feeding too much i usually focus myself on help snowballing the other 2 lanes. If bot has 2 or more kills in less than 10 minutes then you shouldn't even try to gank, it's a waste of time and you would probably end up dying most of the times since they are already overfed, this also means that you will probably fall behind too. If they died more than 2 times in less than 10 minutes it means that they don't have an idea of what they are doing or what to do when behind... even if they get a kill probably it won't be enought and meanwhile your top or mid or both can lose their lanes too. When you are a jungler you have to focus only on what is the right thing to do, regardless of the random kiddo screaming for ganks while overextending without wards. The downside of this thing is that raging kiddos will be so mad about you not ganking (even if it's the best possible option) that you risk they start trolling or simply go afk. Usually they don't understand that if they are in that situation it's just their fault... Obviously i'm talking about soloq.
Before you ignore the lane completely you should check if they actually have no plan, or if it was just bad luck. Ask them in chat what the problem is, and why they died. Maybe the enemy Blitz did a really good hook and that gave them a double kill. I play a lot of botlane and know this can happen. BUT: I always know what my mistake was. And more often than not I'm able to climb back into the game with the help of my jungler. It needs coordination though: Ask your botlane if the enemy lane has already backed, how much item advantage they have. Ask them to pink tribush so you get the best gank possible. Ask if their summoners are up. Prepare as best as possible, even ask your midlaner / jungler if he can roam bot with you to gank the lane with two people. If your botlane refuses to communicate: Ignore the lane! - if not.. help them.
Orthian (EUW)
: What am I doing wrong?
I guess it's pretty normal to have those kinds of losing streaks. After my placement matches for last season I went down from bronze 1 to bronze 5 in one streak, but eventually climbed up to silver 5 at the same pace. Now I'm in silver 5 and my friends I play regularly with are all above me, up to gold 5. I don't feel that I am a much worse player than they are. I'd say in terms of skill it doesn't really matter if you are silver 2 or gold 5. Those little differences are mostly made up by a twist of fate. The best thing you can do is to take those league points with a grain of humor, and try to improve your _actual play_ instead of your _league points_. League of Legends is a nasty little goblin and loves to troll you with it's point system. Don't let it cut to your heart, be brave an play some more games! Eventually fate will turn and give you hope again. (To crush it.. soon after! - It's a crazy ride) Look at it like that and do what's best for you: Having fun playing!
: Then that sort of defeats the purpose of the 3 minute delay ^_^"
You can already stream with zero delay.. the 3 minute delay is only needed if you have access to all the information in a game, like vision for both teams, stats for both teams etc. In that case I absolutely agree with you! :)
: Be it 3 friends or 30 friends, realtime spectating can allow for cheating, as Riot says. If you really want to watch your friend play in realtime then: 1 - Go sit next to them 2 - Get them to stream/screen share 3 - idek
Yeah but if it would be like an ingame screen share for friends I would definitely welcome the idea..
KitFez (EUW)
: Real-Time Spectating for Close Friends
I guess something like a 'coaching spectate mode' would be cool. You could send an invite to any of your friends for a specific game. Vision should be locked to your camera and view. (No Tab-Statistics allowed for spectators for example..) That shouldn't give a bigger advantage than someone standing behind you and watching your screen..
: AFK Problem Solving [Suggestion]
I really like the direction of that thought.. ..but I think it would be difficult to get people who want to replace an afk in ranked and actually** would accept the invite**. Problem is that you have always a lesser chance to win the game if you arrive 10mins late and your opponent got free farm for that time. I as a player would welcome the additional challenge but wouldn't do it in ranked because **the risk is just too high**. There would have to be a mechanic that also **increases the reward** for the substitution player. For that you shouldn't mess with the league points to not disturb the system BUT: - What about giving some **guaranteed honor** points if you do substitute for an afk? - What about getting some** summoner icons / skins / whatever** if you repeatedly substitute for afk's in ranked? Another possibility would be to** decrease the risk** instead of increase the reward. Solutions for that would be: - Setting up a special 'Substitute Queue' where you queue up to substitute for ranked afk's but the game just** counts as a normal game** for you. If the risk wasn't that high or the reward would be higher I would love to have an additional challenge as a substitute and being able to train playing from behind. And don't forget to mention the feeling of helping people in need when queuing up :-)
ppy (EUNE)
: @Riot, Boards and why the upvote/downvote concept is flawed
I think if it's flawed or not depends a lot on the sort mechanism behind the default 'Hot'. My guess is, that this is a pretty good mix between date / time, upvotes and count of comments or participants in a discussion. Therefore I dont think it's flawed.. After all I did read your post which is sitting on the first page with just 4 upvotes :-)


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